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Court Cards: Queen of Pentacles

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I'm a professional tarot reader with 23 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

Rider-Waite Queen of Pentacles. Public domain image, Pamela A. version c 1909

Rider-Waite Queen of Pentacles. Public domain image, Pamela A. version c 1909

The "Earth-Mother" Queen

The tarot Queens are complex characters. They show us all the facets of womanhood, and are just as relevant today as when the tarot was first used as a divinatory tool.

Unlike the Kings, the Queens are very much self-contained. The Kings need to demonstrate their ability to lead and rule, whereas the Queens know that they don't have to prove anything. Their skills become evident in the way they lead their lives.

The Queen of Pentacles, also known as the Queen of Coins, and in playing cards, the Queen of Diamonds, is the epitome of the 'earth mother' and is closely aligned to the Empress. Come into her kitchen and get to know her.


This Queen sits on her heavily carved throne surrounded by symbols of life and abundance. The carvings depict angels, goats and fruit. The arms of the throne, at least the visible left one, is cast in the shape of an animal's horn. The throne is angled toward the left of the card, so we see her in three-quarter profile.

The Queen is wearing a white under tunic with a rich, red robe. Her crown is moderately ornate and appears to be topped with an orange caterpillar. From the crown falls a greenish- yellow veil. She softly gazes down at the large gold pentacle she is holding with both hands.

The sky is yellow, suggesting either sunset or sunrise. In the distance is a range of blue mountains. In the bottom left of the card, a hare or rabbit leaps towards the viewer.

Symbolism of the Queen of Coins



Abundance, security




Green, brown, gold





Abundance, growth, life and death



Independance, tenaciousness

Capricorn, Libra, Taurus


Fertility, plenty



Trickster, fertility, eternity


In a Reading

When the Queen of Coins shows up in a reading, she could represent a real person or she might be a 'stand-in' for the Empress, especially if that card has already appeared. It's possible that the card could be the seeker herself, or perhaps it means that the seeker needs to take on some of the traits of the Queen in order to deal with whatever situation they find themselves in.

If the card appears reversed (upside-down) it might be a warning to watch out for someone who is not acting in the seeker's best interests.

Queen of Pentacles from The Revelations Tarot.

Queen of Pentacles from The Revelations Tarot.

Characteristics of the Queen of Pentacles

There is so much to say about this card. She is definitely one of my favourites. The Queen of Pents is often thought of as the earth-mother type. She's not a hippie. She's your regular mom who organizes you, advises you and keeps a warm and loving home for you.

Not only is she the archetypical mother, but she has many other facets to her as well. She is practical, down-to-earth, cares about her family's well-being and those who are close to her. She is a sensible woman who knows the value of taking care of herself.

She will grab her own oxygen mask first, thus ensuring she can be of the most assistance to others. She can be a solitary woman, preferring her own company and that of her nearest and dearest, rather than glittering social events.

All this might give you quite a misleading impression of the Queen of Pentacles. She is not soft and empathic like the Queen of Cups, or as sharp and precise as the Queen of Swords. Neither is she as fiery as the Queen of Wands. Nevertheless, she does have aspects of all three of the other Queens.

She will sympathize, briefly, with your trouble, but then will offer a practical solution. She'll offer a helping hand but will then expect you to help yourself. She has good communication skills but will get bored if you continually talk about yourself. Her patience lasts... up to a point. She is unlikely to lose her temper but will demonstrate her irritation.

Think of a female animal with pups or cubs; she is amazingly patient and tolerant until one of her babies crosses the line, then she will growl and slap the wrongdoer until he resumes his place. The Q of P is the same. She would lay down her life for her kids, but she is not above giving them a sharp rebuke when necessary.

The Reversed Queen of Pentacles

The reversed (upside down) Queen is the opposite of all the above. She may be slovenly, gossipy or selfish. Or she may well take the positive attributes to extreme—she might be a smothering mother, or so interested in your business that it verges on nosiness.

She needs to allow her offspring some room to grow, make their own mistakes and perhaps she should give them some privacy. She may be overly house-proud to the point of obsession or so organized that it leaves no room for spontaneity. Like other reversed Queens, she could also represent 'the other woman' in a love triangle.

Love and Relationships

This Queen is slow to fall in love, but quick to get over a relationship that has reached its sell-by date. The Queen of Pentacles is very aware of her body and is, therefore, quite sensuous. She is down-to-earth, preferring you offer her a nice meal rather than an airy-fairy romantic gesture. And, if you plan on proposing, don't do it in public, she really hates that sort of thing.

Her children adore her, although they may not realize how much they depend upon her. She is keen to bring them to independence and will gradually withdraw motherly support in every-day matters. However, she is always available when her kids are in trouble, but, again, help will be limited to what is needed in the moment—you have to show the willingness to make an effort to get back on your feet.

Money, Career, and the Queen of Coins

As the earthly equivalent of the Empress, this card is always welcome in a reading about money. This Queen can indicate a comfortable life, more than enough to go round and a good flow of money in and out. The Q of P is generous with money—when she has plenty of it. Otherwise, she is prudent and thrifty, making a little go a long way.

Some Queen of Pentacles-type characters focus their nurturing energy on their career and usually do very well. They are reliable, loyal and very capable. They may not have the spark of ingenuity of the Queen of Wands, nor the incisiveness of the Sword Queen, but for sheer hard work, no-one can beat our Queen of Pentacles.

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