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The Two of Wands in Tarot and How to Read It

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The Two of Wands is about making the right choices for your dreams. You want to have a structured plan so that you can be brought to success.

The Two of Wands is about making the right choices for your dreams. You want to have a structured plan so that you can be brought to success.

Two of Wands

Two is one of my favorite numbers in tarot. It automatically means you need to think about things in pairs and that you're likely trying to balance two different things. It signifies that there is inherent dualism you need to work with.

For example, the Two of Cups is about lovers meeting, while the Two of Pentacles is about multitasking. The Two of Swords is about challenging decisions that are potentially related to life or death. The Two of Wands is about your ambition meeting a structured plan. The Two of Wands, in a nutshell, is about structural integrity.

If you don't have structural integrity for your ideas, goals, and ambitions, then you're not going to go far and things will likely fall apart. Alternatively, when you apply your idea to a sound treatment plan, your odds of success are much higher.

My Two Cents

The Two of Wands reminds you that the fire element pairs extremely well with the earth element. There are a whole host of reasons why Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Taurus is the second. Without the boundaries of the earth, fire would be random, hasty, and difficult to maintain.

Here are some of the big lessons behind the Two of Wands:

  • The card is a progression from the Ace of Wands. It takes the inspiration from the previous card and pairs it with an action plan.
  • The card moves away from discovery and into manifestation. It is a level up.
  • The Two of Wands addresses the question of how you will make your dreams become reality.
  • This card suggests that you should consider possible challenges. You want to prepare for difficult times in advance. An emergency plan is an act of protection.
  • The Two of Wands is decisive. You want to feel certain about your goals.
  • This card isn't about making your move. It's about establishing a path to victory.
  • This card is a vote of confidence.
The Two of Wands indicates a crossroads. You need to make a decision about your future. Go toward the path that makes you feel passionate.

The Two of Wands indicates a crossroads. You need to make a decision about your future. Go toward the path that makes you feel passionate.

Card Alignments


Direction, inspiration, manifestation, wisdom, establishing your path, goals, ambition, discovery, decision, future planning, progress, further education, career crossroads, current circumstances.


Inward attention, fears, personal goals, wishy-washy, lack of planning, inner alignment, misdirected, off track, reluctant, unknown territory, lacking instinct, inexperienced.

Card Description

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Two of Wands features a man in a red outfit. He holds a miniature globe, which signals that the world is in his hands. He can feel the power, and he feels like his decisions are enormous.

The man stands on a castle balcony, which suggests he is an important person. Not just anyone can reside in or visit a castle. People will listen to what he has to say, and he is a respected and well-known person. He hasn't left the comfort zone of the castle. His hand rests on a wand, indicating he is bound for travel.

Another wand is in the castle wall. This could indicate the man is stubborn and wants to stay in a familiar realm. In the background lies fertile land, which represents potential and possibilities. The rocks suggest there will be challenges standing in the way of success. If he knows his path, he can succeed. But, he must avoid getting lost in the weeds.

Fire in Tarot

The Suit of Wands is associated with action and willpower. It represents the element fire, which is seen as the initiator element. Fire is primal. It's instinctive and represents your spirit, energy, creativity, and underlying motivations.

In tarot, fire generally relates to your work and accomplishments. Consider it your ambition and goals. Someone with a great deal of fire has a lot of desire. They want to achieve something. They're forward-thinking. These people are active and don't sit and wait for things to happen to them. They're not the most patient type, and sometimes they act too hastily. They don't always see the consequences of their actions.

Do you have someone who is really impulsive in your family? They might have a lot of fire in their natal chart. They might have more associations with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Creativity and Destruction

The Suit of Wands is about new beginnings. When fire comes into the picture, it either is to create something new or to destroy something. Those with a lot of fire make for great artists. They can also make for warriors. If you're blessed with fire, you have to know how to temper it; otherwise, you will be destructive.

It's easy for the ego to get out of whack. Creative people can have too much pride in their work. They often have a hard time listening to criticism, and this can be a setback to their growth. The fire in them can also be vindictive.

Creativity Like Taylor Swift: The Good With the Bad

What do I mean by vindictive? Let me explain with a rather long tangent.

Look at Taylor Swift. She has a loyal fanbase and people for the most part adore her. She is seen as sweet, charismatic, conscientious, and a person everyone can get along with. Her track to success has been amazing. She has an endless amount of Grammys.

But her songs can be vindictive as they go into the details of her past relationships. Her fans love to hear the tales of celebrity relationships. Sometimes the songs are relatable and other times the songs are pure catharsis.

Her fans love her single "All Too Well", a track that's most likely about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. They dated for about three months in 2010. The song doesn't mince its words when it comes to the breakup. She doesn't let Gyllenhall off easily. In fact, the song was re-released as a 10-minute track in 2021. Taylor Swift played it on SNL in what was the longest musical performance of the series. Some of her fans loved it. Some thought wow, a decade later, and she's still upset about a short relationship that ended with her not getting a scarf back. Kind of hard to see how that's mature. . .

I spent the next week trying to understand "All Too Well," and the obsession people have with it. There is no way I would want to be on the receiving end of a Taylor Swift breakup song, or a song about an ex. It's kind of terrifying. I would be horrified if one of my exes wrote a song about me. I'd probably want to spend my days with a paper bag over my head.

Where am I going with this? Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius! Of course, she can write a revenge song about someone and still come off lovable. She has Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively on her side! Swift knows how to stay cool and how to appease her fans.

Sagittarius has the most sneaky fire energy of all the signs. They're not Aries who goes out into the battlefield and outrightly slays their opponents. They're not Leo who acts like a king and demands that people adore him. Sagittarius types are witty, hasty, a little messy, and lovable. They dim their fire just right to be charismatic.

Moral of the story? If you have a lot of fire in your natal chart or in a tarot reading, think about it for a moment. Are you on a path that's creative or destructive? Who might you be hurting with your choices?

Some people with fire might say they don't care who they hurt. They're generally not as sensitive as other types. They're looking to get the job done. They didn't come into the battlefield to raise people from the dead. They want to conquer. They want to be successful. Residual damage doesn't matter.

Surge of Energy

As the first element of the zodiac, fire evokes wide-eyed optimism and youth. Fire wants to spread out and consume. It wants to show it's alive. Aries helps life to spontaneously spread in spring. Leo raises the energy in summer to make things super hot. Sagittarius brings humor and merriment to the end of the year with holidays and traditions. Sagittarius adds a touch of heat before winter arrives.

Keep in mind there are no fire signs in winter. Winter is the coldest and darkest time of the year. It's hard to get stuff done during winter. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are all about introspection, getting in touch with your thoughts, and considering life after death. Fire signs don't have time for that. They want to go. They want to go now. Not tomorrow.

Tarot Comparisons








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Court Cards





Poker Equivalents





Go with the path that makes you feel most alive. The wands cards are about living. You need to take action. Stand up for yourself and your dreams. No one will do it for you.

Go with the path that makes you feel most alive. The wands cards are about living. You need to take action. Stand up for yourself and your dreams. No one will do it for you.

Upright Two of Wands

When in an upright position, this card is a sign that you have the power to move from the seed of an idea into its full manifestation. Now is the time to guide that seed into fruition.

You want to take the time to explore your options. Don't hastily make a decision. You want to be smart and careful. You already know your idea is good; you're trying to marry it to a structured plan. Once you do this, everything else will be a cakewalk.

You must be open to growth. If you hold too firmly to your comfort zone, you'll be limiting your potential. There is a point where you'll have to sacrifice some security in order to develop your interests. You have to be active for what you want, not sedentary.

Be Bold About Your Interests

Explore new territories. Add some spice to your life. Be bold and take risks. You've got to stop swimming in the shallow end where things are easy. Don't be afraid of some challenges and setbacks.

When your inner fire is strong you'll be confident. You should be confident about your decisions. If you have a really good idea, it won't be something that you'll want to forget or bury. Approach the idea, and give it the fuel it needs. Your idea should burn like the Sun.

Be Passionate

Let your passion guide you. If you really care about something, you will engage with it. If you can't get into something then it likely isn't meant for you.

The Two of Wands is about long-term goals. Now is the time to look at the big picture. Consider what you're doing before you dive into it. Right now is about setting yourself up for success. You may meet failures along the way, but those failures won't be your end destination. Keep in mind that you get to decide your end destination. The only thing that can change that is death, and to be honest, you won't care at that point because you're gone! Live your life. Carpe diem! You are meant to live.

Time to Make a Decision

This card appears when you need to make a decision. The cards with a number two have to do with choices and crossroads. You must pick something and stick to it. Don't be wishy-washy. Don't be flaky.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

You'll be surprised what happens when you leave familiar places. With luck on your side, you'll find the exact ingredients you'll need to follow through with your quest. You must step out and explore your options. This card is very similar to the Fool card, which starts the Major Arcana.

The Two of Wands often represents someone who is coming of age. This is a person who may have just graduated high school and is about to go to college, is applying for jobs, or is moving out of their family home. The card is about stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your interests.

Fire is about youth, so embrace your young adulthood and remember there is magic to it. You won't always have this many new options on your table when you're older. Now is the time to strike out on your own. If you have good parents they will be excited for you. They'll cheer you on as you take on the world.

If you're older, this card could indicate that you need to get in touch with your goals from your youth. You might have lost sight of what you really want.

If you're unsure about what you need to do then you need to spend time in contemplation. The key is to come up with a strategy to fit your goals. Think of your strategy like your pants: you want them to fit perfectly so that you look good.

If you're unsure about what you need to do then you need to spend time in contemplation. The key is to come up with a strategy to fit your goals. Think of your strategy like your pants: you want them to fit perfectly so that you look good.

Reversed Two of Wands

If this card is in the reversed position, it could be a sign that you're honestly not sure what to do with yourself. Perhaps you're stalling or can't make a decision. You may need more time before you go out into the world. Maybe you don't quite have a grip on what inspires you.

If you find yourself in this position, it could be time to draw your attention inwards. You might be struggling to connect with your thoughts. Try meditating and praying. Perhaps these spiritual practices will help you to connect your dots. If you have a good mentor, now is the time to turn to them.

Figure Out What Is Important to You

Get your priorities sorted. If you know what you care about, it will be easier to make decisions. You may want to keep track of your daily habits and consider what doesn't serve you. We all do things that are a waste of time; to be honest, sometimes we need to relax and waste a little bit of time.

It's okay if you don't have a good handle on what you want right now. Some people know exactly what they want. Their instincts speak really loud. Other people need to evaluate their options slowly. Keep in mind: it's the tortoise who wins the race, not the hare. Deep contemplation will be the key to your success.

Don't Fear Adjustments

You may need to make adjustments to your lifestyle. Consider how you're spending your money, who you spend time with, and what state you leave your home. Are you getting sparked in a creative or destructive way? If you find yourself more destructive, address that. You need to flip a few things in your life to foster creativity.

Once you have a clear strategy, you will start to get traction. You're lacking a strategy, so don't gloss over that and expect one day you will. Be honest: what's lacking in your strategy?

Foster a Bigger Flame

Try to remember your original intention. Write things down and sort your thoughts. Maybe there is something important you've forgotten that can revive a fire in you.

You may have run out of enthusiasm. If so, now is a good time to find ways to bring back that enthusiasm. You need to be a powerful force of energy, not a wallflower.

The more difficult path often gives us more chances for growth. The easier path can be more malleable and give you a lease on freedom. What works better for you?

It's fun to be the big fish in town. Are you willing to pursue your dreams and go somewhere where you're not the big fish?

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