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What a Snake in Your Dream Means: Top 3 Interpretations

GA Anderson writes about mystical and psychological symbol interpretations and how to apply them to your dreams.

A snake symbol in your dream

A snake symbol in your dream

What Does It Mean to See a Snake in My Dream?

Dreaming of snakes can mean many things, depending on how the snake presents itself in the dream. It makes a difference if it was the main focus or just a fleeting part of your dream.

Whether using mystical or psychological symbolisms, a true interpretation depends on the context of the snake in your dreams.

Comparing these two dream symbol interpretations can help you understand what the snake in your dream means.

Snake Symbolism in a Dream

A snake symbol in your dream can be one of the most potent and portending of all dream symbols, and it can also be one of the most context-sensitive ones.

From fear to sex, or from positive to negative, its meaning depends on how the snake appears in your dream and what your reaction to it is. To understand what this means to you, you must be able to see the circumstances in your dream.

Common General Dream Symbol Meanings:

  • Sex: a phallic symbol—in both mystical and psychological interpretations
  • Fear: of an action, situation, or person
  • Intuition: a subconscious spiritual or instinctual message
  • Change: must be, or has been, made
  • Inner strength or talent: you have it; time to use it
  • Transition: reaching for or achieving a higher level of wisdom or understanding
  • Renewal: healing or a new beginning
  • Wisdom: knowledge or answers
  • Transition: an ascendance or graduation

Reconstruct and See Your Snake Dream

It is generally accepted that dreamers start forgetting their dream about ten minutes after waking.

You may remember the highlights—such as the snake was hissing, or you touched the snake, or the snake frightened you, but to truly interpret your snake symbol, you must be able to piece together more details:

  • How did it appear in your dream—real or symbolic?
  • Was it threatening or beckoning?
  • Was it the focus of your dream or just part of the picture?
  • What was your reaction—were you scared or curious?
A dream snake watching

A dream snake watching

What Is the Snake Doing in Your Dream?

Was it just there, or was it moving? Was it coiled or slithering? Psychological interpretations jump first to the phallic symbolism—was the snake's head erect? Or was it resting on the ground or its body?

Mystical interpretations of the snake symbol look more to the inner-self and life situation meanings than the classical sexual implications.

Most Common Meanings Associated With Snakes

The three most common meanings associated with snakes are fear, sex, and deceit. When interpreting your dream, consider your reaction to the snake.

Fear: Does seeing the snake make you want to run away, or fill you with dread?

This could mean that something is happening, or you think will happen, in your life that frightens you. Your inner self may be sending a message of caution, or a warning of danger.

How you are reacting in your dream will help you understand what the snake means to you, and your life.

Sex and the Phallic Symbol: Both mystical and psychological interpretations see it as symbolizing a sexual or relationship issue.

Is the snake's head erect? Is its tongue flicking about? Is it slithering towards or over you? These signs could indicate an anticipation or excitement concerning a recent or upcoming encounter. These could represent your own sexual desire.

If the snake's head is erect and hissing, or open-mouthed, this could represent a fear of an encounter.

Deceit: Is the snake hidden, or in grass or leaves?

This symbolizes deceit. You are feeling tricked, or that someone is lying to you. There is someone in your life that you don't trust.

Mystical Meanings

The mystical interpretations of snake symbolism are based on much older concepts. And almost all of them are positive.

Throughout history those mystical interpretations see snakes as representing wisdom and power. Both from within and without. Your inner wisdom and power, and wisdom and power coming into your life from outside sources.

Snake Symbolism in Mystical Eastern Cultures

Eastern and Mid-eastern cultures, particularly the Hindu and Egyptians symbolize snakes this way. For the Hindu it is wisdom and power from within, in the Mid-eastern cultures it is projected power.

Hindu Shiva Snake Wisdom Statue

Hindu Shiva Snake Wisdom Statue

Hindu Snake Symbolism

Inner Power

The Hindu interpret it as an inner force, a spiritual power that can be awakened. If the context of your dream contains any Eastern aspects, or if you are of an Eastern culture, the snake could mean you are, or should be, recognizing your own power and wisdom in your life.

The snake could be your inner self telling you that you have the power and knowledge to control the situation.

A Transcendental Awakening

It could also symbolize an inner awakening, either spiritual or transcendental. It is telling you to wake-up to your own potential.

Another example of the inner power that a snake in your dream could represent is the kundalini belief of the life force in each of us. It can be a representation of our inner control of dark forces and temptations in our life.


A snake can also represent healing, whether from an inner harm, or a psychic harm from a life situation. From the Greeks, the rod of Asclepius, known now as the Caduceus, which is a symbol for modern medicine, could easily represent a healing message.

Think about how the snake appeared in your dream. Whether positive or negative, dealing with power or healing, a snake almost always carries the message of an awakening. To your inner strength, or to the non-obvious details of a life event.

Mystical Mid-Eastern Cultural Interpretations

If there are mid-eastern influences in your dream, it could portend that you have achieved, or are about to receive, the power and knowledge to control your life.

Egyption Statue Snake Power Symbol

Egyption Statue Snake Power Symbol

The Egyption Snake Symbol

If there are Middle Eastern concepts in your dream, or your life, then the snake symbol in your dreams could have one clear message—power.

Possession of Power

This mystic interpretation, in the context of Mid-eastern cultural influences, is all about power. Your dream snake is either telling you that you have the inner power needed for whatever is happening in your life—a job change, a life change, a romantic change—or, it is telling you that the power you need is coming.

Look back to your dream. What the snake was doing, or how it was represented is very important. Was it a real snake or a symbol of a snake? Was it stationary and just "present," or did it seem to be beckoning or trying to communicate?

Any of those representations are a positive sign.

However, if the snake seemed threatening in your dream, if it was weaving or coiling, or seeming sneaky in some manner, the message could be a warning of a counter-power entering your life. A negative sign you must pay attention to.

Projection of Power

Your snake is telling you to use and display your power. It is there. You have it and you should use it.

You Must Be Your Own Dream Interpreter

It is true that a dream interpreter can tell you the commonly accepted meanings of dream symbols. And they can point you in the direction of understanding.

However, the most important details that will lead you to a true understanding of what your dream means must come from how you see the symbols in your dream.

What those symbols, in this case a snake, mean to you and your life will depend on what the other parts of your dream signified to you.

Here you have found the basic and commonly understood meanings. Use them to understand what they mean to your life circumstances.

Tips and Hints to Help You Interpret Your Snake Dream

The top indicators:

  1. If you feel aroused, curious, or excited by the snake and its actions, it could be related to sex, or even love. As a phallic symbol, it suggests you are anticipating a new relationship, or a next-step in a current relationship. This is a positive sign. It is telling you that you are ready.
  2. If you feel fear when you see the snake in your dream, it can mean you are not sure what to do about some situation in your life. You feel uncertain about what is going to happen, or even if you can handle it. It can also be a symbol of someone you fear. A worry that someone in your life is affecting you negatively.
    • If you feel neither fear or attraction—if the snake is just a neutral symbol— then it could mean you are confident in your life. You have handled a situation and feel good about it. If it was a damaging situation it could signify healing. You are getting over something.
  3. If you address the snake, or are talking with it, it may mean you are listening to your subconscious, your inner self. You are accepting a message of your inner ability to handle some situation in your life. If the snake is attacking or biting you the message may be that it is time to stop avoiding something. Time to explore new options.

Put Your Dream Puzzle Together to See the Big Picture

Now you have the building blocks of understanding the symbol. And you have an instructional outline of how to interpret them in the context of your life.

Now you can begin to understand what the snake in your dream means to you and your life specifically—not just as a generic symbol for anyone in the world.

Do you now know what your snake means? Tell us in the comment section below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: What does it mean to see a big snake on electric pole in a dream?

Answer: Your dream has the combination of the powerful snake symbol and the danger of electricity symbolism. This could mean you are feeling both powerful and worried about the danger of your power. You could be facing a decision in your life that has great risks.

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Thanks for the visit Diane,

You are not alone in your fear of snakes. But it might give you pause to consider just how many folks revere them.

Strange world.


ga anderson (author) from Maryland on December 11, 2018:


Thanks for the compliment, and taking the time to read and comment.

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