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The Beneficial Properties of Goldstone

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Blue goldstone is a sparkling man made glass with many beneficial properties.

Blue goldstone is a sparkling man made glass with many beneficial properties.

Goldstone is a manmade stone that is created from molten glass, copper and other mineral salts. Many people believe that it was first created in the 17th century by an Italian glass-making family. However, others believe that goldstone was first made way before this by alchemists seeking to create gold. Goldstone is a reddish-brown with gold flecks and can also easily be found in a blue variety that is simply called blue goldstone. It is also possible to find green and purple varieties of goldstone. It has several alternative names, including Stellaria, Gold Star Glass, Monk’s gold, and Monk’s Stone. Blue goldstone is also sometimes known as blue sandstone.

Can Manmade Stones Be Used in Healing?

Opinions are divided on whether manmade stones or even those that do not possess a crystalline structure, such as amber, are in fact beneficial to our lives or can be used in healing. With these stones, it is important to consider the materials that they are made using or the minerals that they contain. For example, glass is made from a variety of substances, including quartz (silica), lime and alumina, and so these will bring their naturally inherent properties.

The copper inclusions in goldstone give it many beneficial properties.

The copper inclusions in goldstone give it many beneficial properties.

The Components of Goldstone

Goldstone is created using molten glass and tiny flecks of copper. It may also contain other metal oxides such as cobalt, chromium and manganese and it is the use of these that results in the formation of blue, green and purple goldstone. Vats of silica and the chosen mineral oxide are melted together and then sealed off from air. The vats are kept at a constant temperature that allows the metals to become solid while keeping the glass liquid. Once this process has been completed, the vat is cooled to solidify the glass. This is then broken into smaller pieces for grading shaping. The appearance of goldstone pieces can vary greatly from batch to batch and also in quality, with the best goldstone found at the centre of the formed piece. The outer layers of a batch of goldstone tend to have duller colours and may have less glittering particles of copper, so these are commonly available to buy cheaper than other pieces.

The quality of the final pieces of goldstone can also be affected by the skills of the person creating it. It requires that careful attention is paid to the temperatures because only a small temperature range is effective. The size of the copper crystals used can also affect the outcome, as if these are too large, they may sink to the bottom of the vat rather than being evenly distributed throughout the entire batch. Preventing oxygen from reaching the forming stone is important as this can cause the copper to oxidise and take on a green tint and spoiling the colouration of the batch.


Silica is the most abundant mineral on the earth’s surface. This versatile mineral has many uses and is one of the main materials used to make glass. Silica is also known as Silicon dioxide and is an oxide of silicon.

Silicon is believed to be able to purify your body, mind and spirit when used in crystal healing. It is associated with vitality and revitalisation, improving memory and revealing your hidden talents and skills. Silicon is also thought to increase luck and is a good choice for business success.


Copper is the 29th element in the periodic table and is a transition metal. Raw copper is pink in colour but will take on a reddish or green tarnish when exposed to oxygen. It is a plentiful metal that is malleable and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. In regards to healing, it is thought of as an energy-conducting material that is also grounding and calming. Copper is a warming metal that has been used for healing and medicinal purposes for thousands of years.


Cobalt is another of the transition metals though, unlike copper, it is hard. It is a shiny metal that is magnetic and conducts electricity though not as well as some other metals. Cobalt is often added to other metals in order to harden them further and create what is known as superalloys. It is a highly reactive substance that is toxic to humans in large amounts.

Cobalt can be added to quartz resulting in cobalt aura quartz. This crystal is believed to be great for anyone involved in creative pursuits. It stimulates the imagination and helps in removing self-limiting blocks, whether these have been placed by ourselves or other people. Cobalt is also used to create cobalt calcite which is believed to be a useful cleansing crystal that can increase motivation and help in healing past life difficulties and trauma.


This is a shiny hard but brittle metal that is resistant to tarnishing. Like copper and cobalt, chromium is a transition metal. Chromium is often added to steel to strengthen it and increase resistance to corrosion. Although grey in its natural state, chromium can be used to create brightly coloured compounds, such as chrome oxide.

In crystal healing, chromium is associated with balance, clarity, peace and joy. It is found in several stones, including green chromium quartz and chromium muscovite. Their green colouring links them to the heart chakra, growth and abundance.


Another transition metal, manganese, is a silver-grey metal that looks similar to iron. Like chromium, it is used in the steel industry to help strengthen steel. Manganese is a required trace element for all living things; however, it is a neurotoxin in larger amounts.

When used in healing manganese is associated with grounding and the balancing of emotions. It is believed to stimulate spontaneity and creativity while encouraging a positive attitude.

Healing With Goldstone

Goldstone is thought of as a transforming stone that can instil a strong sense of self-confidence and positivity. It is associated with wealth, not only of the monetary sort but o your own personal wealth of positive and beneficial traits and skills. Goldstone reminds you of this inner wealth and guides you in making the best use of your skills. Blue goldstone, in particular, is thought to bring good luck and keep you open to any new opportunities that come your way. One way to access this property is to keep a blue goldstone with your CV or qualification certificates. This is an excellent crystal for prosperity grids, rituals and layouts.

Whether you are working or studying, goldstone can be useful in helping you to gain the recognition that you deserve. This crystal can also be used in attracting a job or better job opportunities your way and is an excellent stone to have around anytime you wish to make a good impression. Goldstone is a common crystal that can be used as a lucky charm when entering competitions or for exams, job interviews or tests.

Copper bracelets are often used to ease aches, pains and inflammation.

Copper bracelets are often used to ease aches, pains and inflammation.

Goldstone can be used in working towards your goals as it may help you maintain persistence and determination. It can help to keep you focused and prevent any rash action or acting based purely on emotion or fear. Blue goldstone especially has a calming effect on emotions, helping to soothe worries, stress and negative thoughts. The blue colour of this stone connects it to the throat chakra and all aspects of communication. Blue goldstone is a great choice of crystal for artists and anyone who works in expressive arts, such as actors.

Red goldstone is a good choice when you need a boost of confidence, passion or willpower. This variety is linked to the root chakra and is a beneficial grounding and stabilising stone that can help you stand strong against anything that tries to hold you back.

Goldstone is believed to be a very beneficial crystal for physical healing due to the fact that it contains copper. This metal has long been believed to aid in easing aches, pains, joint stiffness and pain associated with arthritis and rheumatism. It is also thought to be a good choice for improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

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