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How to Practice Coffee Fortune Telling

The author has been running an underground society for magicians of all flavors for over five years.

Learn how to practice this old form of divination.

Learn how to practice this old form of divination.

How to Prepare Coffee for Fortune Telling

Discovering oneself is not a new desire—it's been around since the formation of the first religions. Curiosity, enhanced by a craving for the unknown, motivated people to learn how to tell the future using daily materials like coffee. Similar to tarot, runes, or any other fortune telling method, things in the physical plane are merely representations of what is out there and are symbolically interrelated. To refer to the Kybalion: everything at the Macrocosm level of the Universe mirrors the Microcosm levels of the Universe.

Disclaimer: The practice I am describing is a fusion of Eastern European and Turkish methods for coffee reading. This is not the only way to do it! I am just sharing a practice I was taught if people would like to learn and try out something new.

To conduct a magical ritual with coffee fortune reading at home, you will need special attributes including a glass cup, saucer, and Turkish brewed coffee.

According to historians, the first to conduct a magical ritual using coffee grounds were the inhabitants of the East in the 14th century. Europeans later learned about the mystical features of the coffee drink. Coffee for divination was used by everyone, regardless of status, and the knowledge collected over the years in this area was brought together. This is how the Encyclopedia of Divination With Coffee appeared. This book contains all the wisdom of mankind and includes knowledge that can help an individual utilize coffee grounds to read their own fate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for the Reading

Before we begin, I apologize to all sweet-coffee lovers, but sugar cannot be a part of the ritual as it has a reputation to have a bad effect on the results of divination. The correct proportions together with the correct combination of ingredients are considered the key to the veracity of the information received in multiple traditions. After years of practice, I am not personally always so strict with my ritual formulation. But for a beginner, I highly recommend following a formula before moving on to experimentation.

  1. First, make some coffee. Combine a teaspoon of coffee powder with a glass of boiling water and cook over low heat.
  2. Make sure that unexpected guests or phone calls do not distract from the procedure. Concentrate and calm down. For the ritual, you will need a mug and a saucer. The best option is a round, light and plain container. At the bottom of such dishes, it is easier to see the patterns. This is important because a clear understanding of the symbols is the key to a correct interpretation. Factors like emotions and movements affect the accuracy of divination.
  3. As you pour the drink into the cup, mentally ask the question you want answered. Focus on it all the time. The drinking process also plays an important role. It's important that the handle is located correctly. Take the cup with your right hand. Make sure the handle is pointing to the right. Drink the drink thoughtfully and slowly, in small sips. By calmly and slowly drinking the coffee, the grounds will remain at the bottom. Be sure to leave some liquid in the cup as it will be required for the ritual.
  4. To get the exact characters, make a few gentle movements. Holding the cup with your left hand, make circular clockwise motions. At this point, ask a question and turn the container upside down on the saucer. Do not immediately raise the cup. Wait a few minutes for the thick grounds to dry and the liquid to completely exit the glass.
  5. Turn the dishes over and study their orientation. The point at which certain aspects of the dishes are located is of great importance. For example, if the handle of the cup is looking at you, the right half of the surface of the dish means the future, and the left half means the past. If the symbol is near the rim, this is a sign of the imminent completion of the event. The lower the symbol, the more time will pass before an important event. As you can see, the answer to the question of how to interpret coffee grounds is quite simple. For best results, take a moment, retire, focus on divination and listen to inner feelings. Everything will work out.

Basic Factors to Consider When Interpreting Your Coffee

During a magical ritual, a fortuneteller usually asks a question. The answer to this question appears in the form of a symbol on the bottom and walls of the cup. The symbol that appears, its location, and its size are very important. If the grounds have left large spots, the signs will have a great impact on one's life and vice versa. If the symbols appear close to the edge of the cup, the events will be fulfilled in the near future. The location of the signs in the lower part of the cup indicates a long wait for events.

The cup handle is a symbol of an inquisitive person. If the symbols are located next to the cup's handle, events are happening at the moment. If there are a lot of coffee grounds left in the cup (thick layer), future events will bring problems. Less thick coffee grounds indicate joyful events. To correctly interpret the signs formed by coffee grounds, you need to know the symbols, be able to listen to inner feelings and take advantage of intuition.


Reading Variations

There are a few different ways you can go about reading your fortune in your coffee.

Method One

  1. Brew coffee. Along with the grounds, pour the drink into a light cup.
  2. Take the container with your left hand and shake the drink in a circular motion. Flip the cup over on the saucer.
  3. When the coffee grounds drain, proceed to the interpretation of the drawings.

Method Two

The second way of divination is more complicated.

  1. Brew coffee, drain the grounds into a cup, cover with a saucer and turn over.
  2. I advise you to repeat this action several times so that the grounds stick well to the inner surface of the cup.
  3. Taking the dishes by the bottom, remove from the saucer. Without turning the cup over, immerse in a saucer of water three times.
  4. At this point, whisper the words "fidelity, friendship and harmony."
  5. Turn the cup over and study the drawings.
  6. Interpret the meaning of any symbols and figures.

Common Symbols in Coffee Reading

To read the prediction of your coffee, carefully consider all the symbols that appear on the surface of the cup. Analyze patterns in combination to get the full picture. Doing this yourself is not easy, but it can help you to uncover a real understanding of yourself.



Success in business.


Someone who is in love with you.


Help from the outside.


An even and beautiful sign that testifies to happiness and love.

Crooked Heart

Harbinger of health problems.


Good news.


A noisy party.




Universal criticism.


You have a reliable friend.


The wish will come true.


The implementation of the plan.


An incident.


A favorable development of the situation.

Meaning and Interpretation of Numbers

Sometimes you might see a number as one of your symbols, and this also has its own meaning. Depending on the location, numbers can reveal the unknown future or point to moments from the past.



Since childhood, you have been under the protection of a star.


Conquered someone's heart.


A serious illness in the future.


A profitable trade is ahead.


Hope in expectations.


Those around you have unclean thoughts.


Problems in the family.


Happiness in family life.


Disagreements with loved ones.


A pleasant acquaintance is just around the corner.


A life filled with happiness.


Your work will be appreciated.

No One Right Way

There are many ways to go about performing a coffee reading, and there is no right or wrong way to interpret your results. Just be open and curious to receiving what the coffee might be showing you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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