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How to Make Runes and Use Them to Improve Your Intuition

Jody has been working with energy her entire life and has been sharing her experiences in order to help others for over 15 years.

My Personal Non-traditional Rune Set

My Personal Non-traditional Rune Set

There are many ways that you can improve your intuition. Using runes is one way I have found to be very effective. The reason for this is because runes require you to use your intuition in order to read the energy of the message they are indicating. Just like your muscles, your intuition needs to be used if you want to develop it. The same applies to controlling your intuition when it provides overwhelming amounts of information at random times, disrupting your daily life. The more you use it consciously, the easier it becomes to control and thus you are overwhelmed less often.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is defined as:

  • "The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning."

Essentially, it’s one’s innate ability to read and understand the energies around them. Everyone can sense and read energy because at our deepest level we are all just energy. However, many people don’t listen to or recognize this ability because society has trained us to not use or believe in it and to instead use and rely on our rational thought. Many times our intuition gives us information that our rational thought process rejects or refuses to acknowledge. Our intuition is also part of our survival warning and response system.

What Are Runes?

There are several definitions of the term, "rune." The most common is, "a letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet."

Other definitions include:

  • a mark or letter of mysterious or magic significance.
  • small stones, pieces of bone, etc., bearing runes, and used as divinatory symbols.
  • a spell or incantation.
  • a section of the Kalevala or of an ancient Scandinavian poem.

In essence, a rune is a symbol that has a specific meaning for its user. An object that is inscribed with a single symbol of specific meaning is also called a rune.

There are many types of symbols used for runes, and they are all often simply called runes. The Elder Futhark is probably the most well known. Witches runes, the Younger Futhark, Ogham, and hieroglyphs are a few others that are commonly considered, or used as, runes. The meanings for all of these have been fairly standardized and are easily found. An alternative to using these traditional runes is creating your own set of non-traditional runes that are unique to you.

Elder Futhark Runes

Elder Futhark Runes

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Runes

Traditional runes can be relatively easy to start using because they are easy to find pre-made and one can look up meanings for them. This can boost confidence when reading the runes. However, the fact that you can look up their meanings can also be a detriment to improving your intuition because it’s easy to start relying on what “others” say that rune means rather than using your intuition to interpret it. For some people, the many meanings that others have assigned to each rune create such a quagmire of energy and possibilities that finding the most appropriate meaning for a particular situation or reading can be like wading through mud. Others will just have little to no resonance with the runes and thus feel extremely frustrated when trying to interpret them because it’s like their intuition is muffled or turned off due to the energies being dissonant rather than harmonious.

Non-traditional runes are unique to the individual. This means that the same symbol can have different meanings to different people. Because they are different for everyone, it’s almost impossible to look up meanings for them. This is actually beneficial for improving your intuition though, because it forces you to rely more fully on your intuition to know what the message of a particular rune, or an entire reading, is. It does take a bit more energy to create them, but it’s well worth it in the end. The fact that they are personal to you means that they resonate with your energy more fully, and you’ll be able to just know what they mean without having to look them up. I’ve noticed personally that when I started using my own personalized set of non-traditional runes, I also was able to pick up a lot more detailed information. It also enhanced and honed other abilities that I have.

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Egyptian Hieroglyphs

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Creating Your Rune Set

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you’re going to use a traditional set of runes or ones personalized to you. Once you’ve done that, you need to choose what to inscribe them onto. Stones (or glass pebbles), wood, and cards are commonly used. Blank die is also sometimes used. When choosing what to inscribe your runes on, you should also consider what you will use to inscribe then. Paint and markers work well on wood and cards, but they will rub off of stones with use. For stones, it’s best to engrave the symbol and then paint it. When you engrave it, you’ll be able to still see the symbol if the paint wears off. That also makes it easier to repaint it if necessary. Plastic doesn’t work well for creating runes because it doesn’t hold energy very well.

Next, you will inscribe your chosen medium with the runes you have chosen. If you are creating a non-traditional set, you can either draw or write down the symbols you’re going to use and write down what you feel their meaning is first or you can just draw or engrave the symbols on your chosen medium until you feel that your set is complete and then write them down with their meanings. You can also skip writing their meanings down if you choose and just use your intuition to feel the meanings of them each time.

Once you’ve finished inscribing them, you need to charge them with your energy. To do this, hold each one individually between your hands and imagine pouring or pushing your energy into it until it feels like it’s full and you can’t push any more energy into it. As you’re charging it with your energy it’s also a good idea to focus on the meaning of that particular rune. Focusing on its meaning as you are pouring energy into it also charges it with the energetic resonance of that particular meaning.

Note: If you are using wood for your runes, you will need to season the wood so it doesn’t crack. Linseed oil is most commonly used, but you can use any oil or stain that you choose to. It will slowly absorb into the wood. This should be repeated roughly once or twice per year. However, if you use them frequently, it may not be necessary as they will absorb the oils from your skin. It’s not recommended to coat them with an enamel or anything thick like that because it tends to give off fumes over time and also disrupts the flow of energy.

Casting and Reading Your Runes

There are many ways you can cast your runes. Some depend on your chosen medium. Most runes are mixed and then cast, or tossed, and read as they lay. However, that method doesn’t work well if you are using cards. Cards are generally just shuffled and then laid out in a specific pattern. Many people will use tarot card layouts. Others will create their own layout or just lay them in a manner that feels right for each reading.

If you have chosen to use stones or pieces of wood you can mix them and then pull individual runes and lay them out in patterns the same as one would do with cards or you can do what is called a full cast. A full cast is scattering, throwing, or dropping all of the runes at once onto a surface and reading them as they fall. A full cast is my preferred method of reading runes because I feel it gives more information on the situation and surrounding energies or events. It will also show if there are other paths likely to appear or when a split in a path is likely to happen. This is also very beneficial for readings on relationships of all kinds because it will generally show the paths for each side of the relationship. This allows one to see the events each party is likely to encounter if they stay on that path.

One thing to note with any set of runes that you choose to work with is that occasionally runes may change meaning for a specific reading. This generally happens if you don’t have a rune with the correct meaning in your set or if you have multiple paths that will need runes with the same meaning due to the same events occurring. Or if one path will have the same event occur multiple times.

What Can Runes Be Used for Beyond Enhancing Intuition?

Runes can be used for just about anything. They are most commonly known as a tool for divination, but that’s not their only use. You can use then as a written language. You can use them for self-exploration and improvement. You can use them as a “maker’s mark” for things you create. You can use them to make talismans. You can use them in art. You can use them as a focus for meditation. The possibilities are endless.

Runes and Divination

When you use runes for divination, it’s important to remember that runes are meant to show paths and possibilities not give yes or no answers. Questions asked when using them should be open-ended. Instead of asking “Will George as me to marry him?” it would be better to ask “What is most likely to happen between George and I if we stay on the path we are currently on?” because the second question is opened. The future is also ever-changing. Every decision we make and action we take, or don’t take, changes and shapes the future. One decision can change a person’s entire future. Events can also be pushed back on a timeline by decisions made. If two people are to meet in a particular place and then one decides to not go there on the day they would have met, that event is pushed back in time or completely changed. Other people’s decisions can also affect your path because of the way energy in general flows, connects, and interacts.

Are There Requirements for Using Runes?

No, there are not any requirements for using runes. Anyone can use runes. Even people who don’t believe in what they can be used for can use them. Those people may not get the same amount of information or results that people who are more open-minded will, but they can still use them and get results. Whether a person believes the information that comes to them is a matter of choice. It doesn’t matter what a person’s belief system is because runes are just a tool for accessing and enhancing gifts and abilities a person already has. You also don’t have to do anything special to use them. Some people focus on a specific question as they mix the runes. Others just mix them up and pull one out or cast them to see what comes to them. You don’t have to cast them on anything specific either. It’s all personal preference. Some traditions used specific colors or types of cloths to cast on or store the runes in, others just used whatever was at hand. That includes just tossing them on the ground. In some Norse traditions, one way that runes would be read was to toss a handful of sticks on the ground and read what runes the fallen sticks made as they landed and how those “runes” lay in conjunction with each other.

Follow Your Runes

I like to look at runes as a sort of compass and exercise program. It exercises the connections and “muscles” that allow us to consciously read energy as well as helping to tell us that we are moving forward on the path we want to be on. And if we don’t like the path that compass is showing, we can make the choice to change paths. I know some people who look at it as more of an early warning system so they can prepare for or avoid big events that they don’t like or that will be difficult. At times they can also be more of a beacon of light in the dark time reminding us that this too shall pass. Other times they can be that nudge we need to acknowledge something we already know, but are trying to avoid knowing or dealing with.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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