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Reading the Meanings of Cloud Images

Updated on April 18, 2016


Clouds ...

Clouds sometimes take on shapes and forms of all matter of things, some obscure and others quite clear. The images you see in the clouds can foretell what’s to come. They can also give an indication of your current state of mind.


Seeing angels in the clouds indicates that spiritual insights and guidance are in the offing. Pay extra attention to your intuition and insights.


Seeing a baby, infant or toddler may be implying that a new family member is on the way.

As babies are a symbol of ‘new beginnings’, seeing their image in a cloud can indicate a new phase or fresh start in your life. It may also indicate the undertaking of a new, important project.


Seeing a ballerina or ballerina in the clouds may be an indication that more fun and frivolity is about to enter your life. Get set to enjoy yourself!


Buildings, particularly houses, represent our inner-selves, and can give us an indication of how we feel about ourselves.

High-rise buildings seen in clouds may be implying a new job prospect or career change or promotion.


Cats are highly spiritual creatures and represent our higher wisdom. Seeing cats in clouds indicates that your intuition is particularly heightened at this time, so pay attention and heed the advice of your inner-voice.


Seeing a child or children in clouds implies that a happy, fun time is ahead for you. It can also indicate a happy disposition and a joy of the simple things in life.


Seeing circles in clouds suggests an engagement or marriage in the offing.

Seeing circles can also imply the completion of a cycle or important project. eg. ‘coming full circle’.


Seeing a crocodile in the clouds may be warning you of deceptions and/or danger in the near future.

Crocodiles may also be warning you of a deceitful person or situation, and you are to remain aware of dishonest and/or manipulative people. It also suggests that you seek the truth yourself rather than rely upon the word of others.


Seeing a dancer or dancers in the clouds implies happy, fun times to come.

If there is more than one dancer it may suggest a gathering and/or celebration.


Seeing a deer in the clouds may be indicating that you need to stand up for yourself more.


Seeing a dog or dogs in clouds suggests the company of loyal friends and faithful companions.


Seeing doves in clouds may be foretelling of ‘love’ and positive relationships. Doves represent love, purity and honesty, and are a message of an impeding engagement or marriage.


Dragons are the ultimate power symbol. Seeing a dragon in the clouds may indicate that you are in a position of power and will soon find success.


Seeing a duck in clouds may have differing meanings depending upon circumstances.

Seeing ducks may be suggesting a journey or travel over water in the near future.

Seeing ducks in clouds may also be suggesting that important decisions need to be made in regards to your emotions and relationships.


Seeing an eagle or eagles in clouds suggests personal power and the opportunity to fulfil your goals. Success is in the offing.


Seeing feathers in clouds suggests that its time to have faith and trust in yourself and your own abilities. It is time to tackle and overcome personal obstacles.


Horses are an indication of steadfastness and freedom. Seeing a horse or horses in clouds suggests that you stick to your dreams and follow your heart in order to bring your wishes to fruition.


Seeing a leopard in the clouds implies that you have the tenacity, wisdom and courage to overcome all obstacles in your life.


Seeing on person in the clouds may indicate ‘you’ the individual. It implies a growing independence.

Seeing two people suggests a happy union, an engagement or marriage proposal. Three or more people seen in the clouds tells of social gatherings and celebrations.

* Joanne

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    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Another really interesting hub! Excellent!

    • profile image

      kaye 4 years ago

      Yesterday I saw old calligraphy writng in an other language, then symbols all day.. I wrote down what I saw, well what I could and people are saying I'm razy. I know I'm not, and the mean something! Please help I can upload images I'm spewing my phone was flat so cld not take pictures. Typical thou lol

    • profile image

      Renee 4 years ago

      Did you find any meaning to what you were seeing in the clouds?

    • profile image

      ShayLynn 4 years ago

      I'm very confused. I saw a cloud that looked like a broken sword. And then another that looked like a pistol, one like a pirate would use.

      The sword was like those from the middle ages.

      What could this mean?

    • profile image

      Anita 4 years ago

      I saw a cloud this morning and it looked like a profile of a dragon. I sat watching it for a while and the really strange thing is that it appeared that that head of the dragon turned my direction and I saw a full on face with the eyes too. Then it changed and dissipated. I thought that was interesting so I got on here to look up the meaning and thought I would share...I should have taken a picture but I was enthralled.

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Thanks for sharing Anita ... it sounds as though it was a very magical experience.


    • profile image

      jenn 4 years ago

      What does it mean to see a heart in the clouds? And I also keep seeing the doves, but I don't understand it.

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      I would take seeing hearts in the clouds as being a positive sign ... same with the doves. How do YOU feel, and what do you think of when you see them Jenn?


    • profile image

      marmar166 4 years ago

      I saw three birds in the eastern sky. A thunderbird which had double wings like a dragonfly,to it's left a sea gull with wide outstretched wings and to it's left and below it's wing a hummingbird. What do they mean seeing them all together in a grouping?

    • profile image 4 years ago

      I saw one last bird for the day and it was a phoenix. I have been having a lot of prophetic dreams of frogs, an extraterresterial, and a man all dressed in black. Of hearing a name I was called as I was waking up. I jumped out of bed and punched it into the search bar and came up with the name Pythagoras.

    • profile image

      p0lly 3 years ago

      am in my teens and i think its pretty ward i see faces in clouds as clear as you see a persons face and that's not all i also see words latter's as clearly as you would write them on a sheet of paper sometimes one latter and at times a full word, i also see images when i close my eyes as if am actually their i think am going freak en crazy i want to know am not alone

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Hi Polly,

      You are most certainly not alone ... I see faces and all kinds of things also.

      You can see a whole heap of cloud photos showing faces etc at:




    • profile image

      mdford 3 years ago

      I saw a huge Phoenix in the clouds this morning.. I got really emotional. what does it mean? I have a fabulous picture to share.

    • profile image

      rinley 3 years ago

      i saw a shark the other day with very detailed eyes and teeth but what i really wanna know is what would it mean to see 3 witches with very detailed faces and hands?

    • profile image

      Luna Kitty 3 years ago

      I usually like to interoperate my dreams, but now that I am getting into cloud meanings, I was wondering if you could make a cloud reading dictionary? It would be pretty cool. Do the dream meanings and cloud meanings compare in a way? I always see hearts or some types of bird like an eagle or a regular bird. Sorry for separate questions, I often have many questions during my lifetime when I learn something new.

    • profile image

      i saw a dolphin with his mouth opened and at that same time i heard the sound they make that high pitched sqeaking sound they make what does it mean 2 years ago

      Thank you for allowing me to post this because it was amazing at the time

    • profile image

      Kimberly 2 years ago

      what does it mean when you see a baby in the uterus like the way it looks in a sonogram but instead it's in the clouds???

    • PsychicJoanne profile image

      Joanne Sacred Scribes 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      It may pertain to new beginnings, ideas and/or projects ... or an actual baby on the way somewhere within your family/friends/acquaintances.



    • profile image

      Rosa 2 years ago

      What does it mean when you see a males private part { 8==) } In the clouds???

    • profile image

      Sophia 2 years ago

      What does it mean when you see a heart shaped in the clouds???

    • profile image

      Tayah88 2 years ago

      Hi Joanne I wasn't feeling well and I layed down on my bed today looking out my window the clouds were moving and a baby formed after the baby was a love heart, then what looked like another baby I also seen what looked like a Taurus star sign which was a tattoo my brother inlaw had he died two months ago he was living with us but wnt to he's ex gfs house where he passed he is my daughters godfather and we still have no answers from the coroner do you think this has something to do with the images I have just found out I am about 6 weeks preg also?

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      I always see demons & monsters in the clouds :/

      Today I saw Demons, a dragon, & a knight riding a horse leaping over another cloud that was undeciperable.

    • profile image

      slim 2 years ago

      i saw santa clause on reinders at night over the park.the cloud was cold as it came nearer.that was so people even make clouds like that? i feel so unreal and cant believe my the way it aint even near xmass its august!

    • profile image

      Wisp Hound 2 years ago

      Watch my videos on youtube and I will show you what the clouds are really showing.

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 years ago

      I saw an elephant. What does that mean?

    • profile image

      Donna 2 years ago

      Last week I Saw an Angel in the clouds with a trumpet

    • profile image

      Renlover 2 years ago

      A few years ago i saw a child in the clouds. What does that mean?

    • profile image

      laura 2 years ago

      What does i

    • profile image

      lauren 2 years ago

      What does it mean when you see what looks like yourself in a cloud? Is it bad?

    • profile image

      nickki 22 months ago

      I saw clouds of a baby

    • profile image

      joey 20 months ago

      I seen a little girl in the clouds yesterday and my mom jst passed 1month ago could this be a sign of something

    • profile image

      michael 18 months ago

      I saw a gaurdian angel appears to be chasing what looks like a skull head with a knife there's also another manlike figure angel and what appears to be a man's face I got a pic of it how do I upload this pic and what's the meaning of this what I witnessed

    • profile image

      elizabeth 13 months ago

      i've seen several shapes in the clouds a face that i thought was gods face then an eagle, hands laid out and what looked like a dragon with with wings what are the meanings?

    • profile image

      Nina 10 months ago

      Dreamt of a baby's skeleton in the clouds.

    • profile image

      Sue Roe 9 months ago

      I keep seeing witch shaped cloudson brooms over the last few years what does it mean

    • profile image

      Pamula 9 months ago

      I want more! (please!). More definitions, asap please.

    • profile image

      Lexie 8 months ago

      Yesterday when coming back home from picking up my stuff from my ex fiance I seen a heart shaped cloud while I was listening to dove camrons song if only. What does that mean?

    • profile image

      tim 7 months ago

      Why do I see my name or initials in the clouds ?

    • profile image

      Brittany Amethyst Silverton 6 months ago

      I saw a cloud tonight (9-14-16) that was a scorpion...with a skull within gave a bit of the chills...if it helps the moon was not yet full...idk if that has an effect on the meaning or not...

    • profile image

      Sam 6 months ago

      I saw a heart shaped cloud sometime back. What does is signify? It was a perfect heart!

    • profile image

      lerato 5 months ago

      I recieved the holy spirit after I had angelic dream on 27-12-15 since then, i always feel power in my hands i can heal any sicknesssickness. Five months ago i was speaking with my mother on the phone about the bible verses and i saw a big dark cloud moving towards me and it was so close to me and I was very scured and it changed in to a dragon, I rushed in to the house and i saw it changing shape moving to the right side and I felt this sensation as if the cloud was staring at me, it stood there for sometimes and the disapeared

    • profile image

      Rhianna 5 months ago

      I keep seeing skull clouds. The other day I saw an entire skeleton and skulls CLEAR AS DAY.

      Then I see the picture online of hurricane Mathiew in the shape of....a SKULL!



      What does it mean???

    • profile image

      lerato 5 months ago

      Two weeks back I was stering at the clouds I saw something like small pieces of papers shining and moving side by side they looked like someone throu them up there, at first i thout i was dreaming and it wasn't a dusty day, I know God wants to tell me something but I have no idea what he wants to tell me, i always look up but I haven't seen it again, please I want to know what it means

    • profile image

      Allie 5 months ago

      So, I have a long experience to explain. God answered my prayer a week later when I asked him to spend more quality time with my father. A week after that prayer, my father arrived to my home and STAYED THE NIGHT in MY ROOM on MY COUCH!!! I began thanking God for answering my prayer, and I started to cry. Then, yesterday I asked God to show me himself, or to show me an angel, anything. I didnt believe that He would ACTUALLY show me anything, but he did. It started with a cloud, that looked like his hands holding the earth. I saw one of his large eyes, staring at me in my backyard, his eye was so detailed and just gorgeous to watch!!!! I looked down at the ground and cried because i knew it was true. A few seconds, later, I asked him to show me again. I wanted to see an angel!! After i asked him this question, I looked up into the sky, and I SAW MY NAME SPELT IN THE CLOUDS!!!!! I looked to the left side of the sky, and I swear to God, I saw God's hand, cupping something... cupping... someone.. THen, the figure in his hand started to take form. It began to have huge lovely wings, shining light, and very detailed.! I couldnt believe my eyes!!1 Right then and there, I knew it was God telling me to say this, "This is representing God's love for me, his hand holding me, and im supposed to be represented as the angel in his hand!" Oh my gosh, I was so happy and still am blessed and praying to see more angels now than ever!

    • profile image

      ConfusedOne 3 months ago

      I saw an eye with an X in the middle. Does that mean anything?

    • profile image

      Hawa Moore 8 weeks ago

      In my dream, I saw a very young baby in the sky rapped with a blanket. The baby was smiling at me and then right after the baby vanished!

    • profile image

      Hawamoore 8 weeks ago

      I have a dream! in my dream, I saw a young baby in the clouds rapped with a blanket and this baby was smiling at me and after that the baby vanished.

    • profile image

      Leslie 8 weeks ago

      What does it means to see your name in a cloud

    • profile image

      people person 7 weeks ago

      i saw a heart shaped cloud as i was texting someone i like

    • profile image

      Belinda 7 weeks ago

      Wanting to know what it means to see a snail cloud

    • profile image

      maggie 3 weeks ago

      This morning I sat outside looking up at sky southwest and seen the letter "x" in sky at 7:30 a. M. Pacific time

      .. What does that "x". Mean?

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