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Tarot Predictions for Love: Check Your Tarotscope

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I'm a professional tarot reader with 23 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

Four of Cups from the Everyday Witch Tarot

Four of Cups from the Everyday Witch Tarot

Your Love Tarotscope

You have a question regarding your love life. I can tell. If you happened upon this page accidentally, you can be sure your inner being guided you to this tarotscope for love. It applies to you if:

  • You are looking for a romantic relationship.
  • You are in a new relationship.
  • You are in an established relationship.

What Is a Tarotscope?

It’s a one-card tarot reading for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Sometimes they are drawn for a particular event or period of time. I’m carrying this one out with the intention that it will apply to you whenever you find it. Please feel free to ask any love-related tarot questions in the comments below. I may draw a card to answer it.

Let’s get to work. Discover what the tarot cards have in store for your love life.

I’m using the Everyday Witch Tarot deck, as it’s one of my favorites for love tarot readings… Well, it’s one of my favorite decks, period. It’s full of fun and lightheartedness—mostly. I shall draw each card completely randomly, returning it to the deck and shuffling again before I pick the next one.

I’ve interpreted the cards from one point of view, but of course, it could apply to the other, so, for example, when I write, “The seeker is unaware of the blessings in their life,” that could apply to their partner.

Aries: March 21 – April 19

The Four of Cups shows a dejected-looking man sitting at a table. There are three decorated chalices before him, and a young witch is standing in the doorway with another. The man appears not to notice the witch. He is completely engrossed in his own thoughts. Behind him are shelves upon which we can see tools and books. A cat sits on the door lintel looking at a goldfish bowl. Outside we can see a beach and the ocean.

General: the seeker is unaware of the blessings in their life. They focus on what’s missing instead of the gifts surrounding them. Sometimes this card is a sign of low-level depression, someone who has turned inward, or merely a temporary feeling of unhappiness.

Looking for love: the Four of Cups suggests that you are ignoring someone who could give you the love you need. You may not be seeing the person they truly are. For some reason, you are putting pressure on yourself. Take a break from all that and have fun.

Falling in love: you could be falling in love with someone who is too wrapped up in their own problems. They may not be ready to move forward just yet. You can wait, or you can get on with your life. It’s your choice. As you are the adventurous sort, you’ll probably choose the latter. Don’t worry; if they want you, they’ll catch up with you.

Long-term love: there may be some problems with your relationship. It depends on which of the people on the card you identify with: the person who feels stuck and unable to move or the one who feels like they are making all the effort but getting no response. You need to talk to each other before impatience sets in.

The Hermit from the Everyday Witch Tarot

The Hermit from the Everyday Witch Tarot

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

The Hermit is illustrated by a witch sitting by her fire. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be meditating. She looks very relaxed and comfortable. Her broom and pointy hat are in the foreground. Her cat is snoozing nearby and an owl sits on a tree branch above. It looks like a nice cozy scene.

General: the Hermit indicates that some time alone is in order. The seeker needs to take some time to ‘go within’. To examine their thoughts and feelings. To become comfortable with who they are. The key is to do this in a relaxed and easy-going way. There are no rules.

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Looking for love: now might not be the right time to be looking for romance. Instead focus on you and try to appreciate the fabulous person you are, Taurus. Fall in love with you and then you’ll find others will fall in love with you too.

Falling in love: it’s tempting to spend all your time with your beloved. However, it’s really important you take time out to work out what you want/need from a relationship. It’s possible, the appearance of the Hermit means this love won’t last.

Long-term love: it’s possible you have lost yourself in this relationship; lost touch with who you are, and it all feels a bit much. You need a break. Both of you. A time-out to just be. You could factor in some alone time, or go on a retreat, or just go for a walk.

The Four of Swords from the Everyday Witch Tarot

The Four of Swords from the Everyday Witch Tarot

Gemini: May 21 – June 20

The Four of Swords: a dark-haired witch rests on a bed, her eyes closed, hands resting on her midriff. Her cat slumbers next to her. The cobwebs in the background suggest that she’s been asleep for some time. On the windowsill are four short swords in a gold stand. The drapes are pulled back revealing a starry night sky and a crescent moon.

General: the Four of Swords shows that you may have been overdoing it recently. Working too hard or having to deal with a stressful situation. There might have been a health problem too. The only thing to do is to rest and recuperate.

Looking for love: take a step back, you are trying too hard. It’s not a competition, Gemini. You don’t have to impress all the time. Breathe and meditate. Once you are centered and grounded, you can start again.

Falling in love: there could be difficulties here. Take some time to think about this relationship and to determine if it is what you want. There’s no failure in changing your mind and if it’s not going in a direction you like, then back off.

Long-term love: you may be feeling somewhat apart or disconnected. Don’t bottle it up though. It’s important that you let your partner know what’s going on. They may be able to help. Or they may not. In which case, ask for some time alone in order to sort your thoughts out.

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Cancer: June 21 – July 22

The Eight of Swords is shown as a witch wearing a blue dress, on her knees, surrounded by eight swords that pierce the ground. Her hands are bound and she is blindfolded. Her hat and broom lie just outside the circle of swords and her cat is gently tapping one of the swords, which looks like it might fall over. There is a bluebird sitting on another sword’s hilt.

General: the Eight of Swords indicates that the seeker has backed themselves into a corner. Got into a situation that they’d really like to get out of but are not sure how to escape. This card shows that nothing cannot be put right with a little ingenuity. The cat is demonstrating how easily the ‘prison’ could be breached. We cannot tell if the girl’s feet are bound, but if they aren’t, she could stand up and walk out. Her hands, though bound are not tied down so she could also remove her blindfold. The bluebird represents freedom.

Looking for love: you may be looking for love, but you must make sure that you are free to do so. If you are still hung up on your ex, or if you are still in some sort of romantic entanglement, then you really need to extricate yourself before new love can come into your life. Cancerians often hold a candle for their ex simply because you are nice people and you remain friends with people for life. However, sometimes, you have to make room for new people and new love.

Falling in love: don’t get yourself into a situation where you are going to feel trapped. It may feel ‘right’ but cutting yourself off from friends and family is not a good idea. You must not let yourself be controlled. This is not love, it’s neediness. You can do better.

Long-term love: the Eight of Swords confirms that you are not happy in your relationship. It’s time to do something about it. There is no shame in admitting defeat or acknowledging you made a mistake. Your escape route is open - all you have to do is take it. It’s hard for you, to even decide to make a move, but you can do it.

The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles

Leo: July 23 – August 22

The Four of Pentacles is illustrated by a well-dressed young man sitting on a wooden chest. The chest is decorated with golden pentacles and there are gold coins scattered around. The door is barred from the inside. The room is bare, yet there is an atmosphere of wealth. His black cat is standing on its hind legs attempting to peer through the open window.

General: the Four of Pentacles is often interpreted as someone who is unwilling to spend their money, or is sitting on their resources, yet it can mean a lot more than that. Often it shows that the seeker is reluctant to leave the security of their home, step outside of their comfort zone and join in with the rest of society. They are not necessarily unhappy, but still feel as if they are missing out.

Looking for love: it’s not like you, Leo to be like this. You are one of the most gregarious of the zodiac signs, so what is causing you to feel separate and apart? You are all dressed up with nowhere to go. Call your best friend, they might have a suggestion.

Falling in love: well, it’s not happening, is it? The opportunity is there, but you are not willing to take it any further. That’s okay, you simply might need a little time and space. However, don’t let the other person keep hanging on if you don’t want them. Be up front and honest.

Long-term love: you’ve closed off your feelings and your physical presence. You may be trying to protect yourself but that’s not helping the situation. You have to communicate. You have to open your heart and you have to follow your instincts. Lions do not lock themselves away from challenges.

The Emperor from the Everyday Witch Tarot

The Emperor from the Everyday Witch Tarot

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

The Emperor: the fourth card of the Major Arcana, and showing that we’re definitely having a ‘four day’ today. The Emperor sits on his wooden throne, which is placed at an angle, but he’s looking directly at the viewer. He holds a scepter aloft in his left hand but his right rests on a sleeping cat. At his side, a trusty German Shepherd dog snoozes. The dog is called ‘Major’ (I just made that up). At his feet lies a scroll on which there are maps of the constellations. It is night time, and in the background rise craggy mountains. I get the feeling that the Emperor was studying the stars when his cat came along and diverted his attention.

General: the appearance of the Emperor in a reading means that the energy surrounding the seeker is orderly, structured and stable. Male/father influence may be strong. As Major Arcana often point to a life stage or a life lesson to be learned, it’s always a good idea for the seeker to try to work out what this means to him or her.

Looking for love: it’s possible that an Emperor-type person is about to come into your life. Perhaps you are looking for someone older, or wise for his or her years. Someone reliable, understanding and who can bring order and structure to your personal life.

Falling in love: again, this is likely to be someone older and influential who has stolen your heart. It’s unlikely to be a deep, long-lasting romance, but perhaps, it is a relationship that will benefit you both for the time being and its influence will stay with you for many years. You may find yourself learning an important life lesson, either during or after the relationship.

Long-term love: strong male energy has a powerful influence over your relationship. It’s possible you have chosen a life-partner to provide the stability you need. Or that you are feeling overwhelmed by this same male-dominated energy. Communication goes a long way to restoring the balance.

The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles

Libra: September 23 – October 22

The King of Pentacles sits high on a hill overlooking his substantial property. He holds a chocolate cake in his right hand and a glass of red wine in the other. A cow stands nearby with a flower garland around her neck. A hunting dog with a bone lies at the King’s feet. His throne and his legs are covered in ivy, showing his powerful connection to the earth.

General: when a Court Card appears in a reading, it almost always relates to a real person. The King of Pentacles is a mature individual with a strong work ethic. He also likes to enjoy the fruits (or the chocolate cake) of his labors. He’s practical, no-nonsense and down-to-earth… and usually wealthy. If not connected to a real person, it can mean the attainment of a goal or retirement.

Looking for love: you may find love with an older person. Could be someone at work or even a friend of your parents’ age. Make sure you know what you are getting into.

Falling in love: one partner in this courting couple is going to be older, established and comfortably off. This may seem exciting at first, however, know that this person likes their routine. Age gaps make for interesting relationships but you have to prepare for the future.

Long-term love: when this card appears it could be connected to a long long-term relationship. It means you are settled and usually happy. Like the King of Pentacles, it gets better as it ages.



Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Temperance for you, Scorpio. Temperance is shown as a young female witch in a standing yoga pose. She’s balanced on her left leg, with her right foot braced against her left thigh. Her hands are in the anjali mudra, or prayer, position. Her left eye is closed. Behind her is a table laden with a book, water and a bunch of carrots on one end and a laptop, martini and cupcakes at the other. A black cat sits at her feet with a discarded cup cake nearby.

General: Temperance shows that you have your life in balance (or perhaps you need to aim for balance). It means a good mix of influences, energy, actions, emotions, etcetera.

Looking for love: Temperance indicates you could be ready to meet up with the right person for you. It’s possible that the next person who comes into your life on a romantic level will be the one you spend a very long time with.

Falling in love: everything feels just right. You have good chemistry. You feel like an equal, you feel loved, valued and very happy.

Long-term love: Temperance tells you that despite the occasional difficulty, you have created a relationship which will stand the test of time. You know each other so well and are able to provide the support and love the other needs.

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

The Ten of Pentacles shows a family gathered in the garden of a large house. In fact, they are the King, Queen, Knight and Page of Pentacles, plus a young child. The King’s dog is at his feet, and the Queen’s cats are playing in the grass.

General: the Ten of Pentacles indicates that family is very important to you, Sagittarius. There’s nothing you enjoy more than gathering your people around you. It shows that, despite your yearning for adventure, if you had to choose - this is where you’d be. At home.

Looking for love: it looks like you are ready to put down roots and establish your own family dynasty. You’ve done all those things you wanted to do and now, you’d like to settle down. Remember that you might not find the partner you’d like in your usual haunts. Think about where s/he is likely to be. It won’t be a nightclub.

Falling in love: You have found someone who makes you feel safe and protected. You might have one hurdle to clear - and that is to meet their family. Once you have been accepted into this family circle, you’ll be looking at long-term commitment.

Long-term love: You’re about as settled as it is possible to be. You’ve worked hard, weathered the storms and grown your family. All you need to do now is enjoy the life you have created together.

The Sun

The Sun

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

The Sun shows three women dancing int a field of sunflowers. The three women represent the maiden, mother and the crone. The mother is pregnant. Three cats watch them and the sun is blazing down on the little gathering.

General: the Sun tells you that your life is getting better and better. That there is improvement in every aspect: health, relationships and wealth, included. This is one of the most positive cards in the tarot. This magical energy, is however, temporary, so make the most of it and build upon it, if you can.

Looking for love: you won’t have any trouble finding romance at this time, just be your incredible self and go wow your appreciative audience, Capricorn. People need to know just how seductive and sexy you can be.

Falling in love: it feels like life can’t get any better than it is right now. For someone who usually has their feet firmly on the ground, you are floating with joy. You are adored, appreciated and loved. Don’t go thinking it will stay like this with no effort from you though. It will shift and you will need to make adjustments.

Long-term love: you are in your golden phase. Your relationships are intertwined and rewarding. The love of your life really is the love of your life. Relax and have fun.

The Star

The Star

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

The Star for you, Aquarius. This is truly special because this card is linked to your zodiac sign. The Star is shown as a woman standing in a pool of water. Her right hand is lifted to the sky and her left points down to the water. From her fingertips, colored spirals of energy form. A cat sits nearby, with his eye on a goldfish that swims near the woman.

General: the Star is the card of universal love and hope. It means that you must put just as much effort into loving yourself, and seeing yourself as part of the tapestry of the universe. It tells you that you are blessed and supported in every way. It is a calm, peaceful place to be.

Looking for love: your love will appear when you understand that love for yourself is of paramount importance. Once that happens, once you have discovered this truth, then the love you seek from another will gently appear.

Falling in love: the Star often appears after some challenges have been overcome It is the calm after the storm, the harbor after the tempest has passed. Take the time to savor every precious moment of getting to know your partner. Embrace serenity.

Long-term love: it’s likely you have been through some tough times lately, Aquarius. You’ve survived and things are getting back to an even keel. In fact, your relationship is better than it’s ever been. You are falling in love all over again. All is well

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

The Three of Swords shows a single bed on which sits a journal and a spilled ink bottle. There is a table near the window with a heart cushion pierced by three swords. Outside it is raining and a crow hovers in the sky. Despite all this, the room is cozy, with red and orange bed covers and red drapes.

Looking for love: maybe you need to get over the last love affair before you go looking for the next. Use the time to get your thoughts straight. Know that this break up was necessary and that there is something better headed your way.

Falling in love: it looks like a romance just ended, Pisces. You are probably feeling a bit hard done by. However, the Three of Swords indicates that one, or both, of you got the wrong end of the stick. That it was simply a misunderstanding. Think about it.

Long-term love: it’s difficult right now - there may be health issues or other challenges. Don’t shut yourself off from your partner. Sleeping in the guest room is never a good idea. Talking is the best thing. You have to make sure that your lines of communication are kept open. You are renowned for having your own particular perspective, Pisces. Come out of your own head and emotions and try to understand your partner’s viewpoint. It’s important.

Tarot for Love: Questions

I hope you found your message resonated with you. If you have any other questions, ask me in the comments below.

Although I have given a limited number of free readings on the page, I'm afraid that due to time constraints, I cannot do so any more. Thank you for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: What happens when a Capricorn and an Aquarius fall in love?

Answer: It's important you give each other space. Capricorn needs processing time as usually they are too busy being in charge of the world to do much thinking and feeling. Aquarius has to feel the magic in life and they might find Capricorn a little too pragmatic at times, so each must try to accommodate the quirks and foibles of the other.

© 2017 Bev G


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 02, 2018:

Hi AB, Sorry this has to be quick. I'm not really offering free readings here, although people seem to think so :/

Your card is the Eight of Wands, which suggests that the situation will move on, and it will do so quickly. This card has been called the 'arrows of love', so it should go the way you want it to. You might find yourself unexpectedly in circumstances where you can both confess your feelings. Good luck.

AB on October 02, 2018:

Hello! Ended up in this page while looking up for answers. I'm in a situation where my connection with a love interest can go either way. We were good friends but some incident transpired involving a third person, since then he is keeping distance and postponing catching up. Which way would this situation evolve? I do not see immediate resolution. I'm asking for 1-2 months down the lane as we work in the same place. We would be running into each other from time to time. Thanks for you help!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 23, 2017:

Hi Learner Love, thanks for your question. Can you have a good relationship? I am using the Robin Wood Tarot and your card is the Ace of Pentacles.

The Ace of Pentacles is about new energy, as are all the Aces. However this one suggests that you start right at the beginning. Before you even consider that it's a romantic relationship, work on creating the practical foundations of a long-lasting friendship.

Additionally, it's a good idea to be secure and strong within yourself, both on a spiritual and a practical level. For example, if you are studying or working, keep progressing. Build your confidence in your own abilities and you will have confidence in love. Good luck.

learner love on October 22, 2017:

@Bev hi...i really liked reading the article. i am kind of interestedin tarot readin...i am a taurus by english calender. i was born in may month. i have two signs...with my religion calender i am a libra. i want to know that can i have a good relationship with anyone? i mean i have been confessed before many times but i never wanted to be in realtionship..its like i am always saving myself. i was in a realtionship once and only...but it was not for that long.

i really respect people and i am kind of lively around people. i like to be honest whenever i am with my friends. i have many but earlier i didnt had any. i am knid of happy but i always feel like something is missing.

i am kind of moddy sometimes and sometimes i just want to go somewhere and just be silent enjoying the nature.

will ii have a good realtionship?

i will be waiting for your reply...ask me anything..thanks....


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on October 02, 2017:

Hi vinsac, it sounds as though you were 'needy' due to your own insecurities. Libra cannot share feelings in the way that you'd like and that will lead to your discomfort. Plus, you are two air signs, both spending too much time in your own heads :)

The main thing to understand is that you have to love your own self until having him back no longer matters. When you can do that unconditionally, and feel it and know it through the core of your being. When you know that real love comes from within yourself and not from another person, then you will have all the romantic attention you want from others - not that you will need it, of course.

So I'm not going to draw a card to find out if you will be together again, because I think you have work to do first :)

vinsac on October 01, 2017:

hi, i am aquarius, its really amazing what you say in this post, but i had brake up about week ago, its seamply my fault, i was jealous and not comfortable with my self, so he couldnot take anymore and we broke up, but steel want to be friends, we love each other on strange level,we cant not communicate and not have conversations. he is libra. i began to work to love my self and it works really.i wonder is there any chances that we will be together again? thank you.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 15, 2017:

Hi Kiki, thanks for your kind words and your question. Using the same deck, I've drawn the Seven of Cups.

A young witch is standing in an old-fashioned store trying to make a choice between seven golden chalices each containing desirable objects. She could choose love, wealth, security, wisdom, energy and inspiration, knowledge, or the as-yet-unknown. An older witch is patiently waiting for her to make up her mind.

I think this card is reflecting all the good stuff around you right now, including this potential relationship. It's too early to say whether it will progress any further because you haven't yet made up your mind whether to take it forward or not. So that's the first step. Will you gently suggest meeting up? Would you prefer to develop the friendship until you have a better idea if the potential could flower into love? You might even decide on the 'safe' alternative of not proceeding at all.

So, the advice from the tarot is to become clearer on what you want. You don't have to hold a long-term vision yet, but you do need to clarify your next move. What will it be?

Good luck!

Kiki on September 14, 2017:

Hello Bev,

Thank you for the lovely article ( the tarot deck is just so charming!). I am a capricorn sun and at the moment I've recently started talking to somebody with whom I share a wonderful connection with (I do feel the Sun energy radiating in my life!). We haven't met in person yet, and I'm just a bit curious as to how this will play out. We both seem a bit shy, and my last relationship did leave me more wary about falling into the same pattern. Will you give me a quick pointer with your cards?

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on September 03, 2017:

Hi there, LaLalove, I turned a card for you - the Empress - interesting, seeing as the Emperor came up for Virgo. The Empress card is a Major Arcana, which means that this relationship, whether it goes the distance, or not, will have some important life lessons or insights. 'Lessons' is probably the wrong word - it's more about reaching a new level of understanding.

The Empress suggests that the relationship is in a healthy state, possibly more than you think. However, while the Emperor represents order and structure, the Empress is a bit wilder - she represents chaos and disorder. That sort of puts your energies into opposition. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that one side is all passion and enthusiasm, on the other it's all a bit more contained and directed.

I can't tell you where it's heading, LaLa, but why don't you set those concerns aside? Not one of us really knows what's around the corner, so instead, focus on what you have in the present. Take that Empress passion and make the most of it. If you keep worrying about the future, how can you enjoy the here and now? Take it one day at a time.

LaLalove03 on September 02, 2017:

So i read my tarot card (libra) sounds so familiar to me in a simpler sense. My off and on boyfriend is (Virgo) and he's what you described. Yet I do not know where it's heading? Something within us is strong with love yet things are complicated. Please help

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