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The Ten of Pentacles in Tarot and How to Read It

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

The Ten of Pentacles is about everlasting nourishment in the sectors of money, career, health, and family. You have the capacity to hold onto a long-term vision. Your grounded life helps you connect to a higher cause.

The Ten of Pentacles is about everlasting nourishment in the sectors of money, career, health, and family. You have the capacity to hold onto a long-term vision. Your grounded life helps you connect to a higher cause.

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is the capstone card for the Suit of Pentacles—this excludes the court cards (page, knight, king, and queen). It means you have a strong relationship with the earth element and is a sign that you have matured. This card could suggest that you practice good habits and will have continued success with your wealth, health, and family as a result.

The card tells the story of someone who has an excellent relationship with money. If this card portrays you, it means you likely have enough money to support yourself and are simultaneously charitable to others. You have made practical decisions for a long-term plan, and this has enabled you to support those you love. You have proven that by living a grounded life, you can find purpose. You have faith in the universe, and you believe in the celestial.

Your attention to detail has provided money for you and your family. You recognize that consistent work, living a balanced life, and taking time to rest have given you abundance. This abundance as a mortal is a reflection of what an immortal life could be like.

Tarot Cards Tell a Story

Tarot is essentially a narrative device. Each card is an archetype of common scenarios and people. When people read the cards, they're essentially looking at the story, patterns, and connections to the images. The Suit of Pentacles tells a story about one's relationship with money. If you follow the story from the Ace of Pentacles to the Ten of Pentacles, you'll learn many things about how to support yourself financially.

The Suit of Pentacles looks at all dimensions of wealth, from the outrageously rich to the impoverished. Studying the Suit of Pentacles will help you to recognize where your financial choices can take you. The main goal is to mature financially so that you can enjoy your wealth and also share it—inequality comes from hoarding and turning a blind eye to those who struggle. The other goal is to become financially independent; you want to eventually cut yourself off from your parents' expenses.

The earth element is behind the story of the pentacles. Earth represents practical and tangible reality. It encourages you to be present and in your body. One of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive is your body. Earth is about what you can sense with your own eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Studying Tarot

Rather than trying to predict what will happen in your life, study the cards for their stories and deeply consider their outcomes. You should be asking yourself how to receive the outcomes of the Ten of Pentacles and how to put yourself in alignment with it.

You get to decide what cards you'll align with. Do you want your life to align with the Tower or the Ten of Pentacles? No one wants to align with the Tower, so you should learn what you can do to prevent the foreboding outcomes of that card.

In life, some things are unavoidable and destined. But there are also things that you get to decide and control. Now is the time to take control of your manifestation. What do you want to align with?

Also, you should consider how things around you might be manipulating you and causing you to align to a lower version of yourself. Ideally, you want to reach toward your highest self, which is selfless, compassionate, and wise. I encourage you to get more in touch with yourself. Turn off your TV and get off social media. You don't need to know everything that's happening around the world; sometimes, we use the external world to distract us from our inner selves.

The first step to financial wellness is to stop letting distractions lead you. Distractions will cause you to impulse buy and align with things you don't need. Distractions will waste your time.

Here are some questions to help you consider your alignment:

  • Where do I spend most of my time each day?
  • What are some of my bad habits that I can change?
  • What are the most important relationships in my life? Am I investing in those?
  • How often do I sit in silence and listen to my thoughts?
  • Is my schedule out of whack? Do I get enough sleep? How can I change that?
The Ten of Pentacles is a powerful card. It shows that you have an excellent relationship with both money and spirit. You desire good things for all. You support yourself and others with money.

The Ten of Pentacles is a powerful card. It shows that you have an excellent relationship with both money and spirit. You desire good things for all. You support yourself and others with money.

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Card Alignments


Wealth, financial stability, family, long-term success, legacy, longevity, contribution, languishing finances, mastery, practical, well connected to self, lovely home, providence.


The dark side of wealth, financial failure, loss, grief, major setbacks, built on shaky ground, distraught, poverty, bankruptcy, risky behavior, poor relationship with money.

Card Description

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Ten of Pentacles shows an old man sitting next to his two loyal dogs. He wears an ornate robe. A young couple stands nearby with a small child. The man is wealthy; he has achieved a great deal in his life. Others see him as a patriarch, king, or reputable man, and he freely shares his wealth and knowledge with his loved ones.

The man's successes and accomplishments provide financial security for his family. He can rest easy knowing he has provided a worthwhile legacy and has given younger generations a good start.

The man and his family gather in the courtyard of a castle. The castle indicates they have security, comfort, and luxury. On the archway are emblems and flags related to them. Their wealth goes well beyond material comfort—they're deeply rooted in their community and are an inspiration to others.

Suit of Pentacles 1–9

Since the Ten of Pentacles is considered a capstone card, it's important to go back and look at the other numbered cards. The Ten of Pentacles indicates full financial maturity. This card shows that you not only know how to earn and save money, but you know how to languish in these things. You will retire comfortably, and future generations will be blessed by you, financially and spiritually.

Ace of Pentacles: The beginning of a financial idea. The card represents new opportunities associated with wealth. This is the very first step that needs to be taken to eventually get to the Ten of Pentacles. Consider the Ace of Pentacles as the start of a board game. The card often relates to new jobs and new ventures.

Two of Pentacles: As an individual grows in their talents and skills, they'll find that they have to multitask to survive. The Two of Pentacles is about finding balance, momentum, and organization in a chaotic world. If you want something really bad, then you'll have to be willing to juggle it and keep it in motion.

Three of Pentacles: Your superiors have noticed your hard work, and they believe that you're on the right path to success. They are keeping an eye on your growth. They see your potential, and they want you to one day be a master of your craft. The Three of Pentacles also indicates collaboration or teamwork.

Four of Pentacles: If you want wealth, then you have to learn how to save it. The Four of Pentacles indicates you're conservative with your money. You avoid people and events to protect your wallet. Saving money is important, and decreasing your spending will help you to save. Just be careful that you don't turn into a hoarder or refuse to invest your money.

Five of Pentacles: Difficult, miserable times are often associated with a lack of money. This card represents the impoverished. It's desolate outside, you don't have the right clothes for the weather, and you're not sure you even have enough money for bread. This card encourages you to seek help. The Five of Pentacles represents the lowest class and is in opposition to the Nine of Pentacles, the aristocrats.

Six of Pentacles: Wealth equality comes through a generous spirit. The Six of Pentacles represents the scales of a Libra person. Those who don't have will receive and have their needs met. A generous person gives to those who seek help. This card addresses the wealth gap, and it encourages the wealthy to give to those who are in need. Holding onto a surplus of wealth while others are in need is avarice.

Seven of Pentacles: Hard work turns into net profit. This card encourages you to have one day of rest. You don't want to burn out from all your hard work. You're also reaping what you sow. There is a great harvest because you planted and nourished many seeds. If you want wealth, don't expect it to just fall into your lap. Put in the energy to attract wealth.

Eight of Pentacles: This card is in relation to the Three of Pentacles. You are now almost a master. Your hard work and dedication have given you a supreme reputation in your community. You don't get bored easily by the repetitions of work. You have the stamina to get your job done. Soon you will be seen as a master or expert of your craft. You're already seen as a great worker. This card is about promotions and graduations.

Nine of Pentacles: You can now live comfortably because you have an excellent relationship with money. You have either worked hard for your wealth or inherited it. Your financial surplus gives you leverage; you are financially independent. You are free to pamper yourself. You're in good alignment with your money, health, and family. You're living an ideal life, and you may attract jealously. You could do better to show compassion to others. People will remember you, so now is the time to make sure you leave behind a positive legacy.

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The Ten of Pentacles plays off imagery of the Tree of Life diagram in Kabbalah.

The Ten of Pentacles plays off imagery of the Tree of Life diagram in Kabbalah.

Upright Ten of Pentacles

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the ten coins on the card are ordered to look like the structure of the kabbalistic Tree of Life. That diagram is used in various mystical traditions. I'm going to briefly cover the Tree of Life because it is important to the Ten of Pentacles and its symbolism.

The Tree of Life diagram has:

  • 10 nodes symbolizing different archetypes
  • 22 lines connect to the nodes. The lines are sometimes considered paths
  • The nodes are arranged into three columns
  • The nodes represent different aspects of existence, God, and the human psyche
  • The nodes are associated with different deities, angels, celestial bodies, and the like.

The Tree of Life diagram traces its origin back to ancient times—Assyria in the 9th century BC. The Assyrians assigned numbers to their gods; a similar method is used in Jewish Kabbalah.

The beginning of Jewish Kabbalah is traced back to the Middle Ages. Kabbalists see the Tree of Life diagram as a map of all creation (finite, infinite, celestial, mortal, tangible, unseen, you name it). The diagram reveals the ascent of humans into the celestial. If you read more about Kabbalah, it will sound like a mix of the big bang theory and religious teachings.

Consciousness is considered the fruit of the world to Kabbalists. It's how infinite energy can experience and express itself as a finite entity. As one person told me, if you start looking at the universe and the shapes of stars and galaxies, you'll find patterns that look like things right here on earth. . . including our own bodies. There is this idea that things are the same above as they are below.

You Are Both Successful and Spiritual

The Ten of Pentacles leaps and bounds from the Nine of Pentacles. When you get to the Ten of Pentacles, there are an endless amount of gifts. This is partly because you're more connected on a spiritual level at this stage.

The Nine of Pentacles comes with a great deal of luxury, but you're not fully connected to wisdom. In the Nine of Pentacles, there is a falcon with a hood over his eyes. The falcon symbolizes the element of air; this means the Nine of Pentacles doesn't have a mature air sector because the falcon is blind.

The Ten of Pentacles adds the element of everlasting to one's relationship with money. Instead of thinking about your own life, you start to think of others and the impact you have. You want a stable long-term plan that's continually providential. This is a pretty lofty goal, but if you have the right motivations your life will be amazingly balanced and full of growth. You'll live an extremely happy life with very little guilt. Your needs are met but you also make sure the needs of others are met.

The Ten of Pentacles teaches that you can hold onto lasting happiness and wealth. By having lasting wealth, you'll support your family and health. But again, you must have the right motivation. How do you know if you have the right motivation?

The spiritual must reign over the material. If the material is ruling over you then you'll struggle with pride, greed, and the like. (The material reigns over the spiritual in the Ten of Pentacles reversed.)

The Ten of Pentacles is about having a wealthy present. You are in good health, you have money in the bank, and your family is strong.

The Ten of Pentacles is about having a wealthy present. You are in good health, you have money in the bank, and your family is strong.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles

If the upright Ten of Pentacles indicates a great deal of fortune, then you hopefully have predicted that the reversed Ten of Pentacles is all about misfortune. The story of the reversed Ten of Pentacles is one of fraud, embezzlement, massive loans, and horror.

Have you seen the Netflix sensation Squid Game? I can't think of a show that better exemplifies what it means to be in complete financial disorder. The people on the show have aligned themselves with awful circumstances, many of which they had very little control over. The result of these terrible financial alignments is death.

None of the people on the show have a high financial reputation, and because of it they have serious family problems. There isn't great help for them in the real world. There isn't an infrastructure that supports them or could help them reverse their misfortunes. Since the world and their own choices have made them outcasts, all they can do now is gamble with their lives.

You're Engaging in Unsustainable Practices

The Ten of Pentacles reversed indicates the way you're living your life is unsustainable. If this continues you could go bankrupt, you may have to foreclose your property, or go to prison. You're not going to leave behind a worthwhile legacy. You're going to leave behind a tragic tale.

Here is the thing: you don't have to commit to your hell loop. You're refusing to see the way out; you're limiting what you see. You're too distracted and living by impulse; therefore, you're not giving yourself a chance to develop a recovery plan.

The only way out of your mess is a recovery plan. You have to stop gambling and hoping you'll randomly make it big and then can fix everything. The odds of you winning the lottery are astronomically low. You've got to invest in yourself and your skills. You need to learn how to market yourself.

You also need to disconnect from people who bring you down. If your friends cause you to make bad decisions, and they drain your money, they're not really your friends. They're your enemies in disguise. Real friends want you to have your needs met. They want you to have a life of comfort and luxury, not one of disorder and fraud.

You Are Trapped by Wealth

When you surround yourself by expensive things, they can start to form a wall around you. This prevents you from actually connecting with yourself or others. You're letting the material world rule over you.

You're overextending yourself. You're spending your money on things that are way out of your means. The property you buy should be in relation to your salary, spending, and savings. Don't let your eyes buy for you. You need to think more rationally and to use your budget as a guide. If you buy and do whatever you want, you will have to reap the consequences of your actions. Money is about patience, diligence, and long-term thinking—not instinct.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles doesn't reveal anything positive. Because you have an unhealthy relationship with money your marriage is on the rocks, you're experiencing setbacks at work, and you're lacking security. If you continue in this direction you will lose your financial independence and will face bankruptcy.

Examine your sense of self-worth. You need to ask yourself why you're aligning yourself with bad investments. Take action now to align with the right ideas, people, things, and events.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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