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How to Use Tarot Cards for Spells and Rituals

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I'm a professional tarot reader with 23 years of experience. For me, tarot is a fascinating system that reflects all human life.

Into tarot? Want to use it to make your life even more wowzing than it is already? Need a spell, a ritual? Want more money, a better job, or a relationship with that cute guy you keep bumping into at the mall? Here is all the information you need to create your own life-improving tarot spells and rituals.

How to use tarot cards in spells and rituals

How to use tarot cards in spells and rituals

Why Use Tarot Anyway?

First of all, you’re probably asking what's the point of all this jiggery-pokery, tarot ritual stuff. Why should you bother? After all, what happens will happen, and there’s not much you can do about it. Actually, that’s not true. As a real live human being, you have the capability to mold energy, create the life of your dreams, and manifest anything you want.

The problem is that you have been brought up otherwise. You believe you are small, with no influence —yet the opposite is true. You are a powerful creator. You don’t even need these tarot spells and rituals to help you achieve all that you desire. So why use them?

Well, I’ve been using tarot for years, and one thing that I have learned is that, among many other attributes, tarot images are powerful energy focus tools. Imagine that the image on the card is transparent and acts like an incredibly powerful magnifying glass. Instead of simply making something appear larger, the tarot lens is able to magnify your intention. Not only that, it magnifies your intention through its own particular set of attributes.

Tools and Paraphernalia Required

Yourself and a tarot deck are all you need for the ritual. An ability to visualize is also helpful. Before beginning the ritual, you will need a pen and paper to write down your intention.

Determine the Outcome of the Tarot Ritual

You have probably already decided what it is you want to accomplish, but do spend some time clarifying your intention before you begin. Don’t be too vague, but don’t be too specific either.

For instance, say you’d like to increase the flow of money into your life. You may have a figure in mind, which is fine, but don’t restrict your desire to that figure. You could set the intention to bring in a thousand dollars or more. That ‘or more’ is important. Also, beware of asking for something you couldn’t possibly believe you would get. Like a billion dollars—that figure would seem well out of reach for most people.

As you play with the idea of what you want in your mind, let the picture of what it would mean to you develop. See the benefits of your desire enhancing your life. Visualization is a great way to explore the possibilities.

So you’ve determined that a thousand bucks is just what you need right now. You’ve pictured that bill getting paid, that car repair completed, or all the lovely new clothes in your closet. Now write it down…

I command the universe to bring me what I desire: $1,000 or more, in whatever way is appropriate and harms no one.” Keep the piece of paper for later. Use this format for your other rituals. Here are two examples of how to adapt the words for other situations:

  • “I command the universe to remove *name of person you don't like* from my awareness, in whatever way is appropriate and harms no one.”
  • “I command the universe to bring me that promotion, in whatever way is appropriate and harms no one.”

Basic Tarot Spell Ritual

You don’t have to learn a whole complex set of rituals for every tarot spell you do. You can learn this one basic ritual and then adapt it for anything you like.

Ritual Preparation

  • Step one: clear your mind for spell work
  • Step two: cleanse your space
  • Step three: purify your cards

Clearing your mind to begin a tarot ritual is as simple as clarifying your intention to do so. Sit comfortably. Relax by taking three deep breaths. Drop your shoulders as you exhale. You won’t be able to quiet the mind completely. This is not a meditation but a method of reconnecting to your spirit, soul, inner being, and subconscious. Continue to breathe mindfully and visualize your whole body bathed in white light. Rest there a moment, feeling the energy flow through you. Now move on to cleansing your ritual space.

Cleanse your space by physically ensuring that the place where you are working is tidy and clear of clutter. It is best to do this before you start the ritual preparation. Hold your hands above the table or desk and visualize that white light flowing through you down to your hands and out around the space. Two minutes or so, and it’s done.

Sit down at your table with your tarot cards. Remove them from their nesting place (bag or box) and place them face down before you. Hold your hands over the deck and breathe deeply three times. Visualize bathing the cards in that streaming white light. Imagine them glowing with energy beneath your hands. Again, two minutes of visualization, and it’s done.

As you practice more, the ritual preparation time will only take five or six minutes, but you should take as long as you need to. Some people enjoy the sensation of flowing cleansing energy, so revel in it.

How to Perform a Ritual or Cast a Spell With Tarot Cards

  1. Have your written intention nearby. Read it again, and rekindle the visions you had while clarifying your desire.
  2. Now go through the deck of cards, slowly and deliberately. Pull out any that seem to resonate with your desire. Set the remaining cards aside.
  3. Go through your chosen cards, and find the one which most reflects your current desire. You can leave the others face up where you can see them - their energy will help.
  4. Place the card next to your written intention. Mentally lift the transparent image and allow it to hover over the paper. This might take a little practice. If it helps, close your eyes. Tip: get yourself a copy of the Transparent Tarot - it’s a nifty deck to use in ritual.
  5. Begin to flow the brilliant white light once more. Imagine the tarot image as a lens which focuses the beam of light onto the paper. Allow the light to expand and flow over you and your cards. Feel the energy shift and move through you while you think about your wish. Say aloud, “As I state my desire to receive $1000 or more, so must it be.” Remain in the flow until it begins to fade away.

That’s it. The ritual is finished. You can end it formally by burning, burying, or tearing up the paper. Mentally give thanks and appreciation for all that you have already. Place your cards back in their nest. Feel good knowing you have initiated a chain of events which will culminate in your desire becoming manifest. Know that it is done.

Now go sit quietly, have a drink, or eat something in order to ground yourself.


Enhancing the Tarot Ritual

So that was the basic ritual. Anyone can do it. It’s not witchcraft (though it can be if you wish). There’s nothing evil in it. All you are doing is using tarot cards to focus energy and intent.

You can enhance the ritual any way you choose. You might want to begin with a mineral bath. Music and incense are also useful for creating a special magical atmosphere. You could light a certain color of candle to place on your working table:

Which Candle to Use for Tarot Spells

Type of Tarot SpellCandle Color






Red or Orange









Working With Moon Phases

Your rituals can be intensified even more if you align them with the phases of the moon. Simply stated, any ritual which is aimed at increase, such as attracting love or money, should be carried out during a waxing (growing) moon. Anything that is aimed at decrease, such as losing weight, getting rid of disease, or banishing a certain someone from your life, is best carried out during a waning (shrinking) moon.

You can get quite specific with moon phases. For instance, if you are wanting to start a business, then carry out a new business successful launch ritual on the New Moon. If you want to get pregnant, then a Full Moon is the best time.

Select the Right Card: Minor Arcana

It’s a good idea to be aware of the energy of the cards in order to select the right one. However, you don’t need to know the tarot to be able to use it in ritual. You will instinctively choose the right cards by looking at the images.

I can’t go into depth regarding the attributes of all the cards, but it’s enough to know that the numbered cards, the Minor Arcana: Ace to 10, are connected to a certain element.

  • Wands/Staves - Fire: action, inspiration, passion, hobbies. All the things you like to do.
  • Swords - Air: anything to do with the intellect: ideas, communication, technology, messages, the concepts of truth and vision. All stuff that goes on in your head.
  • Cups - Water: emotions and feelings. Anything to do with romantic love, empathy, intuition. All the things that you feel, whether it be happiness or sadness, and everything in between.
  • Pentacles/Disks/Coins - Earth: the material world. Anything to do with money, your career, your home, and your body/health.

The Aces

The four tarot aces are powerful conduits of the pure energy of their suit. Use them when you want to bring new beginnings and fresh energy.

Working With the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are different and even more powerful, so be careful when using them. Here are some suggestions:

  • The Fool: for experiencing wonder and attracting sweet surprises.
  • The Magician: to increase personal power.
  • The High Priestess: to develop intuition.
  • The Empress: for pregnancy and abundance rituals.
  • The Emperor: to bring order and structure. To develop leadership.
  • The Hierophant: to find a guide or mentor.
  • The Lovers: for love and marriage.
  • The Chariot: to gain control, gain clarity, and cement goals.
  • Strength: to enhance inner strength, to deal with a difficult situation.
  • The Hermit: for self-understanding, introspection, and learning about human psychology.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: use with another appropriate card to bring radical change.
  • Justice: to bring a successful conclusion to any legal matter. To bring fairness to an unfair situation.
  • Hanged Man: to slow down fast-moving events. To gain more time.
  • Death: to bring an unwanted situation to a close.
  • Temperance: to calm a tempest (arguments), to find balance, to restore good habits.
  • The Devil: use reversed to break a habit, end addiction, or free yourself from an unhealthy relationship. If used upright, be careful; the Devil can be used to bind someone and prevent them from causing trouble but watch you don't bind them to you.
  • The Tower: to create havoc, to place a curse, to cause trouble (not recommended).
  • The Star: to promote love in families, to bring hope, peace, and serenity.
  • The Moon: to increase psychic powers.
  • The Sun: to attract life improvement, to heal, to bring happiness and contentedness.
  • Judgment: to discover your calling, to find your life path.
  • The World: to ensure you are where you are meant to be. To bring opportunity. To begin again.

You can use a Major Arcana card in conjunction with a Minor Arcana to create a very powerful ritual. You will visualize the two images melding and merging above your written intent. Only try this once you have become familiar with the simple form of the ritual described above.


The Court Cards

Useful in many situations, the Court Cards can represent actual people; character traits that you’d like to adopt; when you want to bring two people together; when you want action taken; and more. Here are the basic characteristics of each court card. You can expand and build on them if you like.

  • Page of Wands - Young adventurer, messenger, enthusiastic, bright, active.
  • Knight of Wands - Entrepreneur, temperamental, unguided missile.
  • Queen of Wands - Independent, vivacious, passionate, fun-loving, career-minded, sometimes wayward.
  • King of Wands - Leader. Strong, charismatic, believable.
  • Page of Cups - Explorer of feelings and the human condition. Gentle child, artistic, easy-going.
  • Knight of Cups - Lover, romancer, self-absorbed, attracted by the superficial.
  • Queen of Cups - Intuitive, empathic, emotional, feeling-based, nurturing.
  • King of Cups - Introvert, kind, generous, in touch with own emotions.
  • Page of Swords - Carrier of messages and ideas, inventor, inquisitive thinker.
  • Knight of Swords - Justice warrior, spirited, clever, witty, snarky.
  • Queen of Swords - Truth-seeker, sharp, focused, honest, nit-picky.
  • King of Swords - Intellectual, professional, excellent communicator.
  • Page of Pentacles - Student, seeker, reasonable, feet on the ground, likes to know all the details.
  • Knight of Pentacles - Trustworthy, loyal, silent-type. Hard worker, dedicated, peaceful. Hidden depths.
  • Queen of Pentacles - Practical, pragmatic, carer, home-loving, sensible, frugal.
  • King of Pentacles - Business leader, self-made, enjoys luxury, family-oriented.

Using Tarot Cards for Specific Desires (for Love, Career, Money, Health, and More)

DesireSuggested Card/s

To attract love:

Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, Lovers

To get a new job:

Ace of Pentacles, Seven of Pentacles. Magician

To take your career to the next level:

Eight of Pentacles, Six of Wands

To get a promotion:

Three of Pentacles, Six of Wands

To receive a windfall:

Ace of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune together

To make friends:

Three of Cups

To improve mental health:

Page of Swords, Ace of Swords, Six of Swords

To heal an illness:

Queen of Cups, Two of Pentacles

To relieve a long-term condition:

The Sun

To develop psychic abilities:

The High Priestess, Two of Swords, The Moon

To pass an exam

Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, Six of wands

To find a new home:

Ace of Pentacles, Four of Wands

To have a child:

The Empress, Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Six of Cups

To get married:

The Hierophant, Four of Wands, Ten of Cups

To bring peace to a home:

The Star, Temperance

Now you have all the information you need to start improving your life with tarot spells and rituals.

Tarot deck used for illustration: Tarots of the Renaissance

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Which cards could I use to get someone’s attention and make them talk to me?

Answer: I'd suggest the Ace of Swords and Two of Cups. If it's a friend add in the Three of Cups or the Six of Cups. If it's a person of a different generation, perhaps the Ten of Pentacles.

Question: I'm someone who doubts himself when it comes to spell work because it's not something you can touch. I've done many spells before to bring peace between two family members and nothing's ever worked. I don't know if it's because I can't generate enough energy to break through the hatred or if the hatred is just too strong. It's just that as much as I do believe spells are powerful and do work, I just don't know if the hatred may be too powerful. What do you think?

Answer: No, it won't work because you have three opposing forces: theirs and yours. Your spells are attempting to heal a rift that these two have spent a long time creating. You can't change them. You have to change you.

So when you do your spells, or meditation, or whenever you are contemplating the situation, ask for peace for yourself. Not for them. Ask the universe to deliver perfect peace. Then live as if you have it.

Accept their rift by understanding that it is precious to them. They feed it. As do you. So stop feeding it. Let it go. Let it become less important. Pretend it is a horrible little troll that no longer means anything to you.

Let your family members be however they want to be. It's not your job to put it right just because you want it put right. Live your peaceful perfect life and then see if they come into alignment with you.

Question: While I am going through the deck choosing cards that resonate with my desire, are the cards face up so I see the image, or face down choosing what "feels" correct?

Answer: Face down is better. However, that's not how I do it. I shuffle, cut, then turn the cards over from the deck. So it's a combination of choosing (cutting) and 'fate'. But, of course, it's all personal preference.

Question: I have a desire to do a ritual today, but today is the Easter Sunday and the moon is waning Gibbous at 84% illumination. Is it a good idea to do a spell on such day?

Answer: There's no bad time to perform a ritual. You could do a ritual of gratitude or celebration. Make it joyful. Anything you want.

Question: Can you create more card combinations for casting Tarot spells?

Answer: You can use whatever cards you like. All the above are suggestions to get you started.

Question: In addition to using a candle to strengthen the tarot spell, is it ok to use hair or an article of clothing? So for instance, if it's a spell to bring peace between two people, Is it ok to use a strand of each person's hair?

Answer: Yes, that would probably be a good idea. Bear in mind that any tool or object used is to strengthen your own faith in the spell. Universal energy doesn't give a jot. It's all in the emotions. Have a look at this basic spell casting article:

Question: Which candle size goes best with a tarot spell? Chime, taper, tea light, or 7 day candle?

Answer: My personal choice is the smaller the better. So tea light or votive. Having said that, of your spell is of a certain structure that requires that you work it over a period of time, then choose a candle that is more suited to that. Just make sure you are careful where you put it and never leave it unattended.

Question: I'm in a VERY tough situation. My wife is so filled with hatred for my mother, and vice-versa. It's really taking a toll on me. Can you tell me which tarot cards to use to bring about peace and how to use them?

Answer: While you could do a tarot ritual, I would first suggest you get some kind of counseling. Obviously, you aren't going to be able to get them to come with you, but if you go alone, you'll get some helpful suggestions about how to handle the two women in your life.

Failing that, I would sit them down together or separately and tell them you won't put up with their back-biting anymore. If they can't get on, then you will have to keep them well apart. You also have to tell each that if they moan/rant/nag about the other you will simply walk out of the room. Explain that it's causing you stress and anxiety and making your life a misery.

You have to express how you feel, and you have to make sure they understand that you will not tolerate such immature behavior.

If you really want some sort of magical solution, I think Switchwords might be helpful:

Together, Together Rejoice, Together Between, Together With would be the most useful for you.

Question: I was watching YouTube, and a woman was showing people how to make a petition paper by writing the person's name five times, and your name seven times on top of theirs, and then going around the paper writing your petition without lifting it from the paper. Does this work? If so, can you combine tarot cards with it to make it more powerful? How would that work?

Answer: All spells depend on the emotion you put into them, so the techniques are only as important as the level of energy you can raise while using them. If you feel tarot cards would add to the power of the spell, then sure, use them. You'll have to decide for yourself how to incorporate them into your ritual. Maybe you could lay three out so you can see them while you are writing? Reference this article for more guidance:

Question: I recently used my cards in a protection spell. About a week later I was doing a reading for myself and pulled the exact same three cards even after shuffling for quite some time. Any thoughts?

Answer: It's hard to say without knowing the cards or what your reading was about. All I can say is that those three cards must be significant and advise you to pay close attention to them. Maybe journal about them and how they made you feel when you saw them. Keep them in mind as you go about your day and revisit your notes after a little time has passed.

Question: So I cast a spell yesterday. I tried my best to follow the directions. In your experiences, how long does it take on average to see progress? I do understand that not every situation is the same, as some are more complicated than others. What have your experiences yielded?

Answer: There's no definitive answer to this. I have had spells work almost instantly, whereas others have taken a lot longer. Some I didn't even know had worked until I looked back after the passing of time.

What I do know is that if I fret about it, they hardly ever work. You have to let go of the outcome and trust that the universe is taking care of it.

Question: My wife tried to cast a spell, and now she is stuck in a trance. What do I do?

Answer: Offer her a glass of wine, a new puppy, or to cook dinner. One of those will do it.

Question: I am ready to get married to the person I love but he is not ready, although he loves me a lot. What can I do to convince that my time is running out and this is the best time for us to get married?

Answer: I don't think you should use a spell to manipulate someone else. If he's not ready, he's not ready and you will have to accept that. You can explain how you feel but you should never make him do what he doesn't want to - it will end badly.

Question: I love a guy and he loves me too. But he is not ready to marry me by December. What spells will help me to convince my guy to get married this year?

Answer: None. You should not attempt to manipulate another person using magic. The marriage would eventually fail because he would feel he'd been manipulated.

Question: I was wondering is there anything dangerous that could happen before or after your rituals?

Answer: That depends where you are and what you are doing. So be careful when using candles and when waving wands and athames around, of course. If you are referring to malevolent forces, nothing like that has ever happened to me. But then I wouldn't mess around with the kind of magick that might be associated with the 'dark side'.

Question: What cards do I need to get rid of debts and bring serenity and prosperity to my home? Also, what is the best time for the ritual?

Answer: You have to choose your own cards. Go through the deck card-by-card and pick out two or three that resonate with you. I would suggest splitting your rituals into two: one for money and prosperity, and the other for peace and serenity.

You can carry out a ritual any time that is convenient for you. If you want to add a little extra oomph, you can do the rituals during the time of the waxing (increasing) moon, or during a full moon.

Question: I am ready to become pregnant and and have healthy children. There are three cards for that. What do I do?

Answer: Follow the instructions given in the article, especially the section titled: Perform the Ritual. Write out your intention clearly. Clear your mind. Select the cards that resonate with you (suggestions given in the article) and follow the rest of the instructions.

Question: Are honey jar spells as powerful as people claim them to be? Do they really work? And what if you don't have access to all the fancy herbs recommended, such as St. John's root, etc.? Can a simple honey jar spell work just as well as one that has all the bells and whistles?

Answer: Sorry, I've never used one. A spell is only as powerful as the emotion and energy put into it. The equipment and ingredients are only to help the spell-caster focus. A spell using nothing but the mind and words can be just as powerful as anything else.

Question: What tarot card combo would you use to try to make someone a nicer person such as a spouse? Is this even something that the cards can help with? I mean no harm, I just want to make a tough situation better.

Answer: A tough question. I'm always of the opinion that you can't make someone else change, but you can change the way you interact with them on a vibrational level. So I would suggest not to bother trying to work out a convoluted tarot spell, but to watch this video:,

and/or this one:

Question: My wife and mother haven't gotten along for many years. So far, I'm planning my spell. I'm going to use a blue candle for healing and the 4 Knights of the deck for quick results. The star and the ten of cups for my actual intentions to bring about peace between them. Should I also be using the four aces for new energy and new beginnings? Also, are there any cards I should be using that I'm missing here?

Answer: You don't have to use all four of any of the cards. Use the ones with the element that matches your intention. For instance, the Knight of Pentacles is not a swift mover. In fact, personally, I wouldn't use any of the Knights.

Star, Ten of Cups and the Ace of Wands and possibly the Ace of Swords for clarity, and the Sun for general all-around improvement.

Consider including Switchwords in your spell.

Question: Are there any cards to break a curse on behalf of another person? Also what tarot card I could use for bringing a family closer?

Answer: You shouldn't interfere in another person's life without their permission, so make sure you get that or things could turn bad. I wouldn't bother using tarot cards at all but do a simple cleansing ritual. A binding or banishing of the person who set the curse would also be useful:

To bring families together, you could try a written spell of your own design:

Question: The ritual mentions writing the intent on a paper and then destroying it later. Is it really necessary to write or could a simple visualization with elements of the chosen cards serve the purpose? This way, the spell can be done anywhere, anytime and perhaps without the physical cards at hand as long as you remember the cards.

Answer: It's completely up to you how you perform the ritual. For me, writing it down makes it more real. It becomes reality as I write my intention. I understand what you are saying, but it seems a little vague; not enough substance. The thing is, none of this is written in stone--it's whatever works best for you.

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Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on July 31, 2020:

Hi Mita, I haven't tried using tarot for a spell like that. It probably depends how you structure it. I think I'd probably use the Ace, Seven, or even the King of Swords. The Ace for 'cutting through', the Seven to represent the problem being taken away and the King as the expert surgeon.

Mita on July 31, 2020:

I wanted to know whether a combination of Death and Tower cards is good to cast a spell in removing blockages in the body for e.g. blocked sinuses, constipation, unwanted skin tags, warts and moles, fibroids, acne etc.

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on August 20, 2018:

You are very welcome, Joe. Good luck on your path.

Joe on August 20, 2018:

I LOVE your site. I truly appreciate your help. For years ive been trying to just get simple answers and i can't even begin to tell you how tough it's been. I've even been scammed by people masquerading as phsycics. For you to share your Knowledge and wisdom free of charge is so nice of you. I definitely do not take this for granted.



Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 18, 2017:

Simple as simple, LR :) But it can be built on and developed into a beautiful and personal tarot ritual.

Lady Regina from Corvallis, Oregon on June 18, 2017:

Well DUH. THAT was easy! lol lol

I will read and absorb and put into practice.

Thanks for the effort you have put into all this!


Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 18, 2017:

Hey Lady Regina! There are several methods to print a web page@ Ctrl P will print the whole page. You can copy and paste the text in to Word, or similar. Or you can use the free version of Evernote to clip a simplified view of the article and then print it - that's my favorite because it's so simple. There are probably lots of other ways to do it. xx

Lady Regina from Corvallis, Oregon on June 17, 2017:

This is awesome! I'm going to try to figure out how to print it off for further reference.

Thank you!!!!!

Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on June 17, 2017:

Glad you enjoyed it, Carole, Good luck and let me know how it goes :)

Carole Smith-Rea from Pikesville on June 17, 2017:

I really enjoyed this article. It has inspired me to set up a tarot spell for my new business. Thanks!