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Tarot Card Reading for the Year 2021

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A Divination Method

A Divination Method

On December 22, 2020, Colette Baron-Reid gave a tarot card reading for the next five years based on the universal energies that were ignited a day earlier on the winter solstice and the grand conjunction. Hers was one of a series of presentations by well-known speakers at the Earthkeepers Summit 2020.

Tarot card reading is a divination method. Divination is the practice of seeking to know the future or the unknown by supernatural means. People like Colette Baron-Reid read the signs, the art, and the ways of Mother Nature to give them clues and insight into their own lives and the lives of other people.

For C. Baron-Reid, divination is a tool for personal transformation and practical spirituality.

Although astrologers knew that the year 2020 was going to be a big defining moment, no one knew what the change was going to be about.

We are the walkers of the in-between worlds.

— Colette Baron-Reid


The Reading

C. Baron-Reid drew four cards from a tarot deck. These cards were The Earth, The Crow, The Beloved, and The Sun.

These four cards tell the story of the four most important threads that we ought to weave into the tapestry of our lives and dream into being.

This is what we need to be aware of in 2021.

The Earth

The first card drawn is always the anchor card. This card is about our relationship with the earth. Its meaning is crucial. The earth represents nature. We are of the earth, we are nature, we are grounded.

The environment is one of the big issues in the tapestry of our life experience. This impacts how we see ourselves in the archetypal energy of the earth.

The tapestry of life is an expression that means accepting the unenjoyable things that happen in life. When you view the flip side of a tapestry, it looks messy where nothing makes sense. But when you turn the tapestry of your life over, you can see the astonishing beauty of what God and Spirit are doing to your life.

We are part of a system of life that we must honor. Many of us have been very disconnected. Relationships need to change; our thinking needs to change. Change is happening whether we like it or not. We must become aligned with the idea of unity and diversity, and distance ourselves from a transactional and acquisitional way of dealing with the world, into a relational way of dealing with others.

The next twenty years will see a wonderful air of change, of social equality, and of paying attention to each other as a group. We benefit from transforming our conditioned responses as Earth is about to manifest tangible results.

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The Crow

The Crow card invites us to walk the talk. If we are out of alignment and incongruent, we will continue to cause harm to the earth and to others. This card encourages you to find out if you are in alignment with what you are learning and if you understand that you are in-between worlds.

The invisible world has great power over the visible. Consciousness is the foundation of our world and our existence and is what makes things move.

2021 is a year of inventory. The first couple of months will be bumpy and confrontational. The year 2020 was a primer of what is to come.

We are required to walk our talk without shaming ourselves for mistakes that were or are bound to happen.

The Beloved — The Path of Love

We can and must treat each other with compassion. The year 2021 is about finding common ground with others; it is about being and behaving compassionately toward ourselves and others.

2020 shocked us by revealing jarringly to a considerable number of people what has been going on for centuries. The past year stripped away all denial.

Who is going to teach us?

Who is going to lead us?

What do we do with all these emotions? How can we make space for anger and pain as well as for joy and its opportunities?

Can we lead with compassion? Can we see that we are part of the Soul of this world, that we are sparks of the Divine?

C. Baron-Reid predicts that we will start to see good beginnings in the months of March to May 2021.

To usher in a new world, we must start seeing each other through the eyes of love. Our actions must be improved when they are out of alignment with this way of being. We must stay hopeful even though a lot of changes are coming our way.

We are looking at a balance of dark and white, and at opportunities from both.

The Sun

The Sun is known as the source of all the life on our planet and represents life energy itself. The Sun card presents a feeling of optimism and fulfillment. It symbolizes the dawn which follows the darkest of nights.

This card is about action and everything we need to be passionate about moving forward.

Love, Hope, Compassion

Love, Hope, Compassion

The Story

Let’s thread the four cards together into a story.

The Earth invites us to be grounded both on this planet and with each other. We are encouraged to move away from a transactional way of life toward relational interactions. It invites us to know who we are and why we are here.

The Crow, Beloved, and Sun cards remind us that we need love and courage to make these changes and that we must do it together. We can transform anything into something valuable that can feed into the soil of this new world we are birthing.

It is fine to allow ourselves to feel anger, pain, and suffering as they can be in the intention of love, joy, and beauty.

The purpose of life is abundance and love. There is hope in crossing the threshold of a new world and we are fortunate to be part of this new story that is being told.

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