How to Cut Energy Cords

Updated on January 3, 2018
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We are all spiritual beings. Every minute of every day (including when we sleep), we are sharing energy with fellow humans, animals, and nature. Sometimes we can pick up attachments to others that do not serve ours or their highest good. Energetic bonds can happen with any chakra, or multiple chakras, within your energy body. Most of these bonds happen naturally—they are with our friends, family, children, co-workers, neighbors, and they are welcome bonds. Helpful energy bonds consist of mutual sharing, respect, trust, and love. But because we are always in a state of growth, sometimes bonds can outlive their purpose. When this happens, cord-cutting can be beneficial to both parties involved.

Cords and attachments can become very problematic for anyone doing energy or psychic work, highly sensitive people, and empaths.

A cord is created by thought and emotion; whether that progresses to a physical relationship has no bearing on the cord existing. Energy is not restricted by time or space. Often, if a relationship also becomes physical the cord only strengthens. A good example of this is sharing your body in an intimate relationship. How much energy invested in the relationship will also affect how easy it is to remove or sever an unwanted or outgrown bond.

Many people consider this topic new age, but it's actually based on universal laws and physics.

The majority of energy cords that become problematic are those that attach to the heart chakra or solar plexus. Your heart emits an electromagnetic field that actually changes based on your emotional state. When we are in the womb the heart forms before the brain. The magnetic field of the human heart can be measured several feet from the body. It is stronger than the brain. The solar plexus is a very strong energy point in the body that regulates personal power and life purpose. Even when you intentionally remove an energy cord with someone, they can come back by thought, in which case you will need to repeat the process of cutting them.

Signs of Unwanted Energy Cords

  1. Obsessive thoughts of person, place, or thing.
  2. Negative self-talk or feelings from said person, place, or thing.
  3. You feel sick or drained when you think or spend time with certain people, places, or things.
  4. Despite cutting contact, the attachment reappears.
  5. You avoid places the attachment may appear or come up, or you no longer do things you love doing.
  6. You have repeating dreams about the attachment.
  7. You feel like less of a person from the attachment's influence.
  8. Even though you feel you've moved on from an attachment, you find scenarios or life lessons repeating in your life that just don't seem to go away. This becomes a karmic loop.
  9. You cannot find peace or forgiveness with your attachment.
  10. Any thought of the attachment makes you anxious, tired, or physically sick.

Cut and Remove Unwanted Energy Cords

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit for at least 20 minutes, undisturbed. If you need to strengthen the intent, light some incense or smudge the space.
  2. Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing.
  3. Once you feel suitably relaxed, envision a thick red or black cord coming from your tailbone, going deep into the earth, and tying you safely to the core. This is to ground and also protect you.
  4. Now draw to mind the person, place, or thing that you wish to cut cords with.
  5. Visualize the cords with this person, place, or thing and then imagine cutting them. The cords may appear black, thick, heavy, or like frayed ropes. Healthy energy cords usually manifest visually as gold, silver, or white. Negative cords will "feel" negative and often look that way as well. Cutting cords can be symbolic with scissors, a sword, burning them off, dusting them like cobwebs, or you removing them by hand. Tell this person place or thing that you love them, you wish them well, but no longer will be tied to them. Then remove the cords.
  6. Repeat this process as often as needed until you feel they are cleared.
  7. Now, visualize the cord you attached to the core of the earth being untied and coming back up into your tailbone.
  8. Bring your awareness back to conscious reality, and have a good stretch.
  9. Thank your higher self, spiritual guides, God, etc, and go about your day.
  10. Repeat this exercise as often as needed if you feel said person, place, or thing invading your thoughts.

Cord Cutting Is a Simple Process

Energy cord cutting is a simple process. At times you may just need to repeat the process if you find the attachment to a person, place, or thing is overpowering or taking up to much of your headspace or emotional energy.

There are many visualization techniques you can incorporate into your own practice. The one in this article is very basic, and you can add to it as it suits you. Don't be surprised if during the cord cutting you actually "see" cords attaching you to others. They can appear in the mind's eye through the brow chakra, especially if you have latent clairvoyant abilities. The most important thing is to firmly set your intention to release yourself from any bonds or attachments.

Other Bonds to Release

Just as we attach energetically to people, places, or things, we can also physically attach. The goal is to cut any form of unhealthy attachment.

This may mean...

  1. Verbally saying goodbye and reaffirming your intent to let them go.
  2. Returning any physical property you may have that belongs to the object you are wishing to detach from.
  3. Blocking all forms of contact.

With repeated practice, you will begin to feel lighter and less affected by anything you are negatively attached to. Sometimes you will only require this practice once to accomplish your goal. If you find you need to do this often, don't get discouraged just stick to it. Another option is to speak with a shamanic healer for soul retrieval or a hypnotherapist.

The best thing you can do is stop feeding the person, place, or thing your energy via thought and emotion. Forgive them, forgive yourself, and let go.

What do you think?

Have you tried cord cutting to release yourself from attachments?

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