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Court Cards: Page of Pentacles

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I'm a professional tarot reader with 23 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

The Rider-Waite Page of Pentacles. Public domain image. Pamela A. version circa 1909.

The Rider-Waite Page of Pentacles. Public domain image. Pamela A. version circa 1909.

Who Are These Tarot Pages?

A page is a young person who serves the Queen and King. They were usually chosen for their pleasing appearance and high levels of intelligence. In the tarot, they are seen as part of the Royal family. The Pages represent their individual suits; they offer information within the bounds of their suit properties overlaid with the enthusiastic characteristics of the youthful page.


The Page of Pentacles, as depicted in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot, stands in an open field of flowers. His attention is focused on the golden Pentacle he holds with both hands. He is turned slightly to the left. He wears a light green tunic, a curious red hat and a shawl combination. Behind him is a grove of trees, and we can see a plowed field in front. In the far distance is a snow-capped mountain. The sky is yellow; it could be sunrise.

Symbolism in the Page of Pentacles


Red hat

Passion, enthusiasm


Yellow sky

Optimism, learning

Green, brown, gold

Plowed field


Winter, north


New beginning

Saturn, Capricorn, Libra Taurus

In a Reading

When the Page of Pentacles appears in a reading, it often precedes the arrival of an important message, usually by mail. This card can also hold a similar energy to an Ace, especially if the Ace of Pentacles has already appeared in the reading. Like the Ace, the Page of Pentacles can mean 'new beginnings.'

As this is a personality card, the Page can represent a real person who is important in the seeker's current situation. In some cases, it can represent the seeker themselves. One of the main meanings of this card is education, so someone might be starting school or going to college or university.

Depending on the position of the card, this one can indicate the readiness of the seeker, or someone important to them, to develop into adulthood. It could mean the physical changes of imminent puberty or perhaps someone whose personality is undergoing a shift towards maturity.

Characteristics of the Page of Pentacles

As a personality, this Page is measured and steady. He (and of course, it could be a she) is intent on understanding and learning as much as possible in any given situation. He has an endless curiosity about life, knowledge and people. However, he is no butterfly; he does not flit from subject to subject. He prefers to approach his learning in a systematic way. Structure is important to the Page of Pentacles.

In the same way, this card encourages you to undertake any new project in the same vein. Plan carefully; understand what you need to do before commencing. Enthusiasm will be necessary, but it is a steady unwavering enthusiasm, rather than a bright, fast burnout. This Page sees things through to their conclusion. No drop-out student, this one.

If the card represents a real person then know that this is someone you can depend on to see things through. This page is loyal, reliable and responsible. That isn't to say they can't occasionally let their hair down and have some fun—but they will soon return to their steady path where they feel most comfortable.

The Reversed Page of Pentacles

Laziness and complacency are among the characteristics of the reversed Page of Pentacles. Perhaps the person has become over-confident in their abilities or lost their previously discovered independence. This is the drop-out, the lamb that returns to the fold because life has become too challenging. This might be temporary, so always give them the benefit of the doubt—for a while at least.

It could be that the reversal indicates a loss of confidence or faith in one's own abilities. Perhaps repeated setbacks have taken their toll. Understand that if you face continued failure, it's time to change direction. There is no point in doing the same thing over and over if the results are negative. Step back, take stock and adjust your approach.

Robin Wood Page of Pentacles

Robin Wood Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles: Love and Relationships

This card may appear in a love reading when a relationship is still new but about to morph into a steadier, less giddy stage. The emphasis is on exploring each other's personalities, preferences and histories. It is the time of cementing the bond, of agreeing to embark on a joint adventure. It works the same way in platonic friendships and business partnerships. You know that this person is in it for the long haul, and will work at making the relationship a success. It has to get pretty bad before a loyal Page of Pentacles will give up, and they will only do so once they have considered all the options available.

Should the Page of Pentacles appear in a reading for someone who has children, then this card should be a reassuring influence. Any parent of a Page of Pentacles hasn't too much to worry about and every reason to be proud of their offspring as they sally forth on their journey.

The Page of Pentacles: Career and Money

An auspicious card to appear in any reading about money and careers. With any luck it will have supporting cards, not necessarily of the same suit—for example, the Ace of Wands would be a great card alongside this page. The fire and enthusiasm of the Ace, tempered by the steady influence of the young, but thorough, Page of Pentacles is a good combination and bodes well for any business or career move.

If other Pentacle cards appear, in particular the Ace, the three, the eight, nine or ten, then there will be a likely improvement in financial circumstances. Watch out for messages or letters which should be acted upon—they will be favorable opportunities. Remember to keep the Page of Pentacles principles of thorough investigation before launching yourself into anything.

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Do you have a Page of Pentacles in your life?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on February 22, 2018:

It depends how you have allocated the cards as per your idea of a time-frame. I don't do timing, as tarot seems to be unreliable in that way. I avoid 'whens' and just wait for things to take their natural course. Knowing 'whens' doesn't help and can cause disappointments if things don't show up when they are supposed to. Remember that everything you do (and the other person does) can affect the way things unfold. Hope you get your message soon! on February 21, 2018:

Hello, i have a question about the page of pentacles. I asked if I will receive a love message from this person I’m waiting for and I got The Sun. After that I asked when will I receive the message and page of pentacles fell out. What do you think about this timeframe? Will it be fast or slow like pentacles do Thank you!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 31, 2015:

Hi Marthrach, there's no difference. Some deck creators prefer to have a balance of male and female court cards, but their overall meaning is the same. Thanks for reading.

Marthrach on December 31, 2015:

Hello, I would like to ask. In some dec cards is no card of Page but princess. I always struggle with the fact if princess is the page or if prince is the page. Thank you kindly.