What Does it Mean When I Dream About Kissing?

Updated on February 21, 2017
A dream about kissing someone can mean different things depending upon who you are kissing in the dream and where on their body.
A dream about kissing someone can mean different things depending upon who you are kissing in the dream and where on their body.

Kissing is a common dream theme, because kissing is a big part of life. We kiss our partners, our close relatives, and our children. In some parts of the world it is customary to kiss friends both old and new. Kissing has been a longtime symbol of passion, desire, love, and friendship.

Kisses themselves are powerful in most cultures. They appear as magic and life-giving in fairy tales. Think of how much a simple kiss meant to Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. For the frog-prince, a kiss broke the spell.

When it comes to kissing dreams, there are several different variations. For example, you may have a dream about kissing your mom, an ex, or someone's hand. These dreams each have different meanings.

In order to understand your own dream, you have to know:

  • Who you kissed.
  • Where on the body you kissed them.
  • The type of kiss.
  • Your emotional state when you had the dream.

What Does it Mean if You Kiss Someone in a Dream?

  • Kissing someone on the lips in a dream is a form of spiritual communication. A kiss on the lips can be interpreted as a way of sealing an agreement.
  • If you kiss someone else's boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse in a dream, you may want to be in a new relationship, but not necessarily with that specific person.
  • What if you kiss someone you don't like? Beware. This may mean that someone is trying to get you to do something you don't want to do.
  • If the kiss in your dream is a French kiss, then you need to express your emotions more honestly and need more passion in your life.
  • If you yearn for something in your dream, it means that you will soon have an opportunity to get what you want.

Who Did You Kiss in the Dream?

If you dream of kissing a specific person, this can symbolize several different things. It depends upon who it was.

  • Someone else's partner: If you dreamed of kissing someone else's girlfriend or boyfriend, this may mean that you want to be in a relationship or be in love. It doesn't necessarily mean that you want to be with that specific person. It may also mean that you want to act out sexually. It may be a sign that you are jealous of that person. It may also mean that you are being deceitful when it comes to other people's relationships and that you aren't showing honor and integrity about the situation.
  • A stranger: If you have a dream about kissing a stranger, this may be an acknowledgement that something is missing from your life. The missing thing may be love or a special bond, or not. Your kissing the stranger is a symbol of acceptance. If the stranger kissed you, it represents self-discovery that you are missing a key attribute in your life.
  • A close friend: If you dream of kissing your close friend or about them kissing you, it may mean that you admire and respect them. The kiss represents your strong bond. It may mean that you want something more with them. This dream may be your unconscious telling you that you are missing something in your life, specifically love.
  • Someone you don't like: If you dream of kissing someone that you really don't like, beware. This may mean that betrayal and deceit are afoot. If someone you don't like tries to kiss you and you try to stop them, this mean that someone is trying to get you to do or accept things that you don't want to. It may also mean that you are refusing to accept something.
  • Brother or sister: If you kiss your brother or sister in a dream it may represent your special bond with them. It may mean that the two of you have a good relationship.
  • Partner: Dreaming about kissing your own romantic partner may mean that you need more romance with them. Is romance missing in your relationship? The dream may also represent your strong desire and passion for them. If you were watching your partner kiss someone else in the dream, this represents an unfaithful tendency or a deceitful past.
  • Mother: If you dreamed about kissing your mother, you will have great success in life and business. It may mean that you will be honored, loved, and respected by others.
  • Random person: If you kiss someone that you barely know in a dream, you may have feelings for them. If you wait in the distance to view the person in your dream, it may mean that you yearn for a real-life fantasy. If you kiss someone that you have very little interest in, this may mean that you feel awkward or uncomfortable about some aspect of your life.
  • Children: If you dream about kissing a child, this represents a happy family life or reunion. If the child is your own, it denotes your love for them. It may also mean that they need something from you.
  • A crazy person: If you dream about kissing someone who is crazy, you may be making bad decisions or judgements in your life.

Where on the Body Did You Kiss in the Dream?

Kisses on specific area of the body hold different symbolic meanings.

  • Hand: If you kissed someone's hand, or someone kissed your hand, this may mean that you feel respect and comfort with that person. It can be a sign of loyalty.
  • Leg: If you dreamed about kissing someone on the foot or leg, this may mean that you are humble. It is a sign of humility and respect. If the person kisses you on the foot or leg, this means that they respect and are comfortable with you.
  • Forehead: If you kissed someone on the forehead or someone kissed you there in your dream, it may mean that you are displeased with their actions or they are displeased with yours.
  • Cheek: If you dreamed that you kissed someone on the cheek, or that they kissed you there, this means that you admire them (or they you). This kiss represents friendship, loyalty, respect, courtesy, and reverence.
  • Neck: If you dream about kissing someone on the neck, or about someone kissing you on the neck, this may mean that you are giving in to your wants and desires. This is a symbol of lust and desire or that you yearn for passion.

If You Dream About Kissing on the Lips

A kiss on the lips is usually a sign of affection. The question is, do you feel affection for the person you kissed in the dream? Or for someone else?

Kisses on the lips are very often interpreted as a form of spiritual communication. They can be thought of as a way of securing an agreement. Consider your current relationships, either with the person you kissed or with others, and whether you are entering a new phase in any of them. Perhaps your dream represents your desire to "seal the deal" in some way.

What Type of Kiss Was It?

What type of kiss was it? Was it passionate, friendly, respectful, or polite?

  • French kiss: If you dream that you are French kissing a person, this means that you need to express your emotions in an honest way. It may mean that you need more passion and desire in your life.
  • The ground: Kissing the ground in a dream may represent negative emotions. It may mean that you will have emotional distress and setbacks in your life.

How Did You Feel in the Dream About the Kiss?

A dream about a kiss can symbolize passion, desire, deceit, respect, loyalty, and many other feelings. The only way to know for sure what your dream means is to ask yourself: How did I feel when I had the dream? How did I feel in the dream?

Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst who made a study of dreams and the unconscious, argued that dreams were a form of repressed desire. His theory was that emotions that we repress in our waking lives bubble up in dreams. Another dream researcher, Dr. Ernest Hartmann, found that the central image of the dream (in this case, a kiss) is directly related to an underlying emotion.

Other theories attach symbolic meaning to the emotions experienced in dreams. For example:

  • Feeling afraid in a dream means the dreamer is experiencing self-doubt in their waking life.
  • Aggression symbolizes repressed sexual desire.
  • Feeling amorous in a dream means that your runaway emotions will get you into trouble in your waking life.
  • Dreaming about love means that love in your waking life is strong and has spilled over into your unconscious.
  • If you yearn for something in your dream, it means that you will soon have an opportunity to get what you want.


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    • profile image

      Head honcho 4 hours ago

      Had a dream about French kissing somebody I had once dated. It was late, dark, with most of the blinds shut. My partner was asleep next to us while we were making out in our hot exposure. We wanted to continue, but my partner next to me kept moving around. The kissing felt so real, and wet. It was filled with a ton of passion. I woke up when I heard my partner waking up for the morning. Now it’s fully blown in my head like a re run episode. Sheesh.

      Stay blessed

    • profile image

      P.C. 40 hours ago

      Theres this girl i have had a crush on since i was a teenager. We shared some good moments and i expressed my feelings but she didnt feel the same for me. I havent seen her in the past 7 years and havent spoken to her since. Next weekend im moving to a new home, close to where she lives.

      Last night i dreamt we got back in touch and i invited her to a live comedy show. Turns out she had friends attending the show as well. During the show the performer dared the audience to kiss someone next to you. She was sitting to my right. I turned to her but she was kissing one of her friends sitting on the row in front. Heart broken and in shock i turned back to the row behind me wanting to run away.

      To my surprise the girl behind me touched my shoulder and leaned towards me. We kissed. The kiss was soft and our tongues just touched. It felt so real, her lips were soft and mine were crispy. After the kiss the girl said Thank You and i woke up.

      I could still taste her Kiss. I had the very same crispy lips from the dream. It was just one kiss, but it left me wanting for more. I cant remember if this girl was a stranger or someone i knew. Even though it was just a dream, it was one of my best recent experiences.

    • profile image

      Random guy who needs advice 45 hours ago

      So last night I asked God to give me a sign if my ex still likes me beacsue she said she still does but the situation is complicated and so after asking God for a sign I fell asleep then I started dreaming about her and it was just me and her in a classroom and she was looking at me and smiling and she came up to me a gaved me a long kiss on the lips and it felt so real and I was shocked because it just happened out of no where and that's all that happened because I ended waking up

    • profile image

      ... 3 days ago

      i had a dream that i was at a party and that i had a crush on someone but he wanted to do something with my sisters and i’m like “whenever you feel like you want to do something else come to my room and we will watch something on netflix” and then i started walking away and he runs up behind me and he said “this is that something else i wanted to do” and he kissed me

    • profile image

      Nooo namee 6 days ago

      Right so I had a dream about this guy, we were in a school (I think) and I believe I liked someone else in my dream (also someone I’ve never actually met) and me and this guy started talking and then I don’t really remember what happen but we started kissing, very passionately, basically snogging. Then like the next day or something he tries to kiss me again and I’m like no I have to go so he gets all upset and I go to some party or something and can’t stop thinking about him and how I want to kiss him! Ahhh this dream really annoyed me cause I want to know who he was and stuff

    • profile image

      Soph 7 days ago

      I had a dream where I was walking into a room and just a stranger was sitting on the couch. He said that he loved me. Then I came closer to him and we started making out. It felt so real.

    • profile image

      Letti 10 days ago

      Random person: If you kiss someone that you barely know in a dream, you may have feelings for them. If you wait in the distance to view the person in your dream, it may mean that you yearn for a real-life fantasy. If you kiss someone that you have very little interest in, this may mean that you feel awkward or uncomfortable about some aspect of your life.

    • profile image

      Weirdo right here 11 days ago

      So in my dream, i was in art and i moved next to my crush. I held out my phone to take a picture of me and him.. He kissed me on the cheek. It was SOOOOOO passionate! Then she made me move! Now I had a dream to where we were holding hands and he just said, ,"I have to go kiss _____!" And I said why. He said because of she got bruised. Then i cried and he kissed me. WHY ARE MY DREAMS SO WEIRD

    • profile image

      Confused 12 days ago

      Last night I had a dream where I was hanging out with all my friends at my school from the group I sit with. My best fried a ad there - he said a guy and I'm s girl. I went to the kitchen to get a snack and when I was walking by back he hugged me but then kissed me and it was the kind of really passionately kiss. In the dream I knew it was the first time we'd kissed. It was like a start of relationship kiss. Then we piled onto the couch next to each other with all out friend and watched a movie. Everything in that dream isn't just normal for us except the kiss.

    • profile image

      No one in particular 12 days ago

      I had the weirdest dream that i was talking to my best friend ever, and then one of my other really close friends (same gender) came up to us and asked to talk to me, so we started walking, then she pulled me into an old building, and at the same time, out of no where, we both started kissing, and it was full of love, and it lasted like 20 minutes in the dream, but we didn’t run out of air, and it was weird, cuz when I woke up, it was all I could think about, and I still member it perfectly 3 days later. I NEVER remember my dreams well.

    • profile image

      Lauren 2 weeks ago

      ok i had a dream where i kissed my really close friend i like someone else not him yet when this guy kissed me it felt so real it felt like we loved each other

    • profile image

      Mitsuki 2 weeks ago

      My friend dreamed about her boyfriend 2 guy friends and a stranger she don't know and all three of them was forcing kissing her and touching her breast and something eles but she doesn't remember.

    • profile image

      nerd 2 weeks ago

      i had a dream about a show character and in that i kissed him. it just it felt so nice and my dream was really REALLY detailed and i just remember every bit of it. i don't have a crush on the character or anything and i honestly don't know what that dream means

    • profile image

      JC 2 weeks ago

      I had a dream about a boy that i didn't know,where we were in a classroom, it was snowing and he told me to come inside then when i went inside he kissed me on the lips it was very passionate it felt so real it was the best kiss ive ever had and the first one too and told me to sit next by him, after that he kissed me again on the lips, my classmates dont even notice him whem we dont know him he told me his name was Jene but he's not sure then my name there was Eden but thats not my name then one of my classmates which is a boy came to me and sat in front of me and thats it i really want to have that kind of kiss again it was like a candy kiss or a french kiss i think? I fell inlove with the boy i didnt know and i want to have that dream again. Does this dream mean anything? Please answer back. TY

    • profile image

      3 weeks ago

      So I am currently in a new relationship and my friend, let's call him S is also in a relationship. I had a dream that I got drunk at a party with three of my friends (who I am actually planning on going to a party with, in the near future) and S was there but he wasn't drunk and he offered to let me stay at his house. It was late and he and I were both tired and we kissed. It wasn't super passionate but for some reason, I remember exactly how it felt. Once the kiss ended we both looked at each other and we talked about how we shouldn't have done that because we were both in relationships but then later in the dream we kissed again. The strangest part though, was that in the dream I woke up the next morning next to him with the specific thought of "I hope this isn't a dream."

    • profile image

      Random guy 4 weeks ago

      I dreamt that I was in my old house and my little brother told me a stupid joke, so I playfully punched him in the arm. Then, a girl I know kinda made fun of me and my brother. I don’t remember what she was talking about next, but she held her hand out like she was explaining something to me and I grabbed her hand. We interlocked fingers and she was surprised and smiled. She then replied, “I’m really trying not to, but since we’re doing this we should...” I leaned in and kissed on the lips. What does this mean?

    • profile image

      Ellie 4 weeks ago

      I had a dream about kissing a boy I didn’t even know but I felt such a connection

    • profile image

      Hayley 5 weeks ago

      Can someone reply with an answer? In my dream I was in Las Vegas but at a chuck e cheese I haven't been to in years in California. In the dream I met a guy who I actually know in real life but in the dream he was a stranger. In the dream he said he was from Texas (not true) and I told hike where I was from. The dream continues to my old house to my old high school. Then we were talking and I got the sudden urge to hug him an asked where in Texas he lived because I really did live in California and thought I was going to miss him. I started to walk away. He grabbed my hand then grabbed my face then proceeded to kiss my lifting me so my legs could wrap around him once he put me down and stopped my frram ended

    • profile image

      Sassycowgirl 5 weeks ago

      Ok so i had a dream about me kissing my best friend since kindergarten. (We are opposite gender) This is how my dream went. So in the dream me and the person were in a lockdown at school

      And we heard gunshots. After we heard the gunshots he said I don't know I I'll make it out of this but I just want you to know I love you. Then he kissed me. The kiss felt so real.

      In real life in kindergarten this person kissed me in a lockdown.

      And I have had a crush on him off and on for a few years now.

    • profile image

      IRW 5 weeks ago

      I dreamt that i kissed my Ex back in 5th grade. I-it felt so real. I-I have been speechless ever since that kiss. I am kind of cryign right now to think of it and the person named someone are you BMW

    • profile image

      2001 6 weeks ago

      I had a dream last night that I fell in love with a man and we were talking in a white room with a big glass double doors but it was night time and we were talking for ages in a flirting way and then he was going to leave it seemed like forever it got really sad and he lay his head on mine in a goodbye way and then he went and kissed started kissing me and my heart nearly exploded th best dream I've ever had thinking about it makes me yearn for it more the way we had a connection was amazing and the passion behind the kiss/makeout was immense as he had me in his embrace I could feel the kiss (French kiss) it was so sereal.

    • profile image

      Jade 6 weeks ago

      Theres a boy and everyone says tath whe make a cute couple and ask if ges my boyfriend i acctually have a crush on him and my friends are like wath if yall mary. Last nigth i had a dreamabout kissing him inthe lips ever since everyone says tath wge havent talke alot like whe use to talk. But it was really weird hiw whe met each other my best friend said tath me and him made a cute couple and i dint knew him so i told her he was ugly in his face so whe started hitting and folling each other. And he has olso tried touching me. Does my story has any connection with my dream???

    • profile image

      Human girl from Colorado 6 weeks ago

      I keep having dreams about my boyfriend getting a guy I kinda have a crush on. My first dream was me screaming in German French and English and my fella tried to calm me down In English and german and the other guy came up and kissed my cheek. The other one was I was dying and I asked my guy to get the other. My guy stood at the door and I kissed the other and when I was ressesitated I saw my friends punching my boyfriend. The third was I kissed my crush and left an my guy came up and yelled at him and the crush says you know you broke her heart and now shes my girl

    • profile image

      Doc 6 weeks ago

      I dreamed of kissing a girl that is a friend of mine but I just think of her as a friend and what happened was that she jumped on to my arms and made me fall down and kissed me in the mouth

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 weeks ago

      I dreamed I kissed a stranger on the cheek when I have a boyfriend whom I love dearly. We’ve dated ever since we were children and we’re almost adults. I’d never cheat on him. Dream made me feel guilty. At the end of the dream the stranger moved across the room to sit somewhere else even though he had feelings for me, then he ignored me. Dream makes no sense, but I don’t want to dream of kissing someone else!

    • profile image

      KC 7 weeks ago

      I dreamed I kissed a guy that I know but annoys me and the first time I dreamed of him he kissed me on the neck and he asked if I liked it and I told him I did and then the second time he kissed me on the lips and I actually enjoyed it but this guy really annoys me and I don’t even like him

    • profile image

      Audrey 7 weeks ago

      I'm a girl, and I had a dream about kissing another girl on the neck, and then she giggled. It felt so real! (I also really liked it)

    • profile image

      Vicky 7 weeks ago

      I dreamed that I say my brother being dug up from the grave and being taken in a procession ,,,to his death by

      Father and he was nothing but in the shape of mud molded

      and I was sobbing very badly in my sleep

    • profile image

      Susan 8 weeks ago

      Hi, um.. I have a dream before about me being someone else (someone i know ) and i dream about being her and go to the mall for shopping with her boyfriend. It feels so real and at the end of my dream he kissed me twice. One on my forehead and one on my lips. I cannot works out with my brain at that time. I feel so embarassed and so real. I can feel my cheeks blushing. What does my dream means?

    • profile image

      L. 8 weeks ago

      I had a dream that I was kissing this person who had a paper bag over their head. They turned away while I was trying to kiss them. It seemed like I was kissing them on the cheek, but I don't know, could have been the lips. Then, the person kissed me except this time I had the paper bag over my head and the person didn't. I was turning away this time. I felt very sad during this, but I woke up after that. I don't really know what this means.

    • profile image

      BV 2 months ago

      I kissed a complete stranger and i cannot stop thinking about it. It was the most passionate kiss I think I have every had.

    • profile image

      M.J 2 months ago

      I have a girlfriend, and dreamt about a guy kissing me on the neck.

    • profile image

      d.p 2 months ago

      I kissed this girl and that was the second time she was in my dream.

    • profile image

      k.b. 2 months ago

      I had a dream I kissed one of my classmates.. we're not that close of friends and I don't like him that way?

    • profile image

      G.V 2 months ago

      I dreamed about kissing my bf(french kiss ) it felt so real and nice

    • profile image

      M.B. 2 months ago

      I dreamed that I kissed a youtuber I really like and now I cannot stop thinking about it, it was so real.

    • profile image

      alexis C 2 months ago

      i often think dreams become real but not everything...

    • profile image

      R. 2 months ago

      I am bi-sexual as well as one of my best friends who just got out of a relationship with our other best friend. I had a dream that she kissed me and when she did I was like wow afterwards. It was amazing and I felt connection. It's just weird I wouldn't expect. I dont know what it means though. I've ALWAYS thought she was cute as hell and that she was amazing and funny and cool. I just dk about this dream. I'm confused

    • profile image

      Someone 2 months ago

      Well... I dreamed that I kissed my guy friend. He's my ex back then in 5th grade but we are really good friends now. But talking about the kiss... it felt comfortable and heart warming. I really don't know if my mom is right but she's says if u dream of a guy u know it might be he is thinking about u but who knows

    • profile image

      Katy 2 months ago

      I dreamed i kissed a boy, but i dont know who it was. We were madly in love and the kiss... were so comforting and yeah it was so good. We kissed alot and cuddled.

      Now every time i think about it i get this weird feeling and i want like, to kiss someone like that. But idk what this means.

    • profile image

      Franxin Jimenez 2 months ago

      My boyfriend and i are in a long distance relationship for almost 2 years. Last night i dreamed that we were kissing .

    • profile image

      Saransh 2 months ago

      I kissed by her and three days ago, I kissed so long that I was shocked that How I can see this type of Dreams. Unforgettable ! Let see what will happen in life !!☺☺

    • profile image

      Sarah 2 months ago

      I don't even think I'm gay but I kissed a girl many times in my dream what does this mean

    • profile image

      Sierra 2 months ago

      Quite a bit ago, in a dream, my best friend kissed me on the lips,it only lasted about three seconds, but it felt... Comforting? Nice? Im not really sure how to put it, but at the time, and now even, I have been questioning weather I like her or not, we've been best friends for years, and I'm still in middle school so I thought that I would ask her out in high school, by then I should know if I like her, right?

      Anyways just wanted to say this and get it off my chest

    • profile image

      Anonymous 2 months ago

      I saw my best friend shirtless, and we kissed. What does that dream mean, I am freaked out now, cause I feel really wierd around her now.

    • profile image

      lena 2 months ago

      I had a dream that I found this guy (stranger) and pulled him in a room and slowly and softly pushed him onto the bed. I was grabbing his tie and then I started unbuttoning his shirt . then I was slowly kissing his neck but in my dream I remember mentally telling myself to kiss him softly because I didn't want to give him any hickies. it was so weird

    • profile image

      learner love 2 months ago

      i dreamed of someone kissing me on my cheek. i dont know that person but i felt in reality. also that was long before but i still remember it. i dont know what that means.....also he had a rough cheek. he had very small beard. when i woke up i had tears in my eyes.

    • profile image

      Holly 2 months ago

      I dreamed about me having a birthday and this I guy I don't close with but don't hate I was making out with I dunno why I was dreamed it , I don't see him or speak to him

    • profile image

      Princess letaro caretour 3 months ago

      I dreamt kissing my class mate

      he asked to go wth me after school then i agreed cause i like him .... He is cute n quite ... Along the way he is not talkingim not talking too

      then he came in front of me looked at my eyes and kissed me deeply .

    • profile image

      Ann 3 months ago

      I dreamed last night me and my boyfriends friend was in a couch then suddenly i kissed him in his lips emotionally i really felt it and saw his face while kissing him...whats that it means? In real life his a good person and i dont know why it happens suddenly in my dream i dont have any desire or emotional attachement on him.. but now when im looking at him i felt that dream seems so real my heart felt something i dont really understand...what those is means?

    • profile image

      Lana 3 months ago

      I had a dream that I kissed my best guy friend in the back of his dad's pickup truck in front of his house. He used to like me and kinda still does, I don't know how I feel. What does it mean?

    • profile image

      Ella 3 months ago

      I had a dream once that I was making out with my best friend at a party. We were both alone in this light caramel coloured room that was decorated with party assortments. I had had a crush on this best friend for a while and we were both going at it, tongue and everything. I remember seeing him and I make out from another view. It was like I was out of my own body. What does this dream mean?

    • profile image

      Ally 3 months ago

      My crush and me are in a relationship and I have been thinking about kissing him I don't know what to do if anyone can answer me that would be great thank you!

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 months ago

      I had a dream that me and my crush kissed on the lips and I felt awkward about and we were both confused by what happened then I woke up and said "WTF was that dream about". What dose it mean ?

    • profile image

      Emyy 3 months ago

      K have a boyfriend and I want to kiss him but I'm so afraid. I dream about it and I'm so confident and happy in my dreams. But sometimes in my day dreams I think about him breaking up with me. I just don't know what to do or how to get to kiss him. It makes me sad and I doubt myself.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 months ago

      I had a dream about someone I've like for almost three years. We kisses each other on The mouth while smiling. I couldn't really see his face but I knew it was him. Although I have a strong emotional and physical attraction to this person, i never thought he'd let me kiss him. Can someone tell me what that means?

    • profile image

      Honey 3 months ago

      My friend came to me with few other other friends and we were all talking. He hugged me tight and was kissing on my neck while hugging and he was telling thank you for everything.. And again I hugged him back telling you are my best buddy. I kinda felt awkward in that situation and and also I felt happy too in dream.

      What does this dream mean?

    • profile image

      Somebody 3 months ago

      I had a dream where I was at work and I was showing something on a piece of paper who works there, he was looking over my shoulder at the paper and I leaned back a little and all of a sudden he kissed me on top of my head and I was shocked at first but then I got butterflies in my stomach, it's strange cause I've never really talked to or ever felt attraction towards him before.. I have a boyfriend who I'm really happy with and that I love very much. However, after this dream I've felt a strange attraction towards the person.. it's confusing to me and idk what it means

    • profile image

      RCi 3 months ago

      I had a dream of a stranger having sex with another stranger. The disturbing part was, all of us were females including my bestfriend. My besfriend got curious and agreed having sex with the shemale (WTF) stranger and I was just there lying on the same bed, disappointed. I was in awe that I never expected my bestfriend would engage in something like that, ever. I was invited but I refused. My male cousin showed up just beside me trying to lecture the girls but the shemale felt aroused with his words and tried to seduce him. But thank God my dream was cut from that moment.

      The next dream I had was being inside a big shower room were I could see the previous strangers about to take their showers. I immediately rushed were I could take my shower privately. But I was too curious were my bestfriend went. I searched each cubicles to make sure she is safe. I saw her taking a shower and she turned looked at me as if she was aroused.

      Feeling a bit nervous, I went to a different cubicle (not so far from hers) and continued to take a shower. Suddenly, she went in my cubicle and pressed her back against my chest and slowly going down as I felt her warmth and seduction. I really love her warmth so I pressed my head on the back of her neck. I know it was wrong so I immediately moved away and went out and left her. My dream ended.

      Another dream came up were I was talking to strangers and ended up just leaning on the wall. Looking up, I saw my bestfriend walking towards me with anger as she strangle me one-handed. I saw the pain in her eyes and let her strangle me as I remember how I must've rejected her in my past (I still didn't realize that I was still in the state of dream). Suddenly, she aggressively kissed me on the lips as I pushed her away.

      Looking at her and the way I felt her lips, it was full of emotions. I hugged her real close and I apologized. I told her that I love her but not the way that she wanted. I apologized for I couldn't be the person she expected me to become. I told her I really love her. Her tears won't stop as she said, "Please, don't leave me." and I replied, "I love you, I really do. I won't ever leave you. I'm just here for you. I got you." and my dream ended just like that.

      I woke up in awe and the feeling of awkwardness between me and my bestfriend. I felt relieved after waking up in the reality and that never happened. I checked my facebook account and saw her posted in my timeline saying that she misses me and she love me. I felt confused and find it a bit amusing. What a big coincidence hahahaha. As I lay down my bed and contemplate, my words still stands before I woke up in the reality.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 4 months ago

      i had a dream about kissing one of my best friends and it started off where me and her were laying in my bed. my room was freezing cold so we were covered in my blankets. then i stole the blankets off of her. i was on one side of the bed cozy and she was in the cold. she said "can i have some blanket because i'm cold." i said "why don't you get some." she tugged at the blanket but didn't get any. she got mad so i lifted up the blanket. what i expected her to do was take the blanket but she wrapped her arms around me while i covered her with the blanket. i decided to wrap my arms around her because she made me feel happy. we were cuddling for the longest time. we ended up falling asleep. that morning i woke up and we were still in that same position. we were so warm, comfortable, and happy. later on we went down the street and we got ice cream. we came back to my house and we were all alone. i sat on the couch and she sat on my lap her legs wrapped around me. then i just grabbed her face and kissed her. it was literally one of the best kisses i have ever had.

    • profile image

      Rose 4 months ago

      I dreamt of a priest kissing me on my lips.

    • profile image

      Nali 4 months ago

      I dream about alien kiss me in my cheeks and i have a goosebumps.

    • profile image

      Lee Everett 4 months ago

      The dream was about me destroying the world(different story) but this girl that I kissed(on the lips)...I can't even remember who she was she was a complete stranger to me,except I felt like I have known her for quite a while

    • profile image

      Eli 4 months ago

      I have dreamt twice about kissing a really close friend I've known for years. The thing is, I've always had a crush on him, even now that i have a boyfriend. It was so real, we were holding hands and I could feel everything, it felt like real love, like I had been waiting for that all my life. But, I'm 16 and he's 18.

    • profile image

      James 4 months ago

      I had a dream that there was something weird was going on and I turned around and saw Harley Quinn and u tried turning around to get and I scared her and so I held her arms and I said its okay I'm not going to hurt you, and while saying that and when I was done we were starring into each others eyes and I felt love, like I still feel the feeling when I think about it and we kissed and I woke up and that's the first thing u remembered this morning

    • profile image

      miguel 4 months ago

      i had this dream lastnight where 2 girls walked into my house one i barely know and the other a stranger(fells like i know the stranger from somewhere). i should point out that i kinda like the one that i barely know. anyways they started arguing about "man problems" so i decide to help out(one of my older brothers were like where the f**k did they come from but i asked him to let them stay dont know why tho)

      but in the end the girl that i like wins the argument, the she thanks me(the other girls diappears out of existence!?? dont asked me dreams are weird somtimes :P)so for some weird reason we start to laugh then we rub foreheads whilsts doing so then we stare at each other and we start to have very deep and compassionate kissing then we stop she runs around the coner from embarrasment i then wipe my lip then walk after her she then jumps onto and we star kissing again.the weird thing about this time is it felt like we really knew each other from a very long time now and the kiss just feels like what any normal lovers would do.but anyways i carry her to my bedroom then we kissed a couple times more (each time felt really good) and talked casually, but the whole time i wanted to confess my love to her but like all good things my dream came to an end.

      hopefully i dindnt bore you

      please tell me what this means

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 months ago

      My dream is quite complicated, but I really want to know what it means. So basically, I went to this party or something but it was weird because everyone at the party ended up sleeping over..? Idek. Anyways, me and this guy (I don't know who this person is.. so that makes him a stranger) started getting close and all that. Then later that night, me and some friends were going upstairs to play some game but the guy was asleep but I woke him up and convinced him to come with me. The next thing I know, we were in the bathroom with the music blasting and then the next thing I know, we are sitting on the ledge on the bathtub. We stare at each other in the eyes for a few moments and start kissing. Then I fucking woke up. If this dream means anything, I would really like to know omg.

    • profile image

      ??????? 4 months ago

      I had a dream in different areas I kissed someone named Lorelei

    • profile image

      ANELE 4 months ago

      I had a dream where my partner's wife chased me and wanted to kiss me, reason being that her partner protects me

    • profile image

      Emma Jameson 4 months ago

      I had a dream last night about kissing my friend *Mary's guy friend *Seb. We've known each about 6 years and got to know each other well. He never used to talk to me at first but over the years he's become more comfortable around me. Anyway in my dream we were at this hotel. I was with my parents and vice versa. We saw each other in the lobby and then went to the garden and he said 'I confess that I really like you' then I said it back and we started kissing. My heart was beating fast and it felt right. The dream ended there :/

    • profile image

      Aya Maria 4 months ago

      um mk.. i had this really weird/nice dream , it was me , random other ppl , and my crush soooo this is all i remember... my crush was just laying down on the bed and i was standing behind him so i couldnt control it and i just went up to him and said "can i?.." , then he said "sure" and then he grabbed my hand and we started holding hands...after that , we just started talking and i think i went on top of him and he started making out thennnnnn. he went on top of me and starting kissin my neck.. tbh it felt GOOOODD AF.. THEN I WAS MAD BCUZ I WOKE UP!!!.

    • profile image

      Muhammad siraju 4 months ago

      If u dreamt that u kissed a little girl,what does it mean?

    • profile image

      Stellar 4 months ago

      I dreamed about kissing my crush in his neck. He was also doing the same back. (Nothing nasty lol) then he fell asleep. I took his shoes off and put them on the floor. He woke up. I remember I just stared into his sleepy eyes and walked away. ; He also held my hand as we were walking to our next classes. It felt nice that he was showing me off.

    • profile image

      Ava Tripodi 5 months ago

      I had a dream that I kissed Cameron Dallas!I dont even like him that much! But man he was hot in the dream! Also last night I had a dream that a boy that ive had a crush on asked me out by asking "Wanna go grab a glass if water with our corn" and u said sure! And I had a dream one time the i kissed that same boy in a public bathroom and I mean we were really making out!

    • profile image

      Lily 5 months ago

      I had a dream where I was in bed, waking up, I was really tired and like rubbing my eyes and all. Then I feel a weight on my back, so I turn to see what it is and it was a man, I've never seen that guy before, he was cute so I'm not complaining whatsoever. He first hovers over my bare back, kissing chastely up my spine then he presses down on to me, kissing my neck really passionately and deeply like I could feel it getting wet and his tongue on my skin, not even gonna lie, I was aroused. So in the dream I was happy as if feeling love from someone I was waiting for? Like a boyfriend coming back to me after a long time? I've never had a boyfriend so... (´;ω;`)

    • profile image

      Cassy 5 months ago

      Last night I had a dream about being chased by Michael Myers, it was really dark and the only light I had was a street light, and we were on the road in the middle of nowhere I kept running away from him and down the road but it became extremely windy and I couldn't barely move from the spot on the road but Michael Myers was still moving just fine against the wind. I freaked out and ran the opposite direction, past Michael Myers but he grabbed my arm and I freaked out because I knew I was about to be killed but I turned to look at him and I took off his mask then kissed him. He didn't kiss back but I just kept kissing him and afterwards the scenery suddenly changed and it was now day then I was in my house and Michael Myers was outside and we kinda teamed up. He told me he wasn't originally after me but he went after me because someone told him to so I got packed my stuff, I went to get him but he was across the street shirtless and his mask was off while he played in the hoes. (He had tattoos too.) Then I woke up.

    • profile image

      Eni 5 months ago

      So i saw this one dream last night as if I went out alone and went to this beach full with teenagers (like me) and for some reason I found this road thats sent me to to this one house where I met this guy. Total stranger. And for some reason we started kissing and hugging. All this made me feel really amorous but analyzing the whole dream I remember being in a constant state of dizziness. It felt like I couldn't control any of my actions and then came the point where this random guy and me start french kissing. I was confussed like why tf am I kissing this guy. In the end we were a couple. I have seen dreams like this before, random guy and me kissing blah blah and I always wanted to know what they meant.

    • profile image

      Mady 5 months ago

      So I had a dream where I was in a old friend's house and there was this guy who I never seen before but I feel like I did but I can't think of the name. That guy was chasing me then he fell then I fell on top of him. Then he either kissed me the I kissed him back or it was the other way around I can't remember but I also do remember having a second kiss.

    • profile image

      5 months ago

      Last night in my dream, I kissed a new friend of mine that I'm developing feelings for.

      Someone knocked on the door & interrupted us.

      I made me angry.

      I woke up angrier.


    • profile image

      5 months ago

      I had a.very weird dream that changed to different places first at schoool then this party then this hotel & back to school ! The only thing i remember is well I remember som thing.

      SCHOOL- I was at school obviously I went into a class it has a little bit of kids one girl was my friend ( in real life am not friends with her she looked like a girls i knew but different at the same time) we would always talk then I would leave I was kissing a guy who had blonde hair , white , tall. I liked him in my dream. PARTY- I was at a party then everyone was having a good time but then everyone was getting killed I didn't know any body I was getting killed to but I was in second person point of view I saw my self getting killed I was a boy in second person point of view I didn't get killed as the boy the killer clown was close to me ( the boy I was) then it left. HOTEL- I only did one thing I kissed a boy who was tan- ish like my color brown hair tall we French kissed it felt very real like I felt his tongue.

      SCHOOL- I was back at school but everyone survived after being killed we were just injured there were this girl who liked the boy I first kissed I was mad I wanted to fright her she was white I don't mean to be rasict . She was in a wheelchair and had a neck think the guy I liked took her to class I was so mad but then I was walking like ina garden close to my school with this girl ( this girl my "friend " she turned to a killer clown when she was mad I told her it's okay don't get mad it not your fault then I hugged her we walked back to class THE END

    • profile image

      Regina 5 months ago

      I heard the door bell ring in my dream l with to open it and it was my boyfriend and then he kissed me and then we started making out and started making love and then I woke up it was only a dream but it felt so real but the weird thing is that I am only 11 and he is 12

    • profile image

      Dae 5 months ago

      I had a dream where my boyfriend threw me on the bed and said lets do this

    • profile image

      Celaena 5 months ago

      There's this one guy I've known since the age of 3, and have grown up with. He was my second brother, until separation. I never knew I had "love" feelings for him until I started to miss him. We still met up once a week, and I felt that he started having an interest in me. However, I fell for another guy. Now, I really, really want to be in a relationship. I had quite a shocking dream where we made love, and today one where he kissed me passionately.

    • profile image

      K.C. 5 months ago

      Last night I dreamed about kissing the guy I secretly have a crush on. And then I'm kinda walking with this other dude and he kisses me infront of my crush. It was pretty devastating and in the dream I was trying to explain what happened, but then I woke up.

    • profile image

      BasicGuuuurl 5 months ago

      In my dream, I was at youth group (Yes, I am kind of young) and I was kissed on he lips by a blonde boy with glasses, he was cute, I have to admit. But I have a boyfriend! -basic Girl

    • profile image

      Dreamer 5 months ago

      I had a dream about this guy who I met this same day of the dream in a game I love to play meep city in Roblox he was my boyfriend in the game but as soon as I closed my eyes I was dreaming about him sitting in a chair as and for some very very weird reason I was kissing his leg (lol I'm a lamo) not a French kiss just a kiss when I opened my eyes I was wondering if I could get to know him one day

    • profile image

      Peri 5 months ago

      I've been in love with someone for months and i finally told her last night in an anon message then i got really anxious and i just haven't been checking any messages but last night i had a pretty vivid dream and there was this girl i don't talk to much but i know her and she and i had kissed

      it's just weird it happened right after i confessed to someone

    • profile image

      Melody 5 months ago

      In my dream that this guy with really short blond hair in corner that trapped the one I love in a cell. I didn't know him but I felt a connection to the person in the cell like he was really close to me, like me or a family member. He was asking for a key or something to open the cell with but I didn't have anything to open the cell with. All of a sudden I started to focus on the guy with the really short hair. I started to have lust fore a kiss so I got closer but if felt like I was being pushed by something but he wasn't touching me, it felt like a barrier I soon was on the wall behind him and we started to kiss I liked him kissing me soon after the person in the cell was't there I didn't thank much of him after that its a bluer...

    • profile image

      No one 5 months ago

      I dreamt about me & my crush were kissing. I was the one who initiate the kiss but he responded. It's kinda weird. My crush doesn't know that I exist anyway.

    • profile image

      Krystal 5 months ago

      In mh dream I kissed a guy from my class but he seemed like he was happy and after we kissed I wanted to kiss him again but we smiled and I thought it was real it felt real. I want him to be my boyfriend so bad but I don't know if he likes me but I went you

    • profile image

      Jeff 5 months ago

      I dreamt that an old acquaintances of mine wanted to kiss me after class. I didn't wait for her and felt a bit guilty, so I asked her to kiss me after the next class. We ended up not kissing

    • profile image

      Amoriea 5 months ago

      I had a dream that I kissed a ex crush at a party but he kissed me and I didn't want him to

    • profile image

      Naina 5 months ago

      Last night I had a dream in which I saw that one of my male student kissed me on my cheeks. It was such a weird dream.

    • profile image

      Jeydon 6 months ago

      Well in my dream I ended up kissing a band member of a band I listen to on the lips sooo.... I really don't know

    • profile image

      aronma1962 6 months ago

      in my dream one girl cheek and lip and one boy kiss me in my lip twise . thiere ages aruond 5 to 7 years old

    • profile image

      agk 6 months ago

      i dreamed that my husband (but we are separated) kissed me

      i dreamed that i was in his car and he was driving me back home but the road looked like the one next to my mom’s house.

      we were very relaxed as if coming back from a date.

      he kissed me several times. asked if i was short on cash; i answered no, he offered to give me 2 very crisp looking bank notes(100) i refused we kissed again, he insisted on me taking the money i took 1 of the bank notes we kissed again and my dream ended with a zoom effect on his mouth

    • profile image

      pls answer 6 months ago

      in my dream. my best friend kissed me after he said he loves me (but as a bestfriend). he kissed me on the lips and i kissed him on the neck. what does that mean? it really felt real tho.

    • profile image

      Gabijs 6 months ago

      What if after the kiss you fainted and you loved it?

    • profile image

      Hjk 6 months ago

      So last night I had a dream about a guy I do know but the thing we were cuddling and kissing with a little lip biting action and the question I had on my mind all day is what does it mean???

    • profile image

      Lexiiii 6 months ago

      Last night I had a dream that (I have never seen this guy before) that my boyfriend was dying from cancer and I was crying in his arms and we kisses and log and at one pint French kissed and it was weird cause It felt so real in the dream lol like his tongue even felt real to me

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