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The Page of Swords in Tarot and How to Read It

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Knave of Swords ("fante di spade") from an Italian deck. The Knave of Swords is related to intelligence, emerging ideas, curiosity, and chatter.

Knave of Swords ("fante di spade") from an Italian deck. The Knave of Swords is related to intelligence, emerging ideas, curiosity, and chatter.

Basics About the Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is sometimes referred to as the Jack or Knave of Swords, and the Suit of Swords represents the element of air.

All of the court cards have an additional element to them. In the Minor Arcana, the court cards are considered more powerful than the numbered cards. The Major Arcana has even more power as trumps.

The court cards (regardless of suit) have the following elemental associations:

  • Pages = Earth
  • Knights = Fire
  • Queens = Water
  • Kings = Air

With this information, we can conclude the Page of Swords is a combo of earth and air. The Page attempts to manage these two elements in order to bring messages to others. The Pages are catalysts who bring about epiphanies, new technologies, and revolutions. The Page is the first card to be initiated into the court system and represents someone who can act as a go-between.

Pages are similar in power to the Roman god of Mercury, who can travel between heaven and Earth to deliver messages between mortals and immortals.

Card Alignments


Curiosity, thirst for knowledge, cravings, new methods, communication, new technology, innovation, brink of discovery, an awakening, revival, nexus, the planet Mercury.


Expression, hasty, big ideas but no action, surface level, elaborate displays, illusions, haphazard, incomplete, showiness, flattery, comedy of errors, zeal, haughty.

The Page of Swords is an excellent student and apprentice. He is driven by practicality, stability, logic, and wisdom. He has unmatched potential. He is at the top of the class.

The Page of Swords is an excellent student and apprentice. He is driven by practicality, stability, logic, and wisdom. He has unmatched potential. He is at the top of the class.

Card Description

In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Page of Swords card shows a young man wielding a sword. The sword points in one direction, and he faces another direction. He is a handsome young man with flowing auburn locks. He is clean-cut and on the way to becoming a master. People respect him despite his young age.

The young man has the strength to carry the sword. He has some experience, but he is not a knight yet. He wears a brown, earthy tunic over a long yellow shirt and yellow tights. He wears tall brown boots that have been elegantly tied up. He is a fascinating blend of earth and air. He has the steadiness and practicality of earth and the intelligence and wisdom of air.

On this card, brown can be taken to represent earth, while yellow represents air. The man wears brown over his chest and on his feet and yellow on his arms and legs. The card mostly plays with these colors in the foreground, which also incorporates some green (the grass).

This man could be seen as someone born between signs—a Taurus-Gemini cusp. He is caught up in more than one world as he knows what it's like to be both a commoner and a royal. As a result, he is a social chameleon.

The sky behind him is blue and full of white clouds. Birds fly away in the distance. This man is an important son, perhaps the son of a king or duke. He is a top-performing student. Great things are expected to come his way, and you do not want to block his path.

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Upright Page of Swords

This card signals a creative awakening. The Page of Swords is an incredibly smart student. He picks up the sword and knows how to wield it with ease. He doesn't need a lot of instruction or class time, yet he can charge after what he wants and get results.

He has an excitement for the future that is unmatched, and there is a great deal of potential here. Tapping into this potential could lead to something revolutionary. This student is unstoppable.

A Rising Star

The Page of Swords might represent someone you know who has noticeable talent and could get recruited into a bigger industry. This is the kind of person people want on their team.

The Page attracts attention because of his smarts. He shows great attention to detail, and he knows how to get ahead of his opposition. He is a born natural when it comes to studying.

A Strong Desire for Knowledge

This card indicates you are excited by something, particularly when it comes to the mind. You might be thirsting for knowledge, or perhaps you've come across something and you want to know everything about it. The more you learn, the more you're consumed by it. This card could be a sign that you don't yet have mastery of this new idea; instead, you're diving into it trying to learn it through and through. The Page of Swords suggests that you are in the origin stage. You're likely to make mistakes at this time, but this is part of the learning process.

This card encourages you to be curious. Keep asking questions, keep seeking knowledge, and stay aware of your surroundings.

A Love for Communication

The Suit of Swords relates to communication. The Page of Swords could be indicating that you're full of ideas, and you need to share them. You might feel a strong urge to speak, write, or express yourself in other ways. Someone who relates to the Page of Swords is likely a strong speaker or writer. Perhaps you know how to lace words together, and this brings you joy. Maybe you love to analyze messages, you sit around analyzing people's words, or perhaps you're a known bibliophile.

Follow Your Dreams

This card is an encouragement to go forward. If there is something that brings you out of your shell and makes you passionate, this card is an invitation to draw closer to it. You'll find more of yourself when you go toward skills, ideas, and people that energize you. When you find something you truly love, you will be engaged. You won't let your muse fall to the wayside.

The Page of Swords encourages you to go after your dreams. There is an intelligence to syncing up with what you love instead of sitting on the sidelines judging all the things you dislike.

With a Plethora of Words Comes Conflict

Sometimes the Page of Swords unintentionally brings about conflict. The Page is so excited by their ideas that they're unaware that they're oversharing and stepping on others' toes. They're not aware that people can be jealous of them for their capacity to talk, write, and study.

There is an old Bible story that could be applied here. In Genesis, Joseph is beloved by his father, Jacob. He has a beautiful coat of many colors. He goes to his brothers to tell them about a dream he had. The dream put Joseph in a good light, but it made his brothers look bad. His brothers got fed up with him, so they put him in a well. Joseph was later found and taken into slavery.

Joseph proved himself and rose in the ranks of Egypt's society. He became an advisor to the Pharoah because of his ability to interpret dreams. Joseph was full of words and visions. To the wrong audience, he was a menace. To the right audience, he was priceless.

The Page of Swords often represents a youth who is an air sign: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These people tend to have a never-ending stream of thoughts. They like to go through many ideas, and they really want to be good and social people. But they sometimes irk others because of their constant meddling with ideas.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius need to share and express all their ideas. Telling them to shut up and be quiet or to stop thinking so much is like telling a bird not to fly. As the Page gets older, they'll hopefully get a better handle on all their loquaciousness, whether that's expressed out of their mouths to others or all the restless thoughts and mental activity in their heads.

The Page of Swords can represent an anxious person who is partly anxious because of all the curiosity and potential they have.

The Page of Swords is pushed forward by their own curiosities. In a way, Alice from Alice in Wonderland is motivated by similar disciplines as the Page of Swords.

The Page of Swords is pushed forward by their own curiosities. In a way, Alice from Alice in Wonderland is motivated by similar disciplines as the Page of Swords.

Reversed Page of Swords

In the reversed position, this card indicates you have something you need to share, but that you are holding back. There is something you want to keep to yourself, so you're hiding the knowledge from others. You might feel like people won't connect with your ideas, or you want to play with them more before bringing them out in public.

A Trickster Who Inflates Their Work

The reversed Page could be a trickster who is trying to flatter others with false representations of himself. He uses showy displays to lure people, he makes promises he can't keep, and he embellishes stories about himself. He wants people to be impressed with him, in part because he wants to be accepted, but also because he wants to fool you. This young man is a trickster who delights in chaos.

In Harry Potter, Gilderoy Lockhart is a popular writer and celebrity in the wizarding community. He has written long books about his adventures and encounters with mythical creatures. The problem? He is embellishing all of it. He is a fraud.

A Devious Social Climber

The reversed Page sees the world around him as his social-climbing ladder. He doesn't care who he has to step on to get ahead. He is somewhat narcissistic, loving his own image and ideas. He can't be told that his ideas lack grounding and he doesn't take well to criticism. He tries to use a network of rumors and cronies to make himself appear greater than he is.

Regularly, he doesn't have the necessary resources to back his ideas. He is all talk but no action. If you hire him, he'll be a leech. He mesmerizes you with his displays, but he actually isn't delivering on the job. He is an empty wastebasket made of gold.

It can take a really long time to recognize the imposter in your midst. The imposter doesn't want to be caught, so they're very good at pretending and acting the part. It's the person who is suffering from imposter syndrome and worried that they don't fit the part that's more than likely suitable for the job. You need to be more worried about the overconfident ones because they're very good at making you believe in false appearances.

Trouble With Concentration

This card could also suggest someone is too frenetic with their energy. Perhaps they don't know how to concentrate their efforts on solid results. Or maybe they put in a lot of action, but it doesn't create or manifest the desired end game. Someone who is highly active, productive, and energetic might be capable for a job but may also need help with direction. If they're not directed correctly, you'll get mixed results.

Questioning Authority Too Much

This card is a cautionary warning that you might be annoying others. You might be asking too many questions or challenging too many people. If so, you need to streamline your opposition. Stick to what is really important to you, and don't make a fuss or scene over every little thing that's put in front of you. If you're constantly arguing, you'll lose your say and reputation.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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