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Court Cards: The Page of Wands

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I'm a professional tarot reader with 23 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

Page of Wands from the Rider-Waite tarot. Public domain image, Pamela A. version c.1909.

Page of Wands from the Rider-Waite tarot. Public domain image, Pamela A. version c.1909.

Who Are the Tarot Pages?

The tarot Pages (or Princesses, as they are sometimes called) are the youngest members of the Court Card families. They are blithe spirits, unencumbered by the travails endured by the older courts. They have a fresh outlook unsullied by limitations or prejudices. They herald new beginnings, new ventures and new relationships. They also bring messages that will lift you and raise your spirits.

Pages are creative, restricted only by the qualities of their suit. For example, the Page of Pentacles is a creative explorer, always dreaming up new ways of investigating the world he or she inhabits. The Page of Cups is creative in love, looking to deepen or develop new relationships. You get the idea.

The Page of Wands is a creative adventurer--there are no limits to her potential.

So let's meet her.

Interpreting the Page of Wands' Imagery

The Page of Wands in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (as shown above) is depicted as a young person; they could be male or female, standing on bare red earth. He (I'll use 'he' as it's quicker to type) wears a yellow tunic embroidered with salamanders.

The page's cloak is also yellow with a reddish-brown lining. His hat is blue with an orange feather, peeking perkily from the hat band. The page holds a staff with both hands and is completely focused on its tip, from whence sprouts some green shoots. The sky is a bright, clear blue and there are pointy hills (perhaps they are pyramids?) in the distance.

Princess of Page of Wands Symbolism



Creative force


Earth-toned garments




Cleansing by fire


Blue hat

Clarity, communication

Red, orange, gold, yellow



Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Blue Sky

No limits

Sun, Mars


Represents the rays of sun striking the earth.


Page of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot

Page of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot

In a Reading

When the Page of Wands appears in a reading, know that you are on the verge of something – a creative venture, an exciting adventure or the incubation of an inspiring awesome idea. It is time to follow up some possibilities, listen to your inner guidance or to develop one of those ideas.

Alternatively, or as well as, be on the lookout for a letter or message. Messages from the Page of Wands tend to arrive quite fast, like the Page of Swords, they will be phone, text or emails. Also listen to people around you – idle chatter may reveal some almost overlooked gems. Messages might be connected, but not restricted to news about a birth, a new business opportunity, or a new project that you just cannot resist.

Note the Robin Wood version of this card. She has her page standing on the shadow side of a sand dune. The Page is all set to start her adventure but she is momentarily reluctant. It's as if she is weighing up her choices before stepping into the sunshine. This could be significant in the reading, depending upon which other cards surround this one. I would interpret this as being almost sure of your path, rather than taking a silly risk that could land you in hot water. Yes, get enthusiastic and absolutely yes, to exploring all the options... but just wait a little while, maybe a couple of days or even just a few hours. Have your contingency plans worked out before you walk out the door.

Page of Wands: Characteristics

The Page of Wands may be a real person or it could be that the seeker needs to take on board some of his adventurous spirit. As a person, he or she is usually young, or young at heart. They are risk-takers, full of enthusiasm and ideas. They have no fear and are ready to take on the world. They look for the best in everyone and are fairly trusting. The Page of Wands embraces new opportunity with a depth of passion that eclipses that of his fellow pages. People around him are caught up in his exuberant descriptions of what he hopes to accomplish. They are swept along on a tide of enthusiasm.

The Reversed Page of Wands

When the Page of Wands appears in a reading reversed – upside down, then his passion is somewhat dimmed. He may be lacking in motivation, or energy to see something through. Perhaps he has undertaken too much or taken a wrong turning and be in a difficult position that he can't get out of. The reversed page could mean that the message you are waiting for is not going to be as bright and helpful as you would like.

As a personality type, this page reversed is sullen, unhelpful and self-obsessed. He comes across as negative, harping and always bored. He may have flashes of brilliance but they are short-lived. It is possible that this person can turn things around – he might need something to happen – a Tower experience maybe – to change his point of view and make him realize that life has a lot to offer if only he would grasp his opportunities.

Princess or Page of Wands in Love and Relationships

This is a positive card to receive in answer to a question about love and relationships. His message is one of being open to a new idea. In other words, let go of the ideal person you have fixed in your mind. There are so many people and each is an adventure in themselves. Be prepared to put yourself into unusual situations – go mountain climbing and see who you meet. Book a safari vacation and go by yourself. Start a new class on something that you know nothing about and you will find yourself fascinated by an unusual personality. Be bold and brave; love will find you irresistible.

In Career and Money

As with love questions, the Page of Wands, is a great card to receive in response to a work or career question. Look out for new career opportunities. Be ready to say 'Yes!' to any suggestion, even if your first response is to turn it down. Allow yourself to explore new ideas in great depth before you dismiss them. Be prepared to widen your areas of interest. Be up for learning new stuff. Get yourself geared up to change direction. Investigate how your current skills could be expanded upon or transferred. The world's your lobster!

As far as money is concerned, she is not so good with cash. Watch out for rash impulse buys, compulsive hoarding and debt. However, this card could indicate a positive message regarding money coming for you - read in conjunction with neighboring cards.


When the Page of Wands shows up in a reading, ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you making the most of new opportunities?
  • Are you prepared to investigate a new idea?
  • Are you open to anything? In what ways could you increase your enthusiasm?
  • What excites you?
  • Could you create one new thing today?

Meet the Other Tarot Pages and Princesses

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