Tarotscopes 2017: New Year's Lucky Ways

Updated on January 5, 2017
The Secret Language of Animal Oracle Cards by Chip Richards
The Secret Language of Animal Oracle Cards by Chip Richards | Source

...The book is called Opportunity. And its first chapter is New Year’s Day!...

— Edith Pierce


Happy 2017 everyone! Here we are. We made it through that tumultuous 2016 with 2017 giving us all a second chance. To see what opportunities lie ahead of us, I chose to read Chip Richards' animal/elemental oracle cards—The Secret Language of Animals. I love all creatures from the big to the small, and their presence in my life can add hidden depth and meaning for which I am entirely grateful for. Happy Second Chances everybody!

Capricorn-Water element; Aquarius-Golden Orb Spider; and Pisces-The Black Cockatoo
Capricorn-Water element; Aquarius-Golden Orb Spider; and Pisces-The Black Cockatoo | Source

Pisces: Black Cockatoo

My black wings stroke across the land. My call pierces through the air announcing the coming of the rain. I am the Black Cockatoo.

The Black Cockatoo lives in the rainforests of Australia. Its two most outstanding characteristics are its glorious crest and its loud call. The Black Cockatoo is known for staying with the one partner. When health is good, the Black Cockatoo can live up to 50 years of age.

The Black Cockatoo is calling you to improve the relationships you have with those in your personal life and work life. People want more of you. Share your affection and admiration for those who are adding value to your life. Let these people know how you feel about them. Do not assume they know, okay?

For 2017, expect the best and give yourself permission to be open to receiving your goodness. Positive support will be there for you either through the kindness of a stranger, or, by having an epiphany. Deepen your self-trust and move with confidence.

Aquarius: The Golden Orb Spider

As the Golden Orb Spider intricately moves up and down to spin her Golden Orb. As the Spider moves up and down so may your life be up and down for you in 2017. The challenge/s to meet? Is too stand firm in your beliefs. Being sensitive and intuitive is not negatory. They are your assets. Once you give yourself permission to listen to your inner compass, inspiration will follow and you will take the right steps. Perhaps you are already aware of these changes, these possibilities?

The Golden Orb Spider spins a bedazzling web. The web means many things to this Spider. It provides a place to rest, to catch food, and to raise her spiderlings.

The presence of the Golden Orb Spider in your life indicates that you are more resourceful, influential and interconnected than you realize.

The way of the Golden Orb spider is to meet challenges or confrontations with a relaxed and elegant approach, so that greater harmony and balance are anchored into your life.

The number eight (or the infinity symbol when placed on its side) is saying to you, that you have the ability to breakdown challenges so that you can rebuild new anchors in your life. A new anchor for instance, could be experimenting with the approach of increasing patience, diplomacy, design and awareness to your actions.

Capricorn: Water

Wake up, Capricorn!

What is your Mind pushing you towards doing this year?

The New Year could start off making you feel doubtful about yourself, where you either feel stuck, in limbo, or, just plain unsure of what to do next or where to go next.

Your symbol for 2017 is Water. Water is here to remind you that your ally, your friend, is the part of you that both makes you feel overwhelmed together with being your inner G.P.S to guide you in your everyday life. The presence of the Water symbol is here to also remind you to follow your Heart together with those quiet little images that take shape and form in your Mind. Bringing those two together to form tangible results in your life in 2017.

You may come to realize that your creativity will be high during this year. Tap into your funny feelings and you will move and build to your natural rhythm.

Just as traffic needs to be kept moving, so would you benefit from getting out and about. Mixing and meeting new people.

Water undergoes tremendous rites of passage. At one moment, water is liquid. The next, water transforms itself from liquid to solid and solid to vapor. 2017 calls you to alchemize yourself. Either by purifying yourself through the channel of food choices and/or, removing yourself from a toxic group/person. You will feel drawn to clear away old cobwebs and replace it with seeds of new beginnings.

What will be the first line of your blank page on New Year's day?

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Sagittarius: White Polar Bear

Where do you need to equalize? Where is there a power imbalance that needs to be righted?

The White Polar Bear is essentially a hermitical creature. The cold weather it endures, asks the white polar bear to not be frivolous with its physical energy.

The White Polar Bear is an emotionally intense animal. Yet, it easily makes friends with arctic foxes, huskies and other bears when they do cross each other’s path.

In 2017, the White Polar Bear symbolizes the need for you to apply your inner strength and aware intelligence to situations at hand. Step up and out with confidence and know your intentions are pure. 2017 is looking forward to you expressing your personal truth in a helpful way to others. The White Polar Bear also encourages you to display firmness and tenacity. However, not to the point where you do not remain open or curious to what shows up on your new travelled pathway in 2017.

Juggling of people and situations could very well be on your radar this New Year. One moment you need time to yourself to contemplate. While the next moment, you will crave to connect and merge with another. Your challenge? Is to stay Heart focused and centered. Practice sharing your Heart Self and any inner frozen remnants will gradually thaw at a safe rate.

Scorpio: Crayfish

What perspectives are keeping you tied to 2016? What is one habit that needs to see the door?

Crayfish is a symbol of letting ideas, perspectives shed so that a new skin can be borne.

The Crayfish is also a symbol of rejuvenation as it can lose its claws or legs. Therefore, you will be undergoing a revival of some kind. Perhaps you have felt the inner stirrings already?

The Crayfish is associated with the element of water. Water is connected to your Dreamworld, and the” funny feelings” you get in your stomach area. You would benefit in jotting down these experiences when they happen as they will provide clues or answers that you are needing at that point in time. Be mindful of natural synchronicities and serendipitous happenings-they can and do happen.

The Crayfish can move form water onto land. Subsequently, the Crayfish is a symbol of opposites. You may be put in a position to examine the opposites in your life. For example, movement and rest…..happiness versus sadness…..generosity and miserliness.

Would you say, when someone pushes you into a corner, or limits your expression by categorizing you, your choices are either to contract, push back or defend? The Crayfish energy wants you to experiment and play with dualities. So, say a conflict has occurred between you and a sibling, instead of typically separating or stonewalling, you choose instead to make a decision to work with one another to come to a conclusion.

The Crayfish is also about the solid structures in your life. How solid is your life? Have you built your life on solid withstanding foundations? Or, could it crumble away in an instant? What’s one small yet significant step you can take this 2017?

Libra: Stick Insect

Are you scattering yourself in too many directions? Do you want things yesterday? Results are coming but in their own time.

The presence of the Stick insect here Librans, is saying indirectly, you need to have more times of stillness in your life so that insights will come to you in 2017.

Stick Insects can camouflage themselves well. Becoming the shape of a twig is their stamp. With the Stick Insect being present in your life, you, too, may benefit if you camouflage yourself by holding still. That is, by not spilling the beans of all your plans to people. Keep your ideas hidden. Prepare quietly and stay hidden in the background until you have constructed and maintained a solid foundation for 2017. Practice in relying on your inner G.P.S and not relying on others. Proceed quietly, by putting one foot in front of the other until you gain the faith and confidence you need to trust yourself. Don’t forget to practice the art of patience and being in a thank you state of appreciation. Harvest time will come.

Love and Relation With Wild Animals

If it didn’t bring you Joy

Just leave it behind

Let’s turn a new leaf

With the smell of new rain

Let’s forget past mistakes

Making amends for this year


Cancer-Masked Owl; Leo-The Salmon; and Virgo-Earth
Cancer-Masked Owl; Leo-The Salmon; and Virgo-Earth | Source

Virgo: Earth

Are you nourishing yourself?

Blood red earth, the pulsating seeds of all you desire in the New Year is found in the methods you adopt to feel a solid sense of yourself in your body so that you can travel solidly on the Earth. Creativity and developing lasting structures, is your trial. Whether that is starting up self-employment, having a baby, building a house or creating a new community. No need to strain and rush. Be in the stillness of your body.

  • Be consistent
  • Be committed
  • Show up
  • Be mindful

Start with small things, follow through and complete what you start. If not? As best as you can. This action will build a sense of groundedness, connection and healthy sense of pride in building a personal foundation. Your foundations will become larger.

If you find yourself coming to the cross roads where you have to decide which new direction to take, find a technique to ground yourself first. That technique maybe kickboxing, the martial art of Aikido, or walking up and down a flight of stairs.

Leo: Salmon

Leo, are you going to step up and be the Hero in your life? Are you relocating to another part of the World? If you do? Do not forget to honour your roots.

Like the Salmon, you may be offered the opportunity to live in another country.

2017 also asks you to make friends with people who will enable you to move in the direction you need to move in order to make your life more intense, deeper or fulfilling.

The New Year is calling you out to take on the Hero’s archetype and stand on your own feet. Be willing to follow your creative urges. Create conditions to set up the arrival of epiphanies.

You may be secretly desiring the good life to fall into your lap. You can have it but only the salmon way. What does that mean? You will need to experience both the waterfalls and currents of life, so you can uncover your individual gifts and abilities, as you rise above and find a way through it all. Life is an adventure this year. Be prepared to ride the white water with your raft, swimming against the current.

Cancer: Masked Owl

Where can you be fearless?

The Masked Owl is like your silent shadow. Comfortable in the night skies. Hearing and seeing with ease. The presence of the Masked Owl is saying your intuition will be heightened in 2017. Explore it and apply it. Life may set you up to see through a sea of lies and deception. You may accidently get caught up in a confusing situation. This is because the Masked Owl is giving you training to deepen your ability to assess situations and then follow through to build a solid foundation of some kind.

With the Masked Owl being your totem for 2017, you would benefit from researching areas that you personally find mysterious. Along the way, you may realize dormant abilities or potential to be developed. Go with that.

Aries-Dolphin; Taurus-Dugong;and Gemini-Gaia
Aries-Dolphin; Taurus-Dugong;and Gemini-Gaia | Source

Gemini: Gaia

Ready to step up into an authouratative role?

Are you ready to demonstrate your deep reverence for life? Are you ready to spread the word of how special and sacred all the plant and animal life is? With Gaia, Mother Earth, being present here Gemini, you may get involved in honouring and respecting the lessons you’ve learned from Gaia over recent times. Urban living and technology are still your favourites. However, it is slowly dawning on you the worth of all life, especially, plants, trees and animals. In particular, you are realizing how you can see traits of yourself in the animals that come across your path.

This coming 2017, you would benefit from finding hobbies or interests where you forget the passing of time, so you can experience more flow and synchronicities in your everyday life. Remind yourself and others about nature together with its beauty and purposefulness. For instance, what about the magnificent purpose of the humble bee? The spirit of the Dog (Wolf)? The gentleness of the big Whale?

The presence of Mother Gaia here, means that your children or those younger than you need your time and focus in the New Year. They will be asking to be shown benevolence and forgiveness.

Taurus: Dugong

Have you lost yourself in your relationship?

Like the Zebra fish swimming alongside the Dugong, you are being asked to nurture and redefine your individualism within the context of your relationships. The core of your survival in 2017 is not to fight/flee but to respond with ease and grace. Do more with less. Allow the passive, nurturing side of you to both heed the call and respond with what you personally attune to.

Dugong’s key message is do not get yourself busied out so that people feel they have to book an appointment with you to share your company. It’s devaluing. Instead practice the belief, you will have all the time you need to make your life work for you.

Aries: Dolphin

Let the Joy in! Let the spontaneity in!

The New Year will present you with new friendships. Share your special brand of spontaneity. Let the New Year start off on the sun-kissed sea spray of joy and ease.

Throughout history the Dolphin is known for bridging the Gods to the humans through congenial playfulness. Shine together with sharing your empathy and your sense of community. Find ways to be more generous in spirit and matter where you can.

Perhaps, 2016 saw the splintering of your family or close circle of friends and you now need to find new or lighter approaches to rebuilding your connections with others? The Dolphin wants you to experience power and influence through expression of harmony together spontaneity. One way to kick start a feeling of happiness is to give yourself permission to love what you do and do more of it. This healthy sense of self-respect and preservation, will overflow and be felt by others. The side effect being? Giving others unconditional permission to do the same. Thereby, spreading more joy, purpose and fulfilment.

General Vibration for the Year Ahead in 2017-The Tree Frog
General Vibration for the Year Ahead in 2017-The Tree Frog | Source


The Tree Frog says in 2017 find your way back to your soul song. The sound we make with our lips greats energetic fields that can either heal or harm. What will be your call? Find your unique rhythm and the vision for 2017 will come alive and unfold within you.

Thank you to Chip Richards for his permission to use the photos here within.

Happy 2017 Everyone!

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