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What Does It Mean When You See Yourself in a Dream?

Howard is a regular lucid dreamer. He likes finding ways to increase his lucid episodes and enjoy the dream world.

Waking up after you've dreamed of yourself can be confusing. As with many other types of dreams, the whole experience doesn't hit you at once. The return to the waking world brings a flicker of the dream, then all the details slowly fill in.

Looking for an explanation, you go back to the beginning of the dream and track it to the end. Unfortunately, dreams often don't have a coherent story arc. This probably leaves you still looking for answers.

Of course, we're always dreaming about ourselves in a sense. Usually, though, we have a first person point of view in our dreams. This article is concerned with seeing ourselves in the third person.

Let's consider some of the commonly accepted traditional interpretations for seeing yourself in a dream. Keep in mind that this is not scientific by any means. This is a highly speculative realm. Each person will have to decide for themselves how much weight they'll give to these possible interpretations.

We'll take a look at:

  • seeing yourself in a dream.
  • seeing your dream reflection in a mirror.
  • seeing your younger dream self as a child or baby.
  • seeing yourself as elderly.
  • seeing a scary version of yourself.
  • fighting yourself in a dream.
  • talking to yourself in a dream.
Find out what it means to see your double in a dream.

Find out what it means to see your double in a dream.

Seeing Yourself (a Doppelganger) in a Dream

This could mean you have concerns about how you're behaving. It could be time to think about how you're acting, and make the necessary changes.

Seeing or meeting your doppelganger could mean you should stop doing something, and there will be consequences if you don't.

It could be a warning that there's danger or some sort of misfortune is imminent.

It's generally considered to have negative implications, much like seeing your reflection.

Seeing Your Dream Reflection in a Mirror

The traditional explanation for seeing your reflection is that bad things are coming to you. Daily discouragements and roadblocks will interfere with your plans.

It's also believed to portend illness with accompanying financial hardship.

It could also mean you're thinking about your identity, how you see yourself and how others perceive you. You might want to find out who you really are. Maybe you're unhappy with who you've become.

As with seeing yourself in the third person, seeing a reflection could mean you're assessing your behavior.

Dreaming of Your Younger Self: A Child or Baby

As a Child

This could mean you're feeling the strain of adult life—work, family and any other various responsibilities and duties.

It might reveal a desire to return to a more carefree existence, with someone else looking out for you.

It could indicate you haven't come to terms with something from your childhood, or that you want to return to something that was important to you as a child.

You might think you've been acting immaturely.

As a Baby

This could represent many of the same things as dreaming of yourself as a child, but amplified.

It could mean you're feeling vulnerable; maybe you want someone to take care of you or you desire unconditional love.

It could be saying you've been acting like a baby about something, and need to "grow up".

Dreaming of Your Elderly Self

This one could indicate you're rigid in your ways and unchangeable in your views. It could be a warning to become more open minded before it's too late.

You might have reservations about aging, like worries about how you'll be cared for or who will still be in your life.

In a refreshing change, this one has a possible positive interpretation as well. If your older dream self seems alright, it could indicate the wisdom of your decisions. You might be on the right track, living with sound judgment and planning well for the future.

Dreaming of a Scary Version of Yourself or as a Monster

A wretched version of yourself could mean you feel you're changing into something you don't like. It could be something physical—maybe you're not taking care of yourself they way you think you should. Or, it could represent a negative personality trait you feel is growing—selfishness, greed, hostility or anything that could distance you from others.

It could be a realization that you're seeing your real self. You could be someone you're not proud of, and it's getting harder to ignore it.

Dreaming About Fighting Yourself

This might mean you have a conflict within you. You're torn between courses of action or behavior, and this represents your battle to figure out what to do.

You could be frustrated with yourself, or feel you've let yourself down. You want to make yourself pay for what you've done.

A self-loathing interpretation also seems obvious with this one.

My Experience

I've only seen myself in a dream once, and it was one of my most memorable dreams ever.

I got out of bed (in my dream) and walked out of my room into a wide hallway where the washer and dryer are. I saw myself standing at the far end, about twenty feet away, by the washer.

Instantly, I was furious. I rushed at myself, uttering threats. I punched at my head. My doppelganger evaded the shot. I grabbed my head and started slamming it into the washer. The other me tackled my midsection.

The dream ended suddenly here, and I woke up. This is one of my favorite dreams ever, topping many lucid episodes. It couldn't have been more than twenty seconds long. It struck me as being so funny, and I still laugh at it sometimes.

But, who knows what it means? Some mysteries are too deep for a mortal mind to uncover.

Talking to Yourself in a Dream

You might talk to yourself in any of the above versions.

If the conversation is related to how your other self appears or is acting, that supports their respective interpretations.

What if nothing unusual is happening, and you're simply having a casual conversation with yourself? This could mean you want to tell yourself something. There might be something important you know, but aren't really acknowledging to yourself.

Common Elements of Dreaming About Yourself

As you probably noticed, traditional interpretations don't leave a lot to be hopeful about when it comes to meeting or seeing yourself in a dream. The only purely positive possibility is in seeing yourself in old age.

The obvious commonality among all the other variations is that they're negative. Whether it's a personality trait or something you're doing, you want to change something about yourself or your life. Alternatively, you're being warned to make a change if you want to avoid some unpleasantness.

If you're optimistic, you could put a positive spin on these meanings by taking the view that they're offering a second chance. You're being given a warning; it's in your power to use it to your benefit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some unfinished business with myself.


Matt on June 16, 2020:

I saw myself in a dream last night.I was in my childhood bedroom and I noticed myself standing in the corner.I then lost sight of myself and had to squint or adjust my eyes in some way to see myself again.This I did and we both checked each other out amazed.The other me looks like me now ,but the me I seemed to be inhabiting looked like a younger version of me. A strong thought suddenly came to me to tell my other self that I loved him.I did and he said " I love you too man" .My other self then sort of turned into a ball like a pillowcase full of clothes or stuffing and went into my bellybutton area Like catching a football and absorbed.....I then woke immediately and it was morning a few minutes before my alarm went off.

Alyssa on May 04, 2020:

I had a dream where I was looking at myself into a mirror but my reflection was cracking a smile in a horrifying way, kind of like the scene on the show Locke & key where they boy was looking at a mirror shaped door, and his reflection was smiling at him the exact same way my reflection did. I was in a dark room and the only thing I could see was the mirror and this terrifying version of myself. Later on in my dream other people judge my reflection and don’t see anything wrong with it, in fact they don’t see this terrifying version of myself, they even complement it. I stare at this monster like version of myself, thinking that this version of me was going to do something bad to people I care about, then my dream ended with my reflection still staring at me.

Srishti on February 08, 2020:

I saw myself in a mirror ..i have long hairs in real and colour in between black and brown

but in my dream my hairs were up to my shoulder and raven black colour ..i was admiring myself touching my hairs and face

and plus my face looked so different and beautiful

and i found it scary because how i was seeing myself.

Howard Allen (author) on January 31, 2020:


This sounds very difficult. The only thing I can suggest is researching how to turn these childhood experiences into triggers for a lucid dream.

Essentially, you'd "reality check" while awake every time you thought about anything from childhood. You'd also imagine scenes similar to the ones you've dreamed, trying to feel the emotion of it, and use that feeling as a sign to reality check. The idea is that while you're having one of these troubling dreams, you'd realize that it might not be real.

I'm not suggesting this would be an easy fix. It's worth a try, though.

Thanks for reading. I hope you get some relief.

Chris Devenport on January 31, 2020:

I have dreams in third person about some really bad things that happened when I was a kid!!

I Wake up wore out drenched in sweat i’m breathing like I just ran a mile

And mentally broken