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Superstitions & Legends


9 Superstitions About Flying

Fear of flying is no joke, as many who suffer from this phobia will tell you. Rather than leaving their destiny up to chance, some people allow their superstitious nature to take over before embarking on a flight. Discover nine unconventional practices people employ to help ensure a safe trip.


Sawney Bean: A Gruesome Scottish Legend

The story of Sawney (Alexander) Bean has been used to scare generation after generation. Today, Sawney Bean is still regarded as Scotland’s most famous cannibal. Did he exist or is he an urban legend?


Common Superstitious Beliefs About Itchy Fingers

Some people believe that the Universe tries to communicate with us through our fingers. Read on to learn about superstitious understandings of what itchiness in various fingers could mean.


The Dark Secrets of India’s Richest Temple

It is said that the dangerous Vault B—situated inside the famed Padmanabhaswamy Temple in the state of Kerala in India—is protected by a powerful ancient curse. Whoever tries to open it forcefully could unleash a terrible catastrophe upon mankind.


The Fascinating Mystery of the Versailles Time-Travel Incident

Two respectable academics, Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, claimed to have seen Marie Antoinette in 1901, more than 100 years after her death.


What Are Some Common Superstitions in Thailand?

As in most cultures, the people of Thailand have various superstitions. Some are rooted in Buddhism, while others are similar to Western superstitions. Read on to uncover 13 superstitious practices of the Thai.


The Invisible City of Biringan Revealed

In the heart of a rural jungle on one of the islands of the Philippines, there is a dazzling city of light. It bustles with futuristic automation and locals who are all beautiful and happy. But you won't find this place on any map because it doesn't really exist except in hushed tales. Or does it?


Mae Nak: Thailand's Most Famous Ghost

Discover one of Thailand's most famous and eeriest ghost stories—the legend of Mae Nak.


The Truth About the Nuno sa Punso

The Nuno sa Punso—or Mound Dweller—is an elemental spirit from the Philippines that incites fear because it is easily angered and will seek retribution against those who damage or disturb its mound. But is it an ancestor, a demon, or something else?


The Mysterious Island of Hy-Brasil

There is a strange, disappearing island from ancient times that sits in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is called Hy-Brasil and has been included on multiple maps dating as far back as 1325. However, this mysterious island has never been visible to mortals.


Superstitions and Legends Regarding Wolves

The dark persona of the wolf long ago cemented its place in the world of folklore. The following are a few examples of both the practical and supernatural notions that revolve around one of the animal kingdom's most mysterious denizens.


6 Superstitions About Food and Their (Somewhat) Bizarre Meanings

Whether we eat to live or live to eat, food is something we can't do without. These snippets involve beliefs—some conventional and some not so much—that center around this basic life necessity.


7 Superstitions and Old Wives' Tales Involving the Human Body

The following snippets deal with a handful of somewhat bizarre notions pertaining to the inner workings of the human body. While some are outlandish, to be sure, others hold a grain of truth. Which is which is up to the reader to decide.


Racism in the Philippine Kapre Myth

When you faintly smell tobacco and see the glow of embers near a giant tree, or feel the eyes of a large hairy beast upon you in the Philippine jungles, it might just be the Kapre. More bothersome than the Kapre, however, is the racial prejudice and religious bias that it originates from.


Six Strange Superstitions Involving Animals

The following are six superstitions that revolve around various creatures, great and small. From snakes and rats to goats and fish, each has a role to play in the world of lore.


6 Superstitions (and Their Meanings) About Love

Looking for, or being in love, is not always as easy as it seems. The following are a few snippets involving the dos and don'ts of love as dictated by superstition. While not always practical, these bits of wisdom do make one wonder how much of our lives we control, and how much is left up to fate.


6 Eerie Bits of Folklore and Their Meanings

While most stories of lore are relatively tame, there are some that are quite frightening in their implications. The following are six examples of these sometimes disturbing beliefs that—if they hold the slightest grain of truth—are enough to send chills down the spines of the bravest of souls.


8 Superstitions About Dogs and Their Meanings

There is no denying the unbreakable bond that exists between humans and their canine companions. Perhaps due to their almost magical personas, dogs hold a special place in the world of superstitions. The following are a few examples of the lore surrounding these remarkable creatures.


9 Archaic Superstitions About Witches

In this day and age, most of us are aware that those who practice witchcraft most often do so with the purest of intentions. In the past, however, these practitioners were often persecuted for their beliefs. The following are a few of the superstitions that arose from those dark times.


7 Superstitions About Funerals and Cemeteries

Over the centuries, countless superstitions centered around funerals and cemeteries have emerged. The following are a few examples of these somewhat creepy notions.


7 Superstition and Old Wives' Tales About Cats

With their secretive natures, felines are the perfect fodder for tales of lore. These mysterious creatures reveal only what they want us to see and can be both whimsical and mystical, depending on their mood. What follows are seven far-fetched notions that revolve around the always intriguing cat.


7 Superstitions Involving Pregnancy and Motherhood

Few can deny that the majority of mothers live and breathe for their children. The following are a few superstitions—some more disturbing than others— that deal with the often bizarre notions that revolve around pregnancy and motherhood.


7 Household Superstitions and Their Meanings

It would seem that there is a superstition for nearly every aspect of life. The following are seven examples of these somewhat disturbing beliefs that center around our humble homes.


6 Eerie Examples of Farm Folklore

Anyone who has spent time on a farm knows that those who work the land often believe strongly in superstitions and live their lives accordingly. The following are six examples of some of the creepier bits of folklore that were popular among the farmers in my extended family.


6 Superstitions That We Wish Were True

Some superstitions, if taken seriously, can be downright frightening. Others, such as the ones you are about to explore, are meant only to bring goodwill to those for whom fate smiles. The following snippets remind us that, in the world of superstitions, anything is possible.


10 Creepy Superstitions and Their Meanings

While some superstitions tiptoe around the darker side of life, others address it head-on. The following are a sampling of the latter, some of which you may be hearing for the first time. A few are fairly tame, while others border on the macabre.


5 Superstitions About Animals and Insects

The animal kingdom figures heavily in the world of folklore and superstition. These non-human beings are sometimes seen as angels in disguise, while on other occasions, they are harbingers of doom. Their appearance can also bring luck—both good and bad.


6 Dark Superstitions and Their Meanings

Superstitions are usually fairly benign offerings that are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Some, however, border on the macabre. The following are six such bits of lore that teeter on the edge of darkness.


7 Lesser-Known Superstitions and Their Meanings

Superstitions can be both amusing and disturbing—often at the same time. The following seven bits of lore illustrate this point. While some are more familiar than others, they are all interesting in their own way.


A Trio of Old Wives' Tales and Their Meanings

Old wives' tales—those pearls of wisdom uttered to keep us from making grave mistakes—are interesting to be sure. But have you ever wondered what they really mean? If you have, look no further. What follows are three of these bits of lore and the stories behind them.


The Thirteen Club's Campaign Against Superstition

What was the Thirteen Club? A group of men gathered in New York to form an organization to banish superstition. Read on for the full story of this group.


The Mythology of the Rat King

For centuries, stories have circulated about clusters of rats whose tails are inextricably knotted together.


A Field Guide to Fairies: The Alp-Luachra

This obscure creature from Irish folklore was believed by some to be the cause of mysterious thinning illnesses and abdominal pain. Crawling into its victim's mouth while they slept by a stream, this being made a home in its host's belly and feeds on any meals they should eat.


Bridget Cleary: Burned as an Irish Fairy

The death of an Irish woman in the late 19th century had strong ties to the occult.


Folklore and Mythology About the Moon From the Philippines

From moon-eating beasts to lunar deities, this article covers how the moon shows up in folklore and mythology from the Philippines.


Old Wives' Tales and Superstitions About Body Parts

If you want to learn more about some superstitions associated with body parts, read on.


50 Good Luck Symbols and Signs From Around the World

Discover lucky signs and symbols from all over the world. Some symbols ward off evil and some items protect people from curses. Here are 50 of the most spectacular good luck symbols and charms from various cultures and regions of the world.


The Superstitions of Japan

Like any country, Japan has many superstitions that have been passed down over time to protect their children, shape society, and instill teachings to build culture and improve behavior. Learning these superstitions can help one to understand Japan more clearly.


10 Superstitions and Their Meanings

Growing up in a superstitious family, it seemed as though unseen entities bent on wreaking havoc were always within earshot. The following are examples of superstitions, like pictures falling off the wall and stepping on a grave, and their meanings.


Mythologies of the Moon Are Mostly Wrong

The moon is believed by many to have an influence on our physical and mental condition; it doesn’t.


The Flat-Earth Fallacy

Why is the misguided belief that the Earth is flat on the increase?


Which Finnish God Are You? The Powers of Tapio, Ahti, and Ukko

Finnish mythology encompasses very deep, shamanic layers. Deities were known for their unique attributes and domains, and each one ruled a different element. Which Finnish god are you?


Mountain Goddesses of the Philippines: The Lovelorn Enchantress Maria Makiling

With origins tracing back to pre-colonial times, Maria Makiling is the most popular fairy figure in the Philippines. Read on to explore how this legend survived the colonial invasion and continues to be worshipped in many ways to this day.


The Legend of the Spear of Destiny and the Creator of Tyrants

The spear exists, but is the legend real? The Spear of Destiny has been sought by many who thirst for power. However, as legend states, they fail after obtaining it. Many mysteries surround this object's origin and purpose, as well as its validity. Is it just an ancient spear or more?


Crooker Waits: A Retelling of a Classic Folktale

This chilling folktale from the Dales of Derbyshire in England describes a fearful character that preys on unwary travellers. Only the Fair Folk can save the day!


Top 7 Awesome Sea Monsters

Count down seven powerful creatures from the ocean depths!


Superstitions About Solar Eclipses

A solar eclipse was once seen as a portent of doom that indicated the end of the world was near! We look at some of the superstitions around this astronomical event.


The Rusalki: Slavic Vampire or Mermaid?

Young men were warned, but many didn't listen. The Rusalki is out there waiting in the depths of some river ready to lure the unsuspecting into the raging torrent and certain death.


What Are the Halls of Amenti in the Emerald Tablets?

The Emerald Tablets are not easy to comprehend, and the internet contains many misconceptions about the meaning of the Tablets. I will try to explain more about its contents, including the meaning behind the Halls of Amenti.