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The Pendulum as a Medium of Communication

I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. My writing flows from the interactive use of the pendulum as a medium of communication.


It was through the huge body of work on paranormal and mystical experiences that I came to the realization that it is possible to reach beyond the realms of established thought. In fact, I explored the possibility of pendulum communication at a fairly early age and was fascinated by mediums such as the Ouija board, astrology, and other forms of divination and communication. It was obvious to me that there were enough kernels of truth among the many inaccuracies that merited serious consideration as to where this is all coming from and how we can establish a clearer pathway to it.

Almost right at the outset, I expanded the use of the pendulum to contain all the letters of the alphabet radiating from the center with letters from “A” to “Z” drawn in equal intervals around a circle of about ten inches in diameter. The “A” is drawn at the top of the circle or the zero-degree point, the letter “I” is located at 90 º, “P” at 180º, and “X” at 270º, leaving another two spaces on the circle for the letters “Y” and “Z.” No space is provided for numbers, but this is optional as there is enough space left between “Z” and “A” for numbers.

Radius lines are drawn from the center to each letter so that the motion can be better followed visually. Each radius has the same letter at the circumference and the two-inch point of the radius line. The pendulum I use is a simple metal key attached to a thin string with a knot at the end to facilitate grasping between the thumb and two fingers. The length of the string should be between two and three inches. The longer the string, the slower the motion.

There are various commercial pendulums on the market that can also be used, but I found that a key, because of its relative lightness, will move more quickly to the appropriate letters. The circle and the letters can be drawn on any appropriately-sized sheet of paper or a standard 9” X 11” manila envelope. The pendulum communication network is now in place with this very simple device. You will never need an upgrade, and the initial expense is negligible.

Beyond Simple Questions: Steps to Using a Pendulum

If you read up on the usage of the pendulum, it becomes obvious that it has been utilized mainly to answer simple questions of social interest to the inquirer—such as the number of children that one can be expected to have and their genders. Accuracy has been, at best, mixed. There are many practitioners who take the pendulum communication to more profound areas of inquiry but have found it to be capricious and unreliable, particularly in predicting future events. The pendulum has a long history of usage going back to very ancient times. However, what is certain is that there is some force that is moving the metallic piece to form intelligent sentences, and sometimes lengthy responses that tend to be consistent with previous information.

In order to obtain a higher clarity in communication requires the proper preparation, determination to achieve a higher level, and above all, patience. There is no fast track here. You cannot just pick up a pendulum and have it function with any intelligent consistency without practice. I will try and guide those who are interested in experimenting with reaching beyond meditation to intelligent questioning and response:

1. You can use whatever meditation method that you currently practice to achieve calmness of mind before communicating with the pendulum. If you have no previous experience with meditation, then it is a matter of getting into a relaxed sitting position in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. There is no need to assume any extraneous body position. A combination of deep breathing and mantra is recommended for new initiates. The mantra is a sound that you repeat inside your brain over and over again in combination with deep breathing. In the transcendental meditation tradition, a particular mantra is attributed to each individual. This is not important. I recommend the use of “SOR” as a general mantra; allow the word to reverberate inside your brain, drawing out the “R.”

Throughout this exercise, you will continue to have occasional distracting flashes of memory and other mental disturbances. You can never shut down the conscious brain completely. Assertively, tell these disturbances to stop and focus back on the breathing and mantra. Feel the breath going into the stomach area. The time it takes to reach that inner silence will vary from individual to individual and be related to the amount of previous practice that you have had. Don’t cause anxiety or frustration in yourself because it will be counter-productive.

2. Before even entering into the meditation, formulate a question that you wish to ask. The question should be based on a sincere desire to gain more wisdom about your past lifetimes, particularly as it deals with spiritual and moral issues. With more practice, you can also obtain answers to scientific, sociopolitical, personal life, and philosophical questions.

3. In your mind, quietly ask your prepared question. Place the pendulum over the center—it should then travel vigorously from one letter to the next, spelling out the answer. If you find the answer inadequate, then keep asking questions on the same topic until the answer is clear and logical. If skeptical about the content of the response, express this and ask for more clarity. You may obtain an answer to a question that proves to be definitely incorrect. This may be caused by brain interference and filtering, which is particularly strong when you are just starting to practice. Gradually, over time, clarity and cogency will be sustained much better. There are different phases in pendulum communication that may be experienced, which I expand on in another article.

4. Ensure that you are not unintentionally moving the pendulum to certain letters by forcefully pulling the string away from the letter to which the pendulum moves and seeing that the pendulum returns smartly to the same letter. Do this only occasionally as it will retard the communication. From time to time you should feel a slight electrostatic sensation in the thumb and fingers holding the string.

5. Keep in mind that what is being defined as interactive communication is not some form of channeled information from a mysterious source. It is two-way communication between your subconscious mind and the source of universal intelligence. The subconscious mind becomes our guide, fostering a progressively more intelligent exchange. No trance state is involved, no irregular or spastic body movement, and no revelations in ancient languages. An observer will see nothing more than an individual with his eyes closed in a calm and peaceful state.

You can communicate in the language of your choice using the appropriate lettering that conforms to that language. This is because the subconscious mind mirrors the acquired intelligence of the conscious brain. From a modern worldview, language can be digitized into an electronically based format and is, therefore, a form of energy. All languages are part of planetary wisdom. Any social skills and technology we have developed are a part of the universal wisdom, which is protected and stored in the universal “computer.” We can thus communicate in any language.

Again, I stress that pendulum use should be approached with sincerity and a serious quest for further enlightenment in your life. The length of time required to reach efficiency depends on the degree of patience, perseverance, and determination. You can gauge where you stand by the clarity and cogency of the communication. Don’t be disturbed if the responses force you into making a paradigm shift away from the conventional knowledge. Verify the response using the established theories, but always be prepared to entertain other possibilities.

There could be some concern that the practice can lead to unwanted intrusions into the regular workings of the brain—that it impairs logical and cognitive abilities that are part of everyday life. I can assure you that, from my experience, no such negative interference takes place. It requires a determined effort to reach viable pendulum communication, but it never interferes with normal, conscious brain processing. You have to actively seek communication through the pendulum, and it will function only when interaction is requested.

But how do we know that the unconventional facts offered come from a higher level of intelligence and that they are correct? This poses a thorny question that has plagued the paranormal practices and traditions of the past. The certainty that many false claims have been made by charlatans or naive, delusional persons has placed the quest for this type of esoteric knowledge into disrepute—making it an easy target for derision by individuals with an empirical foundation.

The controversy can be overcome by using the same methodology as the scientists—supporting revelations with concrete evidence. Not in the form of what we consider unexplained miracles but by demonstrating that higher physics is involved, defining the physics, and showing that it can be used to help mankind reach their destiny of harmonization with universal intelligence.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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