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Advantages and Benefits of Numbers

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Numbers That Follow You

Numbers That Follow You

You Can Count on It

Numbers do follow us. If you pay attention to the synchronicity of them throughout your life, you will find a common denominator in different parts of your life. My number seems to be two. I've moved all over the country and anywhere that I've ever lived for a long time had a two involved in the address.

I didn't notice how often this was happening until I pulled my credit report around the age of 30. The houses that I lived in for a very short time didn't have twos in their addresses. But the houses that I considered home all had a two. My birthday is 11/11 so if you add it together, it's 22, I got married on March 27th, and my only child was born on Sept. 27.

Numerology and Angel numbers have been a lifelong study for me. There is so much more to it than I could possibly put in a short article. I urge you to research and explore the magic of numbers.

Even after years of learning about numbers, I'm still surprised at how right on they are. Numbers are energy just like everything else and understanding how their energy moves will help us navigate through our lives a little easier.

It All Adds Up

Your birthday number is known as your ruling number. By looking up the meaning of that number, you can get insight into your strengths and weaknesses. The way to get that number is to add up your birthday month, day, and year and reduce it to a single number. Mine is 11 11 1964. All added together and reduced to a single-digit number equals six. 11+11+1+9+6+4=42, 4+2=6.

You can take that same formula with the current year and get your personal year number. Add your birth month, day, and what year you want to know about. Let's say that you want to know what the theme or 2017 will be for you.

Or what I like to do is see what it is that I should be working on. Use your birth month and day and then the year that you want to know about. It would be 11+11+20+17=59, 5+9=14, 1+4=5. You will be having a 5 year. However, most numerologists look at the current year as the universal number year. 2017=1 so it is a universal 1 year.

The Numerology Cycle of Nine

If you look at numerology as a nine cycle, it's easy to understand what the numbers mean. By breaking any number down to one digit, you are able to see what the overall energy of that number is. Each year that we live has a different number energy to it both personally and universally.

  • A number one year brings new beginnings. It is the perfect year to launch a new business or project. Change is inevitable so be as flexible as possible. If you are thinking of getting engaged or moving to a new home, the number one year is the year to start to get the wheels in motion. Plant the seeds that you want to manifest over the next nine-year cycle.
  • A number two year is the year that you can grow new bonds. It is the year where you can meet people that have an influence on your life. The number two year is about teamwork and creating strong unions. The perfect year to get married or form a new partnership. It is a great year to meet a new love if you are in the market.
  • A number three year is your time to get out and socialize. The number three vibration makes us want to spend time with friends and be out and about. Create new relationships. This would be a good year to join a group or club that you've been thinking about.
  • A number four year brings us back to the basics. It is a very serious year where the energy of four makes us take stock in what is important and what isn't. Responsibilities and commitments take center stage. A reorganizing year. Finances will be a focus and if handled right, you will be better off financially in year five.
  • A number five year tests our passions and goals. If you are working on a big enterprise or goal, then five will bring you opportunities but not without some trials. But it is with our trials that we learn what it is that we really want. Work and domestic will be a big focus in year five. By the end of year five, you will have a better idea of what it is that you really want to pursue.
  • A number six-year is all about personal relations and time. Number six takes the attention off of ourselves and onto the needs of others. It is a slow time without much change or drama. A six-year allows us to slow down and take note of what our loved ones need and take care of anything personal that has been left hanging.
  • A number seven-year takes us into reflection on what has happened in the previous years. More of a hermit year where you pull away from the social scene and spend time on a more spiritual road. It's a time to look inside and change what doesn't seem to be working for you personally.
  • A number eight year is your personal power year. The eight-year has a work and career energy that creates promotions and recognition. It is an accomplishment year and hard work will be involved along with some hard and complicated decisions.
  • A number nine year is the completion year. The number nine is also a termination year. You will find yourself feeling that some of the things that you thought were important no longer are. You might be thinking of taking on something new or a new direction. Some relationships may end in a nine-year but you will see that it is for the best during the next nine-year cycle.

Messages From Your Angels and Guides

Repetitive numbers are your angels or guides talking to you. Do you see 10 10 or 11 11 all of the time? Do you seem to always wake up for a minute at 3 33? Each set of numbers is sending you a personal message from the higher beings.

Some messages are warnings, some are answering a question that you asked, and some messages are just them letting you know that they are there. There are way more number combinations than I could possibly list but there are certain combinations that seem to be very common.

  • 10 10 combination tells us to trust our intuition and explore our spirituality. Look deep into what personal developments we are working on.
  • 11 11 combination warns us that our thoughts are powerful. What we think and say will be manifested. When you see this number combo often, it is a sign of being a light worker.
  • 12 12 combination is your angels and guides letting you know that they are working behind the scenes. Stay positive because your goals and manifestations are in the works.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.