The Hierophant Card in Tarot and How to Read It

The Hierophant card in Tarot is loaded with religious symbolism and is about the religious authority archetype. When the card is upright, it encourages a querent to be in the company of like-minded people. When the card is in reverse, it encourages you to teach yourself.


The Emperor Card in Tarot and How to Read It

The Emperor card represents masculinity, fatherhood, leaders, and kings. It is the highest card of the secular world. It represents a mastery of the throne brought on by years of experience and the development of expertise.


10 Frightening and Misunderstood Tarot Symbols

Meet the hairiest symbols of the Tarot. Muwhaha.


How to Interpret the Magician Card in Tarot

The Magician card is the card of a mentor and is about manifestation and hope. The Magician seeks to inspire people's curiosities, to mold the paths of Fools, and to bring us all into higher awareness. These people drift between the worlds of the mortals and the immortals.


The Fool Card and Its Various Meanings in Tarot

The Fool is one of the most important cards in Tarot because it relates to the Self. Find out everything you need to know to understand the Fool card in case it come up in one of your readings.


What Are the Meanings of Tarot Cards in the House of Swords?

The House of Swords is about intelligence, communication, language, tough decisions, consequences, and the divine. Through air we learn how we are fools but also how we can grow into individuals we never dreamed we could become. The House of Swords is often scary, but it shows we can prevail.


What Are the Meanings of Tarot Cards in the House of Wands?

The House of Wands, or Suit of Wands, represents the element of fire in a Tarot deck. These cards are versatile and are about the powers of vitality. The wand's journey is to gain power and become king.


Tarot Card Reading for the Year 2021

Colette Baron-Reid, an oracle expert and author, gave a tarot card reading for the next five years based on the universal energies that were ignited on December 21, 2020.


How to Work Out Playing Card Tarot Combinations

When reading tarot, working out how one card affects another can be tricky. Same with playing card readings. This article provides a simple method of working out card combinations.


13 Myths and Facts About Tarot You May Not Know

Even some expert tarot card readers don't know some of these facts about tarot cards, where they came from, and how to use them. Expand your understanding and explore tarot myths and truths here.


How to Use Tarot to Create Better Goals

Tarot can be a useful tool for personal development. When used effectively, it can help you predict the outcome of your goals, help you identify steps on the road to your goals, and help you make better decisions about how you wish to pursue your options.


What Is the Best Deck for Beginners Learning Tarot?

The best deck for beginning tarot readers is one with clear, rich, symbolic images that tell the story of the tarot. But which deck is the best to learn on? While every reader ought to have one of each of the standard decks (Rider-Waite, Thoth, Marseille), another deck may be better for learning.


Reading Your Own Tarot Cards: Your Questions Answered

How to read tarot cards for your own personal questions. Learn how to go about it. Know what to do and what mistakes to avoid.


Do Tarot Card Readings Work: Science or Pseudoscience?

Tarot cards do not predict the future. They tell us the deeper details of our situation and reveal the hidden secrets of our deep unconscious mind by bringing them to our conscious mind. A good tarot card reader is able to use the different cards to determine their meaning.


No-Nonsense Guide to Reading the Tarot

Teach yourself to read the tarot with this easy guide. The study of tarot is time consuming, and you must be willing to commit to a learning schedule. These step-by-step suggestions may help you.


Reading the Tarot for Clients

Many people read tarot cards, but not all of them read for clients. A reader needs to think about both ethical and practical concerns before reading for others.


Learn to Read Tarot Card Combinations: 10 of Wands and the Emperor

Master tarot card combinations and give the best psychic readings of your career! Tarot combination mastery is the best way to offer complete interpretations of the cards.


Tarot Reversals: Reference Guide to the Rider-Waite Cards

Reversals in tarot are complex and often confusing. Here's a clear explanation and guide based on the Rider-Waite Tarot.


Tarot Cards and Their Meaning: The Swords Suit

This guide will give an in-depth analysis of what each card in the Swords suit represents in the areas of general life, work, love, finances, health, and spirituality.


Tarot Cards and Their Meaning: The Wands Suit

This guide will give an in-depth analysis of what each card in the wand suit represents in the areas of general life, work, love, finances, health, and spirituality.


Quick Reference to the Rider-Waite Tarot Meanings

When you are doing a tarot reading and the LWB (Little White Book) is nowhere in sight, reference this handy list of the common meanings for the Rider-Waite deck and its many clones.


Arcanum: Within the Sacred Union of the Arcana

Each of the 22 arcanum contain mystery, knowledge, and the secrets of nature, as derived from various practices, including astrology, Egyptian religions, Alchemy, Kabbalah, and Freemasonry. Read on to learn more.


Learning to Read Tarot Cards: 31 Questions and Answers for Beginners

These are questions I get asked all the time. If you can't find the answer to your tarot-related question, then please ask in the comments section.


How to Start a Tarot Journal

The best reason to keep a tarot journal is that it is a record of your journey into this most magical of systems. It will be your personal tarot bible that helps your readings become more accurate.


Is Tarot Accurate? Can You Believe a Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings are as accurate as they can possibly be given all the various factors that can influence and interfere with them. Find out why tarot card interpretations can vary.


The One-Card Tarot Spread: How to Get the Most From a Single Card

The underrated one-card tarot reading will give you more than enough information—if you know how to persuade it to reveal its secrets.


Tarot With Playing Cards Yes/No Answers

When you want to know the answer right now: Use playing cards as tarot cards and get immediate insight with this quick cheat sheet of tarot yes/no/maybe answers.


List of Meanings for Playing Card Tarot

A quick reference to the tarot meanings of regular playing cards. Feel free to submit your questions.


The Tarot Hermit Interpretation: Finances, Career, and Love

The tarot Hermit is mysterious and sometimes confounding. Delve into its secrets and embrace your inner hermit.


Everything You Need to Know About Tarot Significators

Discover your tarot significator using the attributes of the court cards and zodiac correspondences.


One-Card Tarot Reading Meanings: Money and Prosperity

Quick one-card tarot readings for answers to your money and prosperity questions. Grab your deck, shuffle and draw a card.


My 5 Best Tarot Decks

A professional tarot reader shares her top five tarot decks out of more than 50. Find out why I love these the best.


How to Choose Your Tarot Reader

A reading from a great tarot reader is a memorable experience. On the flip side, an inept or fake card thrower can ruin anyone's opinion of the trade. Here's how to tell the difference.


Using Tarot Cards to Bust Through Writer’s Block

Tarot cards are not just great for divination; they're a great tool to help foster your creativity and inspire you. Writers can especially find tarot cards helpful when they struggle with blocks.


Use Playing Cards for Tarot Readings: Questions of Love

Get the answers you seek from a deck of playing cards. Drawing one card can give you clarity and knowledge about your romantic situation.


Tarot Spread to Reveal Cheating or Lying

Is your lover cheating on you? Find out with these two 'is he cheating?' tarot spreads.


How to Interpret the Hanged Man in Tarot

The mysterious and mystical Hanged Man card can be disturbing. It also holds a very useful message—hang round for awhile and I'll explain. . .


Tarot Predictions for Love: Check Your Tarotscope

You arrived here by accident...or did you? Maybe you have a question about your relationship? The love tarotscope could have the answer.


How to Do Your Own Yes/No Tarot Card Reading for Love Questions

Need to make a fast decision regarding a love situation? Looking for guidance? Look no further—tarot can give you the simple yes/no answer you need, even if you aren't a tarot expert.


Simple Tarot Spell for Love and Romance

Spells are simply a way of manipulating energy to attain your desired result. Here is a simple tarot love spell to bring romantic love into your life.


Easy Playing Card Tarot Spreads With Example Readings

If you've ever been tempted to try a tarot reading with playing cards, you've probably wondered how to lay them out and how to do a reading—this article is for you.


How to Use Tarot Cards for Spells and Rituals

Use a simple, basic ritual to work some magic and improve your life. All you need is a deck of cards and focused intention.


Tarot Spreads for Love

Looking for tarot spreads for love? Here are three quick and easy three-card layouts you can use for your relationship questions.


What Is a Tarotscope?

You may have seen them appearing on websites recently, but what is a tarotscope? In this article, you'll find an explanation plus your own tarotscope reading.


How Do I Read Tarot Cards?

Reading the tarot cards is an ancient art and popular form of divination. Each card has a distinct meaning. Read on to find out more.


A Brief History of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are used today by many people around the world, but where did they originate, and what was their original purpose?


Fun Tarot Spreads for Every Occasion

Whether it is your birthday or you just need to clear your mind, you'll find the exact tarot spread for you!


Psychic Review: 7 Problems With Maria Medium

The-Medium-Maria.com has shameless price points for its paid psychic readings and Tarot readings. She's not a medium, either. She can't talk with the beyond and she admits it in her bio.


Understanding the History, Practice, and Wisdom of Tarot

Tarot is an ancient system of wisdom. Its origin is shrouded in the mists of time, but it has universal meaning that speaks to all eras and cultures.


Tarot Cards: Everything There Is to Know About Readings and the Major and Minor Arcanas

Did you know that Tarot cards are not just of the Wicca religion? Learn how Tarot cards originated, how to make a spread and the art of reading, and what all the cards symbolize.