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6 Superstitions About Food and Their (Somewhat) Bizarre Meanings

Cindy is an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.


1. Swallowing Seeds Is Hazardous to Your Health

Few of us deliberately swallow the seeds of fruits such as watermelons and pumpkins. Even so, occasionally one manages to slip down our throat before we know it. When this happens, since there's really no turning back at that point, we normally continue enjoying our snack without a care in the world—that is, unless we are familiar with the bit of folk wisdom that holds that some seeds pose grave danger to the body when consumed.

To ingest a seed, on purpose or by accident, is to set off a chain of events that seldom end well for the luckless person who set the scenario in motion. Their first clue that something is wrong is usually a rumbling in their belly that quickly transitions into a full-blown stomachache.

Acting under the assumption that something they ate didn't agree with them, they choke down a spoonful of pink liquid or a chalky tablet of some sort in an attempt to ease their discomfort. In most cases, they follow this with a few swigs of water. That, as they will soon learn, is their second mistake; the other having been swallowing the seed in the first place.

Unbeknownst to the sufferer, the seed—which has now been watered—has taken root inside their belly and is starting to sprout. Before long, vines begin to fill their gut, eventually branching out into other areas of their abdomen. Within hours, the subject is rolling on the floor in agony as their insides are consumed by the insidious plant.

Those acquainted with the highly acidic environment that exists in the human stomach know that this is nonsense. That being said, there has been at least one well-documented case that closely mirrors the aforementioned phenomenon.

The real-life version involved an elderly Massachusetts resident whose ordeal began one day when he sat down to a dinner that included, among other things, a serving of peas.

During the course of his meal, one of the tiny green legumes went down the wrong pipe. After a brief coughing fit, the man regained his composure and the matter was soon forgotten.

A few weeks later, he started having trouble breathing. Since he had a history of respiratory ailments, he made an appointment with his doctor just to be on the safe side. To everyone's dismay, the tests that were conducted revealed that a pea plant was growing in one of his lungs.

Fortunately, the sprout was removed and the man walked away virtually unscathed. When all is said and done, this story illustrates not only the importance of thoroughly chewing your food before swallowing, but also the incredible resourcefulness of the mighty seed.


2. Cheese Can Affect How You Sleep

Cheese, whether hard and sharp or creamy and sweet, is a food lover's paradise. Yes, it is high in cholesterol and a clogged artery waiting to happen, but most of us are willing to take that risk if it means indulging in its rich goodness.

Health hazards aside, it is said that if you consume cheese before retiring for the night, you will be plagued by horrifying nightmares until sunrise. While this may sound a bit extreme, the notion does have some medical merit.

It seems that the chemical composition of cheese can indeed wreak havoc on our serotonin levels, resulting in instances of insomnia and other sleep disorders. It doesn't help that cheese is notoriously difficult to digest, which can make for a restless night marked by disturbing dreams.

On a more positive note, there are those who believe that the rich fat content in cheese, specifically that which is found in the softer varieties, can increase a man's virility. Supposedly, a fellow wishing to sow his wild oats need only fill up on his favorite cheese in preparation for the big event. Infused with newfound vigor courtesy of the milk curds, his talents and prowess will be unmatched.


3. Chicken Soup Is Good for What Ails You

Whether you are suffering from the common cold, a nasty flu, or any number of other ailments, chicken soup has a reputation as the one food with the power to get you up and running in no time. Surprisingly, this isn't far from the truth.

Chicken broth alone is thought to be helpful in relieving sinus congestion, mainly due to the rising steam which aids in clearing clogged airways. If carrots, onions, garlic, celery, and/or potatoes are added to the mix, the cure factor rises considerably. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, these healthy ingredients help to boost the immune system, paving the way for wellness.


4. Cabbage Is a Bringer of Good Fortune

In the world of superstitions, cabbage—cooked or raw—is worth its weight in gold. No matter what the occasion, if this leafy vegetable is on the table, good luck is sure to follow.

In some cultures, cabbage is a mainstay at wedding dinners. This stems from the belief that if the bride and groom share a meal of cabbage prior to their first night together, they will enjoy a long, happy union. To forgo this tradition, is to doom the relationship to an endless road of hardships and misfortune.

If a family feasts on cabbage on the day of a birth, they not only welcome the newborn into the world, but also ensure that the child will have a life to be envied. This sometimes carries over to birthdays where the vegetable is consumed as a way of thanking the almighty powers-that-be for the gift of life.

To bring things full circle, cabbage is commonly found in spreads of food that are served in the aftermath of funerals. On these somber occasions, it symbolizes the conclusion of life in this world and the beginning of a new one elsewhere.


5. Two Yolks Are Better Than One

Cracking open an egg and finding a double yolk inside indicates that the hen had overactive ovaries. Superstition, however, has an altogether different explanation for this unique discovery.

Since anyone can find an egg with one yolk, to happen upon that rare specimen that boasts two rich yellow centers suggests that you are a lucky soul indeed. To feast on this gift is to be blessed with good luck that will manifest in the form of both personal and financial gain. For those who are fortunate enough to come across this anomaly, which is a one-in-a-thousand shot, fate has smiled on you two times over.


6. Leftovers Invite Evil

Having food leftover at the end of a meal is not a sin. However, neglecting to place these remnants in the refrigerator or bin is akin to one if you listen to those who abide by certain antiquated customs.

These ever-cautious souls will tell you that leaving a plate of food out in the open overnight is an invitation for the devil to make himself at home. Called forth by the aroma of slowly spoiling fare, the ruler of the underworld will dine at your expense, in more ways than one. Since this is a door that, once opened, can never be closed, you would do well to dispose of leftovers promptly or risk having the devil to pay.



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