Wealthy and Successful Palmistry Hand Lines

Updated on April 17, 2016
Line of Apollo in Palmistry
Line of Apollo in Palmistry

Line of Apollo

Certain lines, mounts and signs on your palm can tell whether you can make it to the top or not. Below here are signs or lines that are considered auspicious in palmistry when found on your palm. These lines and mounts rise a person to wealth even if she/he is born in poverty.

The Sun Line is also called as the Line of Apollo. Sun lines are vertical lines anywhere from 1 to 6 cm long reaching up to the base of our ring finger. This line gives fame and success in financial matters. The Sun line should be deep, straight and unbroken. A strong sun line can be found in many well known people in the field of arts, writers and music. If there is no sun line on the palm, a person live without any name and fame.

Line of Fate in palm reading
Line of Fate in palm reading

Line of Fate

The next important line is the Line of Fate. This line generally starts from the base of our palm and goes straight up to the Mount of Saturn (below our middle finger). It gives us information about our career as well as work prospects.

Fate line (or also known as the Destiny Line or the Line of Saturn) should be straight, clear and long without any breaks. Those who are bestowed with such a Fate Line will enjoy successful career progress all through their life.

If the Line of Fate has many breaks or changes of direction, this means that the person is prone to many changes in his/her life from circumstances he cant control.

Mount of Venus on Palm
Mount of Venus on Palm

Venus Mount

Good Mount of Venus, Jupiter and Apollo can also increase the chances of success in your life. These mounts below the fingers should be wide and high.

Located in the base of the thumb, between the Life line and your thumb is the Mount of Venus. This mount indicates passion, love, sensuality and romance. It can also indicates an attractive individual who is passionate about the arts and all the finer things in life.

Venus mount can also shows of a person who is healthy, well respected, and enjoys the benefits of true friendships. These people do not lack courage and are also able to influence others. Persons with no mount of Venus do not have a close connection with their family, they have less courage and may face many troubles and hardships.

Mount of Jupiter on the Palm
Mount of Jupiter on the Palm

Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter represents leadership – it is located on the palm, at the base of our index finger. Mount of Jupiter signifies various qualities like prestige, dignity, will power, administrative capabilities, ambition and the desire of getting to a high post leadership.

People with well developed mount of Jupiter are usually calm and highly respected in society, they do not get disturbed easily whenever they pass through any difficult situation. To them, respect and good reputation is number one. Persons with no mount of Jupiter is an indication that their self-confidence is low.

Mount of Apollo on the palm
Mount of Apollo on the palm

Mount of Apollo

The Mount of Apollo is another important spot on the palm to be considered when identifying how successful the person is. Also known as the Mount of the Sun, it is located at the base of the ring finger and this mount indicates a strong desire to stand out from others in a crowd. The Mount of Apollo is all about fame.

A good Mount of Apollo on the palm also means that the person takes interest in poetry, literature, music, painting and other forms of art. If the Apollo Mount is normally elevated along with the Mount of Venus, then this interest may increase and that person may become an artist.

Three Major Lines in Palmistry
Three Major Lines in Palmistry

Head, Heart and Life Line

Other important lines you should have are the Life, Head and Heart Line. They should be long, deep, clear and without breaks. These line represent mental and physical health which is essential to prosper in life.


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      If there is a cross on sun mount and it branches towards the little finger what sign is this

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      yecall 2 years ago from California

      very nice hub. I was trying to read and look at my palms at the same time. Of course I didn't know if I was supposed to be the right or the left. I have the artist one with a very fat part under the ring finger.

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      Hope your reading of wealth and successful lines are true fortunately I am having almost all lines boldly indicated as mentioned here-Thanks

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      This is interesting to read. I have never thought about getting my palm read. Thank you for sharing this useful article.

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