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7 Bizarre Bits of Lore and the Meanings Behind Them

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1. It's Dangerous to Wake a Sleepwalker

A popular old wives' tale holds that, by waking a sleepwalker, you may be doing them more harm than good. Proponents of this belief maintain that, rather than snapping them out of their stupor, your well-meaning action could actually scare them to death. While this may sound plausible in theory, it is generally not the case.

While the shock of finding themselves roaming the house when they should be tucked into bed may agitate the nocturnal wanderer, it isn't likely to induce a heart attack or any other life-threatening reaction. Rather than being jolted awake, experts advise that sleepwalkers be gently directed to a safe place where they can continue their slumbers in peace.


2. The Color Yellow Is Bad Luck

As superstition has it, the color yellow's joyfully sunny appearance masks a sinister underbelly. So risky is this hue that to give a gift of yellow is believed by some to doom the recipient to an early grave.

Likewise, it is held that if you are given something yellow you should make the most of it while you can, for it will be the last gift you will ever receive.

The bad connotation associated with this particular hue is thought to stem from its prevalence in the design of funeral wreaths, as well as its place in the world of black magic. To add to its dark mystique, it is also reputed to be the devil's favorite color.

Most commercial fishermen, despite what you may have seen in commercials for fish sticks, forbid anything yellow from being brought onboard their vessels. Aware of the color's dubious reputation, they know that any such objects, including parasite harboring bananas, could potentially threaten not only the catch, but also the safety of the captain and crew.


3. Dried Flowers Court Death

Fresh-cut flowers are a lovely addition to any home. Their dried counterparts, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter. In the world of lore, flowers that no longer show any signs of the vibrancy they once flaunted are seen as death personified.

Consequently, to display these barren vestiges for all to see is said to invite misfortune into a residence. Worse yet, the interminable stench of decay, though undetectable to the human nose, is believed to attract those beings that once lived, but live no more.

Some believe that it is bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday too early.

Some believe that it is bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday too early.

4. Premature Birthday Wishes Can Have Dire Consequences

One would think that, even among the devoutly superstitious, there could be no harm in wishing someone a happy birthday. That assumption is correct, provided that the exclamation is not made prior to the big event.

Apparently, offering congratulations to someone before their actual birthday, is frowned upon, unless your intention is to ruin their life. Even if your heart is in the right place, the innocent gesture is said to have lasting repercussions for the person to whom it was directed.

By heralding the event before it occurs, the well-wisher has unwittingly condemned the subject to a year of bad luck. In extreme cases, such as instances in which a party is thrown in advance, the honoree may not live to see the anniversary of their birth.

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Judging from this, it would appear that those in charge of our eternal clocks are not only sticklers for exact dates, but also mercilessly unforgiving.

5. The (Sometimes) Happy Accident of Misspeaking

Calling a person by the wrong name can be embarrassing under the best of circumstances. This bit of kismet suggests that if you unintentionally address someone by the name of another, the individual whose name escaped your lips is thinking about you at that very moment.

This is said to occur when the people involved are exceedingly close, such as blood relatives or a pair who have shared intimacy on some level. So strong is their mutual bond that, when one focuses their thoughts on the other, the object of their affection is so overwhelmed by the sudden flood of emotions that they can't help but blurt out the name of their soulmate.

While this is heartwarming in a way, it can also be troublesome if the relationship between the parties involved is clandestine. Sometimes, as in this instance, serendipity can be quite the blabbermouth.


6. Bells Ward Off Evil

If we stop to think about it, bells play important roles in our lives from early childhood. They do, after all, direct us through the school day, informing us when classes begin and end. Truth be told, there are few sounds more pleasurable to the ears of a youngster than the final bell that announces that summer has arrived at last.

Bells symbolize beginnings and endings, but they are also tools used to signal impending danger, hence the term "warning bell." As legend has it, these instruments not only have the power to call upon the forces of light, but also to repel the purveyors of evil.

Though impervious to nearly everything else, demons are said to have a paralyzing fear of loud noises. Consequently, the ringing of bells is, for them, an intolerable assault that they will not suffer willingly.

With this in mind, throughout the ages, church founders have installed chapel bells on houses of worship. The pealing of the bells serves many purposes, one of which is to stave off any opportunistic agents of the dark realm that may be lurking nearby.


7. Wind Chimes Both Attract and Repel Spirits

Wind chimes, while similar to bells in many ways, are thought to be even more effective at keeping bad energy at arm's length. What's more, their hypnotic music, powered by the movement of air around them, is believed to have the ability to attract benevolent spirits whose only purpose is to safeguard the living.

Hanging a set of wind chimes outside of a dwelling will supposedly ward off entities bent on causing upheaval in the lives of the occupants. The hypnotic tinkling, which grows louder with every shift in the breeze, is so unbearable for these nefarious beings that they will retreat rather than be subjected to the maddening crescendo.

Those wishing to monitor suspected paranormal activity taking place inside of their homes can do so with the aid of wind chimes. Since no source of wind should be present indoors, any unexplained movement is thought to indicate that a friendly essence is passing through the space.

In contrast to their unsavory peers, these angelic spirits are often drawn to noises, especially those that they find pleasing. The motion-activated sound of the tubular bells is the ethereal visitor's way of announcing their presence. Rather than instilling fear, this is their gentle way of letting the residents know that the forces of good are in their midst.



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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