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Significance and Meanings of Mounts in Palmistry

Studying palmistry? This is a great place to start. What are "mounts"? Read on for a guide to the various mounts on the hand and how they can be interpreted in palmistry.


Wealthy and Successful Palmistry Hand Lines

Certain lines, mounts and signs on your palm can tell whether you can help determine the success in your life.


What Your Fingerprints Say About You: The Link Between Fingerprints and Personality

Did you know that the secrets of your personality are hiding in your fingerprints? Does that whorl on your thumb mean that you're intelligent or sneaky? Does that loop on your index finger reveal a quick mind or a bad temper? Read on to find out.


Which Hand Do I Read When Reading Palms?

Do you read palms? Do you often do readings for others? When someone finds out that you read palms, the first question that people ask you is "Which palm do you read?" The answer is "both." Find out why, and which palm means what in a palm reading.


Understanding Palmistry and What Your Hands Say About You

Palmistry is a method of fortune telling and a fine art studied worldwide that fascinates everyone who crosses its path. Read on to learn more about this fascinating practice and what it can tell you about yourself.


What Do the Lines on Your Palm Mean?

Learn how to interpret the five main lines of your palm to understand how long your life will be and determine how much influence your heart, head, fate, and luck will have over it.