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What Do Dreams About Eggs Mean?

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While sometimes overlooked, dream eggs are actually quite complex symbols with myriad meanings. They are a symbol that appears throughout various world mythologies as well as in Christian iconography, and their inclusion in iconography is not due to the Easter bunny.

But what do eggs mean in dreams? Some possible meanings include:

  • Strength
  • Hope, new life, possibility
  • Cracked eggs as broken dreams as well as freedom
  • The cosmos
  • Change on a core level
  • Fragility
  • Fertility and creativity

With so many possibilities, how does one sort out the white of the dream egg from the yolk?

Read on and learn!

Dream Eggs as Symbols of Hidden Strength

Eggs are generally thought of as fragile things, easily broken or cracked and when hit or hit against something from the side, this is true. However, despite this flaw, the truth is the egg's design is actually a marvel of strength as the video below shows.

The shape of the egg is basically the shape recognized the world over as one of power: the arch. Arches are architectural marvels of strength as they compress the weight along its surface.

Dreams of eggs can mean that although we feel fragile, even broken, we have a hidden strength we haven't recognized or acknowledged.

If we're at a point in our lives where we feel particularly vulnerable, egg dreams may serve as reminders to become more like the egg and find the strength inside us that we're not aware of.

Walking on Egg Shells Takes On a New Meaning

Eggs in Dreams as Symbols of Hope, New Life, and Possibility

There is something magical about finding a nest with eggs inside it. Children, even adults, must exercise restraint not to get so excited about their find that they accidentally disturb the little lives growing inside the shells they've stumbled on.

Dreams about eggs can be incredibly positive symbols reflecting all the magic and possibility of finding eggs in birds' springtime nests. They can symbolize eggs the hope that a new life is on the horizon for us, especially if we've gone through a traumatic time.

Eggs in dreams are also potent symbols of possibility, of the actuality that hidden away inside us is something tucked away that holds the promise of new life suddenly bursting forth.

Cracked eggs have dual symbolism in dreams.

Cracked eggs have dual symbolism in dreams.

The Dichotomy of Dreams of Cracked Eggs

Dreaming about cracked eggs might seem to have an obvious meaning—something is broken, something that was fragile and needed protection was inadvertently destroyed, or some hope or dream has been irrevocably and irretrievably ruined.

Oftentimes, this meaning is precisely what cracked eggs can symbolize.

This interpretation is particularly apt when we've suffered some sort of disappointment or loss. Loss means anything we've invested with time and care. It can be something particularly precious to us, something we've had in our lives for years, or even a project in the nascent stages of development.

However, if we've not suffered loss and dream of finding cracked eggs, the meaning may be completely different from that of symbolizing loss. In fact, cracked eggs in dreams can have a positive meaning.

Absent a waking life loss, cracked eggs in dreams can symbolize freedom. They can indicate that we've broken out of our shells, so to speak, that the new life we've wanted has matured and we ready to step into our own.

Cracked eggs can symbolize that we've broken free of limitations and are ready to embrace the new life that gestated out of sight. Congratulations!

Dream Nest Eggs

We use the expression "nest egg" to refer to the financial security of saving up money to use in the future, money to sustain us after we stop working or in the event that we can't work. Nest eggs are our security blanket, the little bit of safety we carve out for ourselves and nurture until its grown and can take care of us when it's mature.

Dreams of nest eggs can be metaphors for a desire for security, a longing for someone to tend to us, to love and nurture us, and to keep us safe while we're vulnerable. Alternatively, nest eggs can symbolize the fact that we are creating a stable and secure environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

In waking life, eggs in nests are typically associated with spring, the time of renewal and rebirth. In dreams, eggs in nests mirror their waking life counterparts as symbols of hope and the possibility of new life.

Dreams about nest eggs symbolize that something fertilized is growing, waiting for the time when that life is finally ready to break out of its shell, fully developed and ready to make its way in the world.

Dreams about nest eggs may happen at a time when we feel life has stagnated, plateaued, or come to a complete standstill.

When we dream of eggs, our hope of new life must be tempered with the remembrance that although the overall meaning of the dream is one of hope and developing life, that life is still forming.

Life cannot be rushed, the time it takes for development to reach maturation is precise--rushing it along does not allow it the time it needs to reach its maximum potential.

When we feel stagnated or trapped, we push, shove, and flail. In so doing, we are actually, ironically, fighting against the life that is quietly developing deep in the psyche where the activity is hidden from the dreamer.

At this time we advise remembering Miracle Max's words in the Princess Bride: "You rush a miracle, man, you get rotten miracles."

Let the miracle of the dream egg take all the time it needs, otherwise all our rushing about may just leave us with rotten eggs.

Let Them Be Cake

Eggs as Archetypes of the Cosmos

The egg, or rather the egg shape, has been used as a motif for creation throughout many mythologies.

Sanskrit mythology posits the world as it is as hatching from an egg, while Chinese mythology explains the heaven and the earth as two halves of a cracked egg.

Interestingly enough, modern science has even postulated that the universe itself is egg-shaped as a manner of accounting for it being eternal yet ever-expanding. The thought is that the singular structure that once was a compressed form expanded and continues to expand roughly in an egg shape.


Egg Superstitions

Eggs and their shells have many superstitions associated with them. Here is a sampling of egg superstitions from around the world.



Insanity can be caused in women who step on egg shells.

El Salvador

An egg cracked into a glass at midnight of the New Year will form into a shape that augers the future for the coming year. For example, a ring shape could mean marriage.


Are you suffering from the effects of the evil eye? Rub an egg all over your body, crack it into a glass and put it under your bed. You'll be well by morning.


Always crush the entire egg shell, especially the ends. If you don't, witches will make boats of the ends, sail out to sea, and create all manner of oceanic havoc.


Put your eggs under your bonnet and carry them around for a while because eggs carried under a woman's bonnet are believed to produce the finest hens.

Ukrainian pysansky (Easter eggs).

Ukrainian pysansky (Easter eggs).

Eggs in Christianity

There are many theories about the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. One that is particularly interesting involves Eastern Orthodox Christianity where the reason for dyeing eggs at Pascha (Easter) is this:

Tradition holds that Mary Magdalene who, according to scripture, was the first person to see the resurrected Christ in person, was sharing dinner with Tiberius Caesar. She was holding an egg in her hand as she related her account to her host.

Caesar, thinking the story absolutely ridiculous, remarked that is was as plausible that a man could return from the dead as it was that the egg the Magdalene held in her hand would miraculously turn red, at which point the white egg immediately changed its color to crimson. This story is why some icons of the Magdalene include her holding a red egg and is the reason Orthodox Christians dye their eggs red.

Another story that involves eggs and Christianity is that the egg itself is a symbol of the stone rolled away from the tomb of the risen Christ. The egg symbolizes that the rock which once imprisoned the dead was transformed into that which holds life inside its shell—a symbol of the death of death.

Eggs as Symbols of Change on a Core Level

Whether the creation story involving the egg comes from the Sanskrit or a scientific theorem or a Christian tradition, the one parallel in each is that there is something miraculous about the egg.

There is something marvelous going on inside its shell, some dynamic process unseen to the human eye that is, despite its invisibility, creating and forming life itself. The egg appears nothing more than a fragile shell, lying silently, doing nothing, completely helpless and vulnerable to the elements and predators surrounding it.

However, what is actually occurring is life is dynamically growing and maturing until it is too grand to be contained.

Alchemists, who we now know were interested in spiritual transformation instead of creating physical gold from literal lead, believed that the most important and radical transformations took place inside hermetically sealed vessels.

What all of the mythologies and alchemical tales of eggs have to do with egg dreams and the meaning of the egg as a dream symbol is that oftentimes dreamers find themselves in places as lonely as the single egg sitting in a nest.

Just as it is impossible for the outside observer to see what is going on inside the egg, neither can the egg see what is going on inside itself. That sounds like a silly statement, but we are often like eggs when we find ourselves completely isolated. We feel lost, abandoned, bereft and see absolutely nothing going on either in the world around us. We can't comprehend that any internal process, other than pain, loneliness, and depression is occurring.

Dreams of eggs can be reminders of what we can't see: that sometimes isolation, complete and utter isolation, is necessary to remove the distractions of the outer world so that profound progress can occur both in the inner world and the outer world.

Once we're out of our shell, we see that what we thought was holding us back, was keeping us safe, allowing us to mature, grow, and ultimately be completely transformed.

Eggs as Symbols of Fragility

One of the most common associations we have with eggs is that of fragility. Eggs in dreams can symbolize the fragility and vulnerability we feel in our waking lives.

Fragility can mean that we are in a place in our own lives where we feel vulnerable and sensitive. But fragility can also mean that we are worried that our relationships or careers are at a critical point where we fear they might easily break.

It is common to think of fragility in the negative. But fragility can also be a positive thing. When we put up rock-solid walls, we think we are keeping ourselves safe, but it is possible that we are simply keeping ourselves walled-in.

Dreams of eggs might serve to remind us that the walls that we think are rock solid are actually paper-thin—thin enough that just a tiny bit of pecking can free us from what is holding us back.

Fertility and Creativity

One of the most obvious symbolic representations of the egg is fertility because after all, eggs are a part of the beginning of life. In dreams, eggs can symbolize fertility, but dream fertility does not always mean literal fertility.

Dream fertility can refer to points in our lives where the mind is particularly receptive to new ideas and where those ideas are germinating, waiting for the time when they can be born in the waking world.

While dreams of eggs as symbols of fertility and creativity are positive omens, we have to temper our enthusiasm with caution.

While eggs are life at its most dynamic phase, that life is at its earliest and most vulnerable stage of development. Whatever is germinating within us needs nurture and protection and therefore it may be best to keep those new ideas and thoughts that are growing inside us safe from the outer world.

One way to do this is by keeping our nascent plans to ourselves until they are safe and solid enough to share with others.

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