10 Interpretations: What Dreaming About Teeth Falling out Means

Updated on February 14, 2019
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GA Anderson writes about mystical and psychological dream symbol interpretations and how to apply them to your dreams.

Dreaming about your teeth falling out is one of the more frequent symbolic dreams to show up for people, but finding out how this relates to you and your life means looking at what else is happening in your dream.

It is important to consider whether any part of it portrays a recent life event or concern. These general interpretations will help you do just that.

Top 10 Teeth Dream Symbol Interpretations
Top 10 Teeth Dream Symbol Interpretations | Source

Use these meanings and interpretation hints to find out what those teeth in your dream mean to you, and more specifically to your life.

Teeth Falling out in a Dream

As one of the more common dream symbols, dreaming of teeth falling out also has one of the more easily understood general meanings:

  • Lack of confidence and feelings of powerlessness

The lack of confidence could relate to your appearance, a vanity issue, your communication ability, a sense of embarrassment, or even your health or death.

To understand which of these your dream might be about requires an understanding of the context of your dream, what is happening around you.

For example; if your relationship partner is in your dream too, then it may mean you are embarrassed by your appearance, or an inability to say what you want to say.

Or, if your dream contains work related imagery, then it could mean you aren't confident you can do the job, and fear the embarrassment of your co-workers finding out.

The most important thing for you to understand is that this dream symbol usually only shows up in stress dreams. Dreams that can border on nightmares.

Common Interpretations of Teeth Falling Out

As with most stress dreams, the symbolism of your teeth falling out, or crumbling into your hand relates directly to some feeling of inadequacy or inability.

For each of these possible meanings, think about other clues that may have been in your dream, and think about recent events in your life; a new job or assignment, a new relationship, or elevation of a current one, or has someone new entered your life in a work or social context.

Note: Detailed interpretations follow this list.

Negative Symbolism

  • Vanity and Embarrassment: This can be related to your appearance or work or relationship capabilities.
  • Powerlessness and Communications: This can relate to your communications with others, in that you aren't able to say what you want to say, or a sense of powerlessness to even speak at all.
  • Health Issues: This can relate to feelings of deteriorating health, worries about your health, or the life changes that health changes will bring.
  • Death: Teeth falling out can be related to worries about aging, and those aging worries can relate to what follows aging—death.
  • Deceit: In some Eastern cultures the symbol of teeth falling out can represent lying or deception.
  • Inferiority: This can be related to self-doubt about yourself, whether in your appearance or your abilities.
  • Sexuality: For both males and females, teeth falling out could relate to feelings of failing potency or sexual ability.

Positive Symbolism

  • Life Growth: The teeth falling out may be making room for new ones - new growth in your personal or work life.
  • Self-Nurture: This symbol can relate to a new perspective of taking better care of your health and social life.
  • Rebirth: A sign for a complete rebirth of your life goals and personal growth.

Dream of Hiding Teeth Falling Out
Dream of Hiding Teeth Falling Out | Source

The Context and Surrounding Imagery of Your Dream Matter

To understand which of these meanings might apply, you must consider what was surrounding your vision of teeth falling out, or the dream circumstances in which it happened.

Looking at the whole picture of your dream will help you understand just what message your subconscious is trying to send you.

Negative Interpretations of Teeth Falling out

1. Vanity and Embarrassment

Your self-image is a barometer of how you feel about your life. Your teeth are a big part of that self-image.

To dream about them falling out could be related to a lack of confidence that others see you the same way you do, or want them to. You could be anxious someone important doesn't see you as attractive or competent as you want them to.

It could also relate to your ability to do a job or task, or even a social situation. You may be feeling you are going to fail, and are feeling embarrassed that others are going to find out.

2. Powerlessness and Communication Issues

Regarding powerlessness alone, this could be a subconscious message that you are feeling some aspect of your life is out of your control. You are powerless to stop or control something in your life.

It could be work or social life related, or it could even be related to a personal relationship. In all instances you might be feeling that there is nothing you can do about what has, will, or is happening.

Regarding communications, you could be feeling powerless to say what you want to say, or in a way others will understand. It could also represent an inability to communicate at all. Either by a lack of opportunity, or someone's unwillingness to hear you.

It could even represent your fear to even speak up at all about something that is important to you.

3. Health Issues

Most people associate good teeth with health and the vitality of your life quality. Deterioration of teeth is frequently seen as signs of both health and aging issues.

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out could be a message of worries about your health, or anxiety about growing older and what that means to your health and life quality.

Try to recall what other things or circumstances were in your dream. It is likely there were other symbols that would point to one or the other of these interpretations.

4. Death

An interpretation that death is involved may sound overly dramatic, but it does logically follow the fears of a health issue and aging meaning.

If you are feeling serious concerns about your health, or you fear the prospect of aging, it is not a big leap to consider the message of those symbols to be that you are also fearful of death.

Once more, this is a dream meaning that is very dependent on the context and content of your dream. Was there anything else in your dream that was as dramatic as death?

5. Deceit and Deception

This meaning could be related to an Eastern culture setting or background. There is an old saying about lying that ties this dream symbol to deception and deceit:

Old Chinese aphorism that says "The proof of the lie is your teeth falling out."

Another interpreted meaning might be that you, (or someone), know you are lying and your teeth will fall out for all to see that you are lying.

6. Inferiority and Insecurity

This interpretation also ties the meaning to the vanity, embarrassment, and powerlessness meanings.

In all of these the dreamer could be feeling that they aren't good enough, attractive enough, or capable enough to be well-judged by others.

As a stress dream, this symbol could be a subconscious message that something in your life's recent, or upcoming events is affecting your feeling of not being good enough or capable enough to handle it.

Look at the rest of your dream. Are there other symbols that could be clues to what is affecting you?

Hiding Your Teeth In Your Dream
Hiding Your Teeth In Your Dream | Source

7. Loss of Sexual Prowess

In a classic Freudian interpretation, teeth are related to potency, and losing them to castration. So it would seem to be a dream symbol for men only, but that isn't necessarily true.

For men, their teeth and smile are representative of their virility, so a loss of their teeth, such as their teeth falling out, might be seen as a statement on their sexual abilities.

Although not as directly linked, for women it could be a sign of not feeling capable of arousal in themselves, or capable of arousing their partner.

Positive Interpretations

Practically speaking, there are few positive things in a stress dream, but experienced dream interpreters—going all the way back to Carl Jung, have noted several possible ones.

They have determined some instances, when in conjunction with other aspects of the dream contents, that do seem to point to positive messages from your inner self.

8. Growth and Development

This meaning has a bit of Freud in its interpretation. As losing your baby teeth marks a transition to the next stage in your life, so can a dream about your teeth falling out as an adult.

It may be an inner message telling you that you are rising, or are ready to rise, to a new level in your life. A maturing of abilities and outlook. You are growing to be a better person.

However, to see this symbol as a positive sign, there must be other positive parts of your dream that reinforce that meaning.

9. Nurturance and Support

Those falling teeth could represent a sense of loss. In a dream it could be tied to your feelings as a kid when you had no cares and your family and the world nurtured you as you grew.

As a dream symbol it could represent an inner feeling that those around you, in your life now, are offering you that same sense of nurturing support that you remember as a child.

10. Rebirth

This dream meaning, that your teeth falling out could represent a feeling of rebirth in your life comes from a recognized master of dream interpretation: Carl Jung.

A long psychological rationalization isn't necessary. Simply put, Jung sees the loss of those teeth as a message of something new in your life—a rebirth. You are ready to move past your old life into a new and more fulfilling one.

From Dream Interpreter Craig Hamilton-Parker

Only You Can Know the Real Meaning of Your Dream

Recognized dream symbol meanings like this one, are only pieces to a puzzle: The puzzle of what your dream means to you.

It is up to you to remember and rebuild the picture presented in your dream. As much as you can, try to answer these questions:

  • What was the circumstance of your dream symbol, how did it appear?
  • What else was in your dream?
  • How did you feel and react to your dream symbol?
  • Was it the most prominent part, or did it share the stage with other symbols?
  • Did anything in the dream portray, or associate with a recent event that happened in your life?
  • Most importantly, what was your first reaction to it, what did you think it meant in your dream?

The answers to each of those questions will help you begin to understand which of the possible meanings apply to your dream.

If your dream is a reoccurring one, keep a notepad by your bed and jot down as much as you can remember as soon as you wake up.

If you would like to discuss or share your dream, feel free to use the comments section below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      I dream getting married to my fellow woman n at dat point we exchange blood


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