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How to Develop Your Psychic Skills Through Psychometry

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Working with occultism is like reading a dark and enthralling book—only better because one never reaches the end.

An individual holding a scryable object (for psychometry)

An individual holding a scryable object (for psychometry)

Psychometry is not a topic commonly spoken of. But amongst those interested in metaphysics, magick, occultism, divination, and spiritual growth, it should be. Why? Because it is an excellent way to begin or extend one's journey into becoming psychically aware.

Why Embark on the Journey of Psychometry?

People often say, "I want to be psychic! … what can I do to enhance my psychic skills?" Well, there are various avenues one could select to begin their journey, but a sound, logical choice would be to try psychometry. It is a top choice because it costs nothing—or nearly nothing—to engage in. It's simple to find an object that was used by someone else in order to read its energy. Additionally, this practice is based upon a foundational divinatory art—scrying. As one betters themselves, they are guided into the depths of divinatory ability.

Preparation and Instructions

  1. Begin by selecting an object. Choose something that was owned by one individual previously. If the object was commonly handled by more than one, that's a bit much information for a new psychometrist to sift through and may prove confusing. However, if you're drawn to an object that has had multiple handlers, give it a shot; it may not be ideal for a session, but you'll learn from it.
  2. Select a time and setting you will be at peace within. Make sure to choose a time when you are most likely to remain undistracted by outside issues, such as interruptions, your favorite TV show about to begin, or needing to cook supper. Meditate first if you feel the need to, but at the very least, take time to relax and clear your mind.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position. This could be on the floor on cushions in your sacred space or on a comfy chair. Take the object you have chosen and hold it in your hands, or else up to your pineal gland, at the lower center of your brow. Now pay attention to anything you sense and feel. You will likely find that some types of information are easily gleaned from the object but that others are harder to obtain. No worries, as this takes time and practice; there is no need to hurry.
  4. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through this practice. It's great to have a plan, and to begin developing one from the get-go will help evolve this into whatever you want it to become. Do you simply want to experience it for whatever it is? Or do you wish to learn to become a psychometric reader and develop the skill to the point where you can tell nearly anything about the object and the person who owned it? From this, you can determine which question types you'd like to answer over time.

Some Questions to Consider Asking

Contemplate the object owner's name, gender, country, and/or city of residence. Also, consider the owner's profession, life experiences, emotional experiences, what moved them (e.g., if they wrote books or engaged in any artistic endeavors or sports), how many children they had (if any), who their spouse was, whether they had pets, what they did for a living, what their residence looked like if they were fussy about their surroundings or not, and if they are still alive.

Through objects people cherished, so much can be told. How it works is that all things have an aura, and auras connect. Our possessions connect with what is written into our own aura.

Through objects people cherished, so much can be told. How it works is that all things have an aura, and auras connect. Our possessions connect with what is written into our own aura.

What You May See or Sense

You may see visions, sense smells or tastes, hear things, feel emotions, and otherwise sense things from the object. Sage advice: the diviner, above all, should not limit themselves to their earth-based perception of reality. Allow me to explain.

We humans tend to dismiss whatever we cannot comprehend or that is not in line with our perspective of the world or universe surrounding us. That's the wrong approach, as there's far too much yet unexplained or unaddressed by science and the human mind. Hence no matter what you sense from that object, accept it. Do not adjust the words; just say them the way they were sensed.

You may choose to practice with a friend, and as one reads, the other could jot down spoken words. It may be worth the effort to record your sessions, that way, nothing will get overlooked. Whether you record or write, take further notes after each session is done of any other impressions you were left with that went unspoken.

Be Sure of the Messages You Receive

Know that the psychometric messages you receive are bonafide. As with any divinatory process, a few times, you may not be right—but if you doubt yourself, it will undermine your skills and inhibit you. Remember, research shows that the best psychics measure 70% accuracy; no one is perfect at divination, as interpretations must be made.

After the fact, you may be able to find information on the history of the object you scryed; and it's great to compare notes. However, keep in mind that there may have been incidents unfolding around the object that its possessor was not privy to. This means that if you've got something from it that cannot be substantiated, it is not necessarily false.

Information gleaned may reveal only that which relates to the time when the object was in a certain person's possession. However, that is when the information is accessed directly from the object and the records it holds (which is psychometry, plain and simple). When someone quite psychic performs psychometry, they may pick up other information, such as that directly relative to the owner of the object. They in that case may have the ability to read from beyond the times of when they had the object.

Get used to keeping a psychometry journal; you will find that your own guidance is key to growth and expansion.

Early Experience of My Own

Here's a recount of my own first experiences in psychometry from some years back. A simplistic approach was taken due to the lack of ideal objects to work with in my environment at that time. There was a flashlight; it was owned by my husband, but alas, he had not used it much (so what could possibly come from it?).

It was held to my forehead. After about a minute, a clear image of a pentacle enclosed in a circle appeared. As this was my very first attempt at psychometry, it confused me. Why would a pentacle be the image shown by a factory-made flashlight? It was chalked up to imagination; I returned to my book.

A while later, taking a break from reading, I leaned over to look at the clock. Sitting beside it was a long-forgotten pentacle bookmark. The pentacle charm on it was enclosed in a circle. That was the vision shown by the flashlight! They always sat next to each other; that totally got by me before.

Later on that day I tried again, I took the new wand I'd purchased; it was resin cast and factory made. It showed me an energy field that was strongly turquoise; the energy mass told me that the wand came from a successful business where the environment was for the most part happy, and relatively well conducive to friendly communications. The slight excess of depth in tone told me that one drawback for the workers, was that they at times felt that communication was blocked due to a specific and ongoing issue involving one person. I have no way to confirm or dispute the message I got from the wand, but the fact that it was so clear suggested that I was off to a great start.

The early days were getting my feet wet, and since then I've read some interesting objects, presenting messages ranging from pleasant to beautiful, even eerie, and as far as bone chilling (a well respected old man with bones buried in vats, in an unused quarter of his rural yard). It's all part of the work, and clearing the energies associated with oneself is of prime importance, always.

When feeling ugly energies after the fact from an object, never underestimate the value of a white sage smudging or the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)—either will serve well as a fix. Also, ground if necessary after any divination or ritual session. Most times to ground, all it takes is a bite or two of natural food, such as bread for example.

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