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Updated on April 18, 2016

Choosing Your Tarot Deck

Sometimes, the best way to obtain a tarot deck is when one is given to you. However this might not always be the case. Choosing your own tarot deck is a very fun thing to do but may seem overwhelming at first. There are many different kinds and varieties of decks to choose from. When considering which deck to pick, I recommend that you choose it in person. Each one has its own personal feel to it. You may be able to sense which deck is right for you and which ones to stay away from.

The artwork presented on the cards is definitely a deciding factor. Are the images and designs on each card pleasing for you to look at? Are they too simple or too complicated? Depending on your personal needs at the time, a particular deck may jump out at you for no reason at all. Go with your intuition and instincts. Hold the deck in your hand and see how it feels. This should give you a pretty good idea if it is meant for you.

Storage and Cleansing

It is very important to know how to store and cleanse your cards properly. The steps for storage are very simple and there are a variety of ways that you can cleanse your cards. These include knocking on your cards three times, immersing them in the smoke of burning sage, and storing a quartz crystal with your cards to name just a few. I personally like to knock on my cards three times. I visualize the negative energy being released the same way that dust would be expelled from an old book if you knocked on it. Choose a method that is most appropriate for you.

Check out the video below for more detailed information on how to cleanse and store your tarot deck!

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

How to Read Tarot Cards

Now that you have your tarot deck and it is cleansed, you can begin to use them! Reading tarot cards is a wonderful process that brings light to different situations. It brings to the surface that which is not easily seen or understood.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to become more familiar with your specific deck of tarot cards. Spend some time with each card. Try to understand the meaning of the card and your own personal interpretation first. Most deck of cards come with a book of written interpretations...although this can be helpful, think of it only as a tool. The book is secondary.

One way to become more familiar with the deck is to choose one card to study each day. Study the card and consider how the card reflects and applies throughout the day. Do this until you are comfortable with the meaning and information behind each card.

After you have a good feel for each card, you may want to utilize a specific card arrangement or spread. Tarot spreads can be useful helping you seek answer or simply enhance your experience. Choose a spread that is most appropriate for you situation. Relax your mind and heart. Shuffle your cards and keep your question in the front of your mind as you do so. If you want a specific answer, you will need to formulate a specific question. There is no set time for how long to shuffle your cards, so simply shuffle for as long as feels best for you. Cut the cards and place them face down. Cut the cards and place them face down so that you have two piles of cards. Turn over one card at a time from the right pile and determine the meaning. When all of the cards are revealed for your particular spread you will have the full picture for your interpretation!

Daily Encounter Tarot Spread

This three card spread is a great one to do for yourself at the start of your day. The "YOU" card represents yourself at the moment you pull the card. The crossing card will tell you what you will encounter that day. The "outcome" card will give you insight on how the day will conclude and can also give you an idea of how to handle any conflicts more effectively.

Daily Tarot Spread

This is another example of a three card spread that you can do at the beginning of your day.
This is another example of a three card spread that you can do at the beginning of your day.

The Self-Exploration Tarot Spread

  1. Who I Am Right Now
  2. My Short Term Goals
  3. My Interests and Passions
  4. My Emotions
  5. My Inner Demons
  6. My Fears
  7. My Drive
  8. My Long Term Goals
  9. My Future Self

Whether you are feeling uncertainty about who you are or simply want to know more about yourself, this spread is perfect for learning all about you!

Birthday Tarot Spread

Happy Birthday!  Congratulations, you have completed another journey around the sun!  Use this spread to discover more about yourself and your next revolution around the sun.
Happy Birthday! Congratulations, you have completed another journey around the sun! Use this spread to discover more about yourself and your next revolution around the sun.

Diamond Clarity Tarot Spread

This spread is great for when you are clueless!

  1. What do I need to know
  2. What must I embrace
  3. What must I avoid
  4. Where to go from here

Money Tarot Spread

New Beginnings Tarot Spread

Whether you are leaving behind an old job or letting go of something that no longer serves you, this spread is all about new beginnings.

  1. The earth, from which the new you emerges, just like a sprout. This card may represent past experiences or the life you are leaving behind.
  2. The aspects of yourself that you are seeking to change.
  3. The new you.

Specific Questions

If you do not have a spread that suits your exact needs, that's okay! You can utilize a simple three card spread and formulate your own question. Below are two possible three card spreads. Turn over the cards one at a time and read them from left to right.

Three Card Tarot Spreads

1. situation as it really exists
1. past
2. course of action to take
2. present
3. outcome
3. future

Question to Ask in Tarot

Remember that your answer will be as specific as your question! Feel free to tweak or change these questions to fit your personal situation.

  1. What am I holding on to?
  2. What do I need to let go of?
  3. What am I avoiding?
  4. What am I not seeing?
  5. What do I need to bring more of into my life?
  6. What am I hiding from myself?
  7. Where in my life do I need a new beginning?
  8. What is the meaning behind my dream?
  9. What secrets are being kept from me?
  10. What opportunities lie before me?
  11. What do I need to pay attention to today?

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      • DreamingBoomer profile image

        Karen Kay 2 years ago from Jackson, MS

        Beautiful spreads to use on ourselves! I believe that is the most useful way to use tarot cards - and these are great! Thanks so much!

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        Very Informative!

        Thank you for sharing :)