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Tarot Cards and Their Meaning: The Swords Suit

Verity has been reading tarot cards for fourteen years and still uses the same deck she first received when she was younger.


Brief History of Tarot

Tarot cards are a pack of playing cards that have been in use since the 15th century. Since the 18th century—especially in Europe—these cards have taken on a mystical nature, and they are now used by many as a tool for divination.

The tarot deck is split into two groups of cards—the minor arcana and the major arcana. The minor arcana is a 56-card deck that is split into four suits—wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The major arcana is a 22-card deck that consists entirely of unique picture cards, with each one having a different name.

Each card in the 78-card deck has its own meaning and can be used to offer a reflection on the past, present, and future. The cards can be played in an upright or a reversed (upside-down) position. The position of the card changes the interpretation of the meaning of the card.

The Meaning of Each Sword Card in a Tarot Deck

As someone who has been reading tarot cards for 14 years and who has been using the same deck as the one I was first gifted, I have chosen to write this guide to share my knowledge and interpretations with others.

The ace of swords from my Tarot deck

The ace of swords from my Tarot deck

Ace of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card represents new beginnings and bravery. You might be feeling anxious about some form of separation or a big change, but be aware that these are opportunities to better yourself, and you should leap to them.
  • Work - In your work life, it might be time for a new project. It might even be a good opportunity to rework some procedures from the ground up; this is a good chance to build new and stronger infrastructure. If you are worried about applying for or starting a new job, go for it! Be brave.
  • Love - Since this card is about new beginnings, it may be time for a positive change in your relationship. Use your communication to put an end to something that has been bothering you about the relationship; this will help you get that honeymoon feeling back and bring back the excitement. Now is a good time for new relationships.
  • Finances - Now is a time to safeguard your money carefully, keep it saved, and keep it accruing interest. If someone asks you for a large loan, be careful, do the maths and see if you can afford it. If you can't, then don't be afraid to say no.
  • Health - Now is a good time to examine your habits. You can draw on your bravery to put an end to some bad habits. You can draw on your strength to start some better habits. Keep up your regular light exercise and keep everything in moderation.
  • Spirituality - This card shows that you are holding on to spiritual beliefs that are not good for you anymore. Don't be afraid to let them go or to leave any spiritual group or institution that isn't working for you. Find a good support network that will help you through this transition.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card is a warning to beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing; it represents an illusion. Be wary of someone lying to your face or of an opportunity that seems too good to be true. Investigate and be cautious.
  • Work - This card can represent a major misunderstanding at work. Now is a time to double-check things carefully and to be clear with everyone involved. Make your thoughts and intentions explicit, and make sure you understand other people clearly.
  • Love - This card can mean that you are falling for someone inappropriate for you. Make sure you communicate clearly with each other; if it turns out that you both want wildly different things, maybe it's time to re-evaluate.
  • Finances - Don't make any assumptions in regards to your finances. Double and triple-check your savings and investments. Now is a time when mistakes are more frequent, so make sure that no one has misappropriated any of your funds.
  • Health - Someone may try to take advantage of you in this area. Be very wary of homeopathy and 'alternative' treatments that don't actually work. Don't pay money for anything that isn't scientifically proven.
  • Spirituality - Don't get too heavily invested in spirituality that actually has very little substance. Just because something is aesthetically pleasing doesn't mean that it is good for you. Investigate it, and don't be afraid to turn it down if it isn't for you.
The two of swords from my Tarot deck

The two of swords from my Tarot deck

Two of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card is all about partnership, duality, and balance. Now is time to look at all of your commitments and relationships (both personal and professional) and look at how equally you are being treated. If you are able to spot areas of inequality, now is time to address them and work towards more supportive relationships.
  • Work - You might be feeling impatient due to a stall at work. Make sure that you have done everything that you need to do and that you haven't accidentally overlooked everything. If you have done everything that you can, then rest in that knowledge and just be patient.
  • Love - This card is a very good signal that your relationship is very well balanced. This card shows that you are both respectful of one another and that your communication is open and free. Continue to work on these excellent foundations.
  • Finances - Now is the time to balance your books. Look at your spending and income and take an evaluation. Cut back where you can, and look for any extra income where you can.
  • Health - A balance needs to be achieved here. Try to keep a food diary, or wear a Fitbit to help you keep track of how you are doing. This will be able to help you identify where you need to add or cut back.
  • Spirituality - This card indicates that your spirituality is very balanced and that it is working for you really well. Keep up with your regular method of spirituality, and you will continue to feel the benefits from it.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card can be an indication of a new partnership in your life, personal, professional, or functional. Just be cautious that you don't prioritise only this relationship because others will suffer if you do. Put equal effort into all of your partnerships accordingly.
  • Work - Now is the best time to work as a team. You may have some excellent ideas, but other people may have better ones or more functional ways of implementing them. Listen to others just as much as you listen to yourself.
  • Love - Be cautious and patient. Everything will happen in its own time, don't force anything. Allow relationships to grow organically; trying to push forward will only leave things feeling disingenuous.
  • Finances - This card indicates that your finances are unclear. Now is a time to return to your paperwork and make sure everything is in order. Check your tax returns, your bank statements, and your investments. Find all of the information that you need to build a complete picture.
  • Health - This card is an indicator to slow things down. You can't lose weight or be able to run a marathon overnight. Take it one day at a time and increase things slowly. Keep a diary with photos so that you have proof of your progress when you are struggling to see it.
  • Spirituality - Don't copy someone else's preferred method of spirituality just because of how happy it makes them. Growth looks different for different people; find what works for you and stick to it, rather than allowing yourself to become influenced by someone else's definition of progress.
The three of swords from my Tarot deck

The three of swords from my Tarot deck

Three of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card is generally a good omen of progress, though it brings sorrow along with it. You might experience an upset or an upheaval, but know that you will get through it, and will grow from it. You will exit the other side healed and with a better understanding.
  • Work - Your ego might take a hit at work. It is important to contextualize this hurt and put it into perspective. Work decisions aren't personal; they are just business, so try to take it in that regard. Don't be afraid to ask for help to put it into perspective.
  • Love - This card can point to difficulties and pain in a relationship. This does not necessarily mean the end, though. If you are right for each other, you will be able to work through the pain and come out of it ready to reframe certain aspects and make it work. If you are not right together, don't be afraid to call it a day.
  • Finances - This card can be quite disappointing monetarily, and you might be tempted to panic. Break down the reality of the situation into manageable chunks, and decide how you will tackle each one. Do not be afraid to reach out for any help that you need. There are revenues open to you.
  • Health - Your mental health might be suffering lately. Get in contact with your support network to talk it out. Engage in the self-care that you know works for you. Talk to a health professional if you need to; it helps to get perspective on these situations.
  • Spirituality - You might be holding on to spiritual practices that aren't good for you just because of what they used to mean to you. Don't be afraid to take a deep breath and let go, it is all a healing process, and you will feel better after finding a spiritual practice that better suits you and your needs.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates healing and that your time of pain is beginning to come to an end. This card is here to show you that the world has not ended and that life continues as always. It is time to get back up and start to move along again.
  • Work - This card can point to misunderstandings at work. If you have been making any assumptions, go back and ask explicit questions to get a better understanding.
  • Love - More misunderstandings in this area of your life. Allow yourself to feel the pain from these misunderstandings. Your feelings are valid. You cannot go back in time and change them, but you can learn from them for the future.
  • Finances - You are being very anxious about your money situation, even though it is not necessary. Just keep adding to your saving and keep them tucked away; you don't need to do anything with it. Let it accrue interest and look after itself.
  • Health - This card indicates that you do not have all of the information that you want. Go to a doctor and ask the questions that you need to. Don't just talk about your physical health; discuss your mental health too.
  • Spirituality - You are feeling a bit lost spiritually, and the answers seem unclear to you. Feel free to explore different methods. You don't need to commit to anything just yet, so find out what is and isn't working for you, and try something new.
The Four of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Four of Swords from my Tarot deck

Four of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card represents a temporary break, a need to take space. If people are being too demanding of you, feel free to take time out and collect yourself. If someone says no to you, respect that and let them have the space that they need.
  • Work - If things aren't quite working out the way you want them too, take a step back. Take a weekend off, or even just go away for the day. Come back to it with fresh eyes, feeling refreshed.
  • Love - You might be feeling a bit disconnected. If this is the case, forcing things may not be the answer. Make your feelings known, but accept that either of you might just need a little bit of time and space to work on it. You can't fix each other, but you can support them through their own journey.
  • Finances - If you are owed any money, now is a time to ask for it. You might have a bit of a cash flow issue, but this will sort itself out when you get things flowing properly again. Once you are back on your feet, consider getting involved in some charity work, perhaps one that helped you when you were down.
  • Health - Your health may not be excellent right now, but try to see if you have been pushing it too far lately. Take some time to rest and see if it makes you feel any better, even just a little bit. Everyone needs some time now and then to heal, even if you don't realise that you are sick.
  • Spirituality - Your spirituality has been shouting at you for a while but you haven't been listening. You have been too busy to pay it any attention. Remedy this as soon as you can, and get a routine in place. Take some time to get in touch with yourself and find out what it is that you need.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you are feeling tired and a bit isolated. It's ok, we all feel like this sometimes. Rest when you need to and your tiredness will be reduced. You have people who care about you so you are never as isolated as you think. Take the space that you need.
  • Work - Something at work that you may have always struggled to understand will become clear, and you may even find yourself getting involved in this new practice. Before you throw yourself in, take a small break to finish up anything else first. Then you can give this new practice the full attention that it deserves.
  • Love - If you or your partner is feeling exhausted, neither party should take it personally. Sometimes day-to-day life is just draining. If you are feeling disconnected it might take a bit more effort and understanding than normal to feel close again.
  • Finances - You have been overwhelming yourself with your finances recently and throwing too much information at yourself. Take a step back, and clear your mind. Once you have had a break, you can go back and look at everything methodically and rationally.
  • Health - You have been pushing too hard, and holding on to beliefs that have just been damaging you in the long run. Get rid of these beliefs and then take a rest. Once you are rested, and in a better frame of mind, you will be ready to tackle anything.
  • Spirituality - This card indicates a need for stillness. You may have been feeling as though you need to force your spirituality, stop. Meditate and take the time to truly get in touch with yourself and what you need. Listen to yourself.
The Five of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Five of Swords from my Tarot deck

Five of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This is a card that represents mixed feelings and conflict. Your thoughts and feelings are valid but pick your battles, don't air out every single conflict. Think before you act. You may feel as though you are losing something but this is not the case, it will come back to you.
  • Work - This card indicates that you may be sabotaging yourself. Even if you don't agree with a specific practice, it doesn't mean that the whole system is going to be changed. You need to be wary of how you present your ideas, be calm, collected and rational. Losing your temper and exhibiting poor behaviour will just make you look bad.
  • Love - Conflict is going to interfere with this aspect of your life. You need to be completely honest; be honest with yourself and be honest with the other party. Stay realistic and take things at face value.
  • Finances - Be very cautious here. If you have any junk laying around sell as much of it as you can. Examine your expenses and cut back where you can. If it turns out that you need assistance, don't be afraid to ask for it.
  • Health - You may be feeling some pent-up negative emotions, rather than lashing out at yourself or others around you, allow yourself to get it out of your system in a healthy way. Once you have worked it out and expressed yourself, let go of your guilt and rest up, ready to start again.
  • Spirituality - This card can indicate that perhaps you are being inconsiderate of other people's spiritual beliefs. Don't force something on someone else, just because it works for you. Rest in the knowledge that you have what works well available to you, and other people also have what works for them. Different strokes for different folks.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - Pick your battles. You might need to examine your priorities and look at what is more important to you than having that confrontation that you want. You may feel the need to prove that you are right about something, but how much is that worth really? As long as you are confident in your own knowledge then you can't lose.
  • Work - Some problems are too big for you to solve by yourself. Don't try to take on the whole world, instead, report things to the appropriate authority and let them deal with it. If there are silly, superficial conflicts happening just rise above it. If you continue to make a big deal out of everything, you are deepening the conflict. Take the moral victory.
  • Love - It seems as though you have recently been sacrificing your own happiness to keep up the appearance that you are 'right' about something. Let go of this idea that you need to be 'right'. Someone who loves you isn't keeping score, so let yourself be happy and enjoy the situation.
  • Finances - If you have made a mistake, now is the time to admit it. Only then can you move on from it. Don't put too much emphasis on the importance of money, but also don't ignore any problems. The only way you can fix things is with action and genuine intentions.
  • Health - You have been trying to do everything and it has been exhausting you. You are wondering where your stress is coming from and you haven't realised that you have been putting so much pressure on yourself. Relax and re-evaluate. You don't need to be your own harshest critic.
  • Spirituality - You may have recently quit a spiritual practice or left a spiritual organisation. You have been basking in how 'right' it feels, but you haven't yet made the steps to find an avenue of spirituality that does work for you. Fill this whole with action rather than just words, and find something that gives you the opportunity to grow.
The Six of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Six of Swords from my Tarot deck

Six of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates travel and change. If you have been struggling recently and feel as though you are struggling to stay afloat, now is the time to get your head above the water. You have earned a break before you get back into things. Even if it's just treating yourself to afternoon tea or a walk along the beach.
  • Work - You are going exactly where you need to be. You might find yourself in an unfamiliar location or situation, but that's ok, you can ask for help or advice where you need it. This is a new opportunity for you to shine.
  • Love - Explore! Go somewhere new. If you are looking for love, get out and meet people in fun places that you enjoy. If you are in a relationship, take your loved one for a picnic or trip to the beach or to see a show. Spend some quality time with them and have fun.
  • Finances - This card is a sign that your finances are about to flip a bit. If you have lots in abundance then now is the time to save it, just in case there are some tight times ahead. If you have been rather tight recently, and you see an influx of money, treat yourself to something small, but don't overdo it.
  • Health - Remember that a break can sometimes make you feel so much better. Go away for the weekend and get plenty of fresh air, this can clear out the cobwebs and make you feel renewed. If you still don't feel great when you get home, go and see a health professional, maybe more than one just to get a second opinion.
  • Spirituality - A change in your routine is going to lead to big spiritual growth. You might accidentally stumble on a new form of spirituality that works for you straight away. Pay attention to your subconscious and what it is trying to tell you.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - Communication is key here. You may have some excellent ideas but you aren't sharing them very well. Take a look at how you are saying things, rather than what you are saying. Don't be condescending or rude. If you are excited, don't talk over people. Look at how you are presenting yourself.
  • Work - Simples mistakes can have a domino effect here and may lead to bigger problems. Go back to your paper trail and make sure you have everything that you need, and in the right place. Have your emails ready so that you can back up any correspondence.
  • Love - This card indicates that in order to move forward in your relationship, you need to address some issues. This card doesn't indicate and fights, just honest and calm communication. But once again, be considerate of how you communicate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Finances - This card may indicate that you are not sure where to begin. That's ok, reach out to a professional or an organisation that can help you. If your needs aren't being met, look at where you can cut down, or access more funds.
  • Health - This card can show that you have a major imbalance that is throwing you off. Are you eating too much of one type of food? Are you only doing one type of exercise? Are you spending too much time awake? Find out where the imbalance has occurred and address it, you will start to feel better straight away.
  • Spirituality - You may be feeling overwhelmed. You are so desperate for an answer to something, that you are trying to seek it everywhere at once. Take a step back, you cannot look for an answer outside of yourself. Take some time to discover your needs and wants, and then let that guide you spiritually. Seek out your needs one at a time.
The Seven of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Seven of Swords from my Tarot deck

Seven of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - The main themes that this card represents is spying, prying and unethical behaviour. Remember that the people around you have the right to privacy, no matter how much you might want to know what happens behind closed doors. If you are taking part in something that takes public prominence, make sure that you watch closely behind the scenes. Someone might be trying to influence the outcome or is behaving dishonestly.
  • Work - It might be that someone is inspecting your work very closely recently. As long as you have been conducting yourself appropriately, everything will be fine. Keep up your good work. Now is a good time to avoid any office politics, you don't need to get dragged into anything unsavoury while you are being watched so closely.
  • Love - Trust is crucial here. If you reflect back on recent conduct, you may find that there has been a lot of passive-aggressiveness in the relationship. Put this to an end and just ask direct questions. Try to re-establish trust where you need to, but ultimately if you can't trust each other, it might be time to let go.
  • Finances - Your well-being is more important than a fleeting win, that's why it's very important to avoid gambling in any form right now. You might think it would look cool to win big, but imagine how bad it would feel to lose big too.
  • Health - Before you do something irreversible (from cosmetic surgery to a tattoo or complete lifestyle change) make sure you have consulted someone about it first. If you have gotten a second opinion, then, by all means, do what makes you happy. But don't rush into anything that you haven't discussed first.
  • Spirituality - Someone might try to make you think that you need to give them money in exchange for spiritual growth or improvement. You do not. Only you can facilitate growth in your environment, and anyone looking to make a quick buck from you is just using you.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card is a sign that you need to clean up your act. It may have been that you have been slacking, and not following proper procedure. Now is time to get back to basics and do things properly. If you have been thinking of cheating at something or engaging in something ethically dubious, this is a very clear sign to avoid it!
  • Work - You are being watched, so don't think that you can get away with anything. You might think it's ok to send a personal email from work, or think that no one will notice if you take company files home with you to work on. You will be discovered, don't risk it.
  • Love - If you are feeling dissatisfied, take a look at your own behaviour and see if there is anything that you have been neglecting. Once you have identified any areas you have been neglecting, then bring them up with the other party.
  • Finances - This card indicates that you need to listen to the advice of other people. Someone, with expertise, might be trying to help you but you are ignoring them. You may not always be right, listen to what other people have to say and you can benefit. But remember: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
  • Health - Listen to your intuition when it comes to your health. Don't be tempted to ignore something because you don't deem it as 'important'. Listen to what your body needs, and then act accordingly.
  • Spirituality - An open mind can benefit you here. You don't need to try someone else's form of spirituality, but you may be able to take away some valuable lessons and tips that you can incorporate into your own spirituality. Growth can come from many different sources.
The Eight of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Eight of Swords from my Tarot deck

Eight of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you are holding yourself back. Your fear is stopping you from trying something new. Remember that you can only learn via failure and that if you never try anything then you will never progress. It is ok to be cautious but you cannot be too afraid to live.
  • Work - If you are unhappy, remember that you have the power to change your circumstances. It might be just a little change that you need, and you will be glad that you took the time to communicate your needs. If you need a bigger change, don't be afraid to explore your options.
  • Love - If you are in a relationship that's only redeeming quality is that it is better than being on your own, then it is time for you to leave. Being independent is always better than devaluing yourself, your time and your love. Other people can't fix you, you need to work on yourself.
  • Finances - You make your own luck; if you believe that you will never prosper then you will deny yourself the opportunities to do so. Ask for that raise that you deserve, or explore your investment opportunities. Don't deny yourself the opportunity for prosperity.
  • Health - This card indicates that now might be a good time to dig a little deeper. If you feel as though there are deep-seated issues that never seem to go away, perhaps look into attending therapy or counselling to get to the root of the problem. It may be emotionally gruelling in the short-term but you will feel much better for it in the long-term.
  • Spirituality - Spiritually you may have all of the direction that you need, but you just don't believe in yourself enough to follow those directions. Listen to yourself, and act based on what you feel you need. No one else can tell you what your priorities are.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you have been in a period of careful planning and consideration. Now is the time to act on what you have learned. You may be tempted to plan more and more, but just remember that you cannot plan for every eventuality.
  • Work - Changes at work may be coming, you are prepared enough for it. Other people might not understand these changes, or why you have chosen to undertake them, but as long as you are comfortable and know that it is the right choice then their opinions can't hold any sway over you.
  • Love - This card indicates that you might be having silly little arguments about things, but they are not what they appear on the surface. Look deeper and see what the real problem might be.
  • Finances - You may be about to experience an 'unexpected' shortfall. However, due to your planning, you likely have a safety net in place. You can rely on this safety net without guilt until things start looking up again. If you don't yet have a safety net, now is the time to get one in place as soon as possible.
  • Health - This card indicates that you may be experiencing problems with your physical health. It is important at this time to avoid self-diagnosing and self-treatment. Book an appointment with a health professional.
  • Spirituality - This card shows that there is an incident in the past that is holding you back from being at peace. Take the time to examine this incident and get some closure. If there is something unresolved, take the steps to resolve it where possible, and just let go where it is not possible.
The Nine of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Nine of Swords from my Tarot deck

Nine of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you are feeling very anxious in your day to day life. It is a good time to look at the sources of your anxiety. Examine your feeling, and identify and unhelpful thinking styles that you are engaging in. You may be able to rationalise some of the situations, come to a more balanced conclusion and reduce your overall anxiety.
  • Work - Focus on what is under your control. You can only do your own job and not someone else's. As long as you are completing your own work to the best of your abilities, then you have nothing to worry about.
  • Love - Trust your intuition here. If something feels unhealthy then address it directly. Remember that trust in another person, takes time to develop and you can't force it.
  • Finances - Take some time to assess your finances. It may be that you are trying to hard to be fully independent, and you may be suffering as a result. Find out what you are entitled to and how to access it. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  • Health - Stress can be taking its toll here, but you also might be using very negative coping mechanisms, such as alcohol or gambling. Intervene as soon as you can and look for more healthy coping mechanisms. Feel free to discuss your options with a health professional if you feel like you can't do it alone.
  • Spirituality - This card can indicate that spirituality might be something that you haven't really thought about, and as such, you aren't sure where to begin. You can start small with some youtube videos or a self-help book. Or join a local class or group. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it's never too late to begin.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you need to exercise caution. If something has been worrying you, and you have the option to investigate it, then definitely do so. Keep your worries in perspective, but be careful of new people in your life that want you to change suddenly.
  • Work - If someone has been taking credit for your work or has been treating you unfairly, you can speak up now and make it known. Remember that just worrying changes nothing, if it bothers you a lot then act. If you can hold your peace and decide that it doesn't worry you, then do that instead.
  • Love - If you have been dishonest about anything, now is the time to address it and speak your truth. If you feel as though you are being lied to, then feel free to instigate a frank and honest discussion. Be prepared to have to give the relationship some careful thought.
  • Finances - If you have been cheated out of money, then absolutely stand up for what is right and take some legal action if you need to. If someone has asked you for a loan, remember that it's always a possibility that you will never get it back. So lend only what you can afford, or don't lend at all.
  • Health - You may have been denying yourself medical treatment because you are embarrassed about your condition. Don't be. Everyone suffers from odd health issues at times, and medical professionals have seen everything at least once before. Get the help that you need and deserve.
  • Spirituality - You need to get go of any unnecessary guilt that you are carrying around with yourself. Address the cause of the guilt, and work through it where you can. Learn how to forgive yourself. No one is infalliable.
The Ten of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Ten of Swords from my Tarot deck

Ten of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - The key theme of this card is untrustworthiness. If you are looking for answers about whether you should put your trust in a person or situation, the answer is no. Trust yourself and rely on yourself and you will not be let down. Don't rush into anything just because you feel as though the opportunity might disappear.
  • Work - This card suggests that you need to have a safety net in place and a backup plan, just in case your current employment has to come to an end. If you have everything in order then you can't be surprised. Keep doors open, and have an action plan. Be prepared.
  • Love - Something isn't quite right in your current situation. If you feel as though you aren't being loved or respected, you can't force it. You can't make someone love you. Find out what it is that feels wrong, face the truth and be accepting of whatever you uncover.
  • Finances - Don't waste time worrying about poor decisions that you may have made in the past, there is no use crying over spilt milk. Now is time to plan your next steps and figure out what your options are moving forward.
  • Health - You may be relying completely on someone else for your healing without examining what you can be doing to help yourself. Could you be exercising more or sleeping better? Have you been avoiding doing something that the doctor asked you to do? It's time to bite the bullet and take responsibility.
  • Spirituality - Something may have been standing in the way of your spirituality for a long time, and you may have only recently overcome it. Now is the time to look to yourself for what you need. Don't be tempted to pay someone to try and find a new path for you. Growth comes from you, and no one else.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you have just come out of a period of difficulty. Now is a crucial time to learn from these difficulties. Take the time to gain some clarity on the situation, and identify what mistakes you may have made that contributed to those difficulties.
  • Work - You may be experiencing problems in the workplace, now is the time to assess what is best for you. You can fix these problems if you want to. If you don't want to, then perhaps looking at a new job or career is what's right for you.
  • Love - You need to remember that relationships always require work. Just because you have worked hard in the past doesn't mean that you don't have to work hard now. Relationships need both parties to be willing to make the effort if one of you is slacking, ask why.
  • Finances - This card shows that you have taken some very positive steps in regards to your finances recently. Keep it up! Old habits die hard, and you may be tempted to engage in something that isn't good for your finances. Avoid doing this and stay strong, it will feel better in the long run.
  • Health - You have been recently overwhelmed because you have been trying to fix the rest of your life. No one knows what will happen 40 years into the future. All you can do is look after yourself generally and tackle any day to say issues that arise.
  • Spirituality - You have recently spent a lot of time dealing with the past, now is time to take a fun look at the future. Make any plans that you feel are right for you, but don't take things too seriously.
The Page of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Page of Swords from my Tarot deck

Page of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent a physical person in your life who is there to deliver you a message. You may need to look at the way you are presenting yourself to others, you may be sending out the wrong tone with your body language, or being too forward and upsetting people with your relentlessness.
  • Work - You may be engaged in some conflict at work. Be humble. You might be taking some constructive criticism the wrong way. Examine your humility and see if you need to be more gracious.
  • Love - This card is a sign that you need to back off. Be forgiving of some things, you don't need to have an argument about everything little thing that rubs you the wrong way. Realise that your partner needs their personal space.
  • Finances - This card is a warning not to show off and pretend that you know more than you do. This can get you into trouble in the long run. Seek out the help and advice of an expert, rather than thinking you can handle anything.
  • Health - You have recently been overdoing it in a big way, and is negatively affecting those around you as well as yourself. Take a step back and slow down. It doesn't have to be intense for it to be effective.
  • Spirituality - This card is trying to tell you that you have been ignoring spiritualism. You are out of touch with yourself and your reality. Take some time to reflect on your behaviours and your feelings to see which areas you can start to work on. Self-improvement is a constant process and you are never finished.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent a person who isn't respecting your boundaries and is trying to interfere in your day to day life. You can't plan for all outcomes and occasions, but you can take everything one day at a time and deal with any problems as they arise.
  • Work - You may experience something unexpected at work, and it may seem as though it's going to throw a spanner in the works. Don't worry, take a few minutes to decide how you are going to respond, correspond with others if it is necessary. This can be easily manageable.
  • Love - This card indicates that you need to work on communication within a relationship. Be careful that you don't say anything that you don't mean, speak your truth only.
  • Finances - You may be disappointed to find that a loan or a raise that you applied for has been rejected. You can still manage without it, but don't let it deter you. Appeal where you can, and if you can't, try making applications to other places.
  • Health - If someone close to you starts asking invasive questions about your health, you don't need to tell them anything. Your health is personal, and if you don't want to share, then establish clear boundaries.
  • Spirituality - Be wary of someone close to you who talks a lot but who says very little. They may be trying to sell themselves as an expert when they are just empty. Don't trust them with anything important and don't allow them to guide you.
The Knight of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Knight of Swords from my Tarot deck

Knight of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card is an excellent omen. It represents being at your peak, in every regard. You might feel as though all of your ships are coming in, and as though nothing is being denied to you.
  • Work - If you are looking for work, now is the time to apply for anything you want and ace those interviews. If you are already employed then you are going to get project and project signed off and completed. As long as you remain gracious and don't brag, it'll all be great!
  • Love - You are going to find yourself much more satisfied in many different ways. The effort that you both have put in with getting to know each other really shows and reflects in the way that you interact.
  • Finances - This card indicates good fortune, perhaps a return on an investment, or finding out that something was worth more than you thought. If you have excess to spare, why not treat someone that you love and share the good fortune.
  • Health - This card shows that you are in good health, but also indicates that if you are told by a health professional to slow down; then listen to them. You don't want to let your positive energy carry you away.
  • Spirituality - With everything going your way, it might be easy to neglect your spirituality and assume that it will look after itself. This is not wise. Pay just as much attention to it as ever. Be mindful and reflect often on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card indicates that you need to be on your guard. There is someone around you, who is looking to take from you, they will make themselves apparent. They won't take anything physical but will be looking to rob you of your time, energy, effort and may even try to rob you of information by reading your private conversations or trying to eavesdrop on you.
  • Work - Watch out for someone trying to sabotage you at work. They may try to claim credit for something you did or try to blame you for something they did. You do not need to get angry and lose your cool. Instead, make sure you have written evidence of everything and have clearly established paperwork to back you up.
  • Love - Try to look under the surface here, past what is being presented to you. Try asking if something is bothering them, or if there is something they aren't telling you.
  • Finances - Do your homework before spending your money. Don't make any impulse purchases and don't let a salesperson try to sweet talk you into buying anything. They are out to con you, so carry out some research first.
  • Health - If something has been concerning you about your health but you aren't sure how to approach it, do some research and arm yourself with knowledge. Talk to a healthcare professional and ask all of the questions that you need to.
  • Spirituality - You may be getting bombarded with spiritual information, don't just believe it without question. Do your research and find out what works well for you. Don't be swayed by someone else's opinions.
The Queen of Swords from my Tarot deck

The Queen of Swords from my Tarot deck

Queen of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent a real woman in your life, who is strong and powerful. It can also represent a forceful energy in your life. Now is a good time to follow your goals and aim high, just be careful to respect other people while you do it and don't anger people with your ambition.
  • Work - You might have a clear idea of how you want to proceed with a project, but you need to be mindful that your opinion isn't the only one that matters. And if someone disagrees with your ideas, don't take it personally, they aren't attacking you.
  • Love - Try to avoid acting too impulsively or forcefully, this can lead to temporary satisfaction but upset in the long run. If you find that a female in your life is meddling in your love life too much, delicately draw your boundaries for them so that they know.
  • Finances - Someone is going to be a useful mentor in this area for you, listen to what they have to say and learn from them, you will benefit from their guidance.
  • Health - This card indicates that you have been bottling up some of your negative emotions so that you can stay ahead of the game. This is not healthy and will lead to outbursts that will make others uncomfortable. Find a healthy way of expressing these emotions and working through them. When you do, you will find that your stress levels reduce too.
  • Spirituality - You are going to need to let your emotions guide your spiritual journey. Listen to what you are feeling and what you are thinking, then explore this. Get to the bottom of why you are feeling these things and see what you can learn about yourself.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent walls in the way of your progress. These hindrances may take the form of a person who will deliberately get in your way if you don't stay on their good side. It may take the form of everyday annoyances that seem as though they are slowing your progress. Ask for a second opinion to see if there is something that you can do which you haven't thought of.
  • Work - Communication is going to be a big problem. You may have difficulty with files and emails being unclear, and you may be making assumptions about the people around you. Take the time to ask follow up questions to make sure you fully understand. If electronic communication is proving too difficult to interpret, go back to the face-to-face approach.
  • Love - You have to remember that your version of events isn't the only one. Due to past experiences and cultural differences, two people may have different interpretations of the same event. You need to listen to the other person's interpretations and explain your own experience. This style of communication can help to clear up lots of misunderstandings.
  • Finances - This is another area where miscommunication can cause issues. Have you been ignoring your bank statements? Have you been assuming that you were getting paid the correct amount of interest? Go back through and double check everything to make sure there have been no mistakes.
  • Health - If you start taking medication, or have been taking medication for a while, make sure that you take it on time every day! Set up a reminder on your phone or alarm if you need to, it's easy to forget but vital that you remember. If you find that your memory has been failing you a lot recently, feel free to talk to your doctor about this and find out what you can do to remedy this issue.
  • Spirituality - A person, particularly a woman, may be able to teach you a spiritual lesson. It may not be through positive reinforcement, but it will be a positive lesson. Sometimes you can learn by opposite example, e.g. learning how not to react to a situation, or realising how you do not want to appear to people. This is the kind of example you can expect to get from this person.
The King of Swords from my Tarot deck

The King of Swords from my Tarot deck

King of Swords

In the Upright Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent a very forceful energy in your life. It may take the form of a male, but it may also take the form of your own thoughts and expectations.
  • Work - This is a sign that you may be taking situations at work too personally. If someone said something that irked you once, don't ruminate on it, just let it go; especially if you only see them for a few hours a week. It is not worth carrying around with you on a daily basis.
  • Love - This card represents a male in your life that is having a forceful impact on your romantic life. It could be your partner but it could be someone else. It may be that a relative or friend is overstepping the boundaries a bit. Protect yourself by making your expectations of them clear.
  • Finances - You need to tackle your financial situation head-on, ignoring it won't do anything for it, you need to be realistic. Now is a good time to be generous, this doesn't necessarily mean with your money. You can be generous by offering your time or expertise.
  • Health - You may need to get some tests done soon. That's ok, it can be a tiring process but you can make it seem less intimidating by doing your homework. Ask about the tests and engage with the health professional, it will make the process easier and the time go by faster.
  • Spirituality - You need to make sure that you are connected physically, emotionally and mentally. If something is feeling out of alignment then investigate it. Once you feel as though all aspects of yourself are on the same page, then you can look at new forms of spirituality that you have never experimented with before.

In the Reversed Position:

  • General Life - This card can represent a person or a situation in your life who is very stubborn. You may not be able to change someone's mind, you need to accept this. If you keep pushing and keep being forceful, you might end up looking like a bully.
  • Work - Someone at work may be holding out on you. A person in a position of power over you might be deliberately avoiding doing or saying something that would allow you an opportunity. Do not confront this person, instead, keep your finger on the pulse and see what you hear through the grapevine.
  • Love - This card represents a very stubborn person in your love life. If this person is your partner you need to accept that you cannot change them, instead, you must accept them as they are or walk away. If this person is a friend or relative, do not let yourself or your partner be mistreated by them.
  • Finances - Now is a time to be absolutely meticulous with your finances. Go through your books and your tax returns with a particularly fine-toothed comb. If this process seems overwhelming to you, or you genuinely don't know where to start, get professional help. Two pairs of eyes see better than one.
  • Health - This card is an indicator that you should be keeping records of your health. Keep a food or sleep diary. Perhaps invest in a Fitbit to track your activity, or download an app where you can track other symptoms; such as your mood. You may feel as though a health professional isn't listening to you, or isn't hearing you properly, show them the records you have kept. Use them to help you make your case.
  • Spirituality - Trust your gut when it comes to your own spirituality. Someone might try to strongarm you into accepting their version of spirituality, you don't have to accept this. What works for them isn't necessarily what works for you, you need to forge your own path, and be firm and resolute with them.

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