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Significance and Meanings of Mounts in Palmistry

Susan is an online writer and longtime student of palmistry. She enjoys teaching readers what she knows.

Mount of Jupiter beneath the forefinger

Mount of Jupiter beneath the forefinger

Mount of Jupiter

This mount is located just below your forefinger (also called your Jupiter finger). The mount relates to your ego, confidence, self-belief, as well as your chances of success.

The mount of Jupiter represents leadership. It is good to have a proper mount of Jupiter—a large mount means the desire to rule, dominate, and command others. However, when it is too large, it also means that he/she is so self-centered that this person cannot see the needs of others. A flat mount means a lack of confidence while a high one signifies an overinflated ego.

A cross found on the mount of Jupiter means marriage to someone who has money.

Mount of Saturn below middle finger

Mount of Saturn below middle finger

Mount of Saturn

This mount lies directly below the middle finger (also called the Saturn finger). This area of your hand represents your patience, duty, and your responsibility.

The Saturn area rarely forms a mount. However, people with a well-developed mount of Saturn are cautious, hard-working, philosophical, and always think about life and death.

The Saturn mount is mainly concerned with practical matters such as security, resources, money, keeping a roof over one’s head, and to some extent, career and business matters. A flat mount of Saturn can indicate disorganization and a lack of self-reflection.

A vertical line found on this mount means a desire for security and concerns about finances later in life.

Sun mount beneath the ring finger

Sun mount beneath the ring finger

Sun Mount

The Apollo mount, or Sun mount, lies directly below your ring finger (also called the Apollo finger). This is often more like a valley than a mount. This area is concerned with family matters, home life, the arts, music, and a desire to be creative and happy.

The mount of Apollo is about creativeness and popularity—it represents artistic ability as well as luck and potential for fame. A well-developed mount of Apollo gives enthusiasm, aesthetic tastes, and skill in dealing with others. These people have good taste, can become famous, and enjoy beautiful things in life.

Strengthening signs found on this mount are stars, circles, a trident, squares, triangles, and a ring that encircles the whole mount. Vertical lines in this mount ensure happiness in later life.

Mount of Mercury below little finger

Mount of Mercury below little finger

Mount of Mercury

Situated at the top of our palm, beneath the fourth finger (also called the Mercury finger), the mount of Mercury controls your love for communication and expressiveness. If this mount is substantial and full then the person will be intelligent and have a talent for communication as well as for listening to others.

People with well-developed Mercury mounts are able to express themselves clearly, and these people make good teachers, actors, debaters, salespeople, politicians, or orators.

This area is also concerned with health and healing, and certain marks found in this mount indicate a talent for healing. If there are three diagonal lines running vertically up this mount then it means the person has the ability to provide healing—through conventional medicine or as a spiritual healer.

Venus mount below thumb

Venus mount below thumb

Venus Mount

The portion of the palm at the base of your thumb is called the mount of Venus. This mount indicates passion and a desire for love and companionship. Tradition tells us that those who have well-developed mounts of Venus are attractive, sexy, and passionate.

If this mount is full and high, the person craves luxury, possessions, and beauty, and may be possessive. These people have plenty of energy and good determination, and this is usually an indicator of potential or actual worldly success.

However, when this mount is too large then it can indicate selfishness, greed, too much sexuality, laziness, and a jealous or bullying nature.

Mount of Luna in palmistry

Mount of Luna in palmistry

Mount of Luna

The mount of Luna, also known as the mount of moon is situated next to the percussion, directly across the hand from the Venus mount. This mount is an indicator of intuition, creativity, vivid imagination, and to some extent, psychic abilities.

The Luna mount is also associated with travel—traditionally on, or over the sea. A large and prominent mount of Luna indicates creativity and powerful imagination. It also signifies a restless person who enjoys travel and adventure.

A well-developed Luna also shows a person who is intuitive and sensitive to his surroundings. The person is also probably a psychic.

Obviously, if this area of the palm is cramped and flat, then the person does not enjoy travel, and he/she may not have much imagination either.

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