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The Page of Wands in Tarot and How to Read It

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

The Page of Wands is creative and working toward a breakthrough. This person has the power of magic on their side.

The Page of Wands is creative and working toward a breakthrough. This person has the power of magic on their side.

The Page of Wands Tarotd

The Page of Wands is a reminder that your desire is bigger than your current preoccupations. In order to grow the fire that is within, you must travel beyond your limitations. Your thirst for action drives progress.

The day you were born, you were filled with the desire to grow. It is time to rediscover your life. This card invites you to look at the world as a giant place to play, greet all experiences with enthusiasm, and be free to express yourself.

This task may seem daunting, but the stars of the universe shine to light the way. They're there to remind you of the phenomenal processes the universe went through to be born—to begin.

With each new day, you get the chance to see something new. Be open to the journey and take yourself into the light.

The Messenger Card

Take this card as a sign that good news is on the way. Something is in the air, and soon you will see it. The card could also be seen as the gospel card: holy news is on the way.

Card Alignments


Adventurous, ambitious, energetic, active, new beginnings, skillful, inspiration, free spirit, endless potential, discovery, awakening, epiphany, prophecy, new testament.


Spiritual path, self-limiting beliefs, new ideas, redirecting energy, running away, taking refuge, dreams, subconscious, introspection, secrets, development, memories.

The Page of Wands is about finding spiritual enlightenment. You're encouraged to go on a pilgrimage.

The Page of Wands is about finding spiritual enlightenment. You're encouraged to go on a pilgrimage.

Card Description

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Page of Wands shows a young man holding a long staff. The staff is sprouting, and the man appears curious about this growth.

He wears a tunic with salamanders on it. The Page plants the staff firmly on the ground. He is inspired by the new growth, and he wants to seek more of it. He is considering what steps to take next.

In the background, the landscape is rough. There are mountains and no houses. This isn't fertile ground, and sand is everywhere. However, the man is energized by his idea—he believes he can turn the wasteland into a paradise.

It's important to note that this is the first card in the Suit of Wands to feature a magical weapon. The numbered cards featured weapons that were common in battlefields (e.g., swords, lances, spears, and arrows). The Page of Wands, however, holds a staff with magical powers.

This staff is like the one Moses had while in Egypt during the time of the 12 plagues.

Card Symbolism

This card is laced with several symbols, some of which are repeated on other wand cards.

  • The wand the Page holds has blossoms sprouting on it. The sprouting represents growth, change, and prosperity. The wand could also express fertility.
  • The figure looks up, indicating optimism and connection with the cosmos.
  • The desert landscape corresponds to fire. Deserts also represent religious awakening.
  • Pyramids in the background represent far-off places and new territories. Pyramids relate to Egypt, and Egypt often represents a pilgrimage.
  • The Page's clothes have salamanders on them. Salamanders are associated with fire as they are said to have the ability to walk through it.

Christian Mysteries

This card reminds me of when Jesus spent time in the desert. The first time he went to Egypt, he was an infant. His family left Bethlehem as refugees. They were hiding from King Herod who was directing soldiers to massacre children. He was on a mission to kill a possible "King of the Jews."

Jesus's family returned to Palestine after King Herod died. There are speculations that the holy family moved to different territories depending on the kings/leaders in charge and whether they were ruthless or kind.

In Jesus's adulthood, he spent 40 days wandering a desert and confronting temptations. This was an important journey that would later lead to the development of his ministry.

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The Page of Wands is the one who picks up the glowing staff. They're not interested in the tools and weapons of the common world. They want to tap into the teachings of the cosmos.

The Page of Wands is the one who picks up the glowing staff. They're not interested in the tools and weapons of the common world. They want to tap into the teachings of the cosmos.

Upright Card

As the first court card of the Suit of Wands, the Page takes us into new knowledge. The card looks at someone who has had a cosmic breakthrough. They've been given guidance from above, and they've been given a tool that's rare and awesome. The staff of power and the Page who holds it both have great potential. With this person's awakening, the world could progress to something new. This is a person mentioned in prophecies. This is the person to put pressure on political and religious norms.

The Page of Wands is about a religious seeker. They're entrusted with a special mission. This person has risen above the ranks of the numbered cards. It's a compelling card that blends fire and earth together.

The wand cards all connect to fire. But the court cards all individually have an element associated with them, which goes as follows:

Page = Earth

Knight = Fire

Queen = Water

King = Air

The Page of Wands has the energy of both Aries and Taurus. The two signs take place in spring, which is the season of resurrection. The Page of Wands is the person kings fear most. They worry this person will dethrone them. The Page of Wands seeks world peace and a closer connection to God.

The card could also represent the Age of Pisces, a time of spiritual enlightenment, empathy, and potential. Christ is often described as having exemplified the Piscean ideals. Pisces types encourage people to seek love. They believe in the golden rule to love your neighbor as yourself.

Pisces is the one to close winter and set the stage for spring.

A Precious and Wondrous Person

One way or another, the Page of Wands marks someone who is special. They have certain qualities that amaze people. They're given permission to perform miracles. They have visions of angels and heaven.

The card could encourage you to follow your dreams and to raise your vibration. The card wants you to follow in the footsteps of someone who carries the sprouting wand. This wand could be a limb from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There is something about this particular wand that is otherworldly.

Love the Page of Wands

You shouldn't wish harm on someone who holds the staff of power. The young Page has many enemies. People don't want his goals to come to fruition, so the Page of Wands is often made into a martyr.

However, the person who is represented by the Page of Wands is not going to stop shining their light just because others tell them to hide it. They're not going to shy away from holiness. Those who are like the Page of Wands will want to start a renaissance—they ultimately want to revolutionize healing. They want to help open the world to more knowledge and to end poverty and sickness. They believe world peace is possible. The Page of Wands speculates: "If the world's brightest minds can build nuclear weapons to destroy in large numbers, then what can we build on a mass level to create healing?"

It is your job to love the Page of Wands. Open your house to this person and make sure their needs are met. Give them good advice and help steer them in the right direction. Those who serve these people will be blessed.

Creative Epiphany

The Page of Wands is creative. When awake, they're full to the brim with ideas. When asleep, their heads are full of dreams. In this case, the upright Page of Wands can be seen as the Page awake. The reversed Page of Wands indicates he is asleep.

What do you need to do while awake? What conflicts do you need to encounter? What moves your heart?

The Page of Wands calls you to a pilgrimage. You're encouraged to go somewhere to connect to a higher level of consciousness. Look for a wise mentor, and be careful of the people you put around you.

The Page of Wands masters a balance between fire and earth. Consider this person an Aries-Taurus cusp.

The Page of Wands masters a balance between fire and earth. Consider this person an Aries-Taurus cusp.

The Reversed Card

The card in the reversed position indicates you're dealing with vivid dreams and big questions. When you fall asleep at night, you're visited by relatives. You sometimes can't focus because you're overwhelmed by daydreams. People call you spacey and aloof.

You're a highly creative soul if you associate with the Page of Wands. You have the power to make the barren staff sprout and can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. You often dream of the cosmos and wish to see the face of God.

The Page of Wands doesn't always feel like they fit in with others. Sometimes they are a champion of others; sometimes they're a leader and don't know how to follow the herd.

The Page of Wands is someone who hasn't started their big journey yet. There is a lot of activity and bubbling around you. Things are in the prelude, and you haven't quite started. You're in school to learn the basics. When it is time for you to be enlightened, things will fall into place.

You might feel frustrated by delays. You might feel like something is coming, but you keep getting told: "not yet." The universe may hold you back to protect you. It may hold you back to help you stay humble. Certain events must take place before an awakening.

Important note: Society itself can get stuck. It sometimes has to sit in the waiting line and wait until certain discoveries are made before it can advance to the next stage.

Embrace Slow Periods

When you're in a creative void, embrace it. Use it to your advantage. You won't get to stay in the void forever. Eventually, there will be something that takes you out of the void.

When you blossom, everything will change. In a way, when you blossom, you also die. You will no longer be the person you once were. You will become something new. This is why the Page of Wands is associated with new beginnings.

In a Love Reading

If the Page of Wands is a suitor, you can expect this person to defy all your expectations. This is someone who will open your eyes to things you never knew existed. The Page of Wands often relates to someone who is progressive or liberal. They have so much potential waiting to be unlocked, and they want to see the world change, so they're not entirely keen on traditions.

The Page of Wands is a partner who likes to travel. They want to take you to magical places. They may change jobs several times. This is someone who is highly adaptable, intelligent, and charitable. In astrology, they would be seen as a cardinal, not a fixed or mutable sign.

This person may encourage you to get in touch with your spiritual side. They may enjoy praying, fasting, meditating, or reading ancient texts. You can expect big adventures with this person. They're not the most romantically gushy, but they do have big dreams. You'll feel a spark with this person, and you'll want to see where it goes.

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