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Motherpeace Round Tarot Cards: Suit of Swords

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

The Swords Introduction

Swords in the Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck are symbols of communication and are associated with the element of air. All mental activities and abilities to focus on particular subjects, ideas, and speech are ruled by Swords. The Swords cards are traditionally more negative than the other suits because communication between people often cause them to engage in disagreements and struggles. Swords situations force one to become involved in causes and conflicts. This is the reason why many Swords can depict scenes of worry, strife and frustration.

Because a Sword is a sharp weapon, their energies can be sharp and cutting, just as words can sometimes be. This can be positive when a person finally finds clarity about an issue of concern. It can be difficult to detach thoughts from confusing emotions. Our thoughts come under the jurisdiction of Swords, and negative thoughts can sometimes be just as bad for health as negative actions. Swords are often at the center of debates about religion, politics, and philosophical struggles. Swords also help people turn ideas into reality, because they use communication to assert power. In some Swords situations, words can be used as weapons, and when surrounded by negative cards, indicate gossip, arguments and criticism.

Motherpeace Tarot Cards Suit of Swords

Swords have much to do with power, and are usually at work all around us in the world, through institutions like school, church, the media, and peer groups. The appearance of Swords is a warning to use discernment, to be careful how mental energies are being used. Try to step back from problems and sort out illusions, habits and negative mental patterns which could be making things worse. Mental clarity aids in tackling problems, helping to shift strategies, to recognize limitations, and help focus on a single issue when necessary.

In the Motherpeace images, Swords are depicted as the Aryan race and Europeans who came to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor with their ideas that light is good and dark is bad. This forced Indigenous cultures to give up their allegiance to the Mother, and worship Male Sun gods who represented aggression. But these Swords also portray the Amazon intention of fighting back against invaders, by using bold intellect. Light yellows and greens reflect the mental powers of Swords. They have potential for abstract thought and concepts, power for clear sight, and also represent logic. Swords aid those who can see into the future with their special powers, and at their best, stand for the power of the mind to cut through what is false and to uncover the Truth.

Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords

Aces represent new beginnings, so the Ace of Swords in the Motherpeace Tarot stands for new ideas and new directions taken. The gift of intellect is working hard now, and the right hand holds the Sword of Truth steady, taking aim at a particular goal. The woman in the picture is feeling strong and willful about her new idea, and is ready to make a specific choice. On a spiritual level, the crystal surrounding the woman is showing the desire to build a body of light, which contains the spirit, yet allows these new plans to take flight, like the beautiful butterfly ready to fly into heavenly realms.

The Sword forms the axis of the meditating person, centering her as she relaxes her spirit. Her meditation posture helps aid her psychic abilities, and gives her inner visions. When this card is upright, the person will take positive actions to achieve her goals. She is able to work in her best interest by using her strong will. When this card is reversed, she is engrossed in too many negative thoughts or activities, and must beware of being self-destructive. When tilted to the left, she is not ready to take action yet. When tilted to the right, she is ready to defend her idea or plan of action.

Motherpeace Two of Swords

Motherpeace Two of Swords

The Two of Swords

Twos in the Tarot always represent a choice to be made, normally between two things or issues that are equally attractive in their own ways. The woman in the Motherpeace scene is practicing yoga, and trying to gain mental balance and peace. She needs to quiet her busy mind to block out what is not necessary to making her decisions. This is achieved by learning her asana, or stork pose. As the stork in legend brings babies, the stork in this scene brings fertile ideas for the mind. She is balancing on one foot, another way of depicting that she is trying to balance her mental energies.

The power of the ocean is available behind her, and the Moon adds its bright light and energy for clear thinking. She has turned her back to her emotions, represented by the sea behind her, as she wants to make an objective choice. When this card is upright, the woman is working hard to control the numerous unimportant thoughts in her mind, to see her situation clearly, and resolve the urgent problem facing her. She is facing stress and tension now, and is worried about losing her train of thoughts. When the card is reversed, she is feeling less tense, and gaining perspective, so will be able to make a sensible choice now. When tilted to the left, she cannot focus on the main issue right now. When tilted to the right, she is in over her head and needs to calm down and focus before she can act on either choice in a positive way.

Motherpeace Three of Swords

Motherpeace Three of Swords

The Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is a card of deep mental anguish, sorrow and pain. In this card there are three women trying to dance in harmony, but there is a thrusting and guarding “dance” of painful weapons, as each tries to defend herself. It could also be three parts of a personality, caught up in worrying about three different things. The Swords are pointy and piercing, so one must try to avoid them and shield their body. Since Swords rule the world of thought, this is a time when a person in pain is trying to understand why an action hurt them so much, or how another person they trusted could be so thoughtless and cruel to them.

Usually by this time the main shock of the painful act is over, and the beginning of trying to “get your head around it” kicks in. A daisy chain surrounds the three women, so they are still bound together, and probably feel trapped by that. The hurt parties need to get in touch with their feelings again, and try to end the situation in a way that brings more harmony, in order to move on. When this card is reversed, the person is starting to get over the pain and understands why whatever happened worked out as it did. It still hurts, but not as much. If it tilts to the left, she still is not trying to reason it through yet. If the card tilts right, her thoughts are way out of control and she will not yet find closure.

Motherpeace Four of Swords

Motherpeace Four of Swords

The Four of Swords

Fours in the Tarot represent stability, and in Motherpeace the woman has created a protected mental space, in the strong form of a pyramid. She must have time alone to think about things, to cleanse her mind of anger and worry. One Sword marks each corner of her sacred space, as she tries to refocus and renew her mental energies. There is a rainbow of color behind her as she sits in a meditative posture, representing the chakras, or energy centers, of her body. All seven of them are housed in the spine, and connect to the nervous system. To be able to clear out the chakras is a powerful psychic meditative skill, which helps to ground the person, and center the mind in positive thoughts.

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She can gain the independence she needs to feel protected, yet not feel lonely or abandoned. She needs to get away from other people’s ideas of what she should do, and set boundaries around herself. If the card is reversed, she is feeling calmer and can go back into life with her mind made up, regardless of what others think. When the card tilts to the left, she can be too easily swayed by others. If it tilts to the right, she is mentally ready to hold her own in a discussion of ideas and thoughts.

Motherpeace Five of Swords

Motherpeace Five of Swords

The Five of Swords

Fives in the Tarot always represent struggle and strife, a fight, or a defeat. The Motherpeace card shows a wasp in the center of an upside down pentagram, indicating a painful “sting” or very sharp and focused pain. Negative energies are being directed towards the person now, and will have a big psychic repercussion on her. She is expecting a loss of someone she loves, or secretly wants to lose in whatever endeavor is causing this mental strife. There is thought as to whether the situation is worth the trouble and pain, as the cruelty is too hard to bear if there is a way out.

There is bright yellow in the card, so if she changes her approach to the situation and feels less angry or victimized; it will be easier for her. It is important that she try hard not to panic while in this downward mental spiral. Fears or trying to avenge are more draining on a person’s energy level than it is worth. When a five is reversed, she can think of a new way to handle the problem and avoid being “stung” so badly. If the card tilts to the left, she is not yet trapped in a cycle of negativity. When tilted to the right, she uses discipline or control to change her way of thinking about the issue.

Motherpeace Six of Swords

Motherpeace Six of Swords

The Six of Swords

In this Motherpeace card, six woman grasp red roses for healing the heart, and float together above a sacred grove. They also grasp their knives of Truth. Sixes represent stability, and when they show up in Tarot, the person will definitely act on their problem. As the women join in flight, they are aware that serious problems face them, serious enough that they must leave wherever they are. It is time to move on and try to have a life somewhere else, even if the future is unknown and clarity cannot be found at this time. The situation has deteriorated to a point where pain and confusion has made it impossible to maintain any kind of perspective.

It is necessary for hard decisions to be made, because the consequences of staying and doing nothing are worse. Distance from whatever the trouble is will be the only helpful solution. The writer likes this Minor Arcana card, because it suggests “rising above your problems” enough to get a new perspective. When it is reversed, it is too bewildering to act right now and the person will stagnate in the same old situation. If the card tilts left, it is too hard to understand why or what is happening. When the card tilts right, vision and perception are greatly improved.

Motherpeace Seven of Swords

Motherpeace Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords

Sevens are about accomplishments that come at a high price, in this case a mental one. The picture in Motherpeace shows a fox ready to climb steps he made to get into the hen house. A plan has been made because someone baldy wants something, possibly something they have no right to have. Sneaky tactics may be used or lies may be told so the person can achieve the goal. Much intelligence and mental ability has been used to hatch this plan, whether it is for good or ill, somebody is going to be outsmarted. Somebody is lying to you, or stealing your ideas.

A direct face to face talk will be avoided, pointing to a stealthy way of achieving the desired results. So usually when the Seven of Swords comes up, there is a predator and a prey, or someone unaware and naively trusting another. There are times when the card can be positive, and a person plans a strategy to get whatever is wanted. But normally the person acts alone, and makes a choice that is not a group consensus. This is not bad if it is a group that is incapable of making a decision. When this card is reversed, the decision will be more direct and not manipulative or sneaky. If tilted to the left, the person waits to see what happens. When tilted to the right, immediate actions will be taken.

Motherpeace Eight of Swords

Motherpeace Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords

This card in the Motherpeace Tarot shows a woman blocked in by a brick wall with Swords aimed to hit her. But since Swords are thoughts, she is not as trapped in the situation as she believes she is. It is her own fear holding her back from whatever it is she wants to go after, nobody else is stopping her. The Swords that look like they will hang her from the wall represent the sense of drama she is feeling about her circumstances.

She is allowing herself to feel trapped in order to avoid the world of possibilities that may await her if she goes outside of the wall that is only a figment of her vivid imagination. Freedom is hers for the taking, but she needs perspective to be more balanced. She may be having panic attacks or real problems, but is overreacting to them. Of course, this is hard to fight, as the symptoms are real. If the card is reversed, she will be able to let go of some of her anxieties and fears, and feel more reassured. When it tilts to the left, she feels nervous, but the fear is not full blown yet. If it tilts to the right, she has a habit of getting “stuck” in negative mental behaviors even when she sees it is not good for her.

Motherpeace Nine of Swords

Motherpeace Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords in most Tarot decks is called “the Nightmare Card.” In Motherpeace, all kind of unconscious fears and projections of the mind are depicted. All the old negative thoughts and fears from as far back as childhood come back to us in dreams. There is a blue, twisting path filled with monsters, snakes, zombies, all kinds of demons to keep a person from sleeping, enough to cause anxiety or illness. If attention is focused on the dream during the daytime, when it feels safer, it can enlighten the person to what she does not realize scares her so much.

There is also the suggestion again that the person is making her situation worse than it really is by focusing too much energy on negative thoughts instead of training her mind to think more positively. When this card is reversed, the person is no longer held captive by their fears, they have them more under control. If the card tilts to the left, one feels vulnerable, but the fears are vague and not yet clear in the mind. When the card tilts right, it is time to confront those fears!

Motherpeace Ten of Swords

Motherpeace Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords

Once the Ten of Swords comes up in a reading, the situation is so bad it cannot possibly get worse. It can only improve from there. This does not mean it will be easy. The Ten of Swords in the Motherpeace deck is known as the “Thelma and Louise” card. Do you recall that movie? The two women went on a “Girl’s Weekend”, one to escape from an abusive husband, the other just bored. Crimes were committed along the way, but they were in self-defense. One man robs all their money. One of the women is being raped, and her friend shoots the rapist to protect and save her friend. So two women wronged in a patriarchal society end up driving their car over a cliff to their deaths, wanted for murder, when it was they who were wronged, more than once.

These Princesses of Athena are jumping into the sea to drown themselves, rather than be put in arranged marriages to men that have raped them. In the past, young girls were considered women as soon as they got their first menstrual flow. How cruel to marry her off to a sixty year old man to make a land deal, or something like that! The card represents the final letting go of some idea, or the absolute abandonment of a way of life. In less dramatic circumstances, it is the end of a bad life cycle, a realization that the person can no longer live the same way, because life can finally be seen for what it really is, not as it was hoped to be.

The person you thought had the perfect marriage just ups and leaves, never to come back. A person who seemingly has the perfect life has a breakdown. You reach the pinnacle of your career, and find you hate it. The time has come to take an extreme stand or action, and it is time to take the plunge into deep emotions. When reversed, the person has come through this awful life period, had a terrible loss or made an awful sacrifice, but is ready to begin a new life with a clean slate. If the card tilts left, it is not time to take a stand. When it tilts right, the time has come to run into the unknown, because there is no other choice.

Where on Earth Are the Motherpeace Disk Cards?

Fear not, you can find them right here.

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Questions & Answers

Question: What is the Daughter of swords meaning?

Answer: The article about the meanings of the Motherpeace Court Cards is here: The site split up my articles and made it confusing for my readers. Thanks for asking, come back if you have questions!

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 21, 2011:

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Hello deblipp,

I think you are right on target. When reading with the deck, you kind of go by "feel" and use the degrees you speak of. I used left and right for the purposes of describing how to read Motherpeace for the hub, since it has more possibilities or degrees than a traditional deck, with upright and reversed cards. But even then, there are degrees, depending on the cards around them. I wanted to make it easy for beginners. But thank you for bringing up a very valid point about tarot reading. Sometimes you have to throw out the book (most times, in this case) and go with your gut!

deblipp on June 24, 2011:

I knew a Motherpeace reader who, instead of using reversals, used the roundness of the cards to have various *degrees* between upright and reversed. What do you think?

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