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The Number Four in Numerology: The Hard-Working Soldier

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"Time is money" could easily be this number's life motto.

"Time is money" could easily be this number's life motto.

About Life Path Numbers

In numerology, our life path number reveals both our inner self and our personality traits. It can help us come to a better understanding of ourselves and the way other people see us. The study of numbers can be a great self-help tool as long as one knows how to use it. This article explores the fourth of the nine life path numbers in numerology—the number four, the hard-working soldier.

What Does It Mean If Your Life Path Number Is Four?

The number four values stability and discipline more than anything. People with this life path number are serious, disciplined, cautious and always follow the rules. They are down-to-earth individuals, trustworthy and reliable. This number is methodical, organized and sees things from a practical point of view. While other numbers like three or six are more sentimental, number four is almost never driven by emotion. Instead, fours are all about realism and practicality. People with a life path number of four hate wasting time: both theirs and other people's. Time is extremely valuable for them. In fact, the phrase "time is money" could easily be their life motto. Naturally, they are very punctual and almost always on time, if not early. They prefer not to rush things but rather plan each of their next steps carefully. On the other hand, their need to stick to the rules can sometimes make them inflexible, obsessive and controlling.

Fun facts about the number four in numerology

KeywordsZodiac SignColorTarot CardPrecious StoneStrengthsWeaknesses

Stability, Security, Tradition, Hard work, Cautiousness



The Emperor


Hard-working, Organized, Serious, Practical, Stable

Stubborn, Narrow-minded, Obsessive, Inflexible, Suspicious

Relationships With the Number Four

People with a life path number of four are loyal, respectful and dedicate themselves to their partners. They take into consideration their partner's needs, are great parents and are good at financial management. These are people one can definitely trust and rely on. They dislike short-term relationships and usually form a few long-term relationships throughout their lives. However, four isn't a very sentimental and romantic type. That doesn't mean that they can't have strong feelings about someone or that they're incapable of showing them. Just don't expect them to shower you with flowers and gifts or cheesy love notes.


What Do Number Fours Find Attractive?

Those with a life path number of four are attracted to serious, responsible and hard-working people. They like people who set smart life goals and can support a family both financially and emotionally. That's because number fours are themselves very family-oriented. As mentioned above, they dislike short-term relationships. This means that they're searching for someone who is ready to dedicate themselves to a relationship and not play around. Moreover, number fours are great at providing security and need a partner who's capable of making them feel secure as well.

Lessons People With a Life Path Number of Four Need to Learn

Each life path number has different challenges and different lessons that need to be learned. An important thing people with a life path number of four need to learn is how to relax. They may need to start thinking outside the box about how not to be too hard on themselves. Plans, rules and goal-setting can definitely help number fours succeed in life. However, they can also limit their potential and make them inflexible. Moreover, fours should be more open to other people's values and views—accepting that there can be more than one way to achieve something will make life much easier both for them and the people surrounding them.

Each of the nine life path numbers is unique, has different personality traits and presents different challenges and lessons. Thus, it is important to examine yours carefully—only afterward will you be able to explore the fascinating world of numerology further. Should you need any clarifications on your life path number or numerology in general, don't hesitate to ask!

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