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How to Perform and Interpret a Spiritual Egg Cleansing

How to use eggs to rid yourself and/or your space of bad luck and negativity.


The Beneficial Properties of Goldstone

Although not a true crystal, goldstone is still believed to have a range of beneficial properties. This stone is soothing, yet energising, all while supporting you in reaching your full potential.


Crystals for Attracting Prosperity, Luck and Abundance Into Your Life

Knowing which crystals attract prosperity, good luck and abundance can help us work towards our goals and improve multiple areas of our lives.


How to Work With Crystal Memory and Programming

Here's how to program healing crystals to focus energy on a specific intent or purpose.


Seven Crystals Associated With the Earth Element

The elemental properties of crystals can be incorporated into crystal healing. Earth energy crystals are linked to stability, balance, calm and grounding.


Five Crystals Associated With the Water Element

Each crystal healing stone is associated with an element and its corresponding properties and characteristics.


How to Use Crystals for Protection

Many varieties of crystals can be used for protection. They have the ability to protect us against negative energy, ill-wishes, manipulation and other unpleasant situations.


The Violet Flame's Healing Energy

Do you need help during a period of crisis in your life? Try using the power of the violet flame to assist you!


How to Cut Energy Cords (Tips for Empaths)

Learn what energy cords are, signs that you have an unwanted attachment, and how and when to cut energy cords with others.


How to Use Crystals to Bring Balance and Positivity to Your Life

Information on healing crystals and how they can be used to bring balance to our lives.


New Earth: Quantum Healing the World With Science

Healing the world with the incredible power of biophotons, epigenetics, and the science of the DNA light body, which creates the template for the morphogenetic field to bring about a new Earth.


How to Do a House Cleansing After a Breakup

Now that the crying is over, it's time to cleanse your home of your ex's energy. Read on to learn how to eliminate bad energy from your home.


Using Morion Crystals in Energy Work and Healing

Learning about crystals? Here's some information on morion crystals and how they can be used in healing and energy work to help enhance life and benefit well-being and health. Read on for everything you need to know.


Linda Martel: The Little Girl With the Gift of Healing

Learn about the extraordinary life and powers of Linda Martel, a young girl from Guernsey who was gifted with the ability to heal people.


How to Use a Smudge Stick

What's a smudge stick? You should be using one. It's not difficult to use the smoke of sage or other herbs to shift the energy of a place. Read on to learn how to perform this ancient practice.