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Motherpeace Round Tarot: Interpretation of the Major Arcana

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Unique and Fascinating Round Tarot Deck

This concludes the interpretations of the Major Arcana, or Soul cards, of the Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck. They created a very heart-centered and emotional deck that was very unique for its time and is still relevant today. I will have discussed every one of its 78 cards when this piece is finished, thus ending my shared study of Motherpeace with you. I hope you have enjoyed it, learned something new about yourself and motivations, and may consider learning to read the Tarot yourself—be it the Motherpeace or any other Tarot deck.

Life in the U.S. has changed much since the 1970s, especially the roles of men and women in the household and family. Although my study of this deck, and the subsequent reading it led me to, is comprised of much Feminist literature, I like and value men, and think we need both energies in balance, or as Yin and Yang. I was saddened by much of my reading, as many women are squashed or endure terrible violence in many cultures, even in our own towns. I hope someday we may live in equality, together, so that nobody has to hurt another to express emotions that have not been developed, and have been so suppressed for so long, they erupt in violence. Our children need better role models, and it is our great responsibility to provide that for them.

The Devil is influencing you when you are addicted to something or someone who is bad for you.

The Devil is influencing you when you are addicted to something or someone who is bad for you.

How to Interpret The Devil

15—The Devil—This is a card one does not really like to see in a reading. People influenced by the Devil are usually stuck in a spiral of negativity in their lives. This could take the form of an abusive relationship, drug and drinking addictions, a bout of depression, or feelings of hopelessness about life. The querent can get out of any of these bad situations, but is afraid to try to break away from them. In Motherpeace, The Devil has placed his seat above all the people in the card, and they are bound together loosely by chains. He keeps them in line by enticing or taunting them with things he knows they like or want, thus gaining power over them.

These people are stuck in situations of their own making, but are in denial and unable to see that clearly at this point. So they give the Devil his power, and allow him to dominate their lives as they continue to let their spirits be crushed. The Devil may attract them with promises of magical power, or tempt them with material possessions. It is dangerous to allow material things to become more important than your spirituality.

The Devil feeds his egomania through his minions, bondage to bad behavior patterns, physical cravings, ego trips, or excessive sex without love, so deadening to the Spirit. This card is better in reverse, because some goodness comes into these prisoner’s lives again. They become more willful and are able to break the chains that bind them to the Devil, so the negative bonds are broken, and they can now clearly see. These free people can now pick up the pieces of life, and create positive habits and relationships, though it will take time.

The Tower makes radical changes in life, very quickly

The Tower makes radical changes in life, very quickly

How to Interpret The Tower

16—The Tower—When The Tower shows up in a reading, some aspect of the querent’s life is going to change suddenly, without any warning. The change will be so radical, the person will literally feel as if struck by lightning, and have to make quick decisions as things spin out of control. There will not be enough time to consider all the possible consequences right away, the person will be bewildered by whatever change is thrust upon them, and need to clear their head to resolve whatever has happened. The Tower challenges old foundations and really shakes up belief systems. This is a change that will affect one to the very core.

Although it is a hard time, often good things do come out of this situation. A person could get fired from a job they hate, and be offered one in an unexpected field, only to find that they are very talented in it. The mind has been cleared of clutter, and will be forced to reassess life. It may be discovered that a spouse has cheated, only to make one see that they do not care, the marriage was getting boring anyway, only comfortable routines and complacency set in, leaving no room for passion. The Tower will not tolerate this!

In Motherpeace, the goddess sits atop the Tower she knows is ready to crumble. She is struck by lightning, so already her world has changed. A Solar eclipse is happening, and the people below are scared and waiting for her instructions. Sometimes illumination hits hard, throwing everything in life into confusion and chaos. But this allows a period of restructuring based on what the truth in life is now, releasing the personality from depression and being untrue to themselves.

Sometimes it hurts to be liberated, especially when we allow ourselves to get into ruts, freedom can seem scary. When the card is reversed, the changes are not as disruptive or all consuming, they are smaller in nature. The person may be unaware that anything is actually changing as it is happening so slowly. They will be relieved when the final results are apparent and they feel much happier with their lives!

The Star is a time of relaxed healing from a trauma of some type

The Star is a time of relaxed healing from a trauma of some type

How to Interpret The Star

17—The Star—This is a time of hope and recovery, after the chaos and pain caused by The Tower. The influence of the Star is one of optimism and peace, healing after a physical illness, or the end of a period of depression, and having little faith in one’s abilities. This is a time of grace, and of cleansing the body and spirit. Whatever was damaged from the Devil and the Tower will be renewed now, and there is a relieved feeling of openness, trust, love, psychic ability, and a return of Spirituality.

The woman in the scene is feeling at one with nature, as she bathes in a hot spring’s healing waters. Gentle rain caresses her face, helping her to feel free and to restore her balance. The constellation of Pleiades or the Seven Sisters is behind her, shining light upon her, ushering in a new period of life. She relaxes and feels gratitude that she can finally enjoy restored calm and balance in her life. When The Star is reversed, the woman is still feeling sick, or is not ready yet to open herself to love and healing. She may have negative thoughts yet, or still feel defeated. But the positive energies are still there, only diminished, so in time she will reap their benefits. In my personal readings, the Star always indicates a period of better health, as I have chronic health issues.

The Moon is about changes that we choose to make ourselves, though it can be a period of confusion.

The Moon is about changes that we choose to make ourselves, though it can be a period of confusion.

How to Interpret The Moon

18—The Moon—All kinds of emotions come to the fore when the Moon is part of a Tarot reading. In Motherpeace, we see a woman wading out into the ocean, to admire the Moon. She has had a dream the goddess will travel with her in a boat, through the labyrinth, represented by the spiral shapes in the scene. She sees either a bird or boat on the line of the horizon, and is feeling upset that she is unsure what it is. Perhaps it is a doorway that will lead her out of the spiral or labyrinth she is in. The Moon represents a very deep calling from within. The inner self is telling you to go on a journey, even though the conscious self may not understand the purpose of this journey.

The happening or transformation that is taking place now may be unfamiliar, taking the person someplace where they have never been. The Moon is a symbol of the unknown emotions that we keep buried, so these feelings make one fearful and doubting. It is time to trust those inner feelings, and explore the inner places in the psyche that have yet to be explored. Dreams should be paid attention to at this time as they may provide answers to some of your questions. When the Moon is reversed, it may be a little bit easier to understand the new emotions and feelings that arise from within. The person has kept them in the dark for long enough. It is time to fully trust your intuition, it will lead the way.

The Sun makes it apparent to others where you "shine." You may be surprised at some of the good things you find out about yourself now!

The Sun makes it apparent to others where you "shine." You may be surprised at some of the good things you find out about yourself now!

How to Interpret The Sun

19—The Sun—Now it is the time to shine at whatever your best efforts have achieved. Or you will be the center of attention for whatever actions taken. This is a time of great happiness, a time where everything about you is out in the open, and there is acceptance for whom you are and what you represent. You are everybody’s darling right now, and can do no wrong. There is “buzz” created all around you. Secure and confident about yourself, life makes more sense than usual and a great feeling of purpose surrounds you and loved ones. The goals that are most important in life are proceeding at a quick pace.

You will be appreciated for your uniqueness, and celebrated for your successes. The Motherpeace card is a happy and bright yellow scene of a party and circus, where everyone is celebrating a sense of renewal. Each person or animal has come through what the Hopi Indians call “the place of emergence”, joyous and alive. Nobody is left out, there is room and joy enough for all. The only thing there is no room or place for now is sorrow. The Sun is about complete, unadulterated, happiness! If this card is reversed, the joy is still there, but the person may not yet be aware that so many others are noticing all the positive things about them. Or she may not believe that life is really going so well, it seems like a dream!

All your buried emotions and demons will come to the fore now, but it is for the best.

All your buried emotions and demons will come to the fore now, but it is for the best.

How to Interpret Judgement

20—Judgement—This card normally scares people when it comes up, and for no reason. Many Tarot card decks call this one Awakening instead. Now is the time for everything to come out in the open in life. Inner demons and upset emotions can no longer be hidden away, it is time to open up the door to your heart and let them all out! Judgement is grounded in emotional healing and love, having nothing to do with systems and dogmas. It is a time of great and positive change in a person’s life. This change may not come about easily, but it will have results that will make you very happy. You may have the freedom to be your authentic self now!

The Motherpeace card is a beautiful one, showing an Egyptian Ankh, which is positioned in the scene to look like the figure of a person, and drawn in the whole rainbow of color. As the Motherpeace tarot was “born” in the late 1970’s, I can only make an assumption that this card makes a statement about the LGBTQ community, you have only to look at the picture of the ankh, and the whole world surrounded by the beauty of life and color. When all people do their best work and come together in love and peace, the world can truly become the place it was meant to be. Judgement is a big change, for the benefit of all.

When the card is reversed, people may be faced with criticism and harsh judgments by some who do not understand them. They need to rest and renew their energy, and not let others prevent that healing energy to come to them. In the final Judgement, we all judge ourselves, and are our own worse critics. Give the situation more time, and the positive changes will come to you, the energies you need to be yourself will be attracted to your energy field. Soon you will find the courage and strength to be the person you really are!

You have accomplished the whole Fool's Journey, and can set out on another, much wiser from all your former experiences!

You have accomplished the whole Fool's Journey, and can set out on another, much wiser from all your former experiences!

How to Interpret The World

21—The World—Once you have traveled the whole “Fool’s Journey”, you will have arrived at The World. The innocent Fool has grown up and experienced all there is to learn, and is doing a spiral dance, followed by friends and family. It has been a very long journey. The woman dressed in yellow does not notice that her dress is ripped, as she happily dances through a chain of daisies and peyote buttons. She has found her own place in the World, and is breaking free to begin a whole new cycle.

All of her old objectives and lessons are completed, and she is ready to face new possibilities and challenges. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of herself, as now her Body, Mind and Spirit are in complete harmony. It is a time of feeling omnipotent, because an old cycle of life is ending, and all kinds of new doorways are open. When the World card is reversed, the person does not yet realize the importance of this period of life. She may feel she needs to hang onto old ways of behavior or familiar things. Soon she will be ready to begin life anew as a Fool, to begin again to experience all kinds of new experiences, where everything is again possible.

Where Are the Motherpeace Court Cards?

Don't fret. You can find them right here. This is in response to all my lovely readers who are having trouble finding all eight pieces of the Motherpeace Tarot series.

"Charge Of The Star Goddess"

This piece of poetry comes with every Motherpeace Tarot Deck. I love it and often read it for inspiration and because it is lovely. I wish to share it with you.

The Traditional “Charge Of The Star Goddess”

Written by Valerie Valiente, and adapted for other poetic use by a Miriam Simos, who calls herself Starhawk:

I who am the beauty of the green earth

and the white moon among the stars

and the mysteries of the waters,

I call upon your soul to arise and come unto me.

For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe.

From Me all things proceed and unto Me they must return.

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold—

all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion,

honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

And you who seek to know Me, know that your

seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless

you know the Mystery;

for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself,

you will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with you from the

beginning, and I am that which

is attained at the end of desire.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 17, 2014:

Hello Euni,

Thanks for writing in. I can understand you confusion here. The Hermit is called The Crone in this deck, the triple Maiden, Mother, Crone, and it's in Part 2 of this series. It doesn't look anything like the traditional hermit, one of my favorite cards. It means you need to do some inner soul searching, and to trust your intuition more. The Hermit tries to point you toward enlightenment, whether it's a spiritual one, or just the answer to a problem. It normally also means you need some more quiet time to yourself, as you may be feeling overwhelmed and ignoring that to tend to others. I also have a tarot tutorial on my blog,, where I use mostly the Rider Waite deck, but sometimes revert back to Motherpeace or the Revelations deck, whichever card I like better. Best wishes.

Euni on July 17, 2014:

I drew The Hermit in a reading and can't find it in this deck. Where is it?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 11, 2011:

Thanks as usual John. Actually, when you asked for the whole Astrology in a nutshell question, afterwards I thought of more. I think I will write a hub on Astrology just to explain all the factors involved. People are usually shocked that it's more than just where your sun sign is! I was away for a few days, but before that someone else mentioned that the "Contact Jean" link wasn't on my profile page. Since I'm back and it's still gone, I emailed the "HELP" page. Thanks for the hub idea though :). I want to continue with the Mythology too, I was reading about Hades, and the generation of Sons were all real pieces of work too!

John Sarkis from Winter Haven, FL on August 08, 2011:

Great astrology hub Jean. As I've said in the past, you know your stuff quite well. Voted up!



PS. I'd email you a question I have, but where's the 'email Jean' icon on your profile? - take care :)