Tarotscopes: December's Opportunities in 2016

Updated on December 3, 2016
You Know You Can See Through the Distractions and Hidden Veils. Use Your Keen Observation Skills
You Know You Can See Through the Distractions and Hidden Veils. Use Your Keen Observation Skills

...intention leads to behaviour which leads to habits which lead to personality development which leads to destiny...

— Jack Kornfield


This month I am introducing you to Sally Morningstar’s Wicca Oracle Deck in seeing what opportunities will present for your astrological sun signs. Interpreting these soft and beautiful images was a delight.

Before we begin, I want to say, I see Tarot cards and Oracle decks as a creative problem solving tool. I enjoy seeing what out of the box solutions I can discover or uncover through the use of the Cartomancy route. Interpreting pictures, symbols, and numerology enables me to make connections where I may not typically make connections. Have you found that, too?

I hope you find what you need today either in the shape of a useful or entertaining resource. Only you will know how the December Tarotscopes panned out for you. Let’s see what the Wicca Deck revealed to you for the month of December. And, if you like, please leave a comment below. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Tarotscopes for December, 2016


In this Wand Wicca Deck card, we see a Wand sprinkled with magic dust. A feather is anchored and swinging like a pendulum, diving its way through the month of December. The Wand here, symbolizes one's ability to focus one’s intentions.

You will be given choices this month. Other’s intentions will be unclear or indirect, making you doubt yourself. The Wand Deck card indicates not to act reactively or blindly. Stop. Consider the why’s, the what if’s. Think. Don’t be swayed by another. Then act. Be mindful of apathy creeping in, though.

To seize opportunities this month, surround yourself with the colour red. Shout yourself a bunch of beautifully perfumed red roses. Catch a Lady bug and watch her as she quickly scurries along your fingertips, sending good luck your way. Next time you do the grocery shopping, don’t forget to buy yourself strawberries, cherries and bright red delicious apples. Or, enjoy a bottle of red wine with your meal.


I feel your inner Lion wants to shine.

You will find yourself full of emotions, this month. You will be drawn to a hobby that will allow you to play like an innocent child. You may find yourself attracted to joining a local drama group. Or, find yourself minding young children in your home. Then again, the adventure of going on a motorbike holiday may beckon you.

The presence of the Holy Water in this Wicca Deck, says, you have all the resources you need to grasp and make the best of your oncoming opportunities.

This December be on the lookout for a pat on the back for something you have forgotten about. Or, you may receive unexpected news.

To activate your opportunities, surround yourself with the colour of azure blue and practice its focus. For example, azure blue, is strong in one to one communications rather than in a one to group situation. Practice increasing the depth of your one to one communication style. Azure blue’s focus is on being a Giver rather than a Taker. So, practice being a Giver this December. And, be persistent. Don’t give up and don’t give in.


All fish flow with the current except the Salmon. The Salmon is known to swim against the current during mating season. Perhaps you have been trying to control some situation or person too much and the circumstances is far from resolving itself. You think you are moving in the right direction but are you?

The Chalice in this Wicca Deck represents the element of water. The element of water is about your feelings, your emotions and being willing to go with what is. This card indicates that if you are willing to be a passivist, any intense situation or feeling will become soothed and palatable to you. This will improve feelings of tranquillity together with bringing peace of mind.

Dreams could be more vivid or easier to recall this month. Learn from them. Find what the dream symbols mean to you specifically; and in turn, this will increase self-healing.

Wand-Set Your Intentions So the Seeds Take Hold to Germinate
Wand-Set Your Intentions So the Seeds Take Hold to Germinate

SAGITTARIUS-The Silver Bough

In this Wicca Deck, we see a silver bough. A silver bough is an apple branch. In mythical times, the silver bough represented the love goddess, Aphrodite. To me this says, this month you will experience opportunities to experience loving kindness. You will receive more social invitations than you thought you would. You may decide to be in a love union. Or, accept a business merger. Or, even accept the legal commingle to marry. This is reinforced by the presence of the Swan in this card. The Swan is all about being coupled. The Swan is an animal that needs a mate. Once the Swan has paired, the Swan mates for life. A Swan’s nature is to see the beauty within. This is where the Swan sees worthiness of another.

To solidify those opportunities, let yourself be surrounded by Mother Earth's colour, brown. How and where can you do this? What about be enjoying a brown bagel for breakfast? Or, going out to watch a Jazz band playing. This Jazz band has a big brown double bass in it. Or, maybe you want to put a cute cuddle factor into your bedroom for one day by placing brown fluffy teddy bears on your bed. Then again, that may not be your thing. What about walking in mushy rain soaked brown soil, feeling the dirt squeeze up and around your toes. Leaving muddy footprints as you walk along?


In the Broomstick Wicca Card, we see a female, a feminine energy, undergoing a change as the broom cleanses the surrounding atmosphere of life within and without. In this newly cleansed environment, grows soft green grass and sweet smelling lavender. To me, you will have opportunities to purify areas of your life so that it fits more snugly with what your beliefs are.

Practising moments or hours of daily silence allows internal energy that usually is expended from your mouth, throat and shoulder areas, to be redirected to those body regions that need strengthening or harmonizing, energetically.

December will give you opportunities to strengthen your graciousness, your air of serenity. You won’t realize it but you will be a beacon for peace so that when one sits near you they will feel a blanket of peace and security fall over them, gently. This will be your graciousness.

Scorpio your colour of opportunity is the colour of green. Where and how will you surround yourself with this colour? You may decide to plant some forest green coloured ferns in your garden. You may drink in the heady perfume of a newly mowed lawn. Or, enjoy filling up your vegetable basket with green zucchinis, peas and celery.

LIBRA-Crystal Ball

In this Crystal Ball Wicca Deck card, there is an Owl about to glide in and land on a huge crystal ball that is cupped by a tree stump that is impregnated with symbols representing the feminine, intuitive and the art of communicating skilfully. The Owl is a bird that sees through all distractions and hidden veils.

The presence of the Crystal Ball card here says to me that change is on the horizon for you. The Owl is indicating to trust your body’s feelings/reactions to people and events this month. Your body will guide you to do what you need to do. Your observation powers will be keen this month. You will pick up on the miniate of life, especially the motives of others. The Owl will lead you through to happiness and understandings.

Librans, your opportunity colour is orange. How and where you surround yourself with this colour for December? Make up a full bowl of mouth-watering mandarins and oranges. Change the colour of your hair to carrot orange. Buy a pair of orange crocs to wear on your feet. Read the old classic ‘A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess.

VIRGO-High Priest

Opportunities will come in the form of a spiritual directive or spiritual experience.

In this High Priest Wicca Deck card, we see the presence of red, purple and gold colours. To me this says, there will be an experience of merging your earthly red Will (your power base in meeting needs for safety, food, shelter, love, home) with your intuitive (purple) aspirations, and this will serve to enhance your sense of personal value (gold). Others will sensethis shift within you and understand you are now someone to be reckoned with. As to how that new sense of self will be activated? Through meeting an older male or masculinized personality. When you do meet this person, come with an air of humility, like that of an apprentice in waiting. Your receptivity will help you to realize all that you need to know and realize.

Silver is your colour. Silver will support you to meet the opportunities of December. Silver can be found in a sizzling silver scarf you lay across your neck and shoulders. Or you may decide to wear a piece of silver jewellery that is fun, quirky or beautiful to you personally. Or, gaze at a bag filled with silver coins.


To have your “slice of the pie”, you will need to mix with people you don’t typically. This will affect you in being aware of how you have to shift yourmind and emoitons in yin and yang way. For example, there will be the push and pull to mix and enjoy other people yet similtaneously you seek relief in own space. The opportunities are lie in the dance to finding your centre and seeing how long you can stay there in comfort. Your opportunities may well come in the form of a test. The testing of the belief you have in yourself.

This Pentacle Dcek card, indicates that study is favoured for you this month. It may be a short term on line course. Or, it may be longer as you learn a foreign language. One simple method of facilitating an expanded mind with a fresh perspective, is to read/research a few topics you really dislike! For example, if you still enjoy buying magazines, buy one magazine on each topic that you hate and read it from beginning to end, completely.Then write down a brief summary. Reread it 2-3 days later and see how you now feel about those topics.

The colour black, is your colour of opportunity in the month of December. Drown your mouth with black jelly beans. Glance up at the night sky and drink in the silent beauty of blackness. Watch the flight of black feathered crows in your neighbourhood. Wear your favourite black suit or outfit.


This December you may learn about the cunning and wit of a fox. Not to forget, trusting that “funny feeling”.

In this Cloak Wicca card, we see a figure cloaked in a gold robe. This person will present as grounded, affluent person who is making their way constructively in the world. However, inwardly, this same figure will need to be on the alert to seize the opportunities around him/her.

This December it may be best to hold your ideas close to your chest. If you do decide to share any idea/s, I feel it would be wise to do so with discernment. The opportunities you seize will germinate and flower for you. Note the signposts along the way.

The colour to connect you to your opportunities in December, is pink. How and where can you surround yourself with that colour? You may wear pink underwear/lingerie. Your nails are covered in pink nail polish. You enjoy slices of hot pink watermelon. Or, you buy a set of pink folders as you reorganize your desk.


Here we see a nature spirit ringing a Bell, penetrating the air with sound and new vibrations. The Bell’s sound acting to scare away the darkness. Heralding the beginning of something new. Change is in the air for you this December, Gemini. The change may be physical. You may decide to offer or receive a marriage proposal. You may acquire a new job or position. Perhaps, you secure a new home this month. Or, you read something that persuades you to form a new outlook either on your current social situation, or, the outlook you have towards yourself. Remember, to share your good fortune with others in December. And, give thanks quietly for what good has transpired for you.

The colour of opportunity for you, is yellow. How or where can you surround yourself with the colour yellow? Go outside and stand in the sunshine. Fill up a kitchen bowl with lemons. Light a yellow candle at night. Or, enjoy a juicy slice of chilled pineapple.


This December you have the opportunity to achieve one main goal. The World may just be at your feet.

This month you could increase your global network.

I feel you will need to put some order or structures into place in December in order to set in motion your ability to meet your opportunities.

This December, you may meet a person that is older than you (or younger in years but with a mature perspective) who will give you tips to steer you in the right direction.

You may have moments where you feel you are all on your own but you aren’t. Put faith to the test this month. Remember we put faith to the test every time we walk up a set of stairs. We can never see the landing yet it doesn’t stop us from taking the first, second, third step until we reach that landing that is nowhere in sight to begin with.

The colour of opportunity, is Indigo. Where will you find the colour Indigo? Go outside and look up into the night sky as there is your indigo. Then again, you can find the colour indigo in your Blueberries. Or, why not go back in time and buy a Fountain Pen and write with fluid lucid indigo coloured ink?


Right now, you may feel you are at the tail end of something you’ve been turning over and over in your mind. You feel you have a decision to make.

In the Sword Wicca Deck Card, we can see a gold coloured aura emanating from a sword. To me this says, your intuition will be strong and will guide you to make the best possible decision for you at this point in time. You will know when you have made the right decision, when you feel all fired up and enthused. To have that decision enacted in real life, you may have to either swap something or sacrifice something.

In the Sword Wicca card, I feel three people will support you. But you need to strengthen your ties with them. Go out and socialize with them more. Build up your connection, your friendship, more with these three people.

In the handle of this Sword I see two L’s. The letter L is a symbol of action, of Leadership. I feel the more you can lead with a service attitude combined with a balanced, honest and even tempered approach, the more opportunities will arise for you.

Creative ideas could very well make money for you.

There will be an opportunity to travel. Do you enjoy glaciers? Places where there is snow or having a rugged mountainous backdrop?

To set the precedent for opportunities to make their way to you, surround yourself with the colour blue. Maybe you can plant Bluebells or Blue star flowers in your garden or potted balcony. Or, let your eyes wander over a painted canvass of the sky or ocean. Then, again, perhaps you would enjoy drinking a Blue Moon Beverage on the veranda on a Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to Sally Morningstar. If you liked the Wicca Deck you may wish to look at it more closely at http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/wicca-pack

Make the very most of your December. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. XOX

Thank you for stopping by and reading.


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