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Motherpeace Round Tarot Cards: Suit of Discs

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

What Does the Suit of Discs Symbolize?

The suit of Discs represents Earth and tangible things found on the physical plane. In most tarot decks, they are called Pentacles, or sometimes coins. So they represent money, the physical things that surround us and our bodies, and are also a source of creation and procreation.

The Motherpeace deck is a celebration of Earth and Matriarchal societies that ruled it millions of years ago, when people bartered and shared harvests together. This way of life still continues in some Native American Tribes in the U.S., and in the Bush people in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. At least some people have still tried to relate to Earth in harmonious ways instead of being destructive towards Her.

Discs celebrate a communal way of life in which women, men, and their children, work together to share the daily chores. Thus most acts are thought out and meaningful, and people take the time to make art, to appreciate the simple beauties that we often take for granted. This sacred sense of meaning and purpose is no longer noticeable in the everyday activities we engage in during our lives, though there is a growing movement of people who care about the environment once again.

Ace of Discs

Ace of Discs

The Ace of Discs

The Ace of Discs means a gift will be received or rejected, money or something material. Any Ace is the beginning of something new in your life, in this case a tangible thing, or perhaps the birth of a baby. In this card, a baby is pictured lying by a fireplace, playing with acorns, and a baby leopard is licking the babe’s tummy. Now obviously no sane Mother would leave a baby that close to this animal, but the images in these cards are not to be taken literally. Some can be, and the best readers sense meanings of their own for each card, although each deck does come with an explanation from its authors.

When this card is upright, the person in question will receive a gift or create a piece of artwork, using materials found outdoors. Discs make a person feel calm, secure, and peaceful. Reversed, the person does not want the gift, or there is some problem with what was expected to come, making the person uncomfortable now. If the card tilts to the left, the person is hesitant about accepting the gift, or not feeling so safe, and if tilted to the right, will feel great about whatever it is and rush out to get it! The acorns on the rug symbolize winter’s long nights and the way we pull energy inward at that time. It is a good time for meditation. The leopard is the animal spirit who will grow up with the child, lending the child some of its spirit when it is necessary. I once took a psychic course where the teacher entered the room and the first question asked was, “What’s your power animal?” I am thinking probably the Wolf. It is also said we all have a Guardian Angel that helps protect us as well.


The Two of Discs

The Two of Discs shows a woman nursing twins, and surrounded by a circle of a double headed snake with a long piece of film running constantly through the circle. Normally when you see a Two in the Tarot, a decision needs to be made between two or more things. In this card, the woman must juggle the tasks of feeding both her children at once, or it may symbolize a struggle to juggle too many things at one time, in which case it would be reversed. Then she needs help either from other people, or will need to learn to prioritize her time better to be able to complete all her responsibilities. When it’s upright, the person has the stamina and is capable of handling many tasks at one time. If the card tilts to the left, she really feels overwhelmed by too many chores, she is pulled in too many directions at once, and the film keeps moving. Tilted to the right, she is still doing more than her fair share, but doing it well. The crescent moon in the background shows her strength will soon be renewed, that her inner strength will grow, and also her ability to be recognized for her outer achievements. Twos are all about balance, how to find it, and how to restore it.


The Three of Discs

The Three of Discs shows a picture of three women working together to build a house. This is a group card, and threes symbolize group creative efforts. In this case, all three are dedicated to the task at hand and are willing to work together to get the house built. They feel a great sense of purpose and their task is meaningful to them. The bricks must be handed up one by one and laid in place, as work done on the physical plane must be done step by step. Native American masons built great pueblo cities in New Mexico, and I had the good fortune to visit one of them at Mesa Verde. I was amazed at the thought that women (and probably men helpers too) had to climb up very shaky ladders to build these massive cities. They are still standing hundreds of years later though. These women hope to be recognized by others for their achievement when the house is finished. They are likely to be experts in whatever field is necessary to get the job done. If the card was reversed, the women would be unhappy with the final results of their project. Perhaps they were unable to cooperate with each other and work together as well as they thought they could when they began this task. If the card tilts to the left, one or more of the people are too distracted to pay enough attention to their work. When this card tilts to the right, everyone is working very hard, and putting forth their best efforts to achieve their goal.


The Four of Discs

The Four of Discs depicts a woman trying hard to either open or close her doorway securely. A warm fire burns behind her, and a rock is placed so it keeps the wind away from the fire. It is her wish to control who comes into and out of her home. She appears to want time to relax in peace and needs some space to just be alone. There are four wall hangings she has decorating the room, so perhaps she wants to have more time to spend on creative endeavors. Fours symbolize stability, and home is usually a place which creates that stability for many of us. We crave an inner sanctuary of some kind, a place to be alone, yet to feel sheltered there. This woman is tired of the social whirl, and knows she needs to say “no” to others and use this time to ponder her own needs. The room is spacious, neat, and uncluttered, so she chose this environment specifically so that she could be still and listen to her inner self.


The Five of Discs

The Five of Discs shows a woman kneading bread dough, an important task, but also one that can be done while your mind wanders and enables you to work through issues that may be troubling you. Kneading, moving and touching the dough help her fight inertia. Although this woman looks calm, when fives turn up in the Tarot, change is inevitable. Since this is the Discs suit, she is actually very worried about her health and financial status, and her body is very tense. She may not have enough of whatever she needs, and is trying to decide how to go about trying to get it. Sometimes the answer can be right in front of us, but we do not see it. By concentrating on a household task, she can help herself to stay calm and grounded. When this card is reversed, she can overcome the obstacles that face her, and find options that help solve her problems. New alternatives become available to her, and she realizes she can take care of herself. When the card tilts left, she is in a weakened state, not even having the strength to deal with her problems yet. If it tilts to the right, she buries her worries in a flurry of activity.


The Six of Discs

The Six of Discs shows one woman massaging and trying to heal another. The energies of give and take are there, and the generous one performing the massage is willing to share her energies of healing. It means one person has enough good health and good fortune, and is happy to share. Earth energies can be money, food, touch, or service, remember, physical and tangible. When a person gives the gift of healing, it circles back to heal the giver too. Ether is a medium which cannot be seen, but vibrations pass through it to the astral plane, and they work to balance the mind and the soul. If the card were reversed, then neither person would be open to sharing personal information about her problems and would shut herself off from other people. It is possible she fears success, or making a commitment to another person. Normally a six is a number of stability, but even in other tarot decks, this six has to do with give and take, or with power plays and struggles. When the card faces left, the generous person may feel that they have nothing to give. If it faces to the right, then the person is willing to give more than is received. This is always a card of philanthropy of some kind.


The Seven of Discs

The Seven of Discs portrays a very pregnant woman almost ready to give birth, as she rests along a patch of ripe watermelons. She feels the growth process taking place within, and waits. She is in the last part of the inner growth she needs to have this child, harvest, or this card can be a symbol of the birth of a project that she has been working on. She is content. If the card is reversed, she is getting anxious and just wants the pregnancy to get over and have the baby, or launch the project. But she must trust that nature and her body know the correct time for the birth to occur. On the mental plane, she must trust that a new idea is taking form, but she still must wait, just as a gardener must wait for the crops to ripen. All inner processes of growth are like pregnancies. If there is no physical manifestation, then nothing can be born! If the card faces left, she tries to inhibit or slow down the gestation. If the card faces right, she’s ready, its time, and she will push!


The Eight of Discs

The Eight of Discs shows us a group of women working hard on various tasks. They find fulfillment and meaning in the daily work they do, and feel a sense of purpose and connection. Each of them are trying to master whatever craft is their favorite, and develop their skills even further. They will continue to work hard until each excels at the craft in which they have the most talent. Even then, they will continue to learn more and more levels of skill. When the card is reversed, the women are not inspired in their work. They will not find meaning or camaraderie in what they do each day. They may feel bored and need to seek out a new line of work. When the card faces left, the women are not so sure about what they are doing. When it faces right, confidence in their individual skill returns, perhaps to the point where she may teach others or lead a group.


The Nine of Discs

The Nine of Discs shows a solitary woman healer who has come into the desert to create a painting by herself. She is feeling very creative but wishes to practice her craft alone. By working outside, she feels more connected to her healing and artistic abilities, as nature inspires her. Many creative people do best in solitary situations, as they can practice their particular magic, art, dreams, perhaps meditate and get direction from their spirit guides.

She is a Shaman, and her kit contains a drum, a wand, a rattle, and the grains of colored sand she is using to create. She realizes this sand piece will be only temporary, but by meditation and intent, she is setting forces of the universe into motion, to heal not only herself, but other people, or even humanity at large. Every positive or negative thought we have affects the whole Universe! A nine symbolizes strength and courage. She trusts the Universe to care for her and provide for her needs. This is one of my favorite cards of this deck, as I value my solitude and am here, as usual, writing at 3AM while the house is quiet and I am alone. If the card were reversed, she does not wish to be alone, or may not feel motivated to create anything. She may feel stifled or as if she does not have the space to do what she needs to do. If the card faces left, she is not engaged in her healing or artistic natures. If it faces to the right, she is fully bursting with creative energies!


The Ten of Discs

The Ten of Discs shows a community of women who have come together to aid as midwives to a younger woman of their tribe who is ready to give birth to a baby. The community of support is very helpful to the woman, whether the birth is that of a child, or a metaphorical one. Whatever she gives birth to will be welcomed by the women around her, and will come to her with ease because of their support. If the card is reversed, the delivery is harder and she needs more assistance, maybe the baby is breached, or there are unseen difficulties with the project.

Now the woman may be feeling family discord or as if she does not have the community support she may have taken for granted. She may feel she has nothing to show for all her hard work. If the card tilts to the left, she feels hesitant and like she needs more support. If it tilts to the right, she and her community of helpers are actively pushing something out into the world! All tens represent a transition, this time on the physical plane. For one thing to begin, another must end. This card represents family and community, the sense of belonging to something larger than oneself. All of the women in the Motherpeace deck come from different cultural backgrounds, but can come together to make this birth a joyous and special occasion, be it the birth of a child or some other type of transition in this person’s life.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2011 Jean Bakula


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on December 28, 2017:

Thanks so much. I didn't become aware of this deck until about 15 years ago, isn't it cool? I mention some reference books on the articles that help you dig a bit deeper to understand them. I don't care about Amazon, but maybe you can buy one of the reference books I mention used for a good price. Also, there's a good site, that is fun to visit. Take care. on December 25, 2017:

Love this. I was given a pack of HP for christmas with no book and Im very new to tarot. I am glad I found this hub as so informative thank you.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 02, 2012:

Hello Jemma,

If you know about Motherpeace, then you know that the Right/Left, Upright/Reverse are not as set in stone as I wrote it here. I just did that for people beginning to read the deck. The reader has to decide if the querent is just beginning to feel these energies, or if they are hitting full force, or moving away. Thanks for reading, take care.

Jemma on June 02, 2012:

thank you friend! my little definition book was eaten by the dog.... lol. actually whichever happened i no longer have and i am so glad i didn't have to go buy a whole new one. look me up on fb i would love to share and learn. In love and light Jemma.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 22, 2011:

Hi Fay,

They were apparently popular in the '70's, and I don't know what drew me to them. I read tarot from a metaphysical shop though, and my friend who owns it has all decks on display, so I guess it caught my eye. The first hub I did on Court Cards is one of my most popular. I tried to stay away from tarot, as my book that isn't getting published fast is about tarot, but this deck is so different I decided it doesn't matter. It takes an emotional and Maternal view (very Demeter, yes)? Take care and thank you as always. Jean

Fay Paxton on May 22, 2011:

Hey this is cool, Jean. I've seen all kinds of tarot cards, but Ive never seen the discs. Your hubs are always very interesting and informative.


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 21, 2011:

Hi Mimi!

I'm working on the Cups, but my husband thinks I'm obsessed with HP, so I'm cutting back a little when he's home :). Nice to see you. Jean

Mimi721wis on May 20, 2011:

Cool hub,never heard of the this before. Look forward to reading more on this subject.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 20, 2011:

Hi Deborah!

You are too kind, as usual. It's great deck. But it was drawn and interpreted by two man hating feminists back in the '70's, and although they express the heart centered, emotional point of view, I have to work hard to be fair about the interpretatons the way I see them. I am shocked that when I did the hub on the Court Cards, it's one of my most popular, so I'm covering the rest. Backwards, in typical Cancer fashion. Normally one would begin with Major Arcana, the suits, then the Court Cards. But we have to be ourselves! Namaste.

Nice to see you John! I'm happy you are enjoying this. It's a very obscure deck. They have a few round ones now in tarot, but people make them up with their own interpretations, and I don't feel they are valid. These are, just have the issues I mentioned above. Take care. Jean

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on May 20, 2011:

Excellent hub. Astrology I know a little bit about, but this is a new topic for me.

Thanks for posting


Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on May 19, 2011:

Fascinating information. You are indeed knowledgable.


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 19, 2011:

Peace to you too justom. Thanks for reading Tom.

justom on May 19, 2011:

Great hub as always, you are truly a writer and if anyone should profit from that it should be folks like you! Peace!! Tom

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 19, 2011:

Thank you blueorpurple!

blueorpurple on May 18, 2011:

very detail hub./ you put a lot of time and energy here. and thanks for that. i really enjoy reading this.