Court Cards: Queen of Wands

Updated on June 30, 2020
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I'm a professional tarot reader with 20 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

The Queen of Wands from the Rider-Waite deck. Public Domain image, Pamela A. version c.1909.
The Queen of Wands from the Rider-Waite deck. Public Domain image, Pamela A. version c.1909. | Source

The Queens of Tarot

The Queens in tarot are mature and empathic representatives of their suits. They encompass all the suit qualities and display them in their characters and in their interactions with the world. Unlike the Kings, who are outward-looking, the Queens are more inward-looking. The Kings are leaders; the Queens are facilitators, and as such, are just as powerful as Kings. The Queens are better in one-to-one situations; Kings stand up and give rousing speeches and enact laws. Queens advise, and campaign.

Meet the Queen of Wands, an enigmatic, charming and extrovert character who would give any King a run for his money.

She is seated, forward-facing but with her head turned slightly to the left. She wears a yellow robe and a blue-ish gray cloak. Her crown is decorated with jewels but in a fairly modest way. In her left hand, she holds a sunflower. In her right a staff that is sprouting leaves. Her throne is carved with two lions, facing left and right. Behind her is a tapestry embroidered with lions and sunflowers. At her feet sits a black cat and in the distance are three pyramids.

Her Symbolism

Optimistic, cheerful
Loyalty, warmth, sun
Strength, personal power
Mystery, supernatural, independence
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Sun, Mars

The word "pyramid" is composed of the Greek words "pyra" meaning fire, light, or visible, and the word "midos" meaning measures.

— Tim G. Hunkler

Symbols that appear in a Court card are revealing and can give subtle hints about the qualities of the card. Some of the symbols in this card are indicative of strength, light and a sunny personality. However, there are also hints at a deeper and darker side to the Queen of Wands. She looks to her left, which has long represented the mysteries —'sinistre'. She also has a black cat; the witches' familiar, again representing a mysterious other world, magic and psychic abilities. So all is not as it seems on the surface.

In a Reading

When this Queen appears in your reading, she either represents a real person, or she is exhorting the querent to adopt some of her energy and focus in order to deal with the current situation. As an actual person, she is popular, warm and outgoing. To take on some of her characteristics, read the section below to see what kind of person she is.

In my experience this card almost always reflects someone who has influence over the querent's situation, a good friend, the querent themselves or sometimes, depending on the position of the card and the question, she could be 'the other woman'.

The Queen of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot (scanned image)
The Queen of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot (scanned image)

Her Characteristics

The Queen of Wands is strong-minded, fiercely independent, intelligent, popular and enthusiastic. She is like an irresistible magnet, attracting people to her constantly. She shines brightly, often progressing quickly along her chosen career path. She is charismatic, therefore when others are considering people for a certain position or project, she will immediately come to mind. She has a way of demonstrating authority, but at the same time is completely without guile. She is open and honest and always fair in her dealings with others.

The Queen of Wands does well in the public eye, which is why you will see so many of them in the media or in the movies. She is confident in her abilities, yet is always ready to learn something new. She is passionate and determined; creative and fiery. She knows what she wants and pursues her goals single-mindedly.

In business, she is competent and reliable, can be counted upon for new ideas. She is compassionate towards others, loves animals and her family. In domestic matters, she is a little scattered. She can sometimes be downright slovenly. She can't see the point of housework because, after all, it's just going to get messy again. The Queen of Wands loves to sleep and is often running late.

When she is on her own, she may be almost a different person. This doesn't mean that she is deceptive or two-faced, it simply means, like many of us, she has a public and private persona. She is interested in things that many people steer clear of. She may well be a witch or have psychic abilities. This may also explain why she is usually successful at what she does. I don't mean that she has sold her soul, but that she understands Law of Attraction and has the ability to harness energy and use it.


The reversed Queen of Wands is a difficult woman. She is a drama-queen for sure. She over-reacts, she acts impulsively. She is thoughtless and often angry. She suffers from anxiety, burn-out or hysterics. She is not as manipulative as the reversed Queen of Swords, nor as depressive as the reversed Queen of Cups, but she can leave a trail of devastation in her wake. Aspects of her personality clash, leaving her confused and very likely substance-dependent.

Love and Relationships

The Queen of Wands has a lively love-life. She seldom mates for life before middle-age. She sometimes rushes into a committed relationship before she is completely certain. Of course, this often results in acrimonious break-ups and divorce. She is a passionate partner and can be blinded to her lover's faults. Her friends can see that it is headed towards disaster but are powerless to do anything in the face of such determination. The Queen of Wands often falls for older, and sometimes, married men —hence her appearance in readings as the 'other woman'

As she matures, she becomes more aware of her wayward tendencies and realises what she truly wants in a partner is not always what she goes after. Her man should offer a calming influence, he needs to be self-sufficient and confident as he will find himself as the supporting actor in the production of their marriage.

As a friend the Queen of Wands is loyal, fierce, protective and great fun. She has the most original ideas, the most outrageous suggestions and knows where all the best parties are.

Career and Money

As I've already said, this Queen is usually career-minded. She is particularly suited to jobs where she is involved with other people. She is a conscientious employee who is already setting her sights higher. She is a good manager of people and a wonderful company representative. She does not shy from the limelight, so any job where the spotlight is on her is ideal.

She can be a little careless with money and it's not unknown for her to get into difficulties when in her twenties and thirties. However, she soon gets her financial act together and accumulates money quite easily. She operates instinctively, knowing where to invest, who to trust and has great confidence in the universe providing for her. And it does.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • What does this card mean when it is in the Kiss of Fate position in a soul mate reading?

    I am not familiar with this spread, so I'd need to know all the positions, the cards that appeared and the general situation. I can't interpret a card in isolation when it's part of a spread.

© 2013 Bev G

Are You a Queen of Wands? Do You Know One?

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    • Jonathan Heisman profile image

      Jonathan Heisman 

      10 months ago from USA

      your welcome :)

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      10 months ago from Wales, UK

      Thank you so much Jonathan. I'm going to save your comment into my tarot file... and then steal it :D Good stuff.

    • Jonathan Heisman profile image

      Jonathan Heisman 

      10 months ago from USA

      I would have to say your description of the Queen of Wands character is 100% accurate. As a man being married to a woman with this character, he must give her the freedom she wants to live the life she desires. It would be a total disaster for a man to be controlling and abusive. Her man must always be that calming influence. This means her man must lighten the mood and empathetically go with the flow. He must respect her personal space, listen to her, be positive, and be a problem solver. If he is, he will slow her down and help her to enjoy the wonderful things in life with him. Otherwise, if he is not a calming influence, she may end up being the other woman to an older man.

    • theraggededge profile imageAUTHOR

      Bev G 

      4 years ago from Wales, UK

      Thanks Kristen, always appreciated. X

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Another great hub from you Bev on the tarot card spread. Real interesting to know about the queen of wands and the origin of pyramid. Voted up!


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