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The Meaning of Teeth Falling Out in a Dream

Sam is fascinated by dream symbolism and the subconscious mind.

Teeth falling out dream spiritual meaning

Teeth falling out dream spiritual meaning

What Does It Mean to Dream About Teeth Falling Out?

Seeing teeth falling out in a dream symbolizes a big loss or fear of losing something, either a loved one, a job, or a relationship. Teeth represent attractiveness, communication, and the ability to eat. If you dream of losing your teeth, your dream is manifesting your hidden fears of growing old and weak and losing your ability to communicate and live a vivacious life. It is a reminder (or even a warning) of impending death, either of yours or someone close to you.

Common Representations

  • Gossip: You let something slip out that you should have kept a secret, or you're worried about saying the wrong thing.
  • Health: Strong teeth are an indication of health, but falling teeth symbolize poor health
  • Trouble with communication: Are you being silenced at work? Is there something in your waking life you want to communicate, but you're too afraid to say it?
  • Lack of power: If you feel powerless in a relationship, at work, or in any other situation, then teeth falling out represents your world falling apart beyond your control.
  • A challenge: Is there an obstacle or issue in your waking life that you're afraid to bite into?
  • Fear and insecurity: fear of getting old, fear of being unattractive, fear of losing power in a specific situation
  • Loss: loss of power, loss of something valuable in your life
  • Menopause: Many women who are near menopause or who are currently experiencing it will have fears of getting old, which often manifests in dreams about losing teeth
  • Windfall: You're going to receive money if you dream of losing a tooth. This interpretation originates from the tradition of the tooth fairy leaving money under your pillow in exchange for a tooth.

What If You Dream of Crumbling Teeth?

If you see teeth crumbling, then it represents a loss of control in your waking life. Things are falling apart around you, and you feel powerless to stop it. This is an anxiety dream that should alert you to the pressing situation that you're in and how insecure you're feeling about it.

Here are a few scenarios in your waking life that a dream about teeth crumbling could represent.

What Teeth Crumbling in a Dream Might Mean

  • A troubled relationship: Your partner is either cheating on you or on the verge of breaking up with you. Something in your relationship is unfixable, but you desire to fix it.
  • Being bulldozed or demoted at work: Is there a situation at work where you feel like you have no voice? Maybe you make your opinions heard, but no one listens. Crumbling teeth may also represent getting demoted, fired, or backstabbed by a coworker.
  • Being lost: Not having enough money, losing hope, not knowing your purpose in life, family/relationship troubles are all things that are hard to control, and you may feel alone and lacking in direction.
If your teeth fall out in a dream, is that an unlucky omen?

If your teeth fall out in a dream, is that an unlucky omen?

Are Teeth Falling Out a Harbinger of Death?

I personally have never had a dream about teeth, but I have a friend who once had a dream about looking in a mirror to see that all of her teeth had fallen out. The next day, her mother told her that her aunt had died. She had a similar dream years later, and again, another relative of hers had passed away that night. She heard the news the next morning. Seeing all of your teeth fall out in a dream is a strong symbolism of portending death, specifically the death of a close family member or a close friend.

What Does a Dream of Teeth Breaking Mean?

A broken tooth or teeth symbolize losing something important to you. In your waking life, you may be going through turmoil and change, and you are afraid of making comprises in which you lose something or someone valuable to you.

What About Dreams of Rotting Teeth?

Dreaming of rotting teeth represents slow change and eventual loss. Something important in your life is decaying or slowly slipping away from you. This could be your relationship with a partner, family member, or coworker. It could also mean that you are slowly losing faith or hope in something.

What If You Dream of Someone Else Losing Their Teeth?

If the person in the dream with falling teeth is not you, then your subconscious is warning you that this person is someone you shouldn't be attracted to. You either should not be close friends or romantically involved with this person, or you shouldn't trust them.

Conversely, this person may be in a powerless position and needs your help. It depends on your relationship with this person in your waking life.

A dream of dentures or false teeth might indicate feelings of impotence, false impressions in general, or that you've lied or said something that is untrue.

A dream of dentures or false teeth might indicate feelings of impotence, false impressions in general, or that you've lied or said something that is untrue.

What Does It Mean If You Dream of Teeth Falling Out While Pregnant?

It is common for pregnant women to have this recurring dream, especially in the second semester when pregnancy symptoms begin to ramp up. Women in this stage of pregnancy often feel like they're not as in control of their lives as they should be, so the theme of powerlessness that manifests in losing one's teeth is very potent during this period.

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Different Cultural Interpretations


In Greek culture, dreaming of teeth falling out portends the death or illness of a family member. This is because people depend on teeth to eat and survive, and without them, they cannot live.


Seeing your teeth falling out in a dream means you're being deceitful. Perhaps you've recently told a lie or kept a secret you shouldn't be keeping.


If the teeth fall out without pain, then the dream represents deeds that are worthless. You are doing deeds that do not add value to your or anyone else's life. If falling teeth is accompanied by pain, then it means you are going to lose something, either your property or your health. If you catch the falling teeth in your hand, then you will become rich. You will either gain property, a higher position, or money.

Christianity or Biblical Meaning

Teeth chew the word of God, thereby helping you digest and internalize His teachings. So to see one's teeth fall out in a dream symbolizes a lack of wisdom or lack of faith.

Grillz, tooth gems, dentures, false teeth, vampire fangs... any of these "extra" dental ornaments might be hiding something.

Grillz, tooth gems, dentures, false teeth, vampire fangs... any of these "extra" dental ornaments might be hiding something.

Psychological Interpretations

According to Carl Jung

Psychologist C.G. Jung believes that teeth falling out represents rebirth; for women, it means giving birth to a child. This means that something new is going to happen in your life, whether it's a new job, a new relationship, or turning a new leaf or a new chapter.

According to Sigmund Freud

Freud believes that losing your teeth represents repressed sexual tension, predominately castration or fear regarding the male genitalia. If you are having problems in bed or you're nervous about beginning a new sexual relationship, then losing your teeth could be a manifestation of that sexual repression.

Are There Any Scientific Explanations for Dreams of Falling Teeth?

Scientists have long pondered the commonness of dreams about teeth falling because it is incompatible with the "continuity hypothesis," which states that dreams are manifestations of things that occur in our waking life. Most people do not experience teeth problems on a regular basis, so it is inexplicable why teeth falling out is such a common dream theme for the majority of people around the world.

One theory proposed by Calvin Yu, a psychologist at the University of Hong Kong, is that the sensations of bruxism (or teeth grinding) could incorporate into our dreams and develop into images of tooth pain or losing our teeth. In other words, people who grind their teeth during sleep may have recurring dreams about teeth falling out.

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amina on July 15, 2020:

can someone please tell me what it means in the islamic one, where it says "worthless deeds". how are my deeds worthless? you can dm me on instagram @_4ngll

Rene on July 13, 2020:

I dreamt all of my upper teeth fell out like dentures. I kept putting them back in my mouth (like dentures) but they wouldn’t stay.

Nobody on June 17, 2020:

I dreamed that my tooth fell out, so I spit it into my head and tried to put it back in. As I was putting it back in I realized all the others were coming out. As I kept trying to put them in.. my whole upper jaw disconnected from my head. I looked through the gap between the hanging top jaw and skull and it was empty- looked like a very wide version of the roof of my mouth (but smooth). I started panicking because I didn’t see my brain. I was still trying to put my teeth back in. It was very scary..

Livia on January 17, 2020:

i dream regularly about my teeth sticking to the lolipop or as i am chewing gum it is very scary. but i got used to it

Reina on November 02, 2019:

Hey gab, I had the exact same dream

gab on July 01, 2019:

i regularly have these dreams , i dream that my teeth start falling apart piece by peice i catch them in my hand as i am scared , i'm gathering my teeth remains confused to why this is happening . thinking i now look worthless without my teeth . in real life i am not happy with my smile but loosing them in my dreams makes me want to give up in life like i no longer have a meaning in life. what does this mean , should i smile more like showing my teeth even though i hate them ?

parapluie on May 15, 2019:

i just had a dream a while ago. and i suddenly checked what should it mean

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