What Are Master Numbers in Numerology and Why Are They Special?

Updated on April 6, 2020
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Margaret has years of experience in numerology and astrology and loves exploring anything associated with the paranormal field.

In numerology, there are three double-digit numbers with immeasurable energy that have unique attributes and are considered the most powerful of all. I'm talking about the number eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three. These numbers can be either a blessing or a curse. They come with powerful positive and negative influence, great difficulties, but also great strengths. Let's examine them.


Master numbers can be found anywhere in a person's numerology chart. Let's take for example a person who was born on the 3rd of May, 1996. If we add together all the numbers in order to find this person's life path number we get: 3+5+1+9+9+6= 33. We can see that this person's life path number is the master number 33. It is usually written as 33/6.

Number Eleven

The first of the three master numbers in numerology—number eleven—has earned the nickname "the old soul" because it is considered to be the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents a person's subconscious, intuition and gut feeling. This number has all the aspects of numbers one and two. People who are influenced by this number are very powerful and energetic. However, when they are not focused on a specific goal they feel disoriented and feelings of stress and anxiety may overwhelm them. They are also very intuitive, charismatic and compassionate, with an ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. In order to reach personal growth and success, elevens should always follow their instinct and listen to their inner voice.

Master Number
Zodiac Sign
Tarot Card
Guardian Angel
Eleven: The Old Soul
Strength/The Enchantress
Twenty-Two: The Master Builder
The Fool
Thirty-Three: The Master Teacher
The Hierophant/The Hermit

Number Twenty-Two

The master number twenty-two has earned the nickname "the master-builder" due to the fact that it's considered the most powerful number in numerology. This number is a doer, a planner and has no problem completing tasks and taking responsibilities. In fact, people influenced by this master number are capable of greatness and almost always end up being successful. They are ambitious and disciplined, but often push themselves too far in order to succeed. Twenty-twos have the unique ability to see every detail and principle needed to execute a plan. They are willing to put a lot of hard work in order to realize their visions, but tend to get disappointed when they find obstacles in their path. If they want to realize their dreams, they should put their practical abilities to use and stop beating themselves up for not achieving their goals quickly enough.

Number Thirty-Three

The last of our master numbers—number thirty-three—has earned the nickname "the master teacher" and that's because it is the most influential of all numbers. Thirty-threes are very creative, wise and generous. They motivate and help others, often lacking personal ambition. On the other hand, they may let their emotions control them, have sudden outbursts and let other people's suffering affect them to a great extent. This number is also the most spiritually evolved. Finally, thirty-threes are on a constant journey of discovering their healing energy through the unconditional love and compassion they show for others.

Pay attention to the numbers that keep showing up in your daily life. They can be a sign, a message from the universe.
Pay attention to the numbers that keep showing up in your daily life. They can be a sign, a message from the universe. | Source

Why Am I Seeing Master Numbers?

Do you often find yourself looking up at the clock, your computer screen or your cell phone and keep seeing the same numbers? Or maybe you're walking down the street or entering a shop and a specific number constantly shows up in front of you? Well, let me tell you that this is not a coincidence. Actually, there are no coincidences in the universe—you're seeing a particular number for a reason. That is because the universe is trying to send you a sign, a message, a sort of guidance. Think of it as a phone call from the universe. It is likely you need to take action, learn a valuable lesson, make a new start, reevaluate your relationships or make a difficult decision.

What Does Seeing Master Numbers Mean?

If you keep seeing the number eleven, it's likely you're standing before a difficult choice. This number is a call to initiation, awakening and new beginnings. Listen to your intuition and your inner voice—you're heading in the right direction. On the other hand, the number twenty-two is linked to relationships and partnerships. If you keep seeing this number, you may have to take a close look at the people surrounding you. Maybe it's time you ended a relationship or dedicated yourself to one. This number is also connected to dreams and accomplishments. If it keeps showing up it might mean that you're about to realize one of your dreams or fulfill a desire. Finally, if you keep seeing the number thirty-three in your daily life, the universe is probably trying to teach you a lesson. Or, you might be the one who needs to help someone and teach them something valuable. It is also possible that you need to use your influence for a greater purpose.

Do You See a Particular Number Over and Over Again?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Margaret Pan


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    • Margaret Pan profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Pan 

      4 months ago from Athens

      Hey May Manos,

      It is likely you're on a path to spiritual awakening- you should look up the numbers' meanings.

    • profile image

      May Manos 

      4 months ago

      Hi, numbers are all the same everytime i look at the watch or any numbers without notice it. like 11:11 :3 13 ,3:33 :5: 55 4:22 7:11

    • Margaret Pan profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Pan 

      4 months ago from Athens

      Thank you so much Mitara, your comments are always very encouraging! Take care!

    • MitaraN profile image

      Mitara N 

      4 months ago from South Africa

      So accurate and so true, you always have me gripped till the end of every article you write

      Really enjoyed the read.

      Take care and be safe


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