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Sevens in Tarot and What They Mean

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Sevens in the Light Seer's Tarot

Sevens in the Light Seer's Tarot

Sevens in Tarot and What They Mean

The sevens in tarot are not just about the number seven. In the tarot structure, they fall in that ‘awkward place’ between five and ten, and they often pose a challenge in their interpretation. Exactly like every other card, each of the sevens has something unique to offer. They fall under the ‘misfortune’ category and can seem a bit ominous. However, their presence also signifies the necessity for in-depth self-awareness.

To help you understand their meanings and give more clarity to any reading involving these cards, here is a quick guide on all things seven in tarot.

The Significance of the Number Seven

Seven is the number of perfection. It is the number of dedication, hard work and service to others. Seven symbolizes a commitment to a cause greater than oneself, an endearing quality that inspires trust and respect in others. It is a number that attracts positive energy and is considered to be one of luck.

However, it can also be seen as being selfish or materialistic depending on how it is interpreted. It has been used as a symbol of peace, justice, democracy and equality since ancient times. The first written record of the number seven was found on the Sumerian tablet Nammu which was dated around 3100 B.C. It was later used by many cultures, including Egypt, India and China, to represent completion or perfection.

Its position in the tarot represents the completion of a cycle (in the six) and moving forward (to the eight). This is a sacred number for many cultures, as it represents completeness, harmony, balance, wholeness, and unity. In numerology, the number seven is seen as an important one to have in your life as it can signify completion and a desire to move forward with your plans.

People born under the number seven are often thoughtful and efficient and prefer to stay on track with their plans. They often have a strong sense of justice and fairness, but can also be perfectionists with high expectations of themselves. They are often creative, good at problem-solving, and are also highly sensitive.

Given that seven is viewed favourably, it is disconcerting that the tarot sevens are, let’s say, uncomfortable.

The Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is associated with quick action, decisiveness, and moving forward. This is a very positive card that signifies that the seeker has made a decision and has made the first move. It’s about not sitting around, but actually doing something about the situation.

This card usually comes when they have made a choice about something important in their life and are taking positive action to follow through. It signifies they are on the right track and shouldn’t let anything or anyone deter them from moving forward.

It often means the seeker going against popular opinion and the need to stand up for what they believe is right.

The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is associated with illusions, desires, and being completely weighted down by one’s emotions. This card depicts a person who is completely overwhelmed by their own feelings, desires, and fantasies. The seeker might not be grounded in reality.

This is a disconcerting card as it means the seeker is stuck in their own world and not making any progress. They are so caught up in emotions and desires that they can’t see what’s right and wrong.

This card can also signify an obsession. They might want something so badly that they don’t notice it isn’t real, for example, unrequited love.

The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is associated with deceit, strategy, competition, and unbalanced power. The image shows a person who is sneaky and untrustworthy while they try to gain power through manipulation and using people’s emotions against them. This is a very unbalanced power, one that isn’t built on honesty, but on a facade.

The Seven of Swords is an unfortunate card as it means the seeker has to face a lot of obstacles when it comes to their interaction with others. They may have to deal with people who are dishonest or who try to manipulate and use them to their own advantage. It can be quite a difficult situation, but the seeker will overcome it with a bit of patience.


The Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is associated with financial security, stability, and abundance. This card is about finding a source of stability in life, whether that be a job, relationship, or even a hobby. It’s the seeker having a role they can rely on and be sure that it will always be there. This card can also signify they are currently in a stable period in life. However, this can also point to boredom and discontent.

So, if the seeker is dealing with a difficult time right now, they should know it will be over soon and things will get better. This is a positive card in general and signifies they will be able to provide for themselves, family, and loved ones with ease.

The Seventh Major Arcana: The Chariot

The Seven of Major Arcana is associated with victory, power, and control. This card depicts a person who has achieved mastery over their situation. It’s about how they can win over people around them and how to gain enough power to control all situations.

Another, often overlooked meaning of the Chariot is that it signifies someone who has a talent for negotiation and acting as an intelligent and empathic mediator.

As it is a Major, it represents a significant life lesson and combines the ego-power of the Magician (1) and the balance of the Lovers (6).

When the Fool, on his endless journey, meets the Chariot, he has to learn the value of being the master of his own destiny, rather than being subject to the direction of others.

When Multiple Sevens Appear in a Reading

If your reading turns up two or more sevens, know that it is time for a reassessment of your life. Take a little time to evaluate whether you are on track or if you are at the mercy of disruption and worry.

Here are brief interpretations of how the sevens interact in combination. In these, I say ‘you’ but it may also apply to someone else. And, of course, all interpretations are subjective, so you will likely have your own idea of what these tarot combinations signify.

  • Seven of Wands with Seven of Cups: You feel as if you must act, but you are uncertain about what actions to take. Wait until the way is clarified.
  • Seven of Wands with Seven of Swords: You may be tempted to act unethically or in an underhand manner. Think twice.
  • Seven of Wands with Seven of Pentacles: You are called to act but are reluctant to make a move. You look for reasons to stay put.
  • Seven of Cups with Seven of Swords: You are overcome with guilt about past actions. Alternatively, you are confused by someone behaving out of character or hurtfully toward you.
  • Seven of Cups with Seven of Pentacles: You are aware you have to address practical issues but are unable to focus on what needs to be done.
  • Seven of Swords with Seven of Pentacles: You know that you have to deal with the current problem by being cautious to the point of underhandedness. You must do what you need to do, but be honest with yourself.

I hope this guide to reading sevens is useful to you on your tarot journey.

If you are wondering what the deck is, it's the beautiful and rich Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne. It's my most used deck at the moment. I love its modern take on the Rider-Waite, and also the immediacy of the borderless images. Beware of cheap copies; make sure you are buying an original deck.

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