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What Do Dreams About Fire Mean?

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Fire Has Multiple Possible Meanings


Did you know that fire is the only one of the four primary elements—water, earth, air, fire—that humans can create?

Although we may think of fire as a practical necessity that keeps us warm and gives us light, on a symbolic level, fire has meaning stretching from the practical to the spiritual. For example, fire has been linked to:

  • Emotions (e.g., rage, urgency, hotheadedness, passion)
  • Creativity
  • Destruction
  • Purification
  • Inspiration
  • Spirituality

To perform an in-depth interpretation of a fire dream, we also need to look at some forms fire might take in a dream, including:

  • Lightning
  • The color red
  • The Sun

Let's have a look at these ideas and see if staring at the Sun sheds a little light on your fire dream!


Fire is a potent emotional symbol. It can stand in for emotions we see as positive, emotions we see as negative, or emotions that may be destructive.

Some of the emotions fire dreams may express are:

  • Rage
  • Love and passion
  • Hotheadedness or irrationality
  • A sense of urgency or anxiety

Dreams where volcanoes erupt or dreams that involve raging wildfires may symbolize emotions that have either been buried or are boiling over uncontrollably. They could also be linked to an event that has sparked an intense, sudden, possibly destructive, emotional reaction.

Whenever dreams of fire manifest, we should slow down and take stock of a few things, namely our outer world, our hidden emotions, or secrets we're keeping from ourselves by hiding them away in the shadow. Dreams of fire can indicate that the sense of urgency we feel is actually a warning from us to us that now is the time for course correction.

Girl on Fire

Creativity and Nourishment

When dreams involving campfires, fireplaces, or ovens arise, they may symbolize fire in its symbolic form as an agent of creativity, a nourisher of soul, mind, body, and spirit.

Fire or places where things "cook" may be a dream's way of communicating via wordplay that things are cooking! What's cooking could be an idea for a creative endeavor or a purifying fire consuming all dross and leaving behind clarified gold.

Never forget that dreams have a sense of humor. They love employing puns and wordplay. Fire dreams have been known to indicate a pregnancy—literally or symbolically!

Fire deities in dreams can mean many things.

Fire deities in dreams can mean many things.

Fire Deities

In one of the most well-known myths involving fire's origin Prometheus steals fire from the Greek gods and gifts the stolen property on humanity.

What might be less well known is that "fire" meant much more than flame. Fire meant technology. Fire meant knowledge. Fire meant life. Fire, in fact, meant civilization itself.

What might be even more obscure is the fact that the Greek pantheon is not the only place one will find fire-stealing deities or that not only male deities bestow fire and life to humans.

Below is list of deities from several world cultures and mythologies along with how they view fire and fire deities.



Is it coincidence that the device that delivers a shock to the system shares this Irish god's name which means fire?



Hindu fire god, guardian of the southeast. In traditional Hindi weddings, Agni stands as central witness.



Japanese sun goddess and one of the "Three Precious Children of the Izanagi, creator deity.


Bathala Maykapal

Transcendent originator of the universe; Supreme Being

Tagalog indigenous


Her name means "exalted one" She is a member of the Tuatha de Danaan, daughter of the Dagda, goddess of dometicated animals, poetry, protection, healing, wisdom, and blacksmithing.



Benevolent fire god, divine night watchman



Korean fire goddess



Fire goddess and wife of the god Auahitūroa. The Mahuika crater bears her name.


Manco Cápac

One of a number of deities those in the tech industry might want to be friendly with--he brought not only fire, but technology to humanity.



Famous sun god, Isis tricks him into revealing magic to her.



This Canaanite sun goddess was the god El's royal messenger and his daughter.


Fire: Destructive Force or Purifying Power?

Fire can be as capricious in the dream world as it is in the waking one.

One match carelessly tossed out of window, one change in the wind's direction, one ember life burning in a campfire, a single lightning strike--these can all alter fire's design.

Fire is dichotomy: even the scorched earth left in a wildfire's wake is cleansed. The low growing brush is removed, soil invigorated, and debris burned away allowing the new life to see the sun's light.

When dreaming of fire it is important to consider its context to determine the answer to a single important question: are you standing on the end of destruction or are you on the brink of a purification that leaves you rarified gold?

Last Act of Defiance, Rattlesnake Striking at Flames that Consume It

Last Act of Defiance, Rattlesnake Striking at Flames that Consume It

Dreams About Fire and Lightning

Fire and lightning are both connected by energy—the flow of energy to be specific. Fires blaze brightly, but cannot exist without fuel to burn or air to breathe. Lightning is an overpowering flow of energy that lights of the sky whose life spans only seconds.

While a direct lightning strike in the waking world is destructive, in dreams lightning can symbolize spiritual enlightenment or sudden inspiration. Lightning can also mean that the answer to a longstanding problem will be revealed suddenly and unexpectedly.

Lightning in dreams may also mean that something is entering a dreamer's life as suddenly as a "bolt out of the blue." We do well to examine our lives and the unconscious to see if the "whole new ballgame" the strike brings will be an unexpected welcome surprise or a devastating shock to our systems.

Fire and the Color Red

Fire can manifest in dreams as the color red. Color is often overlooked when interpreting dreams, which is unfortunate because dreams often use color symbolism to convey meaning. Red symbolises many of the same things fire does—passion, anger, and love among other things.

But both red and fire could have a more esoteric meaning.

Alchemists, who are now believed to have used turning lead to gold as a metaphor for inner transformation, defined stages of growth and development in terms of elements and color.

To alchemists red represented the stage of fulminato which is the time when previous stages are coming together to the point where the Great Work was truly coming together and dynamic transformation is taking place.

Red, in an alchemical context, symbolized fire as the creative force putting this inner transformation into motion, readying to burst forth in the outer world.

Dreaming in red or dreams of fire can mean that some project, some idea, some deeply meaningful activity which may have seemed stagnant has not been simply sleeping, but actively working out of sight.

Dreams where red figures prominently or even where a fire blazes contentedly can be powerful, potent symbols of hope delivered to assure us that we are finally nearing a transformation.

Pentecost Tongues of Fire

Pentecost Tongues of Fire

Spiritual Guidance

Are your fire dreams filled with torches, lanterns or candles? If so, your fire dream may be delivering or asking you to seek spiritual guidance.

If there are torches or candles, who is holding them? Is it you or someone else?

If you dream that you are holding a light source, this can mean the dream is coming from some part of you—perhaps your higher self.

If someone else is holding the candle, is that person leading you somewhere? If so, where? Finding out where you're going can shine a light on areas of great spiritual help that you may have lost touch with or you feel alienated from.

Lights that provide illumination in dark places can symbolize hope and reassurance that wisdom shows through even in the long, dark night of the soul, that period of painful but fertile transformation that can feel as though we're living in death's own shadow.

Fire and the Sun are often coupled in dreams.

Fire and the Sun are often coupled in dreams.

Fire Dreams and the Sun

The Sun is a complex dream symbol. It not only represents nurturance, warmth, and rebirth among other things—in Jungian psychology, the Sun represents the masculine principle.

The masculine principle has nothing to do with sex or gender in Jungian thought. Instead, the masculine principle refers to energy that is active and transmitted as opposed to energy that is passive and receptive.

Neither principle is privileged over the other because both are necessary for a psyche that is healthy and whole. Think of a radio: sending signals produces nothing save signal sending without a receiver to give collect them and vice versa.

The Sun in dreams can indicate a focus on the masculine principle, an integration of shadow elements, or even the beginning of self-integration.

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