The Number Eight in Numerology: The Righteous Boss

Updated on April 3, 2020
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Margaret has years of experience in numerology and astrology and loves exploring anything associated with the paranormal field.

Whether you're new to numerology or have been studying it for a while, you should already know that a person's life path number is the most important of them all. By analyzing our life path number, which is based on our birth date, we can identify our unique gifts and talents, understand why certain events have occurred in our life, get what we deeply desire and so much more. There are nine life paths in numerology and this article explores the life path number eight.

In order to calculate your life path number, simply add together the day, month and year of your birth, until you get a single digit. For example, if you were born on the 25th of July, 1982, you add 2+5+7+1+9+8+2 = 34 = 3+4= 7. Your life path number is 7.

People with a life path number eight are very goal-oriented and spend much of their time working- they're actually big workaholics!
People with a life path number eight are very goal-oriented and spend much of their time working- they're actually big workaholics! | Source

What Does a Life Path Number Eight Mean?

The number eight is a leader and ruler, born to become a boss and assume any powerful position. People with this life path number are always in pursuit of power, money, recognition, prestigious occupations and abundance. They know how to assert themselves, and their aura and appearance commands respect and admiration from the people around them. Eights are also a great judge of character and can see through any person's facade. What is more, people with a life path number eight are very goal-oriented and spend much of their time working—they're actually big workaholics! They are very courageous and don't hesitate to take up risky projects. Finally, although eights strongly defend their personal opinions, they are always righteous and can see both sides of every situation.

Zodiac Sign
Tarot Card
Precious Stone
Power, Domination, Money, Success, Recognition
Endurant, Authentic, Courageous, Powerful, Righteous
Greedy, Authoritative, Dominant, Workaholic, Superiority Complex
Fun Facts About the Number Eight in Numerology

What to Expect From a Relationship With This Number

When it comes to relationships, this number is generous and giving but not very emotional or sentimental. People with a life path number eight tend to put their work first, making romance and relationships less of a priority. They are practical and logic-driven and like to be the ones in charge of their relationship. Eights are also excellent decision-makers and usually take responsibility for their partners' actions. Moreover, they go to great lengths in order to achieve their goals, which makes them demand support and admiration from their partners.

What Does the Number Eight Find Attractive?

As mentioned above, people with a life path number eight tend to make romance and relationships less of a priority in their lives. However, they do want to be with someone—a partner who will encourage them and offer them support. However, power is everything for them. As a result, eights are attracted to people who are submissive—people that they can guide and control. On the other hand, they like to socialize with prestigious people, so they are attracted to individuals who dress well, have high in-demand jobs and are admired by others.

Although people with a life path number eight strongly defend their personal opinions, they are always very righteous and can see both sides of every situation.
Although people with a life path number eight strongly defend their personal opinions, they are always very righteous and can see both sides of every situation. | Source

Lessons People With a Life Path Number Eight Should Learn

Each of the nine life path numbers in numerology presents different challenges and different lessons. Individuals with a life path number eight should learn to be careful with their passion for money and the impact it can have on them. They need to be less greedy and understand that money cannot buy happiness. Should they find some more time for love and tenderness, life will become much more enjoyable for them. Another thing eights would need to work on is to use their leadership and administration skills to properly guide people, without giving the impression of them being authoritative and domineering.

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I hope this article gave you all the information you needed about life path number eight. Of course, if you have any questions related to it or numerology in general, you're always free to ask—it would be my pleasure to help you! In my opinion, the internet lacks abundant and/ or useful information but there are a lot of great books out there that would assist you during your journey through numerology. If you want to explore it further, you can start with this guide, which is excellently written and contains a lot of valuable information, especially for beginners—it really helped me when I first started looking into numerology!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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