Meanings and Interpretations of Dreams About Heaven

Updated on April 18, 2016

Dreaming Of Heaven

Although dreams about heaven are not common, they can still be very meaningful to the men and women that have them. There are a variety of different scenarios that one can have in their dreams about heaven. Dreaming about heaven can represent several different meanings that point back to our waking life. In this article, we will discuss heaven dreams and heaven dream scenarios. We will also review what your dream about heaven may suggest in your waking life. In the end, we hope that you are able to better understand your heaven dream and what it may represent to you and your waking life.

If you are spiritual, you have a better chance of dreaming about heaven, more of a chance then someone that is not spiritual. If you are spiritual, you are already familiar with what heaven portrays and represents to an extent. Heaven commonly represents paradise. It is said that those who enter the kingdom of heaven will live for eternity. While in the kingdom of heaven, you will never feel or experience pain. If you are spiritual, your mind is in tune to heaven and you are well aware of it. Due to this, you would be likely to have at least one dream of heaven.


In most cases, dreaming about heaven represents positive emotions in our waking life. Dreaming about heaven may suggest emotions of laughter, joy, and happiness. Dreaming about heaven can represent that you are extremely happy with your waking life. Your heaven dream may be brought on by a successful life that you are proud of. It may also point to a specific situation or circumstance that has turned out to be great. It may be a great job, great relationship, or a great spiritual connection.

Dreaming about heaven can also suggest achievements in your waking life. These achievements have a positive effect on your emotional state of mind. Your heaven dream may represent feelings of confidence and pride. Your self-esteem may be at an all time high. These types of dreams may also symbolize that you are in total control of your emotions. You know how to control you emotions in a healthy way.

Heaven dreams can also represent future success and fortune. This is not to say that you will be rich in the near future. Instead, this represents that you will have future success in your waking life. Once again, this may relate to a job, friendship, relationship, or some other circumstance. Dreaming about heaven may refer to the possibilities of opportunity in your future as well.

Dreaming about heaven can symbolize a new start in life or new beginnings in your waking life. Heaven can be a symbol of renewal and regeneration. This can point to several different things in someone's waking life. You may be tired of your current course and feel like change is needed. Sometimes it is just best to start over with a fresh start. Your heaven dream may be suggesting that you are starting a new chapter in your life. Possibly, it may denote the phrase, "out with the old and in with the new."


If you had a dream about heaven, this may be a spiritual sign that you need to change your current lifestyle. Some men and women believe that this may be a sign from the higher power. You may not be proud of who you are and you may feel ashamed for the things that you have done. We all make mistakes for no one is perfect. The important thing to remember is to learn from those mistakes so you don't make them again. Maybe God is giving you a sign, who knows? Dreaming about heaven may also suggest that you have lost your spiritual connection or that department has been lacking recently. You may have experienced a loss or second guessing your spirituality and faith. Dream experts believe that this type of dream may be used as motivation to find our once lost spirituality.

If you are in heaven and you see loved ones that you have lost, this can represent your emotional need to feel that connection again. This is not an uncommon dream. We all lose loved ones at some point in life. In many cases, their death may be sudden. This type of heaven dream can be brought on by our subconscious. We may have left words unspoken or we may have said things that we didn't mean. We may have not seen them for years. These heaven dreams are very meaningful to the dreamer. In some cases, we may finally get to say what we have wanted too for years. If so, this can bring such joy to our life.

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        i am worried 5 weeks ago

        I dream about a nuclear explosion and I went to heaven with my dad and sister and my mom was in hell what could this mean

      • profile image

        Betty 5 weeks ago

        I did dream last night I saw the gates of heaven, I didn't get to go inside but a female angel had met with me and spoke to me. I can't remember what was said but I didn't feel scared in the dream. Everything looked and felt so safe After we spoke for a while I felt a hand on my shoulder and I just woke up.

      • profile image

        Shar 6 weeks ago

        I woke up and Jesus was standing over me!!

      • profile image

        Bob Quinn 7 weeks ago

        i dd a dream i was not going to heaven and i am very scared what can i do do get their i am catholic and i gods eyeys i mus of dosne somthing wrorong

      • profile image

        seine 8 weeks ago

        my man says hi see the whitehand the time I was sleeping he was weking up its not a dream

      • profile image

        Abigail 8 weeks ago

        In my dream I was in this beautiful and bright land and it lasted all through the night! And when I woke up in my dream I saw an angel carry me down and I felt it in real life to! It didn’t even feel like a dream it felt so real

      • profile image

        Justin 2 months ago

        mine was I was a knight and protector

      • profile image

        nameless 2 months ago

        i had a dream where a nuke was set off and i was killed by the blast and died by the cloud of smoke heading twords me and i didnt have a sign of death it just showed red then black then i was in a place full of white all i saw was my dog and thats it

      • profile image

        olivia 2 months ago

        i had a dream once (about 2 years ago) where i visited heaven. i was flying over it and looking down at people talking and laughing. there were also these huge colosseum like buildings and everything just looked so peaceful. i woke up and felt really relieved and at peace, it just felt so real.

      • profile image

        Logan 2 months ago

        I had a dream where two twin gods brought me up in the sky where they were flying a jet. The jet was way faster than any other jet, and it was kind of like a living room on the inside. Mostly only one god talked to me, and the other was just throwing something back and forth in his hands. Then the second got spoke a small sentence about my future. Soon after the twin gods gave me a golden two-sided dagger and their bird. The gods finally brought me back to my house where the bird turned into a snake for some reason. Then I woke up, but it all seemed so real.

      • profile image

        Vince 2 months ago

        I had a dream that the end of the world and a tornados and its so scary and i search my family if their are in the good place and i was the only person in that day and i see a long bridge like a stairs and its so many cloud in it and it is a gold and i see many people in their and i see my family was there and i see Jesus and I shout and i call hem name and he look at me and i just transfer to his side and i look at him and i hug him and Jesus hug me and my feeling is so happy and all of my problems are gone and i my mind is so clear and my overthinking is gone that my mind are so love and in the morning i thought is was in real and i just said it was a dream and i was so happy in that day and i said all of my dreams in my mom and said to me that God love me and my mom want said to me that if i want to go to Church because i dont go to Church but i pray always and i said my dreams in my grandpa and my grandpa smiles to me and in that day my whole personality has improved and I pray to God that i thank to him that He give me a dream that i wont forget and a happy dream that i ever had and thats all

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        unknown warrior 2 months ago

        in my dreams i have invisble wings i can fly as long as i really want i move as the speed of light

      • profile image

        Chaitanya 3 months ago

        I Just had a dream about heaven today that's why I tried to search google immediately. I was learning how to fly but I can't control myself from ascending. At first, I was afraid since I might fall suddenly and I could see people, things, etc slowly getting small and being far away and that really me scared.. But when I reached the all white part. I dont know if it is already the heaven, I felt at peace and relaxed.. I already forgot my fear since I dont see small people or things anymore. My mind was very clear. But suddenly, my head bumped into something. According to my interpretation of my dream, I have already reach the end part of heaven.. Then I thought on how to go down. I was able to find ways but little by little , I kept ascending. Afterwards, when I was already near the ground since I keptbon ascending, someone helped me to reach the ground. He/she (the face was blurred) pulled me towards the ground that's why I wasn't able to ascend again and because of that, I was able to continue my life hear on Earth.

        Can someone tell me what's the true meaning of this dream?

      • profile image

        Carina 3 months ago

        I dream about heaven but it's more of a nightmare and i suffer from depression so does that mean i might what to end my life i mean like when ever i go to heaven which is offten i see dogs and humans and they have all died but one it was my dog max he is alive but it was like i died before him...

      • profile image

        Kalen 3 months ago

        This was helpful to a point. My dream was about me talking to someone that has passed but I have never met. His name is Caleb he was in a youtube channel called brataley. This was very strange and concerning to me. You would think it would be one of my family members that have passed not to long ago but instead it was him. In my dream we were talking through a video call, and I started to ask him questions about heaven. Keep in mind in my dream it was like I known him my hole life, but I really don't. So I asked 2 questions about heaven before I woke up. The first was "What does heaven look like?" he said "a lot like earth but healthier" then he showed me outside of his starter home, and it was beautiful. The second question was "what does your house look like?" He said "beautiful I am going to move out of the starting home soon." and then that is when I woke up to the sound to my alarm clock.

      • profile image

        Stefani 4 months ago

        In my dream, I was standing in the crowd that Jesus was preaching to and he called out to the children, I was one of them. I was the last of the children to come up to Jesus because I felt guilty about what happened to Jesus and how it was my fault that he died. He called out to me and I came. Jesus took his hands in mine, he smiled at me and I smiled back. I could feel his love for me pouring out of him, intense joy and love that can not be measured by any joy in the whole world. Jesus held my hands and I felt secure and loved like no other. I could see the love in his eyes and his strength.

        Then a burst of white light woke me up and the moment I woke up I could feel Jesus's love for me and his forgiveness for me still in my heart

      • profile image

        Mike 6 months ago

        I read bible as like a normal Catholic, I don't read a lot. And I read some passages about some way how the second coming of Christ will be. That you will here trumpets sound and bright skies angels will come down and they are coming from the east. This was I read about. During my college years, there was a time I dreamed and in my dream it is the reverse, as I look up in the sky angels are flying and playing trumpets but they are coming from the west to the east. In other occassion, I dreamed about the wrath cup of God which base on what I read in the bible they are four but in my dream they are only three. In another occassion I dreamed about numbers of people lining up they look like they are in a que but in some distance they are going to separated some are lining going down something like underground and some are just going straight along their line. My concern is why Im dreaming this before? It didn't come back again till this writing.

      • profile image

        Lucas 6 months ago

        In my dream, I was in this white room. In the room, there was a tree, text behind a short but unclimbable white wall, and behind me facing towards the white wall with the text on the ground was a golden room with golden fencing. If I look to the left of the white wall you can see Jesus at the very end, and God looking around whilst standing to the left of me if I was standing on the text. If I look to the left while standing, staring at the white wall, I could see the tree, and behind it was a white path that went on forever. I walked around a little bit, and all of a sudden God started reading the text. I could only see the last three words. They said 'Jesus loves you.'. At this moment, Jesus had a bunch of rainbows behind him from when he walked. God opened a sliding door that went to the left and he saw three more words. They said, 'God is real.'. Behind the wall on the left was a white portal-like thing that was using no pulling force of any kind. To the right was a little bit of land and then nothingness. God then did something everybody was unhappy of. He said he believed in Allah Akbar and the portal activated. At this time a whole load of Jesus' appeared and started being quickly pulled. I was lucky enough to grab onto the tree. I tried to save one of the Jesus', but he fell in. After that, the real Jesus and I fell through his rainbows and I tried not to fall whilst holding Jesus, but we fell through the rainbows. If I go back to the beginning, it showed these monster-like creatures on this world bigger and higher than heaven. At the beginning, it showed this scroll-type thing. It went from the middle of heaven, looked up, and then went flying, far, far up. It showed this island with these two creatures and water and another huge island. There was a narrator, and it said that there is a world bigger than heaven when the camera was at the other, bigger world. Now, going back to where we left off, I appeared in this fancy, high-tech world, and I could drive. I was looking around, and I remembered that Jesus was multiplied, and I remembered that Jesus was wearing Pink with Yellow, Blue, and Green flowers. It was very cool, and I was talking to my dad. We were going to this mall in the upper world, and I was driving this high-tech car. It was like Pakistan's Mini Car. It was everywhere, and it was really cool. I had to stop for this light which had a countdown, and I couldn't wait for another 8 seconds, so I just went. I saw this big parking lot, and if I kept going forward I would have to turn a little bit to the left into a tunnel, and there were two roads beside the parking lot, and a road if I turn left and the very next one. I went to the road on the side of the parking lot farthest from the parking lot, and when I was turning, I woke up. I love that dream, but it is also sad, very sad. If I can, I am going to create a video game about it so everybody can see the details.

      • profile image

        Rituparnna 6 months ago

        In my dream I saw a tower that which is the way of heaven.a man climb that tower in the greed to see that place from the living world & after reaching that point the place pull him inside the heaven & front of me the man lost his body fastly & the soul came out & started wandering with other souls in a confusion in space.The soul was in fear. I saw two places. First one is the heaven & second one is the space with full of stars and a bunch of souls. The scene was incredible. The whole dream I can't explain in words. that leave a very big impact in my mind.

      • profile image

        Veronica 6 months ago

        I looked this up tonight because early this morning at about 4 am I had a dream I died and went to Heaven. In my dream it was so vivid and felt so real. I was outside ( it felt like) and everything was white nothing was around me but white every where I looked no object etc. Like a blank bright white canvas. When I looked forward I saw a man approaching walking towards me he was thin and wearing a grey striped suit that was a style from the 1930's he was friendly and said hello and stated he was my greeter. I asked him what happened and why was everything so white? He stated that in a few moments it will change to "your me place" he then informed me I had died. A feeling of sadness came over me and I began to cry .I told him I was worried for my son He would be devestated. He said this feeling would pass and told me all feelings would go away once my "me place" was created. He said the only feeling I would have is peace,love and happiness. Then he waves his hand and creates my "me place " he said this is your place of peace and happiness. This is how you vision what you think would bring you Joy,peace,and happiness your place in Heaven. Again I worried about my son and how he would be without me . He said soon that worry will be gone. As you adjust to this day you will be your son's greeter. You will do the same for him. You know your greeter is someone you knew in life. I then told the man I didn't know him and he said look closer....I did it was my grandfather but a much younger version of him . I never saw pictures of him at that age. He was about thirty years old I'm appearance and I hugged him . He said he always was with me. I asked him, how can I be with my son? he said , whenever your some thinks about you, you will come to him briefly but only for a few moments. My me place ended up being a crystal blue clear lake surround Ed by small hills and trees of vivid bright green and flowers of many bright vivid colors of yellow, red, blue,white and pink. Before I woke up I stepped into the water as my grandfather was telling me that I could visit his "me place" or anyone's "me place" all I had to do was think of them and I would go there.He said we all get a little piece of heaven. Then I woke up , sweating, looked at the time and it said 4:26 am . I hope this wasn't a dream and I reallysaw

      • profile image

        Matthew 7 months ago

        I had a dream about Heaven Once. I was watching a youtube clip on a channel called LivingForChrist. When I was watching this clip, I said "Lord, I wish I could see heaven like they did". Anyways after I had put my laptop away and went to bed, I had a dream about heaven. I was beside a small white picket fence, I saw some children running around this garden fenced area. I turned my head on the left and saw Jesus sitting with the children. I think Jesus was sitting with the children telling them a story or something. I couldn't see Jesus's face as such because I saw Jesus and the children sitting on the grass in a further distance away. After this, I had a woke up for about 5 minutes afterwards, then went back to sleep. I said "Thank You God" before going to sleep. Heaven does exist everyone. I guess for everyone else, Jesus shows heaven or visions in many different ways to other people also.

        I pray and bless that people who believe in Jesus will experience God's Love and that God will show others his kingdom too.

        God Bless

        Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

      • profile image

        Annabeth 7 months ago

        I saw god in one of my dreams once. I died by falling out of a plane landing on a island. I died instantly, but god brought me back to life I didn’t see him but I knew it was him. The island that I landed on was in a terrible flood. God guided me to tell me which tree branches to jump on to and led me to a 14 story building. I climbed up onto one of the floors and took refuge there, there was 2 men and 1 lady I could tell they where motorists.

        And then I woke up from my dream at 12am on the dot. What does this mean?

      • profile image

        Carmella 7 months ago

        My mother past Friday I been seeing Golden vine. Then I been having in color dreams. That I don't make sense

      • profile image

        Glenn gordy 7 months ago

        I had a vision of Jesus right before I went to sleep half awake half asleep Jesus came to my beside in visible spirit I new it. Was Jesus he told me to bring as many people to him as I could because it wouldn't be long now

      • profile image

        David 8 months ago

        I had a very influential dream, a very vivid dream and it is only this part I remember and it puzzles me, I was wandering in a clearing, there was a tree and a path, the lighting was a bit dim, I wasn't walking on the path, but as I was busying myself with my own particulation, suddenly there was the most gorgeous young lady with blonde hair riding a bicycle past me on the path, I called to her, as I moved toward the path her presence was blocked by the upright tree, she had obviously turned suddenly as she had not continued, she appeared my side of the tree seemingly as curious now off her bicycle, she was leaning over a tree log on the ground which separated myself from her, she had a gentle, loving smile, I asked her where she was heading, she did not reply but continued to smile, I asked again the same happened, I touched her outstretched hands, suddenly she shuddered and turned a bit blue, then normal again, this time I took one hand (her right one, I sensed a ring on it) I kissed the hand, she appeared to appreciate it but it was like her conscience made her shudder with an open eyes look of sudden presence upon her mind, she turned blue much more this time, then the dream ended, I noticed I was gasping in air which made a loud noise like when someone had been underwater for a long time when I suddenly awoke.

        Now I would really like to know what this dream means, I have a few ideas but it's very puzzling.

      • profile image

        Sarah 8 months ago

        I'm a little freaked out and can't stop

        Thinking about it but at the same time it was nice... I started out at an old gothic church and I think I was praying and there were lots of other people there. Then we were outside then all of a sudden everyone started gasping and these two female heavenly lions appeared out of the clouds like a gate way and other heavenly type things! Something grasped me around one side of my waist and I was flying and then I looked down and said I don't want to go and I went back to the ground and I don't remember the rest! I've been thinking about it all day! Any ideas?!

      • profile image

        hezekiah 8 months ago

        ok let me explain my dream...maybe someone could help me understand it better...well this actually happened 2 nights ago. As i was going to sleep, i noticed i fell asleep quicker than most nights, i was dreaming of myself walking in a apartment complex down the sidewalk. there were like brick walls down the side walk and I was approaching like a little section of some bars between the brick wall. As i got closer to the gate there was this Voice that kind of sounded deep that told me to grab a hold to the bars and hold on tight...As i grabbed the bars and put my arms around them kind of tight there was this force pulling me from my body, it was two pulls. On the second pull i was literally out of my body and i was trying to look down but my eyes wouldn't open so i just went ahead and closed them tight and about 3 seconds later when i could open my eyes I felt like i was in heaven. It was so peaceful. At the same time i felt like i was in a library. because i saw this book case with so many books but three colors red, blue and green stood out to me the two colors faded away and i only saw the red one. I wasn't walking on anything i just was floating, and i was able to fly around the room 3 the first time i flew around the room, i saw some words that seem to be like on boxes or blocks. that said Spread the truth, then after the second fly-around it seem like is speak the truth and i was able to fly around one more time but the words speak and spread had kinda faded out and all i saw was THE TRUTH.. now there was this man sitting at an all white desk looking down and paper work and flipping thru papers until the third time i flew around. When i had floated back to the entry way to where i had flown in he looked at me and smiled, It was but about a four to five second smile then i woke up from the dream i was having all together...whats your take on this.

      • profile image

        Kaara Cassagne 8 months ago

        I had a dream about heaven allright...But it was a bit different 1st in that dream i saw an armored Angel the color of the armor was white gold with bits of gold armor on his white wings,he was standing guard with a probabably a gold and silver spear infront of a futuristic looking light cream colored room with a big thick window behind him and through that window i saw some weird looking people i walked around the hall of that placeand went to a small other window and behind that window a woman was taking notes but then my attention went back to the armored angel i think...Or maybe it was another Angel and i showed them something funny which was a dish washing sponge and asked them what color it was to which they replied and said"....Noo?..."I was truly disappointed and said to myself "what the..."so i went back to the woman that was taking notes and i asked her."Are Angels color blind?..."to which she said."No." so i asked her what color was the sponge i had and she said "Blue and Yellow."and i was like "Ahhh great."Anyway i came away from there and went to a waiting room i think that had other people around in it watching a tv screen that had stuff going on in the tv like regular day to day programs,i almost felt that instead of Heaven i was in a clinic or medical building of some sort,anyway in that waiting room i saw people reading a certain book having to do with death or something i read the title in the dream clearly but now i forgot what it said but it had a picture of a black silhouetted wolf howling to a silhouetted moon on it's hard cover.then i began to think to myself "Holy S**t am i going to die soon,H**l nah?!"is what i was thinking cus after seeing the book i saw a date and that date read [June 1, Unknown year]And again i thought."Wait am i going to die in that date bruh nah bruh nah h**l nah no i'mma getting outta i dun wanna die yet!" here so i just quickly decided to exit mt dream. so after i woke up i was literally freaking out like What The F,man!...But then i though the year was blurred out so it is hard to pinpoint what year i'll die in,but i had a 2nd though that maybe the book thing was created on a june the 1st of some year so i was feeling abit ok but again my dread came back anf i told myself"I'am not ready to die yet i still have alot to do in my life,i wanna marry have kids be gramma be a great gramma and see my grankids and have kids of my own man!.." so yeah i was literally freaking out...Darn it i wanna get married otherwise i'mma die being a lonely old lady!...

      • profile image

        Doug 9 months ago

        I happen to live in California and my girlfriend lives in Sevilla Spain and every night before she goes to sleep I always tell her that I want to give her kisses on her beautiful face before she closes her beautiful eyes for the last time for that day.... last night I had a dream and in my dream I was kissing my girlfriend as she was lying on her deathbed kissing her more than I would normally do in real life and I saw her close her eyes for the last time on this Earth... I had realized she could not feel my kisses or respond back to any of the kisses I gave her.... in my dream she had passed away and at that moment I had realized that I was already in heaven waiting for her to join me...

      • profile image

        Joseph 9 months ago

        I dream about heaven. My Mom said theres a lake in the center of heaven. Then she let me see a calm lake with a burning light at the middle of it above the waters. The lake came from the tears of people suffering on earth. This lake she said is the lake of prayers.

      • profile image

        Courtney 9 months ago

        I was only 12 when i had this dream and now I'm 14 so it wasn't that long ago. I didn't know why I had that dream but I am so happy I did. When I was asleep I died in my dream and I saw my own body that shook me. But when i saw heaven it didn't look like any of the pictures they show it looked like you were in the woods. There was cabins every where but far apart from eachother the grass was bright green and in the grass there was some fog. I walked around abit and I saw all my loved ones I have lost they welcomed me home I knew where I was it didn't scare me. And I saw Jesus and he welcomed me home and I was happy I was home. I thought I was going to stay but he said I couldn't he told me to visit everyone. But when I looked at the ones I have left in my dream I didn't know where sister was. I asked Jesus where she was and he told me to go kiss everyone and say bye. But when I did that they gave my hugs and kisses and said you well be back home real soon and I asked what they meant but they didn't say. when I went back to Jesus he gave me a hug and kiss on the forehead and said its time to wake up now. When I asked him what he meant he said I'm going to count to three and you well wake up. 1,2 ad that moment I said I don't want to leave and he said it wasn't my time and when he said 3. I woke up and my sister was right be side me watching me sleep and she told me I was crying and I was saying Jesus. She asked why and I told her why and she broke out in tears my whole family did when I told them I just never meant until now. I'm grateful I had that dream and I hope you like my dream I said.

      • profile image

        marisa 9 months ago

        I dreamed of a narrow grassy path that was actually a bridge. it was dim and grey woods on my side. The path was made of stone and grass, perhaps moss. at the other end was an extremely colorful gate with many symbols. i was high in the air. it was at the top of the mountain, the bridge had nothing but air under it.Then in another dream i was in the forest heading somewhere. I came to a bridge. My mother was there staring down into the water. When i saw her i ran to her and we simply hugged. I remember feeling home. My mother is gone, she has been since i was eight. It's the only positive dream i have ever had about her. All the others are her dying all over again.

      • profile image

        DianaE 10 months ago

        I had a dream that I was sleeping with my dad, like when I was small and then I woke up, I went to the window to look out side but I see that the apocalypse had begon, I could hear my friend my neighbor scream "look mom look" they where crying my mom came downstairs running she wasn't even crying, I went back to bed and woke up my dad I told him "wake up wake up" and he woke up and I was like "we are going to die the apocalypse begon" then my mom came to the bed and we where all hugging in a circle in the bed laying down I was praying to god to forgive us for everything we've done me and my family our sins, the I realized my brother wasn't with us, I started to scream and panic, then I said please just take us, and then me and my mom where together walking in some, place it wasn't heaven it was like a room like basketball room, I saw some of my friends, I saw my brother I was so happy, I saw my dad, then some lady or men idk started calling names of who's going to heaven or hell so they called me my mom and brother we went to heaven and some 3 drunk guys went to heaven with us and my dad went to hell I was like what how is my dad going to hell and you letting in 3 drunk guys go to heaven in my mind then when we exit the basketball room we went to an out side place it was beautiful there was green grass there where kids playing in swings and as me and my mom walked I told her we made it momma the I was like where's my brother my mom did walking, but what I found funny was that some people had iPhones in heaven, it was kinda weird then we where walking there was Bridges there was beaches too I think and I forgot but I seen a relook alike like a underground rapper of "xxxtentacion" in heaven I'm a big fan & supporter, I was like yo x you in heaven and he got crazy he was like bitch you calling me daddy in my ig, he started punching me and punching me all over again then some main started fighting him then me and my mom left then that's when I woke up

      • profile image

        Maddie 10 months ago

        I had a dream in which I was in my bed. It was first person and not like a movie, third person. And all of a sudden, the roof just opened and I saw Jesus walking down a staircase. I have also had dreams where there were tornadoes -always tornadoes for some reason- and I prayed for it to go away and it did. But I don't know what those mean and they are weird.

      • profile image

        LuciE 10 months ago

        I saw in my dream Jesus in the open sky with 3 men but they all wore black clocks. Lions which I termed of Judah stood up beside Jesus and I saw Jesus teaching of deliverance and seemed happy he then sang a worship that made me feel happy.

        What was he communicating to me

      • profile image

        cllodagh 10 months ago

        i see all of my dreams like a movie/tv show , so i watch everything even if it's happening to me and i just cut to the next "scene" sooo i had a dream that my brother and sister killed me with a knife, and posted about it saying stuff like "thank god she's gone". anyway the next "scene" was my funeral where there was a closed casket cause no one ever looked at my body for some reason. everyone was sad and crying except for my brother and sister who were just posting videos on snapchat laughing about it. then it cut to the next "scene" where i was in heaven, suddenly my nana walked up to me(she died 2 years before) she looked at me and smiled then pointed her finger down and said "not yet" in the sweetest voice. then i was spiraling back down to earth and ended up standing in the middle of my parents room. i had my phone in my hand and woke them up. they were happy to see me, but not like you would be if ur dead daughter just came back to life. i then showed them their snapchat stories, they were mortified but said "it's too late we'll talk ab this in the morning, go to sleep" i went into the room that i shared with my sister. WHAT DOES IT MEAN. i have another dream that scared th life out of me but that's for another day

      • profile image

        Grace 10 months ago

        Pray to god and he hear your cries

      • profile image

        Kittypuplovesgod 11 months ago

        I had two dreams. One I fell off a huge cliff alot of people were on and I died. I remember flying up somewhere. But I felt really happy when I woke up. And take note my dad doesn't take me to church as often so I don't know much. The second being: I also died and I could still see my family and turned into a human for a little then it ended. What do these mean if you know. Also a few days or weeks after that I felt like I wanted to learn more and get close with god. I wanted to know him better so I can form a better relationship. I just started reading online bibles and hope to go to a church more.

      • profile image

        Anthony 11 months ago

        All I saw in my dream was really the gates of heaven opened. And so I'm going to describe it... I was flying through a dark hole and I first saw red light so I think that was hell and I passed over it and then I saw a huge bright yellow light and it was heaven and I don't really remember the rest.

      • profile image

        Mary 11 months ago

        I keep having this same dream this time My Brother Chis came outside he was telling us that his church will had a party on the family land the next day they will be dancing then he gave Troy some money me and Tonya was under a big oak tree he came around under the oak three gave Tonya then he gave me some money he gave me more I was laughing and there was a river on the land.

      • profile image

        Josi 11 months ago

        I just had a dream about heaven

      • profile image

        Tyler 12 months ago

        I am 13 years and a boy i once had a dream about a giant golden gate on clouds like the one in all dogs go to heaven 2 i thought it was a heaven dream so i found this could you help me please

      • profile image

        Ella 12 months ago

        I had a dream of heaven...

        I was at grandmas house looking through the window in our room. I closed the blinds put my head against the window took it off and opened the window again. when I did I saw the greenest grass that shined and blew with the wind like waves. I ran out side I felt the perfect weather on my skin and I saw a creek or a pond and other people where playing inside of it, laughing, floating on a doughnut inner tube. every body was just so happy.... I wanted to go and have fun with everyone but all I did was stare like a movie. it was the only thing I could do. There was also a beautiful forest up ahead With the greenest leaves you ever saw. not as much grass was under those trees but you could see the life in it with harmless animals. I looked at the blue sky's with small puffy clouds it was so perfect I wanted to stay there forever...but I walked back inside. it wasn't my choice but I just did it. I closed the blinds and I woke up

      • profile image

        Belle Tonzo 12 months ago

        I was 12 years old when I had this dream. I dreamed that I was standing on a white clouds I didn't know why I was on the clouds but while I was standing I realized that the clouds were moving or rather traveling really fast then when the clouds reached its destination I saw myself lying in the living room I saw my mother and sister crying while holding my body and I realized that I was dead! I cried heavily. While I was crying I felt that there was someone walking towards me behind my back and realized that it was God! I was too ashamed to face Him because of my sins so and I felt that I have no right to see His face so I hugged Him immediately(in order to cover my face) and cry. While I was crying and hugging Him I suddenly felt calm and safe and after a few minutes I woke up.

      • profile image

        Codie 12 months ago

        I had a dream where i died but instead of going to heaven and stuff you just respawn and remain in the world. It's like your still on earth and you have the same thing you have but you know you're dead and you can see the ones whos dead is normal and is doing what the live people are doing. I had this crazy dream yesterday and idk if this is what is like to die.

      • profile image

        Diana 13 months ago

        I dreamed that I heard my dead father voice. I followed, I thought Im at home but i wasnt. Went outside and I saw my father lies on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. Then a lady come and talked to me, that I should go back, I said I would like to know what is this place, i knew my father died before, so I asked if this is a heaven. It was so peacfully and looked like earth I live but I seen different view too, it was made by material which always grow and keep changing around me, and this material make me forget what i seen or heard. The last thing i remember that the lady was gone but came a man, i knew he was a guardian, so asked me not to think too much about this place, said its not my business now. Then I woke up.

      • profile image

        Tammy castle 14 months ago

        Ive had dreams of seeing the sky real white in the middle and beautiful blue on the sides lije the clouds opened. I saw JESUS walking wearing a white robe and having his arms open telling me he's coming back. Oh my gosh i was so excited. When i woke up i was so happy. And then i dream i can fly up to heaven and see every body working. It's just such a wonderful feeling. Don' Know what floating up in heaven means. I just see everyone like working in a office.

      • profile image

        Lisa 14 months ago

        I had a dream last night that I went to heaven it was pure white and I saw Jesus looking at me I felt a presence that I can not explain but I do remember not wanting wake up I never ever had a dream like this before

      • profile image

        sggdfsgfd 15 months ago

        i had a dream where i was about to go to heaven but before i went i saw the devil behind me and i was going to heaven then i fall please help me understand this

      • profile image

        FighterForGod 15 months ago

        This dream I had completely had me broken down in tears when I woke up...

      • profile image

        Elizabeth 16 months ago

        I have now had 2 dreams about heaven and in each on I saw Jesus and happiness. It was awesome and I wanted to stay there and never go back but then...I woke up.

      • profile image

        Jaque 17 months ago

        I dreamed of heaven.. it was a wonderful garden surrounded with children and people.. wearing a white clothes abd was happily singing a lovely song. Then i asked God a sign where can i find my grandmother because i want to see her and i missed her so much. Then God showed me the way out of a clouds pointing to where my grandmother stay.. i followed the clouds and i found her with my grandfather..i happily hugged my grandmother and my grandfather was shocked didnt recognize me. He asked my grandmother who am i and she replied its your grand grandmother told me why i'm here its not my time yet,go back to earth and still have many things to do with my life.. then she send me back to earth.. atleast i saw her happy with my grandfather.

      • profile image

        Gerald Mcclendon 17 months ago

        Thank you I came to the Lord 4 months ago and it has been getting better and better Thank you Jesus Amen

      • profile image

        Josh 19 months ago

        I had a dream I was in heaven in my dream I crashed a car then everything got bright and there was a black lad with a gold chest plate on and massive white wings she walked in a u around me looking up and down with a confused look on her face then as she passed everybody else was in a groups in white robes talking to eachother I ran to each group and begged for them to talk to me and none of them would reply then I woke up gasping for air and all sweaty

      • profile image

        mommyof9 22 months ago

        I had a dream a few nights ago,after a family lost their baby in pregnancy,I also lost 3 babies years ago.In my dream there was a field,and the wind softly blew,and I could only see the feet of many children ranning and playing,they were laughting and happy,I was there watching for awhile,Then a voice said,"Don't worry they are all together now" I then woke up with a feeling of peace.

      • profile image

        jovanie 23 months ago

        I love GOD

        I love my family

        And I love heaven

        Which have internal life

      • profile image

        Cherise 2 years ago

        I had a dream about Heaven a few nights ago. I don't remember everything exactly. I just remember watching my son (we are both still alive) play in the street. I know this may sound weird, but this was Heaven. Everything that's here on Earth is there in Heaven. But it's more positive and loving, and I could feel all of the love. No stress, no hate, no negativity- Just love. It's by far the best dream I've had and ever will have. I wish it wasn't so short, but that feeling of love has stayed with me. I'm so speechless and in awe over it. I'm happy I was able to experience dreaming of Heaven. I've always known God was watching over me and everyone, but this was truly a different feeling.

      • profile image

        justin 2 years ago

        So last night I had a dream I died. I dont know how I died I just knew I was dead. I was on a doc by a lake looking at a full moon it was a foggy night. Next thing I knew I was in a room and people were arguing around me and someone asked. Are you sure and after a few seconds gave me a piece of paper said to read it and I woke up. I dont remember what was on the piece of paper. Any suggestions what this dream means?

      • profile image

        Vince 2 years ago

        Last night l had a wonderful dream. I don't know if it was in heaven or not, but l felt myself floating upward as l sung worshipful hymns to God. Then as l was singing praises to God...the Lord spoke to me. I could look around and see that l was in a building. The building was an illuminating white-grayish color with beams of light shining through the windows. I remember seeing light blue sky...the same color of the sky we would see on a beautiful spring day. I cant remember the conversation l had with God...nor did l see him...l just heard his voice...and the only words l can recall was the words " my grace." Tears filled my eyes...and l wept in my sleep state. I had joy and then l came down from the top of the building were l had ascended to in worship to God. I went back down to the floor and to the enterance of this towering illuminating building. I then walked out from the building. I could see pillers or columns station in front of the enterance and people vagely and almost unnoticed walking around or in and out of this building. Outside l meant my two youngest children who needed me to get their clothes or something like that...cant really remember details here but that we then together entered into another building more like a wooden cabin. The feeling l sense as l walked through this building was..."it would be a great place to lodge visiting and traveling preachers." Intereating dream.

      • profile image

        Warrior92 2 years ago

        Had a dream that i was in heaven and could barely remember what it was like. I felt warmness a love so profound it took another level beyond love. Of course theres the difference of love and true love but this feeling was a next step. Something you have to experience for yourself, the feeling can be explained but words arent enough to explain. The air felt like love hugging me. As if it was apart of me, going through and inside me. What i saw was a bunch of golden white clouds mostly gold like. I didnt feel pain, i felt accepted. Then by the time i was starting to wake up i saw a figure, i think someone in a white robe. Came to me, almost out of nowhere is the best i can describe it. Think that person was trying to send me back. The body and face were blurry as i was pushed back down to earth. I did not want to wake up, to be honest, i wanted to die right there. I didnt want to wake up. It was a dream like no other. I cant remeber anything more than that. If i saw angels, or the perly gates. But my guess it was jesus.

      • profile image

        oluwatosin 2 years ago

        i've dream a lot about healing people and i've dream about heaven in so many time and spoke to me to preach but, am me out

      • profile image

        Christina Anderson 2 years ago from Ohio , USA

        I am a 15 year old young lady (I will be 16 soon) . I keep having dreams on Heaven , I've had about 3-5 dreams now that I have went to Heaven . Each were presented differently . Only one time have I been inside of Heaven in a dream , the other times I was eaither at a door , or having to fload up to Heaven (then I woke up) . Now what makes the dream of me floating up to Heaven was that when I was on my way up I had to consciously float upward towards the bright clouds by the power of believe I would make it , then I noticed several Angles all around me . As I was approaching I did not have energy left to consciously keep going no matter how hard I wanted to keep going , then I fell back down to Earth .

        I used to go to a Mormon Church on a regular basis till tomes got hard then I haven't had a ride to church since it's a city over. I am also always thinking about what Heaven looks like and doing the right things to go to Heaven when I die .

        My dream a few days ago I was at Heavens door but I kept yelling for my grandmother to come to go into Heaven with me . So did I passaway before her ? I woke up for no reason so I didn't see if she came or not .

      • profile image

        Huzaifa 3 years ago

        last night I dreamed that I went into heaven and the portal was in my school some students whom I didn't know did not want to come with me there was water that didn't run out

      • profile image

        Sharon 3 years ago

        My perfectly healthy 87 year old Mother died 22 days ago. I had taken care of her for 5 years as she had dementia. Was the most tender, beautiful joyful person that I knew even still. Last night I dreamed she stepped right outside heaven for a few seconds and graced me one more time with her glorious smile. She let me know that she was so wondrously happy and at peace at last with my daddy. I will be forever grateful to God that He favored me with this assurance and filled me with such peace and joy.

      • profile image

        stacey 3 years ago

        i had a dream that i was burnt alive and taht i went to heaven .. it was bright and had along pathway.. and a kindom far away (it was bright to see) clouds all around and a voice in my head asked what i was doing with my life. and then .. i woke up with an eye engraved in my mind.. more like a cat/owl evil (lil evil)

      • profile image

        Heidi Ready 3 years ago

        I had the best dream ever and it was about being in heaven with my son. I am not a religious person so when I woke up in the morning I was stunned about what I saw and how I felt, it was amazing. I remember standing on my own in a pure white field that went on for miles and miles. The air was warm and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love around me. My son appeared and as he walked towards me, a huge light was shining behind him in the distance. As he got closer he smiled and as he did the light shone through his smile and beams of light came through his face!. I then could feel a presence in the back ground and in my dream I was constantly wondering who was in the distance? However when I woke up I knew it was God!. Never had a dream like this before and I've been craving for another one since!

      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

        lyric this insightful interpretation is amazing,

      • profile image

        MysticMoonlight 5 years ago

        Interesting and insightful. I have not had much luck in finding the meanings of Heaven dreams before this Hub. Nice job and thank you for sharing this :)

      • Faith Reaper profile image

        Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

        Oh, I would love to have a dream about heaven, that would be heavenly :)

        This is another one of those dreams, which could actually be a vision. God speaks to us in dreams and visions sometimes.

        Voted up ++++ and sharing

        God bless, Faith Reaper


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