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How to Work With Crystal Memory and Programming

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Claire has worked with crystals and many other aspects of paganism for over 14 years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Crystals are programmable and store information.

Crystals are programmable and store information.

Naturally formed crystals have the ability to retain information that is programmed into them. This means that they can be programmed to focus their energy towards a specific goal or wish.

Crystals can be found in many varieties with properties that cover almost any imaginable situation or need. Clear Quartz is considered to be a master healing crystal that can be used as a substitute for any other stone. It also has many healing properties.

The Three Types of Crystal Memory

When working with crystals, there are three types of memory to be considered.

  1. The properties of a crystal are often referred to as the stone's unchangeable memory. This information was created as the crystal was formed in the Earth and cannot be changed or removed.
  2. The semi-changeable memory. This is made up of information that was programmed into the crystal by a person who is using or has used it.
  3. The final form of crystal memory is fully changeable and is the type that can be accessed and used by anyone who works with the crystal.
Amethyst crystal are greatly beneficial in healing.

Amethyst crystal are greatly beneficial in healing.

Unchangable Crystal Memory

This form of memory is laid down as the crystal developed and is determined by its formation and vibrations. For example, all amethyst crystals share the same three-dimensional crystalline structure and vibrational energy. Because of this, every amethyst crystal possesses the same healing and other beneficial properties. These innate properties are contained within the unchangeable memory and cannot be removed from the stone or changed.

The healing properties of amethyst are commonly regarded as being a protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It is beneficial in meditation and may help in overcoming addictions, blockages, and bad habits. Amethyst supports the mind helping to gather thoughts, aid memory and motivation, and facilitate decision making. It is thought of as a highly spiritual stone that can enhance spiritual gifts and intuition. These will remain with the stone regardless of how it is used, other information that it is programmed with, or if it is cleansed or cleared of energy.

Semi-Changeable Memory

This form of memory is placed into the crystal by a person. It can be added by others but many people believe that it can only be changed or removed by the person who put it there. There is also the view that the ability to remove programming from the semi-changeable memory depends on how it was programmed in the first place. If the person placing the program stated that only they can remove it, then this will be the case. Otherwise, anyone will be able to clear the program from that crystal.

This memory can be used to store and pass on information to present or future generations of crystal healers and users, as is thought to be the case with Lemurian seed crystals. This form of quartz is believed to have been programmed by people of an ancient civilization known as Lemuria.

Lemuria is said to be an island that once existed in the Pacific Ocean that was later flooded and completely destroyed. Like Atlantis, it is believed that the people of Lemuria possessed vast amounts of knowledge that they programmed into crystals so that it would not be lost forever. These powerful stones are believed to have been buried by Lemurians who were able to flee the island to safety.

Fully Changeable Memory

Information can be programmed into this memory based on your personal requirements and work with the particular crystal at that time. This is the type of memory that is generally worked within the healing, and that is programmed when we ask a crystal for its help and support in life. Programming crystals are also known as charging, charging with intent, or empowering with intent.

This programming can be cleared and changed as needed. For example, a citrine crystal can be programmed to help boost your confidence and concentration and carried with you while taking exams. This programming can then be cleared from the stone, and it is stored safely or used for another purpose, such as attracting wealth. Although the information in the fully changeable memory can be changed, that does not mean that it must be. If you wish to use a crystal in a certain way long-term or repeatedly, this is also fine.

Quiet and focus is all that is needed to program your crystals.

Quiet and focus is all that is needed to program your crystals.

How to Program Your Crystals

The purpose of programming your crystals is so that their energy will be focused on your specific goal, wish, or intention. It is fine to work with crystals without programming them, but this can lead to less successful results. Although you will still benefit from their energies, it may not be in the way you wanted or in the area you hoped for.

Crystals generally have a range of properties, and if you only wish to work with one of these, it is better to tell the crystal so and have its energy focused on your desire. This is a simple process that can be performed even if you are not very experienced in working with crystals.

First, you will need to choose a crystal that is suitable for your purpose. This can be done based on properties listed in a crystal guide book, or you can choose a stone using your intuition or by sensing energies. Before you begin the process of programming, cleanse the stone by whichever method you wish.

One easy way to do this that is suitable for all stones is to leave them in the moonlight overnight. While your crystal is cleansing, think about what your intention for working with it is. Ideally, this should be a clear and precise statement so that the crystal is receiving as clear instruction as possible.

Step 1:

Sit or lay down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Relax, close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths.

Step 2:

Hold the crystal in your hand and focus on your intent. You may like to play this out in your mind with you reaching your desired goal, but this is not essential. State your intent clearly, either out loud or in your head. Examples of this include statements such as:

  • “I program this crystal for …….”
  • “I charge this crystal with my intention to .......”
  • “I ask that this crystal help me in my goal to …….”

You may also like to add a statement such as “for my highest and greatest good,” but this is not essential.

You can now get up and carry on with your day or sit with your crystal a little longer if you wish.

Crystals come in a variety of types.

Crystals come in a variety of types.

How to Remove Programming From a Crystal

Once you have achieved your intent and are no longer working with the crystal in this way, you may wish to deprogram it. Once the programming has been removed from the crystal, it will be restored to its natural state and will no longer be focusing its energies on your intent. This leaves the stone as a clean slate for whenever you choose to work with it in the future.

You may also wish to deprogram a crystal if you feel that you made a mistake during the programming or have realised a clearer way to state your intention.

Removing a program from a crystal is the same process as placing it there except for the intention that is used. Once you feel relaxed, hold your crystal and state that you wish the information to be removed from the stone. This can be done with a statement such as:

  • “I remove all programming from this crystal”
  • “I cancel and delete all programming from this crystal”
  • The stone is now ready to use as you wish.

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