The Number One in Numerology: The Leader

Updated on April 2, 2020
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Margaret has years of experience in numerology and astrology and loves exploring anything associated with the paranormal field.

In numerology, a life path number can reveal a person's personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, talents and ambitions and their greater purpose or challenges they might have to face in life. What is more, the study of a particular number can help someone understand why certain events occur in their life or why they keep finding themselves under the same circumstances. This article explores the first of the nine life path numbers in numerology: the number one.

The number 1 is a leader, a pioneer and an innovator.
The number 1 is a leader, a pioneer and an innovator. | Source

In order to calculate your life path number, simply add together the day, month and year of your birth, until you get a single digit. For example, if you were born on 6th of March, 1990, you add 6+3+1+9+9+0 = 28 = 8+2= 10 = 1. Your life path number is 1.

What Does It Mean If Your Life Path Number Is One?

If someone asked which number is considered to be the most powerful one in numerology, the answer would be the number one. This number is the leader of the pack—a pioneer and an innovator. It's independent and loves taking initiative and exploring things that others prefer to stay away from. People with a life path number one definitely don't need instructions or anyone telling them how it's done. While everyone else is taking their time in order to weigh the pros and cons and find the best plan, a number one person is already out there executing it. This are a number of new beginnings, new eras and new chances for this number. Don't expect individuals with this life path number to sit around moping when facing difficulties. Instead, they know how to always move forward and never give up—they have an extreme determination to reach their goals.

Zodiac Sign
Tarot Card
Precious Stone
Leadership, Initiative, Independence, Determination, Selfishness
The Magician
Confident, Energetic, Independent, Fearless
Impatient, Rude, Bossy, Stubborn
Fun Facts About the Number 1 in Numerology

Relationships With the Number One

Boredom isn't something you'll experience while living with a person whose life path number is one. They will make you go on new adventures, explore new places, talk about something new everyday and they will broaden your horizons. They are very goal-oriented people, which means that they will encourage and push you to reach your own goals too. They make excellent bosses because they are hard working and always have a lot of great new ideas and useful input for others. On the other hand, they can be quite authoritarian and—due to their stubbornness—often become rude when someone disagrees with their ideas. They usually have little to no patience and are also very sensitive when it comes to criticism; these are a few things that sooner or later often become a challenge for others around them.

Boredom isn't something you'll encounter while living with a person with a life path number 1.
Boredom isn't something you'll encounter while living with a person with a life path number 1. | Source

What Does the Number One Find Attractive?

Individuals with a life path number one are usually attracted to people who are independent and fearless, with strong personalities and an equally strong curiosity to explore the world around them. Number ones think that they are different than most people and so they like anything that is unusual and different. They need a partner who is strong, independent and ambitious like they are, but also someone who has a lot of patience because number ones have a hot temper and can be quite rude and bossy—especially when things don't go as planned.

Do You Know Anyone With a Life Path Number 1?

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Lessons People With This Life Path Number Need to Learn

Each life path number has different challenges and different lessons that need to be learned. When it comes to number one, it is important that people with this life path number learn to be patient and accept that nothing can be achieved overnight. They are goal-oriented and work hard in order to achieve their goals, but should always remember that success takes time and effort, so that they don't get too disappointed when they don't reach their goals as quickly as they want to. What is more, they have the tendency to cover their lack of confidence and loneliness by becoming rude and aggressive, especially when others disagree with their views and opinions. That is something they need to work on, since hearing other people's points and views can actually sometimes be very beneficial and eye-opening whereas losing your temper and becoming rude and cruel when you don't get your way is immature and can lead you to a lot of trouble.

People with a life path number 1 shouldn't get too disappointed when they don't reach their goals as quickly as they expected to.
People with a life path number 1 shouldn't get too disappointed when they don't reach their goals as quickly as they expected to. | Source

If you have any questions regarding numerology and the life path number one feel free to ask. Also, if your life path number is one, let me know if you agree with all of the above!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Margaret Pan


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    • JC Scull profile image

      JC Scull 

      4 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      Hello Margaret,

      Yeah...indeed. I am an skeptic and I read them. They are fun. It is a way to daydream. To let my imagination fly.

      By the way, the environmental factor that I have always read about in these pseudosciences don't seem to take into account Northern and Southern Hemisphere, or even East and West. They seem to be ethnocentric and geomantic, meant for us Westerners. Of course the Asians, such as the Chinese have a totally different horoscope that give each year the name of an animal.

      Again, with the Chinese horoscope, I would be a rat, but the truth is I could easily be a horse or a tiger or a pig.

      In any case, you have excellent writing skills and I enjoy your articles.

    • Margaret Pan profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Pan 

      4 months ago from Athens

      JC, thanks for taking the time to read this! The thing is, both in astrology and numerology, numerous factors create some of our personality traits (while others are created by our environment, the way we were raised, our experiences etc). For example, in astrology we take a look at the person's Sun sign, rising sign and moon sign in order to create a map of their personality (and other things there's no need to mention here) so you might have numerous characteristics of all three of them! Accordingly, in numerology there are life path numbers, destiny numbers, personality numbers and many more. I would say that it's rather complicated. Nevertheless, I've noticed that even sceptics often read horoscopes and articles on numerology, tarot readings and anything that has to do with the paranormal. It's a funny thing! Thank you for your comment!

    • JC Scull profile image

      JC Scull 

      4 months ago from Gainesville, Florida

      Good job!! Very well written and organized article.

      Funny, but I just the read the description of the nine Life Path numbers and I have come to the conclusion that I am a: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. All the portrayals describe me to a "T." Of course the same thing happens to me when I read the horoscope. You would think I was born under every star, every planet and every cosmic movement under the firmament. But you know what: It feels so good to be flattered! I guess that's why we read these renditions of what we wish we could be.


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