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What Does It Mean If I Dream About Being a Hostage?

Richard Hale is a published author who enjoys analyzing and writing about dreams and their symbolic representations.

Explore the possible meanings of dreams in which you're a hostage.

Explore the possible meanings of dreams in which you're a hostage.

Hostage Dreams

Being held hostage is not a common dream theme, but people do have such dreams. Dreaming that you are a hostage can represent a variety of different meanings in your waking life. This theme can come in a variety of different scenarios and with different emotions.

This type of dream commonly represents several negative emotions that we are feeling in our waking life. For example, it might suggest that you are feeling trapped in a certain situation in your life. This can refer to a variety of different things, such as a bad relationship. It could also be a friendship, a work relationship, or your relationship with your partner. Your dream can also point to a bad financial situation or your job.

In this article, we will discuss hostage dreams, possible scenarios, and the meanings behind these dreams. Hopefully, it guides you to understand how your dream relates to your waking life.

A hostage dream may suggest that you feel trapped in a relationship or job.

A hostage dream may suggest that you feel trapped in a relationship or job.

Meanings and Scenarios

When we dream about being held hostage, we commonly feel emotions of deceit, vulnerability, and powerlessness, along with the feeling of being trapped. We might have feelings of being confused, dazed, afraid, anxious, and terrified. Your dream may be applying to these same emotions in your life. What is making you feel this way?

We quickly go from total control to no control at all. What situation in your life have you lost total control over? These situations can point to anything in your life where you now feel powerless.

Just like any dream that you have, you need to try to remember as much as you can from your hostage dream. Remember, each symbol, emotion, and element can represent something in your waking life. There are several questions that you need to ask yourself to better guide you in finding the meaning:

  • Who held you hostage?
  • Where did they take you?
  • Were you held captive?
  • How was your captor acting?
  • How did this make you feel?
  • Were you able to escape?

Many things can happen in this type of dream. As you now know, there are a variety of emotions and scenarios that can occur. Overall, it suggests that we feel powerless and trapped in our waking life. We may try to correct the situation or circumstances, but we fail to resolve the issues at hand. It often points to money issues and controlling relationships. These dreams can also point to drug and alcohol abuse. These situations control our lives and emotions.

More Possible Meanings

  • The actions and emotions of your captor can represent your own emotions. If your captor is acting angry, your dream may be pointing out your own anger in your waking life. This is why it is important to analyze your captor's actions and emotions while you are being held hostage. In this case, their emotions are actually your own.
  • It can also symbolize that we are not living up to our potential. This is viewed as a positive sign, because we can use the dream as motivation. Your subconscious is warning you that you have a higher potential. This can point to your job, friends, family, or a relationship. Maybe it is time to work harder to achieve your goals and aspirations.
  • It can also symbolize that you are being controlled by someone or something in your waking life. You may feel that you are in a situation or relationship that is controlling your everyday life. As mentioned before, your hostage dream can represent any situation, relationship, or circumstance that is the cause of your entrapment. Despite the potential loss, it is wrong to be controlled or controlling. Your dream may be a sign that you need to break free from this situation.
  • Often, it could reflect on your lack of ability to get out of a controlling situation. You may feel that you have no choice or the potential loss is too great. You may have already tried but had no success in doing so. This brings on negative emotions and can lead to anxiety and even depression. Although you feel that you are not in control, you do have options.
  • If you dream that after being held hostage, you escape, this may suggest the need to escape from the controlling circumstances that are occurring in your waking life. Your dream is suggesting that you may need to escape this situation. You may have already escaped a controlling situation, and the dream is simply representing this fact. If we are held hostage, we all want to escape. The trouble is finding the courage to manage this escape.
  • If you are being held in captivity, this may symbolize that someone or something is holding you back from reaching success. This commonly points to work. You may be in the position for a promotion, but someone is keeping you from reaching this point in your life. It may even point to the fact that you deserve a raise, but your boss is controlling your promotion. You may be overlooked or passed over for whatever reason.

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Cassandra on September 21, 2020:

I had a dream that I was being held hostage along with a couple more people. A number that could fill up a whole auditorium. So I noticed that when we were taking a sit everyone was looking down and scared. And I kinda felt like someone is there to hurt us. After a while of figuring out who among us is the killer. A gun shot was heard that made Everyone mad and tried to escape. And so I did the same thing. But he caught me and shot me outside the backyard. He said something but I don’t remember. He was convince that with the damaged I got it’ll be the end of me. Then, he turned his back and left and so I pretended to be dead while planning a way to escape. Not for a while, I know that his lackeys are going to look for me to be buried. And so I took my chance. I was run and run. suddenly, I felt a buzzing in my pocket. A keypad phone. Soon I realized that it wasn’t just a phone. It can somewhat transport you to anywhere you want. So I went to several places but for some reason I decided to go back to that place. It was near a lake and there I kept whispering to my phone to go to the other side but it didn’t work. Once again I was found out by him. But this time his approach was different. It’s like I was a different person. He treated me like I was important to him. suddenly I realized I became his lover. And that the reason why I come back was because he took my siblings as hostage. And so I remember smiling at him and acting all hot and sexy. To be honest, I felt like a lil hot and bothered. And then soon I wake up. Damn. I don’t understand it but when I remember that he shoot people and took them hostage it terrified me and made me curious why I dreamt such a weird dream. I never dream such a thing before.

ambika on July 29, 2020:

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i dreamed of pranking my dad into believing that i've been kidnapped and held hostage and even made/mimiced (being afraid and stressed) noises and after i saw how he asked me more and more questions (he didn't seem as nervous or stressed i mean he was just asking question , no signs of being worried or stressed) , i couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing while he was still on the call listening.

Raina on June 27, 2020:

I had a dream I was driving to someplace, and weirdly my younger sister was driving (She's way too young to drive). Ob the way though, we got lost and came upon a strangers house. We knocked and this famous actor I knew in my waking life (Helena Bonham Carter) came out and said some sort of welcome, telling us to come inside. Suddenly, my grandma was with us too. We followed her and stayed for maybe a day or two, and after packing all my things (There was all sorts of things from my house all around, like my sis's toys and decor) I said thank you for letting us stay so long and that we would be going. She suddenly grabbed me around my throat and said (I don't remember exactly what, but it was something like this) "Why? Dont you want to stay here forever? In fact, you ARE going to stay here forever!" And she tried to force feed me this like, potion. I spit it out and said "NO!" and she tied me and my sister and grandma (Who were watching in horror) up and shoved us in a pile. "You will stay there untill you are ready to drink this!" She said, and her husband, Astra or Asla I think his name was, came out and said something like "Clean the house!" And we were suddenly cleaning every inch of the house. When we were done, we were allowed to walk, but the doors were locked. Once or twice we tried to escape, but each time we had to pack all these things, then go, and we were obviously caught. On the third time we tried to escape, Helena said "Pack your belongings and go." We were surprised, but obviously obliged, After packing however, she stopped us again and said "You will be punished!" but, we all ran for the door, and we managed to escape, but the last part is kind of blurry to me. In the car, my family appeared and said "Drive!" and my sister drove. Thats where I woke up. Craziest dream Ive had in a while.

Ciara on February 02, 2020:

So I dreamd of being in a park with my kids and a friend then event was over so as we walked towards the car (and keep in mind the walk was at least 7 mins) we stumbled on what appears to be a gun so we raised the sheet and it was like a really big and a huge knife as if a prison inmates were out there..anyway we kept walking towards the car after looking at we here gun shots so when we look someone had been killed like it was a massacre we finally made it the car the guy that walking behind us was being shot at but they didn't shot him because of us once we got into the car and drove off that guy got away too...meanwhile we lost my i get a call from her later on telling me to come get her once i arrived it was a old friend he told me about him being in the park riding around killing ppl and his mom called the police pretending to be me and them i had a confession that i killed the ppl but my friend spoke up cause he didn't wanna see go down i guess so he confessed and i was free once again....whew!! What does this mean

Tarra on December 29, 2019:

Don't forget.... hate to bring some bad news but a few people who dream about this have actually been taken hostage. The idea Is frankly out there and there are to many people out there with many bad motivations. It's happened more than once to me. Going to the right doctor's and not just a therapist to make sure might be a good idea. If not you still went to a doctor and potentially caught anything else.

Juliana on November 16, 2019:

This is kind of scary because I’m only 13 years old but my dream was about one of my teachers who I’ve always that was really scary was driving a truck and me and my sister were walking by the way my sister is older than me and she’s 17 and then all of a sudden she stops going so fast in her truck so me and my sister start running because we knew that she was suspicious and that she could’ve kidnapped us and the teacher always like dressed up as a man at her school and stuff so she was like really scary to us like he didn’t know what she can do and then all of a sudden she started grabbing me and I told my sister to run and then I just start like beating her up and she was pulling me and I was a punching her and stuff and then she all of a sudden she just let go ran her truck after my sister called 911 and then she like drove off

Jenny on November 14, 2019:

So my dream had me really confused, so when I was walking home from school, this boy came up to me and placed a towel around my mouth and nose, I couldn't breath, so I then blacked out. I woke up on a couch tied down. I then suddenly found myself talking to the boy, he looked not older than 15. I then started to have feelings toward him(weird right!?) then he told me that he kidnapped me because he was lonely, then he invited me to his room, and we laid down and he placed his arm around me, I then blushed soooo hard that I kinda woke up, and I Kinda still have feelings feelings for him. He was so handsome!

Coco on August 06, 2019:

Mine was about my mechanic he told me & others about a dark energy connected to broken pavement several feet near his business...we all checked it out by standing on this broken elevated pavement & we all became hostages to an evil dead spirit inside a restaurant who appeared to be a mechanic died and i made several attempts to break free from the energy & leave this restaurant but i could only get so far before i would be returned right back... All the other people just sat on a floor huddled together scared to even attempt to leave or break free..

izzy on July 15, 2019:

It was started by me on my computer (my computer is by the front door/ in the living room) and some dude opened the door and said something I can't remember. The first man had a gun and there was another dude behind him. I turned to the kitchen. My dad and mom were in the kitchen. I said "Call" to my dad and hand motioned 9-1-1. Throughout all of this, I was having a panic attack. Then I woke up. That's all I remember.

My story on June 09, 2019:

The first part of my dream I was in an apartment complex and there was a large pool that every kid was going to to play a game. I remember my cousin being there too. The instructor told us to form a circle type shape and we walked on the water to our spots(weird) but when I went I tried to I sunk a bit and got shot up somehow and swam normally and I saw my cousin there telling me to come be next to her. We then played the game and it was like an elementary/middle school game I used to play in gym where we tried to keep a big beach ball from touching the ground. I don’t remember after that but on to the second part. My cousin and I were then walking around the complex talking and we were being followed by some girl who only wanted the ball my cousin was carrying around. After she gave her the ball we continued walking and I noticed that we were in a bad part of the complex. I felt someone following us. I was going to tell my cousin to run as we were soon getting out of there naturally but I turned around and there was a man following us. He grabbed us and then we followed him to his car with another dude who made sure we didn’t escape. I remember as we were walking I asked what he wanted with us. I grabbed my phone and asked if he wanted it. I told him he was a pus*y for not shooting us now and he got mad but didn’t do anything and shoved us in his car. Suddenly we were in his apartment that was shaped like an L and that had a wall that went transparent sometimes if needed. He told us we were going to accompany him to places because he was lonely and that if we tried anything he was going to shoot us. Then we were making food and that wall was now gone as the same girl from before was helping us?? She asked for a blue and pink colored pencil out our bag and I handed it to her and she made rings. She put them over her rice patties thing that were on a stick. She went away after that and my cousin and I continued making food. My cousin went to go to another room and sleep but I was told to go with the guy and sleep in his bed with him. I was scared a bit and he told me he was so excited to go on adventures with his us. While we were talking the other guy was eating the food that the one girl made and he started chocking and dying. We saw and soon realized that my cousin and the girl had poisoned the colored rings secretly. The main guy screamed and starting shooting at me but I quickly ran, dodging his bullets. I went to get my cousin but it was only a fake plastic version of her from the back and I tried to get her to listen to me but I realized it wasn’t her and that she left with the other girl. I felt betrayed but ran outside and into another apartment where I hid. Soon after another guy that had been in with the other two had come in and started shooting everywhere. My heart was racing. He went to a room to find me and it was weird but I could see his thoughts. Something triggered him and made him think of his childhood and how he was never treated like other kids. He then started crying and broke down. After that I woke up sweating with a racing heart. I think I have deciphered what the dream meant but I still wanted to tell my story because it’s rare for me to remember my dreams.