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What Does It Mean If I Dream About Being a Hostage?

Explore the possible meanings of dreams in which you're a hostage

Explore the possible meanings of dreams in which you're a hostage

Hostage Dreams

Being held hostage is not a common dream theme, but sometimes people do have such dreams. Dreaming that you are a hostage can represent a variety of different things in your waking life. This theme can come in a variety of different scenarios and with different emotions.

This type of dream commonly represents several negative emotions that we are feeling in our waking life. For example, it might suggest that you are feeling trapped in a certain situation in your life. This can refer to a variety of different things, such as a bad relationship. It could also be a friendship, a work relationship, or your relationship with your partner. Your dream can also point to a bad financial situation or your job.

In this article, we will discuss hostage dreams, possible scenarios, and the meanings behind these dreams. Hopefully, it guides you to understand how your dream relates to your waking life.

A hostage dream may suggest that you feel trapped in a relationship or job

A hostage dream may suggest that you feel trapped in a relationship or job

Meanings and Scenarios

When we dream about being held hostage, we commonly feel emotions of deceit, vulnerability, and powerlessness, along with the feeling of being trapped. We might have feelings of being confused, dazed, afraid, anxious, and terrified. Your dream may be applying to these same emotions in your life. What is making you feel this way?

We quickly go from total control to no control at all. What situation in your life have you lost total control over? These situations can point to anything in your life where you now feel powerless.

Just like any dream that you have, you need to try to remember as much as you can from your hostage dream. Remember, each symbol, emotion, and element can represent something in your waking life. There are several questions that you need to ask yourself to better guide you in finding the meaning:

  • Who held you hostage?
  • Where did they take you?
  • Were you held captive?
  • How was your captor acting?
  • How did this make you feel?
  • Were you able to escape?

Many things can happen in this type of dream. As you now know, there are a variety of emotions and scenarios that can occur. Overall, it suggests that we feel powerless and trapped in our waking life. We may try to correct the situation or circumstances, but we fail to resolve the issues at hand. It often points to money issues and controlling relationships. These dreams can also point to drug and alcohol abuse. These situations control our lives and emotions.

More Possible Meanings

  • The actions and emotions of your captor can represent your own emotions. If your captor is acting angry, your dream may be pointing out your own anger in your waking life. This is why it is important to analyze your captor's actions and emotions while you are being held hostage. In this case, their emotions are actually your own.
  • It can also symbolize that we are not living up to our potential. This is viewed as a positive sign because we can use the dream as motivation. Your subconscious is warning you that you have a higher potential. This can point to your job, friends, family, or relationship. Maybe it is time to work harder to achieve your goals and aspirations.
  • It can also symbolize that you are being controlled by someone or something in your waking life. You may feel that you are in a situation or relationship that is controlling your everyday life. As mentioned before, your hostage dream can represent any situation, relationship, or circumstance that is the cause of your entrapment. Despite the potential loss, it is wrong to be controlled or controlling. Your dream may be a sign that you need to break free from this situation.
  • Often, it could reflect on your lack of ability to get out of a controlling situation. You may feel that you have no choice or the potential loss is too great. You may have already tried but had no success in doing so. This brings on negative emotions and can lead to anxiety and even depression. Although you feel that you are not in control, you do have options.
  • If you dream that after being held hostage, you escape, this may suggest the need to escape from the controlling circumstances that are occurring in your waking life. Your dream is suggesting that you may need to escape this situation. You may have already escaped a controlling situation, and the dream is simply representing this fact. If we are held hostage, we all want to escape. The trouble is finding the courage to manage this escape.
  • If you are being held in captivity, this may symbolize that someone or something is holding you back from reaching success. This commonly points to work. You may be in the position for a promotion, but someone is keeping you from reaching this point in your life. It may even point to the fact that you deserve a raise, but your boss is controlling your promotion. You may be overlooked or passed over for whatever reason.

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Cassandra on September 21, 2020:

I had a dream that I was being held hostage along with a couple more people. A number that could fill up a whole auditorium. So I noticed that when we were taking a sit everyone was looking down and scared. And I kinda felt like someone is there to hurt us. After a while of figuring out who among us is the killer. A gun shot was heard that made Everyone mad and tried to escape. And so I did the same thing. But he caught me and shot me outside the backyard. He said something but I don’t remember. He was convince that with the damaged I got it’ll be the end of me. Then, he turned his back and left and so I pretended to be dead while planning a way to escape. Not for a while, I know that his lackeys are going to look for me to be buried. And so I took my chance. I was run and run. suddenly, I felt a buzzing in my pocket. A keypad phone. Soon I realized that it wasn’t just a phone. It can somewhat transport you to anywhere you want. So I went to several places but for some reason I decided to go back to that place. It was near a lake and there I kept whispering to my phone to go to the other side but it didn’t work. Once again I was found out by him. But this time his approach was different. It’s like I was a different person. He treated me like I was important to him. suddenly I realized I became his lover. And that the reason why I come back was because he took my siblings as hostage. And so I remember smiling at him and acting all hot and sexy. To be honest, I felt like a lil hot and bothered. And then soon I wake up. Damn. I don’t understand it but when I remember that he shoot people and took them hostage it terrified me and made me curious why I dreamt such a weird dream. I never dream such a thing before.

ambika on July 29, 2020:

i dreamed of pranking my dad into believing that i've been kidnapped and held hostage and even made/mimiced (being afraid and stressed) noises and after i saw how he asked me more and more questions (he didn't seem as nervous or stressed i mean he was just asking question , no signs of being worried or stressed) , i couldn't hold it in anymore and started laughing while he was still on the call listening.

Raina on June 27, 2020:

I had a dream I was driving to someplace, and weirdly my younger sister was driving (She's way too young to drive). Ob the way though, we got lost and came upon a strangers house. We knocked and this famous actor I knew in my waking life (Helena Bonham Carter) came out and said some sort of welcome, telling us to come inside. Suddenly, my grandma was with us too. We followed her and stayed for maybe a day or two, and after packing all my things (There was all sorts of things from my house all around, like my sis's toys and decor) I said thank you for letting us stay so long and that we would be going. She suddenly grabbed me around my throat and said (I don't remember exactly what, but it was something like this) "Why? Dont you want to stay here forever? In fact, you ARE going to stay here forever!" And she tried to force feed me this like, potion. I spit it out and said "NO!" and she tied me and my sister and grandma (Who were watching in horror) up and shoved us in a pile. "You will stay there untill you are ready to drink this!" She said, and her husband, Astra or Asla I think his name was, came out and said something like "Clean the house!" And we were suddenly cleaning every inch of the house. When we were done, we were allowed to walk, but the doors were locked. Once or twice we tried to escape, but each time we had to pack all these things, then go, and we were obviously caught. On the third time we tried to escape, Helena said "Pack your belongings and go." We were surprised, but obviously obliged, After packing however, she stopped us again and said "You will be punished!" but, we all ran for the door, and we managed to escape, but the last part is kind of blurry to me. In the car, my family appeared and said "Drive!" and my sister drove. Thats where I woke up. Craziest dream Ive had in a while.

Ciara on February 02, 2020:

So I dreamd of being in a park with my kids and a friend then event was over so as we walked towards the car (and keep in mind the walk was at least 7 mins) we stumbled on what appears to be a gun so we raised the sheet and it was like a really big and a huge knife as if a prison inmates were out there..anyway we kept walking towards the car after looking at we here gun shots so when we look someone had been killed like it was a massacre we finally made it the car the guy that walking behind us was being shot at but they didn't shot him because of us once we got into the car and drove off that guy got away too...meanwhile we lost my i get a call from her later on telling me to come get her once i arrived it was a old friend he told me about him being in the park riding around killing ppl and his mom called the police pretending to be me and them i had a confession that i killed the ppl but my friend spoke up cause he didn't wanna see go down i guess so he confessed and i was free once again....whew!! What does this mean

Tarra on December 29, 2019:

Don't forget.... hate to bring some bad news but a few people who dream about this have actually been taken hostage. The idea Is frankly out there and there are to many people out there with many bad motivations. It's happened more than once to me. Going to the right doctor's and not just a therapist to make sure might be a good idea. If not you still went to a doctor and potentially caught anything else.

Juliana on November 16, 2019:

This is kind of scary because I’m only 13 years old but my dream was about one of my teachers who I’ve always that was really scary was driving a truck and me and my sister were walking by the way my sister is older than me and she’s 17 and then all of a sudden she stops going so fast in her truck so me and my sister start running because we knew that she was suspicious and that she could’ve kidnapped us and the teacher always like dressed up as a man at her school and stuff so she was like really scary to us like he didn’t know what she can do and then all of a sudden she started grabbing me and I told my sister to run and then I just start like beating her up and she was pulling me and I was a punching her and stuff and then she all of a sudden she just let go ran her truck after my sister called 911 and then she like drove off

Jenny on November 14, 2019:

So my dream had me really confused, so when I was walking home from school, this boy came up to me and placed a towel around my mouth and nose, I couldn't breath, so I then blacked out. I woke up on a couch tied down. I then suddenly found myself talking to the boy, he looked not older than 15. I then started to have feelings toward him(weird right!?) then he told me that he kidnapped me because he was lonely, then he invited me to his room, and we laid down and he placed his arm around me, I then blushed soooo hard that I kinda woke up, and I Kinda still have feelings feelings for him. He was so handsome!

Coco on August 06, 2019:

Mine was about my mechanic he told me & others about a dark energy connected to broken pavement several feet near his business...we all checked it out by standing on this broken elevated pavement & we all became hostages to an evil dead spirit inside a restaurant who appeared to be a mechanic died and i made several attempts to break free from the energy & leave this restaurant but i could only get so far before i would be returned right back... All the other people just sat on a floor huddled together scared to even attempt to leave or break free..

izzy on July 15, 2019:

It was started by me on my computer (my computer is by the front door/ in the living room) and some dude opened the door and said something I can't remember. The first man had a gun and there was another dude behind him. I turned to the kitchen. My dad and mom were in the kitchen. I said "Call" to my dad and hand motioned 9-1-1. Throughout all of this, I was having a panic attack. Then I woke up. That's all I remember.

My story on June 09, 2019:

The first part of my dream I was in an apartment complex and there was a large pool that every kid was going to to play a game. I remember my cousin being there too. The instructor told us to form a circle type shape and we walked on the water to our spots(weird) but when I went I tried to I sunk a bit and got shot up somehow and swam normally and I saw my cousin there telling me to come be next to her. We then played the game and it was like an elementary/middle school game I used to play in gym where we tried to keep a big beach ball from touching the ground. I don’t remember after that but on to the second part. My cousin and I were then walking around the complex talking and we were being followed by some girl who only wanted the ball my cousin was carrying around. After she gave her the ball we continued walking and I noticed that we were in a bad part of the complex. I felt someone following us. I was going to tell my cousin to run as we were soon getting out of there naturally but I turned around and there was a man following us. He grabbed us and then we followed him to his car with another dude who made sure we didn’t escape. I remember as we were walking I asked what he wanted with us. I grabbed my phone and asked if he wanted it. I told him he was a pus*y for not shooting us now and he got mad but didn’t do anything and shoved us in his car. Suddenly we were in his apartment that was shaped like an L and that had a wall that went transparent sometimes if needed. He told us we were going to accompany him to places because he was lonely and that if we tried anything he was going to shoot us. Then we were making food and that wall was now gone as the same girl from before was helping us?? She asked for a blue and pink colored pencil out our bag and I handed it to her and she made rings. She put them over her rice patties thing that were on a stick. She went away after that and my cousin and I continued making food. My cousin went to go to another room and sleep but I was told to go with the guy and sleep in his bed with him. I was scared a bit and he told me he was so excited to go on adventures with his us. While we were talking the other guy was eating the food that the one girl made and he started chocking and dying. We saw and soon realized that my cousin and the girl had poisoned the colored rings secretly. The main guy screamed and starting shooting at me but I quickly ran, dodging his bullets. I went to get my cousin but it was only a fake plastic version of her from the back and I tried to get her to listen to me but I realized it wasn’t her and that she left with the other girl. I felt betrayed but ran outside and into another apartment where I hid. Soon after another guy that had been in with the other two had come in and started shooting everywhere. My heart was racing. He went to a room to find me and it was weird but I could see his thoughts. Something triggered him and made him think of his childhood and how he was never treated like other kids. He then started crying and broke down. After that I woke up sweating with a racing heart. I think I have deciphered what the dream meant but I still wanted to tell my story because it’s rare for me to remember my dreams.

Please Read This. on March 24, 2019:

last night i had this insane dream...

i remember going to school, and i took this child orientation class (same kids in it just like in real life) and we walked to my house, it’s not very far from the school. i walked in, grabbed a handful of snacks. i saw my little brother and it’s weird that he was home alone and he just was acting insanely weird. he’s 7.

after we left, i remember walking outside and all the kids were gone. it was just a huge field in front of my house. in corner of the field, the far corner, was two cement shaped rooms. well, kind of rooms, there were no ceilings, and the front wall was missing.

i walked over to it and the man told me to get put into the girl group. i didn’t think anything of it and walked right over there. i did see my best friend on the boys group, and she looked terrible.

after a while the girl “leader” showed up and that’s when everything that anyone possible found scary, felt like it came to life. she would abuse us, and tell us we would die if we tried to run away. after days of abuse, she grabbed a chainsaw after i was telling everyone a story: here’s what i said, i’ll act it out for you.

me- (in tears, bawlling and every girl staring at me) i’m not trying to sound petty, and give you all my grief, but my mom left me when i was a kid and i live with my da——

HER- (grabs a chainsaw and corners all of us) i don’t want any fucking talking.

and that’s how that went. a couple hours later she let us know she was going to use the bathroom. which was of course our time to pull out our phones left in our back pockets. so i did. i don’t remember exactly what i texted my dad but i’ll summarize:

“dad, please help. i’m being held hostage with a group of other girls, she’s going to kill us dad. i’m not joking. HELP”

after that, i remember taking a run for it. but it was weird because all the sudden my dream skipped around and i was back at the hostage place, and the cops showed up. the girl whispers into our ears and said that if anyone tells him, we’re all dead. when he asked what was going on, no one talked... so i stood up. and i said “she’s trying to kill us sir” and that’s all i remember.

i woke up sweating and my heart was racing. please help me. what does this mean???

so terrible.

kayla on March 04, 2019:

ive had dreams where i was being held hostage,but i never escaped, i think its because i have not gotten passed being attacked in my own home at 3 am. my step dad was in a drunken rage and tried to kill his family

Kathleen on February 14, 2019:

I just read an article about being held hostage mine was my boyfriend and both being tied up in sort of a dungeon looking place and a not a friend any longer get person was sitting in a corner across from us grinning please advise what this means thanks

Alize Luyando on January 28, 2019:

Last night I had a dream I was being held at gunpoint by a gun with a laser on it and next to me was a girl Ive been friends with for 14 years but I recently ended the friendship. I felt scared and alone. We were in a very dark house and there were 2 men who broke into the house and held me and her at gunpoint. I knew who the intruder was but not in my waking life. What is this dream supposed to mean?

Anna on January 05, 2019:

I have this recurring dream where I'm being watched by a stranger at the windows. In the first dream the guy tried to kidnap me, but i got away after jumping out of his vehicle. In a more recent dream i opened a curtain and he was staring at me. Every time i wake up from these dreams, i always feel like I'm being watched and i try to avoid looking at the windows. What makes it a little weirder is i never told anyone about these dreams and my little niece told me one day that someone is watching me.

Ofelia on December 09, 2018:

My friend dream lastnight that me and my 2 friend go to the big mall. But the face of my two friends are not clear in her dream only me she can see. Now when we finished we go in our separate ways. But when im alone there are two armed man who captured me and hold me in my neck. What does it mean?

Alicia on December 07, 2018:

I recently had a dream that I went to one of my friends house l and he took me to homecoming as a date and I seen a boy and he was pretty hot and we end up making out when we went to back to my friends house but no one was home and for some reason my sisters where there with my three cats and my cousin that I am close to. and the guy I just met was a bad boy that I liked a lot and we were making out and then these two guys I can remember but one of them was somewhat chubby with brown hair and the other was tall and thin he was bald I have no clue who they were and the hot guy my boyfriend in the dream ranout the house to go get help and snuck past them and the guys found me and my sisters and my cousin and took us up into the attic that was broke down and had humongous holes in the wall that you can escape out of onto the grass but the men were watching us, the chubby guy threatened to rape me so I sat there with my sisters and cousin and cried and my cats were somewhere idk why they were in my dream but they give me comfort so maybe that’s why but anyway as I’m crying and being hugged by my sisters and cousin I find a pipe that had weed in it and I smoked it but I was still sad and the y’all bald guy seemed to have sympathy and he would try and help us but the chubby was always around watching us and he tried to burn the attic down and I was frightened thinking we were gonna die but we didn’t he created bigger holes in the attic structure and later on we heard a knock from the downstairs door and the chubby guy told the bald guy to watch us as he went to go check who it was and when he went away the bald guy hurried up and helped us escape through a hole to make it outside but I forgot got my cats and I didn’t want any harm to come to then I I turned around and told my sisters to go without me I’ll meet up with them and i stuck my hand through the hole and grabbed my cats and the chubby guy seen and I ran and caught up with my sisters and cousin and we ran to a cop car in the street and they caught the guys I still don’t know where my boyfriend went though and for some reason I felt sympathy for the bald guy even though he held us hostage he wasn’t old either he had a sad vibe coming off of him while the chubby guy had a strong anger vibes my dream is confusing and I wanna know where my boyfriend in my dream went he made me feel happy

Jovena on November 06, 2018:

I recalled this dream and wrote it down feverishly after waking up for everything felt so real.

I was with Milton a friend of mine, we were hanging out the first half of the dream, then suddenly we were at our school, we wanted to get steamboat to eat, we took a bus home, changed and Was about to wear our shoes and leave when we suddenly were told to join my family for steamboat and we were telling them we wanted to go to the store nearby to buy Smth, the moment we walked out of the door, the scene changes and we were at this locker room and someone was knocking the door. (Milton is gone now and another friend Shannon was there.) We opened the door and It was a disgusting shaped almost 3D looking molded man that's not wearing anything on top with his fats all dripping. The vibe was giant baby. Everyone was warning me not to open the door anymore. But I couldn't cause we had to get 2 cups of water apparently. The man wanted us to help him with water taps and it's supposed to flush in a certain direction to hurt someone. There were 3/4 around the room at each walls of the room. There was 5 of us. But I only felt close to Shannon. The both of us were scared. We ignore the guy, gave him weird answers to throw him off and the 2 of us ran away into the locker room that was access card activated. We left the other 3 out there knowing they were going to die. All of a sudden A group of people force their way into the room. One by one my friends were being dragged out, tortured and then filmed. All dead. It was someone's sick project. There was a leader and there was a whole group of people following her. Predominantly girls only. It felt like it was my fault that everyone died or is about to die. The leader talked to me like she had an obsession with me. Shannon helped me try overdosing on medication found in Milton's bag. She was dead now. It was my turn to be dragged out but I convinced the leader I should die last. She agreed and dragged out a stranger instead I prayed to Jesus to let me die and to save us and to avoid feeling pain. In an attempt to suffocate I was swallowing Coins in the dream. I succeeded with dying but as they found me and I got wheeled out, the leader sounded sad and angry that I was dead (once again obsessed voice) they tried to get me back to life with a needle meant to shock my brains back to life, after awhile they started the torture where they tested out the electrical shocks on my body I could feel some but I pretended that I couldn't. When they were about to move on to worser methods, I woke up.

After waking up, this started replaying in my head and my throat feels like I've swallowed coins. I'm very confused about this dream. Lol

Yemmy on October 30, 2018:

In my dream see that am avoiding to past a particular place but later put my trust in someone to pass through his way which lead to trapped but immediately the trapped occured,i woke up in my dream

Larissa on October 28, 2018:

I was on a school trip and we then were kidnapped, by a man and a woman who were murderers, we were held hostage in a sort big Field with a lot of barbed wire, big plastic bins, one with a sort sauce or maybe it was filled with water and blood, some of us were cut in half and wrapped us in a plastic bag, then threw us in the bin filled with the liquid, I escaped from my 'tent' and started to tear the plastic walls open and climbed up the walls and sometimes I went sliding under the wall, there were a few other classmates that escaped and one of them was a famous singer. After that we run and run in fear and went in the night camping scared, then after maybe 2/3 nights I run scared to the direction of home, when I reached it, it was exactly 0:03 AM and when I opened the door crying hysterically my parents opened the door worried and hugged me, they asked what happened and I explained them then my dream came to an end.

Naomi on October 04, 2018:

I had a dream about me in my house ,brother and my half brother and my mother in the living room and some ppl looking like guards came in and showed me something in their laptop and they told me that they r going to take me from my family and hold me captive for 4 days , not only did they say that but my brothers even Said that they were tortured and i asked many question like what was the meaning them doing this and If i didn’t want . They flipped on me and i ran to the bathroom and closed it , but these gurads opened it even though i was Holding it and i chose to hang from the bath Window theratning them not to take me or i would let go. Bcuz by this time i was seeing how i was being tortuerd and asked questions and Also being raped. And the dream emded there bcuz i woke up . When i woke up the only thing that was in head repeating was not to ask many questions

Meredith Cox on October 02, 2018:

I have a dream where it is night and these ugly weird people that moved in nextdoor are coming to our home and once they get in the front gate they won’t go or let us go. They are originally very nice to us until we ask them to leave or we try to escape, I keep holding my dog so she won’t attack because they will kill her as she is so tiny and I can’t reach my phone to call for help..... all the lights are on in their house and I can see them talking, there House is much higher than our house so we look up and they look down at us, I can see them coming one by one until there are six maybe 7 of them coming but we can’t run or hide they know where we would go and we try to kill them but they are stronger and smarter than us but they are so nice. They are wearing heavy make up like clowns make up but they are very dirty and smell .....I can’t call for help then I wake up and I am shaking and the perspiration is dripping off me as if I have been really running a marathon ..... I want to run so badly even during the first few moments of waking !!

Savvy on September 23, 2018:

I had this weird dream about being installed riot and being trapped inside a bus everyone was getting killed and stabbed at the back of the bus, the bus had started moving so we were away from the original riot place and everyone was getting brutally stabbed in the bus, now they were coming near the starting of the bus to kill people I was around the start I wanted to run and jump out of the bus but I was too scared to maybe they'd stop thr bus and all stab me as a punishment or I could be saved altogether I mean I was going to die anyway

kate on August 26, 2018:

I ve been held captive in the bush but manage to escape. but after some days I still met the captor in the market but didn't say anything

Dalton stroup on August 11, 2018:

I had a nightmare just last night about a 10 year old boy I couldn’t see and I was taken captive and knocked out when I went to go find him when we thought he was lost at a weird scary looking dark hotel room. I tried to kick and punch but it felt like I was fighting against thick water and I couldn’t see anything. I think I’ve had this nightmare before but I am uncertain. Anybody got any suggestions of why I had this dream?

Michael Langella on July 19, 2018:

I had a dream just yesterday that I was being held captive. I don’t remember who was holding me captive but I think it was a man and I escaped. I remember the setting of the dream being on a grass open field with wooden fences. I don’t remember how I escaped that vividly, though I do have a very vague memory of kicking the person who was holding me hostage. I think this dream represents a negative and stressful situation that I’ve been going through in life lately. And that is being a grade behind most people my age. I was born in 2001. I’m currently 17 years old and going into my junior year of high school even though I’m technically of age to be a senior. It was recommended that I stay an extra year in kindergarten to better socialize with my classmates. I feel like a very odd, unnormal, and unfitting person being behind everyone else my age and also the fact that I’ll have an extra year of high school and not graduating until I’m 19 has made me feeling quite stressful. I try so hard to not dwell on it so much and although at times I’m feeling okay it still really gets to me quite frequently. It’s hard for a lot of people to actually relate because most people don’t go through this and it’s pretty uncommon. I also feel incredibly alone. Pretty much all my friends in high school will be seniors this year and I can’t even imagine what high school will be like without them by the next school year after this upcoming. To me the class of 2020 aka the held back class seems like a not so popular class unlike the class of 2019, the one that I should be in is extremely popular. Nobody. And I mean almost nobody understands how it feels to be in a younger grade then average for your age and behind everyone else. Primary your best pals that truly mean the world to you.

Arianna on July 15, 2018:

I had a dream i was kidnapped while getting on the bus and myself and 4 other kids too that ive never met before . we were taken to a house where we had to live until the oldest escaped and whenthe rest of us escaped we saw outside the house IT WAS MORE OF THE SAME HOUSES!!! people where walking a round with kidnapped children and around the houses were fences not electric tgo thats how we got out from there i woke up and told my mom about it and she told me to check out google

phoebe on July 04, 2018:

in every dream me and my girlfriend are in it starts nice and then everything goes horrible in all ways changes in every dream then we end up separated from each other

Shannon Fisher on June 27, 2018:

Just had a dream that my friends and i dropped a friend off and waited for her to do some deal, while waiting my friend and i went on a small drive, made a uturn, and was quickly ambushed by VERY angry men...they started shooting and i crawled into a vacant homes doorway to pass out after being hurt. They came searching for me ans found me....then wouldnt let me out of their site...i walked around a corner to find an escape but there was nothing,when he saw me in a different room i just said i was taking a small punish me he brought me out and suddenly my mom was being held hostage by them and they said they can either cut off my legs or 3 of my moms fingers and she was crying..i told her i love her so much we were both crying then i woke up

Sheena Phillips on June 23, 2018:

I dreamt I was an undercover cop having to have a relationship with a serial killer, so I could get a profile on him. When he got angry and wanted to hurt me, I'd calm him down, take him into my arms, with his head resting on my chest, and rock him, telling him it's OK. My parents and dead aunty appeared in my dream. They were visiting me at the killers house. He was planning to kill them, and I was terrified he'd find out I was a cop, but as I was calming him down, I was making faces at my visitors, silently telling them to go. My dad was sweating which I was pleased about because it hid his tears for me. I dreamt the killer would have me naked and wanted sex, but I always managed to turn it into hugging and lying next to him. The dream finished by being in an empty house, except for a dirty red armchair, with my dogs and cats. The fbi came to find me but I hid from them. The serial killer seemed to have disappeared and gone. What on earth does this mean? Regards, Sheena

Mariah on June 21, 2018:

I dreamt I was held hostage by my aunt and uncle. But the weird thing is, in the dream I knew they were my aunt and uncle but when I think about it now, they weren’t. They held my whole family hostage but it mostly was about me. They told me that it would all be fixed when I was dead and threatened to kill me with a gun. My dog also was there. Then my boyfriend (who I don’t have in real life) came in en held on to me. I remember my uncle disspproving this and saying that I was not pure. After a kiss (that felt insanely real) he left. Then my older niece came in and when I noticed the door of their house was open, I looked at her and she looked at me. We immediately knew what to do and ran, to our bikes that stood outside. In a weird way, when we were on our way to the police we were in a car. I called the police and it was a weird call. Then my niece disappeared and I was all alone in the car, driving upon a huge bridge and after the bridge there was a tunnel. When I got out inside the tunnel, all my family members (and some friends) were there and hugged me. My boyfriend wasn’t there. The dream ended when some people told me that I had to face my aunt and uncle again.

Leah Huff on March 26, 2018:

A couple months ago I lost my dog who was very close with me because he had bit my mom in the face when she was drunk and trying to take my phone from me and play fighting with me to get it he bit her so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital and got over 100 stitches and I had to watch the entire thing happen I had to pick my moms cheek off of the floor and address her wound but after all of this my aunt kept my dog for a couple days but after that he was supposed to come home but instead was sadly put down I love my mom dearly and my dog has never acted this way when we would play fight but i understand why he had to be put down but it still hurts and after all of this happened i broke up with someone i was in a very controlling relationship with and he started to come to my house and sneak in through my window and when I left him for good he told me "you never know what could happen to you at night yanno your dog isn't there to protect you anymore." and it scares me because of how right he was i don't know if i was more scared of the truth or the threat he had made but recently i keep having the same recurring dream that someone is watching me from my window of kidnaps me and I manage to escape but the dream I had last night shook me to my core so painfully I couldn't get out of bed to go to school but in my dream I was running with my dog like we used to do and I was looking straight ahead of me and i could feel him pulling the leash as he was running next to me but when I look down he is not there and then I pass a valley on my run and for some reason decided to run into it and a house was there so i decided to go into that as well but in the house was a man i didn't recognize he raped me then fell asleep when he fell asleep I managed to escape and when i did i started running as fast as i could away from the house and valley but at towards the end of the valley was an SPCA van I walked up and saw a woman in the back of her van was a group of puppies and instead of asking for help I looked at the puppies and forgot everything i felt calm for a moment and asked her if i could have one she said yes sweetly then I also asked her to take me home i'm not sure what this all means but I desperately need help trying to overcome these dreams i have become exhausted and depressed i don't really know what to do or how to feel anymore.

Odysseas K. on February 26, 2018:

I was held captive by a family that in the dream was suppossed to be my family well i felt like they were my parents.. Before all this happened it seemed like we had a great relationship with my parents , but after the dissapearance of someone (sister?) my so called "parents" became obsessed , and kept me hostage for god knows how. They didnt torture me or something like that , instead they would dress me up as my sister with female clothes and even did surgery to me so i would look like her and forced down my throat all the time female hormomes so I would turn female they wouldnt treat me as me but rather like I was my sister by cooking my sister's favourite food for ex. I was kept hostage in a room with only painting tools and essentials inside. My sister was a renowned artist but because she left so suddenly they became obsessed. While i was at my "drawing room" one of the captives (in this case a female?) would keep look over me and watch me paint, they always wanted that same damned painting always always always every day every night be it morning or midnight dark or light...always. They wanted the painting to be at the caliber of that masterpiece that my sister has made even if it was off by the slightest , be it anatomically aesthetically , color or expression they would quickly change their attitude against me andvalways say something in the lines of"not good emough" , I had no say in all of this and seeing the changes to my body turning from male to female and dressed as a girl that would have a great impact on my mentality . They would always speak to me with a "warm facade" quickly breaking that if " I didnt act like my sister would" After thousands of tries i finally did it ! I drew the painting but something was eating at me.. For some reason in a room close to me they would keep a lookout or rather almost always stay outside that room, that room... However in that room there were people locked inside with each person repressenting something or someone , I somehow got locked with them and i said something when i entered that room "hey.. I've been here before I.. I know who you are" the room was empty but had one trapdoor that was locked and for some reason i knew i escaped once by using that door, i suggested it to the others but they said it "wont work again" again? What does that mean? For some reason reality broke down . I suggested that we somehow dig through the wall behind us which was for some reason made by a soft material , after digging through we were led to the salon with the door to our freedom right next to us , with a single call we started moving out of that room but as we were to the last person we were found out, panicked and searching for ways to escape i stole one of the "guard's" car keys and one of the others stole 2 - 3 more . As we bolted through the door we each managed to get in a car with everyone split up in each car in groups as i put the car keys in the ignition and watching my parents outside my window screaming "Don't leave me darling" Darling.. They still acted as if I was my sister.. blinded by their loss, disgusting i thought as i tried to sort out my thoughts "was this the right choice? Should i leave?" i mustered up all my strength and as i started the car, i woke up. Woke up at around 4 am with my heart beating like crazy thinking to myself . What was that dream? What is the meaning behind me.. What happened at the end? Perhaps i failed or i succeeded living the rest of my life as a fully fledged woman struggling to find my "new" self Unfortunatelly I as of now know nothing and maybe i will most likely never know, What kept bugging me the worst was one of my words in the dream " I know this place " . Why do i know this place . Perhaps it was my subconscious knowing of this place this madness of my mind.. And now waking up i shall never know. Or maybe i shall meet this accursed place again.

Wendy bloom on February 13, 2018:

Stop playing so many video games n do a lil gardening or cooking lol

Wendy Bloom on January 21, 2018:

But what if my Captors are like from video games? It was actually from Resident Evil and I was the one being held captive. What does it means? Yeah, it's probably a nightmare. Not much meaning, but I need to know.

Angela boo from Las Vegas on December 30, 2017:

I had a dream i was at a huge hotel it had types of stores and stuff and it was hard to find my way back but on my way to trying to get to my room I am going through a store hoping the other side of it will lead to my room there are 5 captors 4 men and one woman who makes everyone do sexual things with sulfide the 2 captor has everyone holding hands in a circle around us going round the 3 captors is gathering anyone who has yet to be gathered the 4 and 5 captor aren't in this sense 3 main captors seems to be waiting on something to happen and what seems like hours later they say all the families and disabled may leave but we only have 5 minutes before we are not allowed to leave anymore there's a woman and a lone and we try to get out together she knew the way out but was searching for someone her husband I believe and when we get to him he has been captor the woman goes off to try to save him but I get scared and run off with the little girl and we find this place in a door for workers we went in and chairs was blocking the entrance the hoped over some and moved the rest out the way and the door lead to the outside and we was running it was a man getting into his car we we asked him for help but he smiled and returned us back to the woman captor who was impressed I got out and she gave us a chance only 2mimutes this time to get out we got out the same way and we'll I woke up at that point barely able to breath my chest hurting and my anxiety was starting

Raine-Drops on November 27, 2017:

I had a dream where I was kidnapped/held hostage. My captor would take me to the store to get items and I would always try to escape. No matter what I did or how close I was to being rescued, I somehow always ended up back with them. I tried everything from running, calling 911, screaming, writing messages, etc. but even when people tried to help me and I thought I was getting saved, I always ended up back there. I woke up in a sweat with my teeth chattering and a stomach ache. Whenever I finally managed to fall back asleep I had another odd (but different dream).

Nicole on November 23, 2017:

I a dream a man and his gang kidnapped me and another woman and my kids. I eventually got my kids to safety but then i returned to the man and almost liked the fact that he wanted me. So we had amazing sex as my ankle was to his bed so i couldnt get away. I fell inlove with him and thr fact that he was obsessed with me

Jennifer on November 07, 2017:

I dreamed that i was being held captivd by these clowns.The leader or the people who had me held captive was a clown too.I remember the clown was acting desparate.I was scared I was with this boy who was not really being held captive but being held captive you know what i mean.This boy was telling me i was gonna be alright he told me everything was gonna be okay.He was trying to protect me.

Anonymous on November 02, 2017:

Woah, the night I had that dream my parent's were fighting too :/ worse than the norm

Fighting on October 07, 2017:

My mom and dad were fitting when I went to sleep that night I was in a dark room then abtv turned on it showed my dad had murder my mom the the light came on and a boy was in front of me he then laughed and put a knife next to me then the door slammed open the police came in but the boy had already hurt me my parents woke me up and said I had been screaming they had stoped fighting THE END

My dream on October 02, 2017:

I had a dream where I was held hostage . It started where I was already in a hotel/apartment room and it was a white complected family who were my captors ... while I was in this dream there was no purpose that I found. All they did was torture me , they cut my face and body, electrocuted me, and burned me .. they made sure to take all of my belongings even my somehow 2 apple watches( I only have 1 in real life ) and my Texas ID ... it wasn’t towards the end when the family left me there all in pain and barley could move my top half of the body when someone rented the room and the owner came to check the room first before having it rented and he said what was I doing there .. and the family Dad came back and said I’ll take care of her for you and payed the owner .. but an old lady that was passing by the hallway said she’ll take me but the family Dad was really angry and was offering to take me so bad. Ofcourse I went with the old lady and went to her house .. and I got a hold of my mom by using the lady’s phone. I escaped at the end . I did wake up crying .. can someone tell me what this means

My dream on July 30, 2017:

I had a dream about someone kidnapping me, yet it was kind of a magical dream where the kidnapper looked like Cinderellas stepmother but she had a bunch of dolls that helped her. I was captured with a group of friends, they weren't my friends in real life they were just random people that were my friends in my dream. For some reason I was there for 2 months and slowly began to get used to the life there because we didn't get hurt or anything, that just wasn't the kidnappers purpose, after 2 months of not seeing any of my family the kidnapper made a deal with us. If we tore down her floor we could leave, we finished that same day, from there we were all bloody and hurt because of how hard it was, she drove us home one by one yet she gave us something easy to escape on our way home And when it came to me, I was close to my apartment stairs and she made me escape some weird ghost, they kinda reminded me of gummies but I just ran up my apartment stairs quickly and knocked on the door of my house as fast as I could, my sister opened the door quickly and I ran in closed the door and hugged my sister tightly. She was so happy and then I ran to my mom and she was surprised and as happy as she could ever be honestly we even had a dog, everything changed. I really have to know the meaning of this.....

Sylena on July 21, 2017:

I had a dream about getting kidnapped in my sleep. I was taken to a room and me and a bunch of people had to do challenges such as, we had our heads under water and they waited for who ever drowned. Who ever drowned of course died and then the person who won had to do other challenges.

Kay on July 07, 2017:

I had a dream that my husband, one year old child, and I were taken (abducted) and held in our captors house. He wasn't extremely angry or even threatening. He was a quiet and thoughtful type of creepy! My child was sick in the dream and I was more worried about the health and wellbeing of my child than myself or my husband. I noticed in the dream that that man had cameras all around the house and even when he wasn't there he was still watching us so I could see no way out. I wanted to save my son so badly but no matter what I thought of in terms of us escaping it just never seemed to work. Somehow my mothers boyfriend appeared in the house with a gun and told us he would be there to protect us when the man (our captor) came back. We were all huddled in a bathroom and my child was screaming and I was terrified that I couldn't do anything to get us out of there and save my son. I looked for a phone to call the cops but couldn't find one, i looked for a door but to my surprise I couldn't find a door to the outside anywhere. We were trapped. I started yelling about how no one would be there to help me because my husband and my mothers boyfriend would eventually have to go to work. (The captor would allow them to work and then come back to keep up appearances to avoid suspicion but I wasn't allowed to go anywhere), I kept repeating to my husband "you will he gone and so will everyone else, how am I supposed to get out of here by myself" and "you get to leave and be safe and I'm here with our son left unprotected". I then woke up disoriented and anxious. It wasn't a terrifying dream it was just extremely uncomfortable and left me feeling powerless. I instantly woke up wanting to check all of our doors and locks and check on my son. I couldn't bring myself to go back to sleep after that, I just held my son while he slept.

Dags Haxie Lakss on June 25, 2017:

In my dream I was not hold hostage but in some time later, the enemies came to the house i was dreaming at , there was a mate telling me that it might happen as then when the enemies came I had to try the way to escape, they also had guns, I know the house where all that happen and it was my grandparents house,..weird that when I had a chance to escape, I actually came back and I started fighting the enemies as then I took teir guns and I started killing them, there were bunch a girls that were held hostage as I released them, they caught me and I started shooting at them and they were shooting at me, this dream was like the game Far Cry or some other action film, It was cool asf.

Lady Shai on June 16, 2017:

Perhaps the dream I just had can be classed as one of these...

I was at an amusement park with friends and family, and a few of us branched off to get food. Where we ended up we got lost and a female security guard held us in an office for a while, then a man came to escort us to "safety". I guess I caught on cause I began to run, trying to find a way back to my family. I ended up alone with a bunch of ppl chasing me. They caught me and we went dwn some stairs...A lot of stairs....Like a whole twn was built under the park... There were hundreds of other ppl there and I even recognized some of my old friends who everyone thought was dead for years!

They fit us in this room to wait... Conversation exchanged between the other captives and I. Then a man who I presumed to b the leader came in and we formed lines and were separated and given different items (idk wat for). We had a walkway to cross and the ppl in front of me in line put on a show to the music being played...Dancing and parading across... Saying it granted them favor. I just walked across... cat calls Frm men ...Then ended up in a small room with separate cots tht fit 3 ppl ..

we were waiting again.. I asked to use the bathroom. It was supervised by a man tho .. right in there with me... I had my cell phone...Battery abt to die ... And I took a chance to call my boyfriend ... I didn't wanna stay in there... I'm abt to get married. I want children and a family life.

When he answered I rambled real quickly tht I got kidnapped and where we entered underground and he far I thought the place stretched out...So he could find me.... He said, "What?! Omg! Wait! I think they r monitoring our call!" And I hung up quickly.

Then I heard the ring leader calmly say my full name...Reading off a paper and he said I contacted , and listed my boyfriend's full name and his address! Thts wen I panicked. He said I shud give him a hug to make it go away..But I didn't understand and started begging him to spear my boyfriend .. as my panic grew my heart was pounding ...I gripped on to my captor begging and then I woke up.....

Punkin on May 28, 2017:

I have had a reoccurring dream that me another girl are held hostage beaten, raped treated like animals. However there are two kidnappers if you want to call them that. One is the main abuser the other is the nicerof the two he's trying to help us when the other isn't around. Will feed us let us clean up and what not. This dream comes back maybe once every couple of years. It's terrifying if I wake up and fall back asleep I'll start right back where it left off. I'm no longer married, I love my job, however I have as long as I can remember had low self worth and low confidence.

8 on May 21, 2017:

What i need to know is why y family was taken hostage in my home and i just walked towards them and somehow felt like i wanted to sleep with them but in the end i grabthe guys arm trying to get the gun then shooting randomly towards the others and mentally knowing they were dead even though i shot randomly

Pablo on May 20, 2017:

I read this every time I see the dream

Slayden on May 20, 2017:

This is my second time having this dream I was with my sisters in foreign country and we get back to the past from the future and got held hostage in this house that looks like mine it was surrounded by markets and a lot of people we escaped but we needed to go back to this drug deal house with 30 grand to go back to the future I woke up just now so I don't forget about this dream again

Onkgopotse Jita from South Africa on May 17, 2017:

Thank Ricky for your interpretation.

To make short of a long story, I had such a dream this morning 18 May 2017.

I got lost in an unfamiliar town while trying to track a recently broke up girlfriend (I've realistically resigned she is a lost cause).

On my way out I met a gentleman of another race (South Africa is melting pot of people from many parts of the world just like US) strikingly, he could speak my home language fluently (IsiXhosa which is one of the 11 official lamguages in the country and the second largely spoken by many).

Interestingly the guy was drinking alcohol (I do too though I would not consider myself or him an alcoholic) but as we talk to each other he did not appear drunk. He understood a lot about my own culture even the nuances of traditional circumcission (predominant amongst amaXhosa).

Funny enough I never made it out of that town as I found myself in an unfamiliar house since he did not persuade me at anytime to go with. I found myself surrounded by people familiar to him who wanted to harm me but his demeanour will change from protector to a hostile one as I would fight all his familiars and be victorious.

At some stage two of my aunts appeared from nowhere pleading with me to go with them but I declined yet was allowed to accompany them to get transport back home. One of them mentioned how another woman whom I do not know buy her name was mentionef in passing how devastated she will be of my situation (my aunts made it back on two different transports).

Suddenly my captor appeared next to me, this time "she" was in traditional garb (umbhaco) as a woman in darker complexion with traditional incision in her face (common amongst certain tribes amaXhosa (ironically my ex-girlfriend whom I was tailing in the beginning of this dream has these in her face as well).

This woman captor was crying and pleading with me not to leave her and would have none of it when I pointed out that I have just lost my own aunts and family because of her actions (selfishness defines my ex-girlfriend to the tee hence we used to fight when I pointed this out to her).

In closing, I woke up in tears because of this dream since it was the first time to manifest. I will point out that I am a university graduate with 17 years work experience lost a house in the process as well as my car. I am a contracted worker which is renewed yearly without abode for my two daughters, stagnated though I do apply for better jobs, would go to interviews but get no feedback yet the very same vacancy will be re-advertised.

Signing off, your listed interpretations were like describing the situation I am in.

Thank you

Suzy on May 13, 2017:

I just had dream my old best friend and I were driving somehow got lost and continued down very very steep and twisty road. Got to bottom and some sort of religious group took us in and insisted we drink this stuff .it made my friend very druggy and I had to drink it too and wasn't as bad as her. She fell asleep. Then they were nice. Giving us meals in there restraunt there and drank a fancy drink at there bar. A girl told me they were taking us to the beach the next morning.. I was so worried my son and family I wouldn't ever see again and knew they were wondering where I was and y I'm not home. A sign I recognized said RR ..they had police there all good looking and nice.everyone was nice.howrver you could not try to escape or they would put u in solitary confinement. Phones had no signals. It's like there own world there and no way to escape. I just wanted my son to be with me so badly I wanted to go home to him. Let him know I was friend after waking from the happy juice they gave her didn't mind being there.she said her home life wasn't great and her marriage and her relationship with her daughter. I haven't actually seen this friend for years.. I was trying to be happy there but knowing I didn't get to ever escape or see my son knowing he was so upset wondering what happened to me. Only thing iny life I feel is stressing me is I just bought my first house and moving in 2 weeks.. there is a church next to my new house and a beautiful lake to walk around ,ice cream place across the street too.

Maybe the ice cream place represents the restaurant in my dream ..the lake maybe represent the beach , church next door represent the religious group that took us. I know I list touch with lots of friends. I don't ever do anything accept work and come home. My main focus is always assuring my son is ok ..I've been single mom since he was 4. He is 21 now. This was one vivid dream..with both happy, sad, most of all worried.

Richard on April 28, 2017:

I have often dreamed that I had been Captured, Handcuffed & Tied Up with Rope! Sometimes it seems Real, & often it feels Good, & I wake up disappointed that it was only a Dream!

Layla on April 22, 2017:

I just woke up right now with that dream but heres the weird thing.

1) I was supposed to meet someone and didnt show up(I was at the toppest floor of the mall)

2) I roamed around(going down floor slowly) and saw my bestfriend's great relationship-- felt sad a bit.

3) upon reaching groundfloor(the mall suddeny changes to some mall im familiar with) then upon walking around-- found myself walking a couple of loops because I was overhearing some conversation(I dreamt of this before but the "before" convo was just that a gang of boys were arguing) but now the convo is about kidnapping/hostage thingy.

4) Cause I somehow feel confirmed they were going to do it, I was fast walking to the exit but its still quite far--receiving a call from someone dear to me. While I was scared and mumbling telling I have to get out of the mall--saw someone I knew and dragged her to walk out as well-- the call was cut. Then the hostage taking began.

5) note- there were a lot of people in the mall that time but when the hostage began, we were quite a few.

6) since the call was cut, that someone dear to me called over and over.. and now we(females on the ground floor) are held hostage by a group of female(they were a part of the arguing people earlier- the men werent shown in my dream but they were there as well) -- the lights went out and we were all on the ground.

7) I was afraid the captor(they were chill tho) might see so I turned off my phone -- weird thing I felt actually sleepy that time

8) after sometime while the arguing people were arguing again-- the girl beside me offers her help to one of the captors because they didnt know how to ask for money-- she called the police and the negotiation started. It was quite successful(?) So they set us free and pointed us to go to the cinema.

9) I ran as fast as I could--- one of the first ones there and even found some of my friends and we sat on the spot I thought had signal(so I can call that someone)

10) while we were waiting and the cinema was getting full.. the last guys who went in were the ones arguing earlier(our captors but noone recognized them except me) dont know why I tried to not let them see me.

11) while doing so, my friends were talking about who could the hostage taker mastermind be-- and I shared my thought and I dont know why I said some initials

12) people are safe to go out now, but there was a back passage in the cinema that my friend pointed out that led to an outdoor basketball court(second time I dreamt of this and that one friend was also there to point that way) then we cautiously walked to the exit (involved walking to a dirty path then finishing off with a very greeny nature like one) so we can get to a main road.

13) as we were waiting for a cab or jeepney(ride thats only in my country), I opened my phone and I was about to call that someone dear to me but I didnt.


14) now that I'm awake I realized that the initials that I said in the cinema/theatre was the initials of that someone dear to me in that dream.

15) why didnt I open my phone in the cinema when it had signal and we spent some time there.

16) this by far is the longest dream I remembered and thats unusual of me

17) my greatgreat grandfather was once told that he had psychic abilities that was supposed to be passed on to my father but he refused because awakening would not only mean telepathic power but also seeing everything including the dead.

18) so my father was just given the power to dream-- which when he does-- it happens in real life

19) he stopped dreaming but when I was born I had fair shares of this dreaming to reality thing.

20) among all of the people I know-- I have the longest memory of my dreams but by far this is the longest but not the most terrifying one(im glad)

I'm sorry I'm really just in daze here and I wish this wasnt all true but it is and its my dream.. Im worried.

Cynthia on April 17, 2017:


Wow I had a dream of my ex of 19 years who's the father of 5 my children and I. ..we had gone and some what robbed or taken money from some people at a warehouse I jumped in the window anyway we got away with what we took but it caught back up with us.some how we ended up in a warehouse,I was upstairs being held by one guy in a bedroom type room,and knew my ex was being held downstairs.then 2 older guys come in the room,of course I'm beside myself freaking out scared,whilst they are having a laugh and lock the door behind felt so really I was woken from the dream.i am still very close friends with my ex who is now in jail.i actually left him 3 years ago after 19 years.can u give any inside as to y I my have had this dream please.Thankyou

Connor on April 16, 2017:

This is by far one of the worst dreams I've ever had. What happened in mine is I was walking in my hallway and I heard a window shatter so I look for it. As I'm looking, my door bust opens where the man then puts his arm around my neck and points a gun to my head. I had friends over at the house and he walked me out of the hallway to them but I woke as soon as he walked me into the room with friends?

Ashley on February 07, 2017:

But what if the person who's keeping you is your boyfriend with a totally different personality and even look different? He's keeping me at a house being very possessive and scary. He doesn't want me to leave and seems desperate that I'm leaving and when I escape I walk on a bridge towards my boyfriend but this time he looks like himself and his arms are safe and secure around me.

Chris on January 28, 2017:

Yowza. Had a hostage dream last night. The person was calm, but vicious. He took everything, including jewellery. I took the rings off my fingers. Then he said he wanted to take the children next door. I remember saying no and then I was driving a car. My wife was with me. Then we were in the back seat and the antagonist was driving. He turned, aimed the gun at us and was about to shoot and I woke up. Sh*ttiest dream of a lifetime. I have had dreams of home invasion and the old classic of running for the cabin with a tribe of Indians on my tail (and not being able to get in). This was the worst and most disturbing by a long way. The oddest bit was I woke up calm.

L on January 04, 2017:

Make so much sense

Dani on December 31, 2016:

Hi, i know you probably wont reply since reading these comments this article was made a few years ago. Anyways, ive just woke up from that dream feeling a bit shaken but more confuse... I'll try to remember and decribe a little bit of the dream that i can remember. Well firstly, i do NOT remember being kidnapped or whatever, and the people with me i did not know at all! I think they were even older people. Im not sure this dream would mean anything but its not anything relatable and i havent watched anything to have caused this dream and its real random and its kinda worrying me. I dunno if i was actually in it or witnessing it and most of the time i can control my dreams but this was a little weird because i couldnt and bad things happened instead of me preventing it like their was this random older guy who im guessing was the kidnapper or the one who held us hostage. He didnt have a gun or anything... but we were scared of him and we were cautious on escaping. I dont remember the all between in the dream buut i do remember this blonde girl that i absoutely do not know or recognise just looked at me and for some reason i read it as her telling me the plan to escape and the poor girl had to seduce him and it just gave me the biggest discomfort... and it was as if it was the only way or something like she was going to be a distraction to him till we found a way to full-on escape. And it was rather disgusting and disturbing what she had to do to get his attention and i really prefer and dont want to write down that part and discription..... it was weird and then unrealstic cause all of a sudden in the bedroom looking thing some magical dust caused her to fly up a bit thinking she can escape and all and she got tangled in something and then he got angry. And then all of a sudden im behind the whole group of people im with and this was really sudden but i didnt even see him pull out a gun but its like I visualised it through their bodys like an xray glowing but not really and they all got shot like rapid fire sideways and i remember tryna reach for an older lady like a old lady back for her not to get shot but at the same time my reflex got me to pull back... it made me feel guilty actually now that i think about it... id take a bullet for anyone yet even in just a dream i couldnt do that. I dont know what to think about this dream but it had me searching stuff like what does it mean to have a dream of being kidnapped, what does it mean to have a dream of a gun and then this site. Oh and i forgot to say how its like i had a moment and then i wanted to wake up from it right after that. I was awake like i let myself wake up after that scenario. Im a little annoyed and frustarted and bothered by it. And i feel so bad for all those people i can't remember their faces and i dont know them at all. The only face that was clear enough was the older teenage blonde girl but i havent seen her from anywhere. Ugh.

Zoraya on December 30, 2016:

I just had a dream, I was taken with two other girls. There was a man and a woman as a main character in my dream that held us then sun man and woman. It looked like they kept us in a church, I somehow was able to hide my phone and send my location to my boyfriend but it was already late and he was asleep in the morning (in the dream) the church was full and I found a door on the side that was open I walked out hopefully escaping going into a cash loan place in front of the church I was asking to use the phone but someone with a gun was coming behind me.... then I woke up not knowing if I finally escaped or not.

Lindsey on November 30, 2016:

So last night I had a dream that my friends and I got held captive. This is how it went: I was in New York at night at some sort of Chinese restaurant when a man came up to me, grabbed be by the ear/cheek, and pulled me out of the restaurant. The next thing I remember after that is that I ended up at his house. I had my phone on me, so I texted my friend that I was in danger and needed help. She came over to try to help me escape, but the man found us and had the both of us. I said to her, "I'm so sorry I dragged you into all of this." Then, some of my other friends were captured by him and I was a little confused. What the man would do is he would take us places but to force us to do work. Not "slave" work, but volunteer work- like at school and holding up a big sign for a long period of time. A lady that knew my "father" (my "father" in my dream isn't my actual father, he's a person from a band) gave me a box of weapons and ammo to kill the captor, and there was also a stone that represented his heart (I was like "awww" at that part). Also, we had called the police to come to his house, and so many of them came. The police were like surrounding the whole house and there were Swat teams too. Our captor somehow convinced the police that he didn't kidnap anybody, so the police went away. At that point, my friends, except for one of them and me, gave up, and shot themselves. That's the end of my dream. The weird thing is that I'm not being abused or anything like that.

Fiona Kee on October 25, 2016:

But what if there is no actual captor being seen and you just saw yourself hiding in rooms?? Finally you thought you found a secret room. And the phone rings. Any buttons you pressed wont stop it from ringing and you're so scared!!!

Shania on October 14, 2016:

Hello, i have constantly been having dreams where I'm being attacked or kidnapped and held hostage iv beend having these dreams ever since I was 8 and I'm 16 now and still having them. all in the dreams iv been having Im always running away from the person who's attacking me or keeping me hostage, hence why I'm so afraid in real life to go places on my own to walk in the dark because of the dreams iv been having why am I dreaming this and why for so many years

Michelle Tawater on September 05, 2016:

I honestly have this type of dream way too often. Maybe 40-50 times a year or more. I still can't really figure out why this is the case. The reason for me having this type of dream today I actually found in this so thank you even though it's not really specifically in there.

Isabella Ulibarri on September 01, 2016:

I had a dream where my aunt took me hostage. She was a cannibal she was saving me and my friend as dinner. She make us clean everything, she had the whole town in on it too so when me and my friend would try to escape she would always find us. The whole town would be searching for us. We tried to escape multiple times everyone would end up finding us, and beat us as punishment. She made us eat her human meat meals. Then eventually my friend gave up on escaping, but I did not I managed to end up with car keys. I hid them in my shoe, then my friend told on me, I confessed to having the keys, and she was beaten instead of me. I tried so hard to escape and never could escape.. I eventually gave up too. Then we realized that they were going to kill us, and eat us. So my friend and I joined forces again. We need up putting on dress that I had make in real life on and we ran. I couldn't run in my dream though for some reason I stopped ruining and we got caught again, this time by a man he made me give him a blow job, while I was doing what I was told my friend slit his throat, and grabbed his car keys. Everyone in the town was on our tail we were free but not really... each town we would stop at they were all a part of the kidnapping for the other town we had all these people after us even the police. This is when I woke up, what does this dream mean?

Sleepy girl1 on August 29, 2016:

I had a dream where I was with a friend down my street whom I didn't know. We were sitting on the edge of her driveway talking when this medium sized car pulled up and tried to take me. I ran but the caught me because they were in a car. They take me away to a place. Next thing I know I'm in a building that reminds of an old mental institution and there are other kids here that the people have taken. I get the feeling that I've been in there for a long time even though I don't really know how long. All the rooms in the place are second story and higher I assume to keep us from escaping. Mine was on the second floor so I go to my window, open it up and rip out the screen. I jump out the window and start running, before long I pass my house and I look behind me. The people who captured me are behind me. I keep running past my house and up this big hill. As I'm running up the hill I pass this house that was in an old dream I had once that I had forgotten about. But I don't stop there I keep running and take a turn into the woods, this whole time I haven't been able to get away from my captors but they also haven't gained on me. In the woods I see a low stream with high banks on either side so when I went and laid down in the stream I couldn't be seen. I stay in the stream for hours until daylight and I know that my captors are still looking for me, but then this is when I wake up. I've been having different variations of this dream lately and if someone could tell me what it means it'd be great.

Missty on August 12, 2016:

My dream started rather differently.. It was a social environment (pub setting if you will) except it was set at my house, only remodled as a bar with tables bar stools etc. The plan was to have pre drinks there then go into town, but we had got there rather early at 1:30pm (I remember the time because I remember thinking it was off to get to pre-drinks so early). All my friends and a few family members were drinking and having fun till around 10. I was taking it easy because drink prices were extortionate (I'm frugal in real life too). When it started to get late the establishment owners started acting shifty so I told my friends we ought to gather our things and get a cab to town but they were having a good time and didn't listen. At 11:15 I started feeling this huge sense of pressure that something bad was going to happen so I went upstairs to grab my shoes and told my friends to get ready to leave as I was calling cabs. The owners were watching me so I forced myself to smile even though I knew something was wrong. As I left one of the employees grabbed my hand in attempt to stop me and said "where are you going there's plenty of more fun to be had" so I made up some excuse and ran. I could see him calling for backup as others locked the doors, but I ran across the street and screemed at all my neighbours doors for help, one even came out throwing her rubbish in the bin but just gave me a blank look. I opened the uber app and woke up. I've harboured that "something bad's gonna happen" feeling all day.

scared man on July 12, 2016:

sadly being held hostage can mean other thing, a hacker had controlled all of my information on my laptop, not being able to stop him and being completely helpless to do anything, i tried and tied different ways to stop him but it was hopeless. and i was completely helpless, he mocked my efforts and mocked my feelings in real life like he knew me, just words behind a screen. after reading was myself telling me these things. it seems i need to seek help from myself. because i can easily picture the man behind the screen as myself.

DIGANTO on July 11, 2016:

dreamt about few men who came in with huge knives trying to control me and my companions. i managed to fist out with the person just when the dream broke & THE TV RAN EURO 16 FINAL.

Martha on June 16, 2016:

I. Had. A Dream Last. Night When An Armed And. Dangerous. Masked Gunmen When Ran To The Back Door Opened They Went Inside And He Grabbed Me FromThe Behined Hand Over My Mouth Knoked. Me Out When They Picked. Me up Thir Arms And Ran And. Opened The. Van Doors And. Trown Me Into The Van And They Drove And Taken Me. To Abandoned. Warehouse And They Parked The Van Opened Van. Doors Took Me Out And Holding Me In. There Arms And They Get Me Inside

Marschiee on June 01, 2016:

Just had one of these where me and my gf was tortured after accidentally buying a house, sold to us by a thief. Kept and tortured in some asian country, down in a dungeon but eventually let out under supervision by our captor. It ended with me eating live, exotic fish from a platter shared with me by another woman.

Im in a happy relationship but recently there has been a disturbance by another woman.

Creepy dream as f*. Just woke up and am afraid of going to sleep again after this one.

Good night!

Colorful Dreamer on May 04, 2016:

Just woke up from a dream and remember plenty of things reasonably vividly. My brother and I had gone on a trip to Kenya, or some other African country. We were at our hotel and a tour operator, I think, was being very congenial to us. Something seemed suspicious so wee avoided going on the trip he was telling us to take. We have backpacks and stuff ready. All of a sudden, we are at the garage of the operator and there are is one other guy there explaining to us that we should not be worried about the trip. I happen to have my iPhone and blackberry with me. I google whatever the country is and tourism and pull up articles about a hostage crisis. Oddly enough, I am mindful enough not to use my iPhone to do this so I don't incur roaming charges. My blackberry is work issued. The guys at the tourism place start getting agitated that we are not going on the tour. We are not "captured" but me and my brother are able to keep ourselves from getting held down. While this comical-like pursuit is taking place in the warehouse, we lose our packs and keep looking up more info on google, which starts making me worry even more. Eventually, they get my brother and I'm not sure where he went. They go get help from the bus to try to get me but, in the meantime, I duck into a storage room with a door that won't close properly. There are different kinds ropes/wires/etc. extending down from a high ceiling and I try to climb up but the spools keep unfurling. Three guys come back and "the chase" continues as they try to convince me that they are not going to hurt us and it happens to people routinely. While they were gone, I made an outbound call to my father but his phone went to voicemail because I think he was flying back from India. I dial me mom's cell but it happens to be an inbound message from her saying they were back from India and calling to say hi. I call my wife's cell phone last and twice. I get her voicemail both times. The reason I called her last was because she would probably call my parents first anyway after hearing what was happening to me and my brother. She calls back in a short while later and I give her instructions on what to do. Going back to the return of the bumbling hostage takers, I have been able to get myself tied up in the ropes/wires and a third guy comes back with a three nosed plier. I somehow get it away from him and grab his arms and neck and pin him against the storage room door, which is holding back the other guys. At this point, I'm not all too worried because my actions have stalled them from taking my brother away while help gets there. For some reason, I think I was worried about not being able to enjoy the vacation either. I have joked with my brother about going on amazing race so I think we may have gone on our own adventure instead. I woke up while the guy was still trapped in the pliers but the other hostage takers were able to make their way in to the storage room.

Nick. on April 10, 2016:

I just had a dream that I was kidnapped.. the twist was he was with the bad guys that hurt me..but they wanted to go to a different hide out cause I got a call out to a friend. So my kidnapper put me in his plan and took me away. It was strange cause he kept me sitting really close and there was an awkward moment when we almost kissed. I remember feeling confused and a little Grossed out. It goes on he let me have the choice to run away but I didn't I ran with him.

Ally on March 21, 2016:

Just had a dream that while I was working at my job behind a bar, one of my regular customers asked if I had security measures in place and I asked why, and he said oh I'm just wondering if your gonna hand over the money or not and pointed to a table with a man wearing a balaclava with a gun sitting on the table in front of me as I looked around i noticed a second man with a gun unmasked- holding the gun to a patrons neck, when he saw me look he stopped pointing the gun at the patron and started walking towards me and told me if I wanted to live to kneel slowly with my hands in the air, I got nervous and freaked out as kneeling behind the bar would prevent me from seeing anything that happened or anything that was coming towards me- also I was stressing because I am short they wouldn't be able to see my hands in the air and I wouldn't be able to reach the money from the till to give them. I woke up screaming crying and feeling extremely stressed and unsettled.

Megan on February 05, 2016:

I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a serial killer along with another girl but for some reason he wanted to keep us alive with him. Some of the dream was in color. It really frightens me.

Leah on December 20, 2015:

I had a dream that i was being held captive to be killed by the joker (from batman) and i started talking to him and he spared me and we spoke and walked and then ifound that he also had my husband and iasked him to spare him also because i love him and he said he would temporarily bye he was still going to kill us but together since ilove him. I remember agreeing but then waking up. My husband had adream that him and iwere in aroom and we couldn't leave because there was agirl there that told us to wait and she had blocked the door. He said that she was waiting for abig man to come and kill us. But he woke up after plotting to save me.

cheezeboy on November 23, 2015:

Had a dream that I was held hostage with a group of people I know. We were held in a large storage container as seen on barges and it was inside a warehouse, we were all scared and we talked with our captors occasionally. I recall that we had to kill a few of our captors, one of my fellow captee's and I threw one of our captors into some kind of transparent circular vat with yellow fluid in it, seemed like she died. The captors were about to let us go when a flash of light revealed a silhouette of the body in the vat alerting our captors. I then woke up.

Djinthehouse+ on November 03, 2015:

Okay let me start it out as i am 18, and in college know im a girl and my little brother is 13. My dream starts with me waking up at my dads house he lives with his parents so when it was his weekend to take us we would be always seeing them as well as him. My dad is a paranoid schizophrenic but he has never done anything to scare me or my little brother. But the dream that i had he was holding the two of us captive, and my grandpa was in on it and they would not let us leave the house. But i was able to escape, and we were forced to army crawl, and hide behind trees while we watched there trucks pass by. I had decided to head to a nearby church that in elementary i would transfer school buses to head to my school which was on the other side of town. But for some reason my bestfriend since the last year of middle school, and i even go to the same college as her know lets call her alisiya was there doing something i cant remember but when i told her my problem she helped me out. That is when i wake up my heart is racing i am scared, and slightly shocked. But i fall asleep again, and the dream continues from where i left off only thing is my little brother is gone and for some reason im not worried about it. But my bestfriend and some other friends of mine who i havent seen in about six months show up and are yelling that 'hes here' which i think meant my dad so they smuggle me out of the church, and i meet up with my mom and latter we rescue my dad who seems to turn back to normal, both my dad and grandpa seemed to have but i still wake up the same way as i did my heart racing, and shaking.

N on October 14, 2015:

My dream was different i didnt hsbe feelings of fear , or threatend at all

I felt more of a feeling to play the people holding me hostage to allow them to trust me and little by little i was free enough to choose if i wanted to stay or leave !

Tasha on September 29, 2015:

Last night, i dreamt that I (with many other unrelated people) were being held hostage inside a huge school by an angry aggressive masculine woman. I started running from room to room and she lost track of me. After standing still a moment, i got the courage to try and run outside. The woman chased me outside, but couldnt catch up. After running so many feet, i looked back, she was gone, and i felt relieved.

moses007 on July 04, 2015:


I was just dreaming about being in a school auditorium. Some masked men broke into the school and killed the people in the hallway as they ran in fear. The auditorium doors were closed so they couldn't hear us, but they were made of glass. I tried to escape through a window, but it was too late. They had broken into the room. There were a lot of people in the room. They were very scared. The men looked like terrorist because they were dressed in black militant clothes and they sounded pissed. Quitly I called my mom who never picks up the phone from my cell to tell my kids that I love very much.

Steve KP on May 24, 2015:

I just had this type of dream when I was napping/sleeping this afternoon.

I had been in this knockoff McDonald's and I just stopped in to grab like a burger or some fries and then I had forgot something in my car so I went back to go get it. When I came back and got in line, I saw some commotion going on in like another room which was kind of like a sunroom and went to check it out. The manager went to see what it was too after telling the other customers to stay where they were. There had been a guy that I went to college with that had a gun just sitting on the floor pretty much cleaning it. I saw that it was a tranquilizer and he had tranquilized my brother and his friend and he would shoot anyone who would try to leave and there where like 6 or 7 other people in there with him sitting across from him scared out of their minds. All the while, he was trying to tell them something.

Here's a little background on the guy and my relationship with him (FYI I'm also a guy). He and I shared 2 lab classes together and he would always come in a little late and leave a litte early (I always wondered why, but it's his own personal business but I later found out it was because of his driving arrangements). We were in the same group for a little while but we also always worked in the same area as each other. From my standpoint, he didn't really care for me and I didn't think much of him. He seemed to be kind of reserved around myself and the other guys but he almost seemed flirtatious around the girls (And I never thought that it could be because he's gay, which I highly doubt that he was, but I did think that he was pretty good looking). Anyway, I never really felt comfortable working with him, because while he was a very hard worker, there was just something about him I didn't like too much. By the end of his college career though, he did seem a bit nicer and would say hi to me in passing, which is more than he would usually do.

Here's some of the strangeness of the dream firstly, today is the day that I got my first ticket and I'm terrified and so upset with myself for it. That could be where the helplessness is coming from. But the absolute strangest part was that it was like I was meant to hear what he was saying. Like the whole purpose of the dream, was for me to find out was he was trying to say and in the dream, it seemed like he had something very very heavy on his mind and like he really needed to talk to someone and although him and I we'rent actually "friends" I just wanted to be there for him. Now I feel like I NEED to figure out what he was trying to say and I'm feeling genuine concern for him in real life.

-Helen on May 19, 2015:

I had one last night I woke up screaming n crying

It was horrible and very terrifying the man was very angry but

Yet was crying and was jumping up n down like

If he was happy n I did escape but I came back to check

If they were gone and there was one man hiding there peeling his skin

Off from his face

Jill on April 11, 2015:

I recently had a dream that's been bothering me. A building next door had an explosion. I had friends in the building. I ran over to help and got shot in the back several times. I found the building had been taken over by terrorists holding everyone hostage. They thought I was dead so I was able to hide out while I began to make an assault plan against the terrorists. Then I awoke. The part about getting shot in the back is the part I can't seem to forget. I swear I felt the bullets enter my body.

ohlala on March 03, 2015:

Hello. I just woke up fron a hostage dream and find this article enlightening. In my dream, there were many of us held hostage in a room but we were not bound or gagged. I was in the front row together with two other hostages. The 2 were released but they kept me because the captor said i work with the FBI. And i just kept on crying i woke up exhausted.

What could be the meaning of this? Thank you.

Hellboy me is Dee l enjoyed reading the definition of being hostage all of it was true on March 01, 2015:

So true and right on point.

Josie McLeod. on February 26, 2015:

I had a very strange dream. I woke up in a dark cold room that was all cement and my husband and a few of my friends were there. An old man came into the room, took my hand and walked me out of the room. We some how ended up in a huge museum with glass ceilings. It was still dark everywhere except for a metal table with a sergical light pointing at it. Next thing I know I'm laying naked on this metal table and strapped down. He puts these little magnifying glasses with a light on it and starts cutting me all over my body. They are very small cuts and not very deep and I feel no pain just fear. After every part of my body is covered in these cuts he rapes me. When he is done with me he throws me back in the room with my husband and friends. I try so hard to tell the to help me get out buy they are doing nothing. My husband is just sitting in a corner and my friends are putting on their makeup and no one has paid any attention to me. This is always when I wake up in this dream. I have had this dream or one very close to it a few times this month.

Liberty on February 11, 2015:

Hi there. This previous weekend, I had a dream about being held hostage. What was most scary about is, was that my fiancé was the one, holding me hostage... I woke up after the dream, feeling really confused, and I still struggle to forget about the dream. Just so you know: I have a very healthy relationship with my boyfriend! We recently got engaged and I couldn't be more happy with that!

The dream was very upsetting for me : it was my boyfriend who held me hostage, it was in a house that I don't know, and he was soooo calm about it. I could walk around freely, but was thinking about a way to get some help, by using my phone. I literally saw my cell phone in my hand with the word 'help' in a text, and I just couldn't send it. I was afraid he might notice, and that the friend I was going to send it too, might not understand what was happening to me.

I don't remember everything exactly, but I do remember some other disturbing facts : my only defence against him (although he never touched me in that dream), was attacking him with a fork. (I feel so messed up, just writing this). I stabbed him multiple times with the fork, but he never seemed to care, and stayed calm through all of it.

In the end I remember that my ex-boyfriend was at the door (with another person that I don't remember), and I'm not really sure if I did escape, that is kind of blurry... Now : the fact that my ex-boyfriend was the one showing up at the door (without contacting him), is really crazy. I had a very bad relationship with him & never want to see him again.

Don't really know what to think about this whole dream. I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about it, who is now concerned about me dreaming such things...

Sorry for the long post! Just had to get if off my chest!

Sarah on December 09, 2014:

I just woke up from one of these dreams of my own and I am absolutely terrified. In my dream it was Halloween and no one was supposed to go outside. I was in my room with my boyfriend and he had to go home to turn off his house lights so no one would break in. I was mad because I told him to do that before since no one was suppose to go out on Halloween. we opened my garage door and some man I never seen before came in. I don't remember what happened to my boyfriend at this point. all I remember is I was in my parents room being held captive by this man who would continue to rape me. I was screaming and crying and it was terrible. my mom was being held captive as well and my father was downstairs but he couldn't

come up and save us because the guy was threatening to kill him. finally I escaped somehow and my mom was left behind. you could hear the guy going through my dads knives picking one to use(my dad doesn't actually have a knife collection) my mom came downstairs to tell my father what to make for dinner (baked ham with cheese sauce and brussel sprouts, weird i know) and you could tell she was doing this and saying what to make because the guy threatened her and told her to say these things. somehow she escaped to and we ran out of the house together and rode our bikes away while my dad was still left behind. we called the police but it was an answering machine and we left a message saying what happened and where to find us. I said a name on the message that I now

forget but we knew it was a killer that never got convicted. we didn't know where to go because we didn't want him to come back. it was so real, especially the rape scene and just everything. I'm terrified and I don't know what this means.

shena on December 07, 2014:

I had this dream.last night everything stated in the text described wat im going through in full detail

Nikko Jett from Columbia, South Carolina on October 04, 2014:

Hello, I am really glad that I found something that would explain the dream I had the other night. I was walking with someone and I had two bottles of liquor in my hand. There was a man standing there I think he was talking on the phone with a bike by his side. Then the guy was walking up behind us and then the person next to me started walking away from me but he was going to the same house I was going to. When I got there still with the two bottle in my hand. I tried to go into this blue house that was on a main street but he would let me in. Finally he open the door and I got pushed in by the same man who was walking behind us. He had a gun pointed to my head and said don't tell anybody that I was here or that this happen. I was so shocked and scared that I didn't answer. Then I thought I could out smart him but that didn't work like in the movies. He pointed the gun at me again and said he would shoot me right here so I said i would not tell anyone. Then he took the two bottles of liquor with him. All of us where in there crying and sweating because I think he did the same thing to everybody holding them at gun point. Not soon after he left some women came to the door selling something and I did exactly what he told me not to do I told the woman everything. Then out of nowhere him and another guy busted in and said I thought I told you not to tell anybody. The lady was in on it the whole time. He was going to shoot all of us. Oh yea my dad was in the house from the beginning. So he was going to kill all of us because I tried to save us. Okay because I told :-(. I felt so bad and scared when i woke up like it really happened. All I can picture is the gun being held to my held to my head it felt so-real.See the thing is I tried to resolve the issue in my dream but it did't work this time. Should I just finished the dream and see how it ended? Oh, the behavior of the gun man was nonchalant, he wasn't loud, very direct and he was confident. It was also two guys and female but there faces where blurred. Okay I think I'm done. Thanks for reading this :-)

Christina on October 01, 2014:

I'm sorry for the misspelled words and some of my story that may not make sense, I am posting this on my phone and it has a mind of its own sometimes. -_-

Christina on October 01, 2014:

I had an awful dream of being held captive last night. I put my 1 1/2 year old daughter down for a nap and napped my l self. I woke up in a strange secluded house with wired blurry visions of a family around me and some girl I was apparently kidnapped with. The only person I could see clearly was a young guy who seemed to be very unstable and angry. The girl I was with and I tried to escape several times and we're being tortured for trying to do so so I knew I needed to find a new approach so I wasn't killed. She didn't do so and the young guy killed her and tried forcing me to drink out of a carton of something with her head in it!! It was horrible and felt so real. I knew I was next if I didn't cooperate and try to win his trust over or just make him want to keep me around. I had my daughter to get back to and for some reason I wasn't terrified and felt I was going to get out of this alive. The young guy ended up wanting to keep me around to have a relationship with he was sick in the head and like a ticking time bomb. I felt if I cooperated I would buy myself more time to figure out how I was going to escape. Every time he left the room i was being held in i felt terrified that when he came back he was going to kill me this time, I felt sad and taken over I had no Control and cried because I needed to get back to my daughter that's all I could think of. eventually trusted me enough to take me to meet his sister at a gas station but I begged him to take me just to see my daughter for a moment then I'd leave with him, he did it for me them forced me to go to the gas station. My sister ended up showing up at the same gas station. She is pregnant. I was trying to figure out a way , with this guy watching me, to tell my sister I needed help. He caught me! And took us BOTH back to this house. He tried forcing my sister to shoot me in my head with a gun that may or may not be loaded... she pulled the trigger 3 times and nothing. Then handed the gun to me knowing somehow there actually was a bullet in there. I put the gun to this guy's head and pulled the trigger... but I was sad doing this??? My sister and I ran out of the house somehow being separated and he still came after me!!! With a gun this time. He pointed it at me following me as I was running then I woke up.... what was this dream all about???! I don't understand ... there is tons more I probably left out and don't remember but why so vivid? It scared me. I do have a lot going on in my life right now. Not with myself but family members so maybe t h at has something to do with this? Please help this has been an ongoing thing the past few days. :/

Brooklyn Shea on August 30, 2014:

I had this dream that I was being held hostage underground by some sort of Gang they used a device on me that hurt my brain made it feel like it was melting but then I developed a plan of attack I was killing them one by one until one beat me up then she threw gasoline on me just as she was lighting the match she said who are you then two ladies I befriended that did work for the gang shot her before she killed me and I starts shooting the rest of them again then I woke up

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on August 27, 2014:

Thank you all for sharing your dreams. Sorry for the late response. Better late then never, right. Let's get to your dreams.

Angela, thanks for sharing your dream. It's is not uncommon to have such a horrific dream. The scenario changes are normal dream elements. What I'll point out first is the actual pain you feel. In some dreams, we feel no pain and we could have cuts all over our body. Your pain suggest to me that there could be pain in your waking life. I can't point to it from your dream, but it could honestly point to anything. Remember, while a dream so vivid and changing can suggest many things, you are the dreamer. These are your emotions and feelings. I say it all the time but it's important to knowing what such a complicated dream means. I hope that makes sense to everyone. Now, I'm trying to understand your sister in the dream. Control is a big common meaning in these dreams. The man laughing, does this suggest that your being controlled by someone on purpose? Laughing to fulfill one's needs? You have to think about the negativity in your life. Perhaps something is out of control. We would need a second opinion from you. It could be potential and opportunity that your missing. Please feel free to let me know and we'll take it from there.

Taylor, thanks for your dream. Superhero, I like it. A good sign that you have a genuine heart and soul. I get the feeling that your going to be doing great things when your time comes. In your dream, this could represent your need to break free. It may be work, school, a relationship. Your joke was an important element, shows your carefree attitude, possibly easy going, going with the flow. Is life passing you by? Is there something that you've been thinking about doing and yet to have done? If so, go for it, I truly believe your dream suggest you'll be great. Not only that, but make a difference.

Joe, thanks for sharing. I immediately feel your being held back. I know this is a common theme with hostage related dreams but I feel that you've tried, tried, and tried again with something. You haven't made it yet but you continue to push and push and push some more. You have that "IT" factor that won't allow you give up. This is why you continue as if never dying. Could it suggest something new? Maybe, I don't know positively if you'll ever make it, accomplish that main goal in your life. I do know this, if you continue and work hard, you'll get there.

Chelsea, thanks for the comment. You didn't feel the pain of the shots, that is a good thing believe it or not. Common in dreams, just one of those normal elements we usually have. This is a tricky one. It may suggest chaos in your waking life Chelsea. Was the intoxication to hide the pain you feel? Are you doing something you shouldn't be doing? I'm no one to judge, but perhaps you made a bad choice or two. Do you feel guilty? And again, perhaps life is crazy for right now. You have a lot of noise in your life, that is the feeling I get my dear. Something in your life needs peace. I hope you find it.

You all are more then welcome to respond. I do my best and interpret the dream as I can. I don't judge, I only respond with the gift I was given. May all of you find peace, love and thanks always.

Chelsea on August 20, 2014:

Just woke up from a similar dream. I'm terrified to say the least. I dreamt that I was at a friends house (but can't remember the friend ) drinking... which is weird because my 3year old was with me. And there were several other people there too. Anyway, I soon became heavily intoxicated to the point of barely being able to comprehend much of anything. All of a sudden these police officers barge through the door with k9 officers and raid the house, but then leave. Shortly after, a group of vehicles pull up on the lawn, yell something and just start shooting, like a massacre. We all hit the floor and wait for them to leave. When they leave, everyone gets up, and goes about there business. Soon after, I realize I've been shot multiple times in my back and am bleeding heavily. When I go to escape to find medical attention, the people come back again and start looking in all the windows of house and start shooting again. Then I woke up??... huh?? Confused and terrified.

Joe on July 30, 2014:

I just had a similar dream. It's started with me teleporting in a way to a scene of a crime where there was a dead man and a woman nearby. I would try to stop the woman yet would meet the fate of my own death. Each time I would die and I would try to go about it at different angles. Eventually I just rode it out to try and make it out alive. I endured torture where I would be cut and stabbed but would still be alive clinging to life. I eventually ended up in a transit stAtion where I was able to get someone to call the police and to separate myself from the woman. After that seemed like hours of running from her I ran into her family who reassured me that they were turning her in to the authorities. After this I teleported again and was being chased by a different woman with a bow and arrow. She dhot at me and I was able to dodge it. I then woke up in a pool if sweat and the pain from the stab wounds. Do you have any thoughts?

Taylor on July 28, 2014:

My dream began by being a superhero of some sort, I was in a group of people fighting for something good, to save the world perhaps. And then in an altercation with the bad guys, I was captured and was tied up.

The next part I was somehow sitting next to a very dirty pool and everyone was talking about what their evil plans were next, I think we were at an abandoned hotel. Some teenager (my age) late teens, early twenties, jumped in and swam to the other side.

The next scene (it felt like a movie that I was in but it was real) there is people who break into the house me and two others who were captured and the bad guys have been staying in, and although I can't remember being raped by them, I feel like I have, and the people who break in try to save us but I end up being forced to fight against them. After the altercation with the rescuers, I try to make a joke to my captor about the food he gave me (I don't know who he is btw) and he didn't like my joke and he made me watch while he cut my wrist.

The next part it was about a year later and I was still being held captive but I feel as though I was having an abusive relationship with my captor. I found a way toget out of the house I was being forced to stay in by picking up a job babysitting? That my captor approved of. While babysitting I began to form a plan to escape, but before I escaped I woke up. Please respond with any interpretation you can