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How to Interpret the Meaning of Your Dream

Susana has a background in Psychology and Counseling and a special interest in dream interpretation.

Read on to learn how to interpret the meaning of your dream.

Read on to learn how to interpret the meaning of your dream.

Interpreting Dreams

Can you be honest enough with yourself to find out what your dreams mean? Dreams are an amazing fact of human existence. Where else can we experience firsthand such rich emotions, such a variety of experience and such incredible journeys?

Dreams challenge us to be honest about who we are. They give us fruitful information about what we want, what we fear, what causes us pain, our insecurities, and the things that are holding us back in life.

But first decoding, and then accepting, the information provided is not always easy. Especially when our dreams touch on the painful, difficult stuff hidden away in our psyches.

The good news is that acknowledging and accepting what's going on in our subconscious and unconscious minds carves a path to liberation which brings so much positivity into our lives.

Self-awareness, self-knowledge, a strong connection to our inner selves, and an awareness of our emotions are the treasures on offer when we truly understand ourselves.

Our subconscious is like our own personal therapist, and we’d be wise to listen to her.

This guide to dream interpretation will explain many of the most important elements you'll need to interpret your dreams accurately and help you reap the benefits of taking the time to do so.

How do you interpret your dreams?

How do you interpret your dreams?

Why Do We Dream?

Theories on why we dream have evolved and changed through the centuries but I believe we are closer now than ever before to being able to understanding what our dreams mean.


Sigmund Freud was one of the first modern psychologists to ask the question, "why do we dream"? His theory was that it was a way for us to process feelings - particularly anxiety and desire. It can be difficult in day to day life to express all our feelings.

Here's an Example of Freud's Analysis

There were a couple of women at work that I was not getting on very well with. They'd organised an event for all the staff to attend but had not told me about it or invited me to it. I had a lot of feelings about it but didn't feel confident enough to say anything to them. So the feelings stayed inside.

Initially I felt angry, then confused, then sad and disappointed.

I didn't have anyone to talk to about these emotions at the time so while I did acknowledge them, they were not expressed in any way. Guess what! A few nights later I had a dream about how angry and sad I am about it all. I shout at them, I scream at them about how unfair it is, then I cry. My emotions definitely got expression.

On this occasion I was aware of my feelings and so the dream meaning was obvious to me. At other times I will not consciously recognize the feelings in the dream because I have used a defense mechanism to protect me against them. In most cases dream feelings are our true ones, the only exception I have come across is a sabotage type dream (see more about that below).

The Unconscious Mind

In the unconscious live the thoughts and feelings that we are so afraid of that we’re not even aware of their existence.

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For instance children that have gone through extremely traumatic events frequently do not remember the occurrence although their behavior can display signs of trauma, such as an inability to form close relationships.

The mind protects us from destructive events using defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, dissociation and distortion and consequently, feelings of anxiety and annihilation are withheld from consciousness.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is also largely unconscious in that we do not normally use it in our waking state but it can be accessed, and information gathered from it, in certain circumstances.

An example of this is when hypnosis is used to remember a number plate that a witness could not consciously recall.

On the same lines, information we didn’t know we had absorbed comes out in our dreams very clearly. For instance picking up small cues from other people's body language that are not consciously recognized but nonetheless noted in the mind.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is everything that we are aware of when we are awake and interacting in our environment; facts, figures, knowledge, language, self awareness, direct perception, opinions, personal identity – the I of our experience.

The way this relates to dreaming is that unconscious, subconscious and conscious material will be expressed in dreams. I believe this is an effort of the self to integrate into a state of health and wholeness in much the same way as our biological body does.

In the dreaming state we are presented with information that if acknowledged and processed, can help us become more emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy. That is why I think it is important to develop an understanding of dreams that includes all of these elements.

The Intellectual Level—Thought Processing

Throughout our daily lives we are bombarded with information. We think continuously—how to solve this problem, do something more effectively, our beliefs and perceptions of the world are constantly challenged.

These are but a few of the kinds of things we may think about. We learn completely new skills, new ways of doing things, new ways of relating.

The list is endless.

Just like a computer we need to defrag and put all of this information into some kind of order to stop us from getting slow and bogged down and possibly, to prevent us from becoming insane.

Dreaming does this for us.

Our mind is so good at processing thoughts in the dream state we can actually learn things; solve problems and create inventions.


There is no definitive answer in scientific circles about why we dream although there are many theories. The theories range from the belief that they serve no real purpose to them providing an essential function in keeping us sane by processing unexpressed feelings and making new connections in the brain.

While I do enjoy the science part of it, scientists are long way from being able to tell us how we could dream about a relative dying 200 miles away at the very moment they pass away.

Many people report experiences like this or know someone who else who has. Often the dream experience makes no logical sense in a scientific way.


I believe that dreaming serves several functions and one of the most interesting to me is the spiritual one. Our self is constantly working towards integration and health on all levels.

When we are dreaming I believe that unencumbered with our physical body and far away from the busyness of everyday life, we can more easily connect with our energy bodies, our higher self, our spirit guides and universal energy.

We can access information that we would not normally be able to in our ordinary waking state. The exception to this is the meditative state which also enables connection to the subtler parts of ourselves and universal energies.

Discover the Function and Theme of Your Dream

You can figure out what your dream means by identifying which of the following functions it may be trying to serve.

For example, if you watched a movie about vampires and then had a dream about vampires that night, the most logical function of that dream, taken from the list below, would be "Organizing Knowledge & Experience."

Your brain took in certain elements of the movie, and your dream organized those elements into your existing knowledge base.

There are many other functions of dreams and as you get more practiced in dream interpretation, you'll find they fall into some clear themes or categories.

The Main Functions of Dreams

  1. Expressing and processing emotions
  2. Maintaining or improving mental health
  3. Providing information on what we want, need, think, or feel
  4. Giving sexual release
  5. Organizing knowledge and experiences—defragging the mind like a computer
  6. Learning (making connections)
  7. Helping with problem solving (creativity, thinking out of the box, new inventions, finding solutions)
  8. Providing wish-fulfillment (e.g. having a sexy dream about being with someone you have a crush on)
  9. Connecting to spiritual realities (rare!)

10 Dream Themes You Need to Be Aware Of

You will not need to worry that your dream about messing up your job interview is anything but an expression of anxiety and fear.

Of course, our dreams are often composed of a variety of themes and you will need to be able to pick out which bits are what but this will come easily with a little practice.

See if you can recognize having any of these types of dream...

1. Straight Talking Dreams

Some dream symbols can be shown very subtly making them difficult to get to the root of, others come with fanfares blazing that show us information very clearly.

The latter is the "straight talking dream".

We dream about talking to our boss about how we are feeling unappreciated at work or discuss with our partner that we want to save money for a new house.

We dream that we fight with someone we are angry with or make love with someone we have feelings for.

Even if we were not consciously aware of these thoughts and feelings before the dream, our "straight talking" dream will give us very clear information about what we want, need, think or feel.

2. Problem Solving Through Our Dreams

While asleep our minds are often busy solving problems. These can be of varying nature from relationship problems to creating new inventions.

As a child I used to learn math in my sleep. I can remember working out how to do long division while dreaming - we had been learning it in class but I didn't fully understand it until my dream.

My eldest daughter dreamed she could ride her bike - that day I made sure we got her bike out and lo and behold she could ride it.

What are you learning or creating when you are asleep?

3. Information About Aspects of Our Health

If you ever dream of talking to a doctor in your dream pay close attention to it.

Our dreams can give us clear messages about areas of our physical health that need attending to. If you dream about talking to a doctor who tells you something is wrong with a part of your body - get it checked out.

You may also have dreams where you are talking with a wise person, healer, counselor, deceased relative, or friend.

In this kind of dream we are often working through a problem and getting advice from our trusted person. I remember I had the following dream when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It could also be classed as a psychic dream.

In my dream I was talking to my great grandmother who had passed away some years ago. I was telling her all about the situation I was in and how difficult it all was while she listened patiently.

When I had finished she gave me the warmest, loving smile, held my hand, and with the the deepest sincerity she said, "you know that everything passes, even this difficult situation will be in the past in a few months from now."

Of course she was correct, no difficulty lasts forever and it gave me great comfort. It also aided my spiritual, mental and emotional health at that time because I knew I would get through this difficult patch.

When I was very depressed after the death of another dear grandmother I kept dreaming that someone would burst in the room and disturb me. Whatever I was doing in my dream I would get disturbed.

When I really looked at these dreams what they were telling me was that I was disturbed. I was not in a good mental state at the time and my dreams were telling me to pay attention and get help. There was no avoiding the pain of grief. It kept bursting into my life, just as my dream showed me.

4. Sabotage

These are the dreams where our internal saboteur is in charge. They seem to turn up when we've made a positive step in the right direction in our lives.

For instance, when we stop a destructive behavior like overeating or we bring a new element into our lives like working towards a life long wish. These dreams express a part of ourselves that want to keep things as they are no matter how destructive. Some people would call this internal saboteur the ego.

These dreams can be very distressing and more like nightmares. They attempt to show you every reason why your new way of doing things is completely wrong.

For instance if you have stopped overeating you could dream that you get slimmer and slimmer until you get so thin you can hardly stand up and that people are laughing at you because you are so bony.

If you have a dream like this acknowledge yourself for providing it and carry on with your new behavior. Don't allow the internal saboteur to sway your commitment to your goals.

5. Expressing Our Anxieties, Worries and Fears

Depending on how much of a worrier you are you may have many dreams of this nature.

We are worried about an upcoming job interview and dream that we get there too late. Or we get into the interview room and can't speak or get our presentation wrong or that we are still in our pajamas.

We are scared about showing our vulnerability to others and dream we are naked in a public place.

We're expecting a baby and are anxious about the birth. Consequently we dream about all the things that could go wrong. The baby coming early, or late, or in an inappropriate venue, or via emergency c-section. Dreams during pregnancy are often some of the most vivid and most disturbing.

6. Processing & Releasing Emotions

It can be difficult in day to day life to express all our feelings. Some of them aren't socially acceptable and some would not be appropriate expressed in certain environments like the workplace - we could get into a lot of trouble.

What happens when we have an experience that produces emotional arousal is that it will stay in the body if unexpressed. Holding emotions in like this causes lots of stress on our bodies and minds.

During REM sleep we process these unresolved feelings and the feelings can be safely discharged.

7. Organizing Thoughts, Feelings and Experiences

The mind will try to organize and make sense of all our experiences. Particularly when unexpected and/or distressing things happen to us our unconscious minds will be busy trying to make sense of it all.

For example when a relative dies suddenly and unexpectedly, we are in an accident or we have a disagreement with someone.

During our dreaming state we will often go over the same event over and over, providing different outcomes and solutions, looking at every minute detail - replaying it until we have consolidated and absorbed the experience.

8. Wish Fulfillment

Dreams are quite often simply expressing our desires. For instance we dream about being with someone we are attracted to (maybe having sex with them), or that we have loads of money, or we are in our dream job.

Wish fulfillment dreams can also be of the negative type like dreaming of killing someone we do not want in our lives anymore or rejecting someone who has hurt our feelings.

They don't mean that these things are going to happen in waking life, simply that we'd like them to.

9. Nightmares

While distressing, nightmares can tell us a great deal about ourselves. In particular, they tell us about what we fear, what causes us the most emotional pain, and what is holding us back in life.

Nightmares usually express deep feelings and thoughts that we are unconscious of.

That's why they're so frightening; they bring to our attention emotions that we perceived to be threatening, devastating, and/or overwhelming at some point in our past.

The occurrence of a nightmare is a sign that we're now ready to deal with these emotions, and that we need to deal with them for the sake of our emotional, mental, or spiritual health.

This statement may sound obvious, but it's surprising how many of us don't understand that our nightmare is telling us about something we are frightened of or anxious about.

Take the time to discover its meaning, and you'll benefit in the long term.

10. Prophetic and Psychic Dreams

There’s a strong myth that all of our dreams foretell the future, and this is simply not true. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen—I've had quite a few myself.

Dreams can occasionally give us information about future events (which is where the myth comes from). However, unless we have highly developed psychic abilities, these are usually few and far between.

This begs the question, “How do we know when our dream is prophetic?” Unfortunately, the answer is we can’t know until the event we dreamed of takes place.

A lot of people have experienced dreams that involve ESP or, what we might call, psychic events. Again, these are quite rare. Most people might be lucky to have one or two of these in their lifetime. They include:

  • Dreams of a deceased relative or friend (accompanied by feelings of joy, peace, and love)
  • Seeing a deceased person we do not know
  • A dream involving extra sensory perception (ESP), such as seeing an event in our sleep that is taking place at the very moment we are sleeping
  • Seeing angels, spirit guides, or religious figures
  • Visions of past lives
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Astral travel

Those who have had these kinds of dreams report that they are exceptionally vivid, and that the emotions are particularly intense. There is also a sense of watching the scene as an observer rather than being involved in it.

Understanding Dream Language

Believe it or not our dreams are trying to be obvious. And they will be once you learn these few simple facts about dream language.

Dream language contains a variety of elements. These include:

  • Common Expressions
  • Written and spoken words
  • Music and song lyrics
  • Homophones and homonyms
  • Recent and past events
  • Emotions
  • Symbols

Common Expressions

Visual representations of common expressions turn up in our dreams all the time.

Imagine a dream where you are holding onto a bulls' horns. Is it telling you to grab the bull by the horns? i.e: go for what you want.

What if you dreamed of being in your garden and were looking under the stones? It might mean "leave no stone unturned".

See if you can spot any common expressions in your dreams. They are often giving us good advice about how to proceed.

Written & Spoken Words & Songs

Words, however they present themselves, will be important in helping you to decipher your dream.

Last night I dreamed that I was at a meeting at work with all my colleagues and my boss kept telling me to be quiet when I wasn't even saying anything. A word kept popping into my thoughts - it was "victimization".

This had a lot of relevance to me since that's how I have been feeling at work lately though I hadn't yet managed to put a word to it.

This is a good example showing one way that words can present themselves in dreams.

Other ways are road signs, words written down on paper or on a wall, advertisements or what someone is saying to us.

Maybe important messages are being expressed through song. Does your dream have a theme tune?

Really listen to the words of the song to find out what your dream is telling you.

Homonyms & Homophones

Homonyms are words that are spelled and sound the same but have different meanings. For example the cross. This could mean the christian symbol, being angry or crossing the road.

Homophones are words which have the same sound but are spelled differently and have different meanings. For instance, bee and be.

The way that we recognize if these kinds of symbols are present in our dream is by getting in touch with the word.

If, in your dream, there was the symbol of the cross, what do you feel when you see it in your minds eye?

Do you feel cross/angry?

Do you feel a spiritual connection?

Or something else?

Is the bee that is buzzing around you in your dream telling you, "to just be"?

The Relevance of Recent and Past Events in Dreams

Recent Events

Events from our daily lives come up a lot. Sometimes it is because our minds are trying to process and organize what has recently happened. At other times, recent events are handy symbols to represent other information.

Past Events, People, and Places

We also frequently see things from our past in our sleep. They are usually telling us that there is something from our past that needs understanding or resolving. We will often find that the issue is also prominent in our lives right now.


If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.

  • Did your parents separate?
  • Did you change schools?
  • Was it a particularly happy time?
  • Ask yourself why your mind would want you to revisit that time again.
  • Are there things or issues from that time that are still holding you back?
  • Did you make decisions based on events in the past that are no longer relevant or useful?
  • Do you need to recapture a certain quality or feeling?
If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.

If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.

Pay Attention to Your Emotions

The emotions we experience in our dreams is one of the most important aspects of dream interpretation to consider.

Believe it or not, our dreams are trying to be obvious. And what will help make the meaning obvious is identifying the primary emotions in your dream.

Understanding dream language can take a bit of practice, but once you get into the right mindset, you’ll find that the majority of your dreams can be interpreted fairly quickly.

An Example of Why Emotions in Dreams Are Important

  • If you are driving a fast car in your sleep and feel exhilarated, this could mean that you're progressing at a great speed in some area of your life, and you are finding it exciting.
  • But what if you are driving a fast car and feel terrified of crashing? The meaning will be vastly different. If could mean that you are traveling too fast in an area of your life and feel out of control.
  • What if you are driving in a fast car that can only go up to 10 miles an hour, and you feel impotent and frustrated? Then you will need to look at what is holding you back in your life, whether it be an inside or outside circumstance.

Make a special note of your feelings in relation to each symbol that appears in your dream. This valuable information will help you determine what the message is.

Interpreting Dream Symbols

As you know our dreams contain a whole range of symbols—anything from a potato to a princess or a devil to a delphinium. How you feel about the symbol and what words you would use to describe it will tell you what that symbol means to you.

Using these two simple steps will be far more useful to you than any dream dictionary will ever be. This is the key to dream interpretation. You can relate every adjective that you would use to describe the symbol, to yourself or a part of yourself.

E.g. frozen water = frozen emotions
car out of control = you out of control
house with no walls = you have no boundaries

N.B. Adjectives are describing words such as big, strong, funny, closed, broken, sparkly, red, weak, thick, tall, low, etc... etc.

Become Your Dream Symbol

If you are having trouble deciphering the meaning of a dream symbol, you can have a conversation with it. Close your eyes and see the symbol in your mind's eye. What words come immediately to mind as you look at it? Scary? Powerful? Disgusting? Friendly? Warm?

If it's a person or animal, you can ask it, "What do you want to tell me?" Ask questions and listen to the answers, no matter how surprising.


A Word About Culture

The culture we have grown up in will greatly affect the symbols that appear in our dreams and the meaning they have for us. Colors have different meanings in different cultures.

In Europe and America red means danger or passion, while in China it means good luck. A bull in the dream of a Spaniard would have a different meaning to a bull in the dream of an American cattle rancher.

That's why we need to look at what the symbol means to us as individuals—this will give us a great deal more useful information than a dream dictionary will.

10 Common Dreams and Clues to Interpret Them

Below are three common dreams with some points to consider in order to accurately interpret them.

1. Dreams of Death

The meaning of death in dreams can be varied and complex and you will need to connect with your feelings and the symbols presented to get an accurate interpretation of what it means for you.

Here are some of the more common meanings of death in dreams:

  • A part of you has died, which can be either positive or negative.
  • You are trying to kill a part of yourself that you don't like or don't want.
  • You want to kill off someone else - get them out of your life.
  • You want to kill a part of someone else that you don't like.
  • Your anxiety about death and dying - your own and/or someone else's passing.
  • A new phase in your life.
  • Expression of grief for someone that has died.
  • Your mind trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one.
  • A spiritual awakening.

The reason I say that death in dreams is complex is because meanings can often be reversed. For instance in your dream you may kill someone else because you hate something about them but in reality the part you hate could be a part of yourself that you have projected onto them and then proceed to kill.

It can be a lot less threatening for our minds to cope with seeing negative qualities in others rather than in ourselves.

2. Dream of Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming of your teeth falling out can have a variety of explanations. Here are a few. Remember to connect to your feelings about it to get a better understanding of what it means for you.

  • Are you talking too much?
  • Gossiping?
  • Teeth can symbolize solidity and decisiveness - are you losing your
  • power?
  • Milk teeth fall out to make way for new adult teeth - is there something you
  • are discarding (an aspect of yourself or old habits) to create space for
  • something new to grow?
  • Anxiety about your appearance.
  • Anxiety about growing old.
  • Are you having trouble getting your teeth into something? (lack of focus
  • and/or commitment)
  • Are you dealing with a loss of an emotional nature?

3. Sex Dreams

Dreams of sex are often simply wish fulfillment, though some other common meanings are listed below. Sex dreams can be fun, exciting, or highly distressing, depending on the beliefs you have about sex.

If you have been brought up with the belief that homosexuality is wrong, for example, it would be very distressing to dream of making love with someone of the same sex.

Whatever your beliefs, try to be kind to yourself and not judge yourself harshly for any dreams that do not fit in with your normal belief system.

  • You dream of sex with someone you (consciously or unconsciously) have an attraction to.
  • You are sexually frustrated and need release.
  • You are experimenting with sexual practices you feel you cannot act out in waking life.
  • You are anxious about your sexual abilities.
  • You are anxious about a sexual difficulty such as impotence.
  • Two parts of yourself are uniting or integrating.
  • You are integrating into yourself a quality that you admire in another.
  • Expression of unacknowledged sexual preferences.
  • Expression of deep love for someone (whether you are attracted to them or not).

4. Dreams of Your Partner Being Unfaithful

Dreams of your partner cheating on you are most often an expression of your own anxiety and/or insecurity. Rarely they can be your intuition about actual cheating but rule out all other possibilities first.

  • Are you scared your partner will leave you?
  • Do you have low self esteem and/or confidence and wonder whether you deserve your partner?
  • Have you or your partner cheated on each other or other partners before and you are worried this will happen again?
  • Do you have problems with trusting people?
  • Do you find it difficult to trust yourself?
  • Are you attracted to someone else?

5. Dreams of Being Naked

What is your dream of being naked telling you? It will depend greatly on how you feel about it in your dream. Are you embarrassed? Ashamed? Free? Liberated? Vulnerable? Scared? Indignant? Exposed? Natural? Exhilarated?

If you experienced a negative emotion in relation to your nakedness it could mean:

You are feeling very vulnerable at the moment.
You are scared of being exposed in some way.
You have problems with your relationship with your body.
You are hiding something you need to share.

If you experienced a positive emotion in relation to your nakedness it could mean:

You feel totally free.
You feel liberated from a problem, set back or difficulty.
You are at one with your physical nature.
You enjoy your body.
You are being completely honest about who you are, what you want or need.

6. Dreams of Being Chased

Dreams of being chased are very common, often recurring and usually very scary. They are frightening because our unconscious mind is trying to tell us something that we have blocked from awareness either totally or partially, in an effort to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

The question you need to ask yourself is, "What am I running away from?"

A part of myself?
Knowledge about a situation?
What or who are you afraid to face?

You can resolve to confront what is chasing you for the next time you have the dream. Ask the thing/person that is chasing you, "What do you want?"

You can do this while you awake also.

Simply find a bit of quiet time when you will not be disturbed, focus your mind on the thing/person who was chasing you and imagine what they would say when you ask them, "What do you want to tell me?"

7. Dream of Having a Baby

Here are some of the more common explanations for dreaming about having, or giving birth to a baby.

If you are pregnant you are likely anxious about the birth or what
motherhood might bring.
If you are trying for a baby this dream fulfills your wish.
This may express an unconscious desire to have a baby so be extra careful
to use your contraception.

  • Do you feel the need to be babied?
  • Do you feel dependent on others?
  • This often signifies a new beginning, a new idea or a new project.
  • New insight into old problems.
  • Birth of something new within yourself.
  • New spiritual awareness.
  • Renewal.

8. Dreams of Falling

Dreams of falling can occur as a result of the changes in consciousness when we are falling asleep or waking up. They can also represent that you are:

  • Heading for a fall.
  • Feeling out of control.
  • Feeling a loss of control.
  • Falling in love.
  • Falling on your face.
  • A fallen woman.
  • Are you scared of failure? (falling down)
  • Do you like taking risks?

9. Dreams of Flying

With flying dreams it will depend again on how you feel when you are flying. Do you feel free? Exhilarated? Scared? Out of control? Your feeling will tell you what it means.

  • Are you feeling flighty or grounded in your life at the moment?
  • Are you 'up in the air' about something?
  • Do you feel you can soar above your problems?
  • Do you feel as free as a bird?
  • Do you have the ability to be objective - see the overall situation?
  • Do you feel in control of your life at the moment?
  • Or out of control?

10. Dreams Involving Animals

When interpreting animal symbols, I often ask myself, "What special characteristics does this animal embody?"


  • The eagle soars freely high above the earth. Therefore, the eagle has a broad perspective of what is below and will be able to "take in the whole picture." Do you already see the whole picture, or you do need to take a more objective view of something? Maybe you need to look at things from another perspective.
  • The eagle is strong and powerful. Do you feel strong and powerful or does someone in your life embody these qualities?
  • The eagle is a skillful hunter. Do you need to hunt something down or do you feel like someone is hunting you down?


  • Are you feeling stung by something that happened recently or by something someone said?
  • Bee is a homophone of "Be." Is your dream of bees telling you to just "be" yourself?
  • Think about what is special about bees. Bees are very busy, productive, and industrious creatures. They work cooperatively for their survival. They swarm together for protection and to attack. They are hive creatures: the group is more important and more powerful than the individual. They produce a nourishing food (honey). Do one of these things prick your intuition about what bees mean to you?

Is My Dream Going to Come True in the Future?

This topic is covered right at the end of this guide to dream interpretation but wondering if the dream is going to come true is usually the first question people ask when they want to understand their dream.

Culturally, there seems to be a strong belief that the purpose of our dreams are to tell us about the future.

While dreams can occasionally give us this information, (which is where this belief comes from), there are many other important functions of dreaming, particularly on the intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

The truth is that the vast majority of dreams we have are not portraying events of the future.

This is a way in which dream dictionaries can be misleading because half of the symbol descriptions are apparently telling us about the future.

For instance, according to one dream dictionary if you dream about a coconut this is supposed to mean that money will come to you.

A coconut could mean abundance but it would depend on all the details of the dream, what a coconut represented in your culture and what a coconut means to you.

Rest assured that your dream is usually relaying information about the present or past and how it has affected you. When you analyse your dream it's important to come from this angle.

What Does Your Dream Mean?

Use the tips and information in this dream interpretation guide to help you work out what your dream is trying to tell you. Remember that dream symbolism is very literal and make sure you pay attention to your emotions for those all important clues.


Marion on September 17, 2020:

Dreaming of your boyfriend touching you then all over sudden he tells you to sit in the next chair

cat on September 15, 2020:

my husband puts my haircolor on for me but i had a dream that i went to a dirty, nasty home hair salon where when it came time to wash it out the person that was supposed to wash it he was falling asleep behind me and they seemed to be druggies and stole my drivers license and i keep saying its on too long why isnt he washing my hair and after i realized my liscense was not in my wallet my daughter came with me to look for it

Ella on August 22, 2020:

I had a dream where it was around 1am-3am and i was on my phone while laying in bed on my side. I felt something and it seemed like it was caressing me and it felt like they were nice until i disagreed on something. I don't remember what it was but it started grabbing me with my blanket and tried to pin on my bed. I kept screaming and struggling to escape. 2-5 minutes passed and i managed to get out and ran to the hallway and turned the lights on. Then i saw a cross that was up on the wall turned sideways, after that i woke up and it was 4am. Sorry for my grammar.

Alice Kim on August 19, 2020:

I had this dream past few months. This dream happen when I was at the abandoned building, I was at the top of the building. I was talking with my sister at there, I said to her that I'm gonna jump from this building. I was joking about that to her. But I don't know what was happening to my body, I didn't move my body, it move by itself. My body pushed me until I fell from the building. I was totally in fear, I scared of heights. Then, I asked myself, “ the angel gonna save me right? ” I thought it wouldn't happen, but it really happen to me. The angel came and save me from falling. The angel flew faster and catch me with his wings. Before the angel come and save me, I saw the building and the sky was very clear and high. After the angel landed my down on the ground, the angel disappear. Then I awake from my dream.

What does it mean if I dream of an angel save me from falling?

Precious on August 01, 2020:

I had a dream that i was lying in bed with my boyfriend sleeping and my grandpa made me get up and go to another room. what does that means?

brian from uk on July 08, 2020:

I find dreams very cryptic at the best of time on only a few occasions i interepted my dreams there so mixed up they dont make any sense what so ever

Anonymous on July 06, 2020:

What about dreams of events that happen in the near future?

Sarah Geronimo on April 30, 2020:

I had this dream a while back that could use some answering. It was yoo strage to be real. I was laying in my bed , body covered by my blanket, and sleeping soundly. All of a sudden im being traped on my bed, blanket not only covering my body but my head as well. As I panic, I notice my door has been opening and closing repedidly. I still panic trying to find a y out as notice that my blanket had been completely stapled to my bed leaving no gaps for air for me to breath. The door is now openimg and closing faster and faster amd gradly dlowd down and speeds up none stop. I slowly feel tightened yo my bed and feel like im lossing air. I gradually get quieter until I'm no longer crying for help.

Can you explain this to me??

Lilly on April 21, 2020:

What of you had a dream of a boy with black hair and he is really shy

Allen on April 09, 2020:

I have dreamed that i was in one room and the door made of wood was open.. this place is like in the hospital that are too many rooms.. in my dream i see many people scared when they look inside my room. I'm just wondering why.. in that room i also felt scared that someone i didn't see is there... I go out and ask those people what they see why they are felt scared, but nobody speak.... And then i go from the part of my dream that where eating outside that room and then the room is already close... Because there are so many close rooms, i ask them if what room i'd have exit..? They answered me that room..!!!! And that room has a written word in the door.. "COMPOUND" DEPARTMENT... that's the word attach on the door of the room...!!! What is this mean.???? T.Y

linny kerry on April 08, 2020:

i dreamt that i was walking suddenly i stepped in the mud and my shoe stuck,i had to leave it there and i also removet the other one,on my way i got lost and i found myself in house with strange peolpe,i greeted them and walked away,fortunately i saw myself in very smart fitted low sandles and i was very comfortable but i was asking who was the owner,on the way my left leg sandle disappered i wore a nice high healed shoe but i was not happy now i was looking forward to go and remove it suddenly i got out of the dream,please help me understand this dream

Maryjane on April 03, 2020:

I dreamed of police officers trying to stab my boyfriend and then I came and stopped them.. What does this mean please help me

Natalee on March 30, 2020:

I had a rather interesting dream recently and I still don't know what it means.

It started off with me being with a group of people from my past. The group consisted of one of my friends i don't talk to anymore, a guy i had a crush on a long time ago, a teacher that I've never seen before, and some other random people. We were sitting in my elementary school library and the random teacher was teaching us how to draw (which is something I've been getting into recently).

After the lesson, the guy i used to like pulled me aside and started telling me that he thought i was really hot. He said things like "I've never seen you naked before but I imagine it's really nice," "you have a really good body," "i would literally cry if your body caught on fire," "your body is just proportioned really nicely." In my dream i was very flattered to hear these things, but now I'm thinking those are some very strange ways to complement someone.

I know he didn't feel that way when i liked him because, one, he made it VERY CLEAR that he didn't like me back and, two, i was pretty overweight. I have lost weight sence then, but I'm definitely still not where i want to be.

I don't think this has anything to do with me wanting him to like me because I had this dream last night and i haven't seen or even thought about this guy for years.

I found this dream very strange and can't figure out what it means. Could someone please help?


nicole lujan on March 28, 2020:

I had adream of my dream who pass way about 4 years ago from canser and recently me and my husband have been going through alot we been fighting alot more than usual and last i dream about my mom and she was holding a baby and she stop what doing now im not sure what she meant or how to find the meaning of my dream

Emma soules on March 22, 2020:

I had a dream that someone was going to have a party but this person did want to have it at her house because she didn’t drink then I go from there to being high up in a build and I could see her preaching to people the word of god and I was thinking about a great thing she is doing then I go from there to my ex husband who has pass and he was young and he told me he went to the house party but told me not to worry and kiss me on the cheek and said don’t I am still your and that was it

Hello on March 14, 2020:

I had a weird dream was wondering what it meant.

Was very strange i was walking in a desert cave of some sort with another person.

All of a sudden the sand melted away and the other person fell in. It appeared like i was spinning like a tornado bit only my bottom half. Seemed like it helped me levatate. Then a man came up from the hole and said stop and i stopped spinning and said your wasting your time i can levitate. It seemed like i wanted to escape but couldnt.

He approached me and said can you do it without concentration and licked my ass. I was shocked but strangely it did effect me he said this casket is for you. Another voice said there is many in that casket.

The man from the pit then continued to lick my ass more agressivley spreadibg it wider and wider and it seemed i was beggining to succom to his words. This casket is special come its for you as another voice tried to convince me maby were in it.

And then i woke up it was strange indeed

Dao Sadik on March 10, 2020:

Meaning of a dream that your wife had that u travelled and came back two days she did not see u and when she she came around she met u with a different lady and u ask her go away .

Emily on March 08, 2020:

I had a dream where I was standing in front of someone wearing all black. I couldnt see there face because the hood of their hoody was covering it up. They were holding a gun that was pointed at me. Everyone I care about is behind the person with the gun. They were laughing and talking to each other not paying any attention. Everyone was wearing bright colors including me. We were in front if the forest I had always played in as a kid. I said something to the person wearing all black. I cant really remember what I said but I think it was "bye mims". (That was my nickname ever sense I was 7 all of my friends and family called me that.) Then everything got quiet I couldnt hear anything or see anything. The person wearing black shot me. After that i woke up.

Cola on March 07, 2020:

I had several dreams in one. In the first dream my spouse died and a sheriff came to my house while family and friends was there and asked if he could speak to me privately. My mind was racing with what this could be about I felt fear rise up in me. We went to a back room of the house, I sat down and asked what this was about. He stated he wanted me to just hear him out. He begin to say the he had been looking for me all his life and he knew my every step. I asked had he been stalking me. He replied no because I was married. Then I asked what he wanted with me. He then said to be with me for the rest of my life. I said I didn't know if I should be flattered or afraid, he stated he would not hurt one hair on my head. I told him that I would need time being my spouse had just died, he agreed. The second dream was a pastor that I know wanted to have sex with me and we were in his private home, not his house that he and his wife lived, but a cottage off the road that he used for his extra pleasures with other women, but we talked I told him to go home and love on this wife like never before and he did, but we remained friends, the third dream was my youngest was about 5yoa and I took her to school one morning and a guy that work at the school invited me to spend the day with him and I did. We went to his city which was in walking distance from the school, he introduced me to a lot of his friends and I became an important person in his city. Upon me getting ready to leave, he takes my hands and tells me that when he's happy he wants to always think of me, the fourth dream was I had been cheating on my husband who was my current pastor and there was a shooter in the city and he was going to talk to him, I begged him not to go he only said he was having a hard time coping with what I had done and he went on to talk to the shooter which came out good. My fifth dream was me and my niece was driving down the road and came upon a church that I had previously attended. We went by the church and there was this gut that cleans the church motioned for me to come there, so I jumped out of the car to see what he wanted and he asked for my phone number for one of members of the church and I gave it to him and then I woke up. Can you please tell me what these dreams mean?

rosario mercado on March 06, 2020:

I dreamt that I opened the pantry to get a coke for a guest, and saw three watermelon wedges in plastic bags , spoiled. Wedges were on a shelf upright. It was noticeable that they were spoiled. I was worried that they would be discovered as I felt bad they were spoiled and I did not notice them before.

yo on February 25, 2020:

I had a dream where I was shrunken to 1 inch tall at lunch at school, and I was on the girls table. I went into a lunch box and tried to get their attention. I fell into a jar of jelly beans. I hoped that they would see me and be careful not to harm me. One girl stuck her hand into the jar and pulled out a jelly bean. I had been holding onto that jelly bean and she lifted the jelly bean with me on it up into the sky. She tossed the jelly bean into the air and I was falling down with it. I looked down and saw here open mouth, ready to eat the jelly bean. I fell into the mouth but one girl noticed be right before I fell in. She told the girl that ate me to spit out the jelly bean. She spit out me and the jelly bean, and the girls stared at me in confusion. One of them decided to eat me for fun. She lifted me up into the air, and I dangled over her salivating tongue. She dropped me in and my vision went dark and I woke up.

Pansy on February 20, 2020:

I have dream that me and my partner are playing with a rope together and suddenly we both disappear from that place,what will be the interpretation of my dream

BTSARMYRID on February 03, 2020:

i saw a dream in which my father was selling me to someone else and because of this my mother was crying hard in dream

AB on January 26, 2020:

I had a dream i was in bed in a dark room not sure if it was mine or someone elses but i was laying on my back my eyes open as i entered the dream and i see a boy reach over me wtih his arm and its like parts of him disappeared in the shadows and i saw his hand reach over then i looked straight up again and i see and feel his body coming over me and i touch his shoulder and glide my hand and i feel lifted as soon as i touched him and woke up.

Wilfred Osuro Otieno on January 22, 2020:

I have seen myself taken with an angel to a glittering forest walking in thin air sometimes I dream flying sometimes i dreamed fighting in the sea with a sword rescued people sometimes i dreamed about dragon bowing down on me sometime i dreamed about people fighting in church and it comes to reality and many other weird dreams that you mere mortals who your intellect is not qualified to know

J on January 14, 2020:

Ive seen demons .shadow demons.ive seen my dad die 90 diffrent total darkness i see what other people say is light maybe but its the shadow demons to me its not light but the demons passing through back and forth.sometimes i feel a enity's around me.i see ghost and feel them pass through me.i see into the furture sometimes like short bursts.ive seen a beautiful woman in the corner had horns like a ram kinda and her legs were like ram like from mid thigg down just staring at me with her arms crossed.i have daja vu i cant remember how many times.ive seen a late 20's female in a very elagante white dress beautiful blonde almost white hair whitish skin color shes seems very light footed not floating at all her movement is meserizng shes about 5 foot everything about her is so additive she was barefooted as she came in to vision when i was talking to a buddy she was fast but in slow mo and stopped right in front of me with her back on a corner of a wall barley looking towards me i see her chin her hair is just covering her face so i didnt get to see her eyes then she just leaves in a right then left s shape and vanishes within 30 ft. During the daytime sunny too.i hear my name being called sometimes sometimes close and far but there is no one around.ive seen other people die. But im always awake doing something. Never while im sleeping im not afraid of any of them i just dont understand ..i feel ive been in this world way to dam long ?

A on December 31, 2019:

I dreamt my ex, my daughter father was driving a car and made a u-turn and ran off the road. The car and his head was submerged in dirty brown water and he nearly drowned but I saved him and the car submerged under under water.

Irene on December 21, 2019:

I dreamed of having a somewhat sleeping paralysis however I was able to move myself, it just felt that something invisible was holding my back from doing anything. First it felt like it was sitting on my chest area, therefore it felt pressed down but I was still able to breathe. My boyfriend, and I was barely able to pick it up, but it wasnt him but possessed by this demon. Then my mom came into the room beinging me food, then I later realised that this wasnt my mom but some demon, then get off of the bed and watch my mom eats the food laughing. I then know that this is a dream, therefore, I can control it and pretend I was flying and closed my eyes picture an image of the sky. That was when I woke up trembling in fear wondering if this is now real.

Brittany Groves on December 20, 2019:


My 2 brothers fight over who is the better person one brothers a child maybe 7 the other is 11 they fight i never see parents we start in a car then not in a car the boys are arguing who will run a company then im in a car i got pokemon and yugio cards school supplys and miscellaneous stuff the house was broken into when i got home ppl all around my car trys to roll away a few times even though the breaks are on then im in a car with friends one is an excoworker the others idk (one of the friends is sn old guy i knew that trys to rape me back at the house my excoworker friend saves me we destract me by rubbing on stones and gods that make musical sounds[set was one of the goods but looked like a woman not man]) we stop at i guess a gas station but was weird like foren hippys we get out to get my car then i remember its back at the house i feel bad we have to go back i go to get back in car everyone disapears but one guy he goes to pull off when 2 guys try to block him he gets around and gets threw a light they get past and get infront of him he trows something out the door (he owes them money i think) then drives off the guys persue at first shot off a pistal but had a machine gun going to scare him but hit a bump or something shoots him point blank in the back of the head then points the gun at me where i try to curl up and away when i wake up.

Guy on December 17, 2019:

i had a dream where i was friends with this girl who the name i cant recall (cuz either she didnt tell me or i cant remember...) and we were walking together everywhere. The girl has short hair (cant remember which style but short) and then i was in front of my house preparing for lunch with my "uncles" (who i dont know) and once we headed for lunch i decided to step out a bit and it briefly cuts off to me in a arcade machine playing Mario Kart (with the title of Super Smash Bros idk why) with my dad (dad or friend either one) and lost the match. Then we walked outside and saw the girl running away! i tried chasing her to the alley (the alley i mentioned before) but to no prevail... I felt heartbroken...i searched her til night but with no result, then i mentioned her to my family and MY FAMILY LAUGHED ABOUT HER! i was so pissed at my family! i ran out of the house crying while continued searching for "Her" but with no result...i REALLY REALLY wanted to see her but i couldnt make her appear cuz i dont have control of my dream. End

But you see! before i went to bed i was looking at romantic Instagram post and it reminded me of my crush at school who i have problems with...

Romisa on December 14, 2019:

Hello,i want to know the meaning of my dream,last night i saw that i was in van with my family going for holiday to my old town but suddenly the van catches fire and the van was on fire my family successfully came out of van (including me) but my brother was still inside the van everyone was out of van .i felt scared and jumped in the van to save him and i was able to save him from fire but i was left behind and the van fell of from cliff. it was fire everywhere and i was covered in blood but suddenly i saw that there was a woman in white as beautiful as snow she placed in her arms and suddenly i got up from my dream i was feeling scared and was covered in sweat .can you please tell me my dream meaning

Christine on December 08, 2019:

Okay i jist had a dream i was married (to an unkowen male) was in our home in the basement with all his cousins and when i leaned over from sitting on the floor next to a cousin the grabbed my ass real hard and didnt let go i look at the man who is my husband and he smiled and brushed it off but felt affraid. Then they all tried to grab me as my husband walked away. Got up and ran for a bedroom where i saw this husband of mine in a room with more males naked as if they were all waiting for me. Ran into my dayghters room and locked the door and her call 911 and preceded to tell them they were gonna get the door down to hurry. They kicked the door open a little but my daughter and i pushed is shut with all our might and i grabbed a fork. We both were scared and i couldnt wake up right away. But i did right when the door opened. I jist found out im pregnant and this is my 4th and am newly separated. Help i cant sleep and need to find the meaning.

Maggie on December 07, 2019:

I dreamed one of my relatives he is in grave looking his mother who died when he is still young, he could hear just about her and found his dead groundmother.

Benjamin idun on December 04, 2019:

If u dream someone I'd leading u to a place u don't know, meaning

hammer121 on December 01, 2019:

So I had a dream last night that I had got off the bus at the wrong stop. I realize this and wind up walking around and end up in an old beaten down house. All I could do was go down what seemed to be neverending sets of stairs. Every time I found a door outside there was water with no land around. I ended up back in the old house going down more stairs with more watery exits over and over. I woke up and had gone absolutely nowhere. Any ideas what that all means?

Dee on November 30, 2019:

Dreamed a giant brown bull with huge horns. Was very angry kicking and jumping when i first saw it. and he went towards my boyfriend, who had his back turned to the bull. then the bull gently places his for head on my boyfriends back and then everything just goes calm.

Fred Elorm Green on November 29, 2019:

Around 11:10pm on the 29th November, 2019, i just deamt that, we were on bed and bed wasn't enough for us so, i called my nephew so that we can join our brother at the next bed. Us we step out going, my nephew saw my brother seating in front of a big table, telling me, look at Uncle, look at Uncle seating in front of some big table. I answered him, i can't see him, but he was seeing everything and unfortunate for me, the person we claim that, he is my brother, started pressing my gullet and i was shouting looking for a helping hands and more helping hands came but, still pressing me more than ever and for last, i also struggle but, end, i didn't see the person but i divided thing like a stick into two equal part and the person make me turn to deaf or mute. What does are mean about this bad dream.

Steph on November 26, 2019:

I had a dream that my boyfriend was telling me about another girl and how she was better in bed then me and how he misses being with someone who’s not got any faults

Evelyn Hays on November 23, 2019:

I have recurring dreams, but not very often, my mom, Sara has been passed for almost 5 years and I have been missing her, but in this recurring dream I had just last night she was in there, she was still so beautiful, but of course I couldn't touch her until the dream got deeper and deeper into it, two men was trying to kill her, and I know how she dies in real life, but then we lost them, we played a game of dodgeball bc we were at a camp and then we won, but the camp was dark even tho it was bright outside, we eventually went somewhere then I woke up.. if anyone knows anything about this, can you please help me?

Juniorkano on November 21, 2019:

Some guy keeps trying to kill me at 4am in the same room standing at the same window

David Lee Trevino on November 17, 2019:

Seen some buildings burning

Siphokazi on November 15, 2019:

Someone had a vision of me struggling to make my bed

SusLindstrom on November 15, 2019:

You have so much to offer in terms of dreams about houses. In my dreams, I'm often in the process of just moving into a new, very large home with many rooms. I often can't find my way back to where I came in. Sometimes a room with a swimming pool is included - and I don't care much for pools. Any thoughts?

Mary on November 08, 2019:

So I had this weird dream last night and it had me thinking so much. So in this dream I was at a party and saw my crush with all his best friends. Later he asked me to share a dance and I did - after a while he whispered in my ear that he had fallen for one of his female friends. What got me confused was that his female friend in rl is already in a relationship with someone else. The scene then shifted to me and his female friend and she whispered to me that she was in love with another guy (not her rl boyfriend). The next scene it was night and the party was getting more crazier as more guests arrived and somehow I had arranged for my crush and his friend to hook up because in my mind I wanted him happy. They shared a dance together and he looked at me and as he did I gave him a thumbs up, like if I was telling him, 'You got this.' Or 'You can do this.' I think in the dream they did confess feelings for eachother that they hugged tightly. I walked over to a corner and my sister comes to me patting my shoulder as I cried. She tells me that everything is going to be okay and I know I said something but couldn't remember.

The weird thing was that they day before i had this dream he had texted me...I wonder.

Momo on October 31, 2019:

Can someone explain to me what does it mean to dream of my self waking up and change to go to school then relizing that a side of my hair is shaved and im struggling to make a hairstyle and i get blind after i look at my self inthe mirror and i see a little a a secound after i cant.

Pauly-boy on October 30, 2019:

Once I had a dream where I shrunk to 1 inch tall. I wandered around a big cafeteria with many women eating there. I tried to get someone's attention, so I climbed up a woman's body. When I made it up to her shoulder, I was about to call out to her when she turned, and I fell into her salad. She didn't see me, and kept eating her food. I was stuck too one big piece of lettuce, when her fork came down, almost striking me in the chest. The fork picked up the lettuce, and I felt myself being raised up. I knew that if I didn't act fast, she might eat ME along with her salad, so I started shouting but it wasn't enough. She casually lifted the fork up, and I looked up at the huge mouth, rows of pearly white teeth, and a tongue, slithering in her mouth. I was stuck on the fork, and moving closer and closer to her waiting mouth until I could feel the warm breath on me. I was soon in complete darkness, being push around, and then sucked. Then I woke up.

David Robinson on October 29, 2019:

I had a dream about an uncle that's in prison. I never had any serious altercation with him but in the dream I did to where it could of got way out of hand. A family discussion I make a point about that family understands but the uncle furiously dissagrees to the point where he act as if he is going to whip me with a belt around his waist taken off as I grab the end of it ,talking about pass situations when I was a child. But everyone is adults and its a dream amongnst 2 or 3 aunts and one uncle. The uncle is now incarcinrated but had freshly got out in the dream.

Caroleann Dickov on October 23, 2019:

In my dream i seen a frie ds mother we were talking next morning i found out she had passed away in real life

luvuyo on October 11, 2019:

dream dream my uncle sold his big car for a small car me sharing a braai with people i don't trust

QueenDee on October 07, 2019:

i dream i was walking naked with no embarrass people were just passing by,but one woman was looking at me,immediately i notice this woman i feel somehow and before i could say or do anything i find myself in a nice jumpsuit,and everybody like this cloth on me and they are asking me where i bought the cloth pls i want the Meaning of this dream.

Isha soni on October 03, 2019:

Hello... Ur article was very informative. Thanks for that. I am actually looking for the answer about the dream i had last night. I saw in my dream that my father has sent to to some place to collect something. When i reached there it was a hotel room. There was one male and one female standing in front of me and laughing that they got me there finally. This people were forcefully asking me to give them dimonds which i knew nothing about. I was Denning and they were getting furiuos then suddenly they start attacking me with knife. The man hits me on my upper body part many times. I fell there but was still alive and conscious.they move around and i ran away from the room and went to reception desk they ran behind me to catch me again abd were shocked that i am still alive. There was staff of 2 to 3 at reception desk amd i tell them everything and the attacker were hidding away. I ask staff people that i want to make call i try my father, my mom, and others but no one receives so i tell the staff that call the police and i just run away from there. Then i saw myself traveling on some truck or something and one man is sitting next to me and my hand goes in my pocket and there are many small number of boxs i start opening them to see whats there in it and i see dimonds in it. All the containers are filled with dimonds and i feel kind of happy that i got them. I give away all the containers of dimond to that man and keep one with me. So, i do not know what does this dream mean actually. It would be helpful if can tell me anything about it. Thank you

KittenKatt on October 01, 2019:

This is crazy to me to read it's rare to do what I and my parents have always done my entire life. I have had several exact dreams of the future and I'm so glad I had a dairy and wrote them down because I feared people would think I was crazy or making things up when the dreams first started when I was a little kid. I wrote things down descriptive as can be as I got older and gave the dairy to my mother she was able to review everything I called and told her just happened and there it was written down by the hand of a thirteen-year-old (the one dream on my step-daughter that I had)... I had described my step-daughter to a T from what she was wearing to everything else. I guess I don't see it as rare because strange things have always run in my family on both sides so I think it's odd that other people don't see what we see or know what we do.

Di on September 30, 2019:

I dreamt of my 5 year old living granddaughter speaking to me in my dream n I knowingly knowing she was sleeping next to me in real life n suddenly scary spirit jump to my face n scared me n woke me up.

Joseph Romero on September 29, 2019:

I had a dream that I was at the ocean rubbing my hands through the sand and looking at the ocean and riding on a boat

William Kirkland on September 28, 2019:

I dreamed I seen my deceased grandmother and deceased mother together happy to see me but dressed as if they were attending a funeral that had on black church hats and a black dress. Mom hugged me smiling I told her can i come with her she smiled. Ehat is the meaning to this dream ?

Britney on September 23, 2019:

I keep having this dream of a lady whos mouth it cut feom ear to ear and stichted yelling my name at me and running towards me

Haris on September 23, 2019:

I have this dream from time to time, like every few years and I always remember it. I am meeting up with some people that I don't know somewhere away from everything else. Like a small get together. Like everyone leaves everything and gets there. But we are all aware that this is not real life. It's like time in the real world has stopped and we met up in the dream world. Like it is scheduled. Like we knew we had to be there. And we don't know each other but we all feel connected in some way. I remember at the end of the whole thing someone asked me if he'll see me again, I was like I have no fucking idea, may be, I know just as much as you. It is the single weirdest feeling I ever felt. It had like a welcoming and activities and the end. Like at the end just before I woke up people started saying goodbye to each other. It really felt like some really important people left. I remember when the first group as leaving I walked put of the house we were all in, and those that were going were in boats, going away into the mist. I remember myself waving to them. And then I returned into the house. I guess we were waiting to go too. It went on for a bit and I woke up. But again the whole point of this dream for me were the emotions. It's like I really know these people. I don't know how or from where but I know them and I like them. We knew we were not in the real life and we knew the time is coming to go back and were aware of the fact that we can meet in real life. Someone was walking around the room and saying "Who won't I see in the real life?". So he could properly say goodbye. None of us knew if we'll be back there and if we'll see each other again. Cause there were among probably 30-50 people like maybe 3 I knew. Fucked up, the feeling of familiarity with people I never spoke a word to in my life I guarantee you I never probably even saw them, was amazing and confusing.

The great on September 15, 2019:

I cant really recall it very well. But heres what happened. I dreamed about this place. It was a very nice place, the buildings were this old yet modern type idk. It was wierd. The I know i was walking or chasing sumn. And then the was this man who was talking about something in the water about it being this beautiful shit but also a bad shit-- then jumps into this lake-pool type of place. It was near a pier-i guess and thd water just kept on rising and then like theres this mother who was crying and music was playing (i dont even know the song thats why its a weird dream) and then I found out the way crying because her kid died then on a tree that was near to the pool there was a kid with a wound like cut. a graze cut or sumn like that on the cheek then she smiled. The mother was still crying the music was loud and then i woke up because i remember the music was super loud like screaming lound and I again have no idea what the song was.....

Then woke up to hear the news that my grandpa died....

May on September 15, 2019:

Last night I dreamed that my older brother and I were in jail together but it was like my elementary school playground we were outside and all in jail jump suits. In my dream he was stabbed in front of me and he was fine like it was nothing. The gang that did it said if Anyone talks they will die. I said something to the cop right after right in front of them and then the rest of the dream I was running from the gang. They even said at one point they would light the bus I on, on fire. BTW my brother is actually in jail right now and my marriage is kinda over. I think it has something to do with the talk part because my husband feels women need to be in their place he says I'm disrespectful when I voice my opinion pretty much.

Kayla on September 09, 2019:

i lost my mom 4 years ago we were very close i had to dreams an some how i feel they go together my first dream it was a very stormy night an i was letting the dogs out my mom walked in an it felt as though she never died she was showing me pictures of me an her but she wasnt in them an she was begging me to let her go she kept saying u have to let me go please let me go move on an be happy i cried an hugged her an it felt so real the next one was a few hours after i had a dream that my sister got her car an she was driving me home we was getting stuff out the back of the car and i had a pregnancy test an my mom an mother in law was there i looked at my mom an said im pregnant she said i know baby its a girl its a girl an i hugged her an bawled my eyes out an said i knew u wouldnt miss this both dreams felt so real it was like she never died

Emma on September 07, 2019:

What does it mean when u hear a voice saying (come home) over and over ??

abby on August 31, 2019:

i had a dream that a probation officer came to my house but iam not on probation. but as i took my eye off him he tirned into a little boy

Roland on August 29, 2019:

i dreamed that i saw a bushmeat on the trap was try to take it along but my mum said to me is not mine that i shoud leave it.

Bakingo on August 29, 2019:

Last year I lost my mother , she has been shot by someone.. me and my mother were not that close since childhood but as the time passed away I shifted out for my higher studies and my mother was not that religious earlier but from past 4-5 years before she died ..she suddenly became so religious and she had that 6th sense .. she already knew it that something is going to happen she used to tell us she is going to die soon.. and we never took that seriously.. when I moved out of my house for my further studies ..the bond between me and her grew stronger .. and now from past few weeks am having nightmares .. I could see every person from childhood to now who all have came across in this duration.. and my closed ones are dying and am requesting my mother to please save them .. I feel so helpless in my dreams.. and sometimes I end up getting panic attacks .. i feel so helpless and I don't know what to do... In every dream she gives me that demonic laugh...please help me out to get out of it? Sometimes I feel she is trying to tell me something

Anna on August 24, 2019:

I have a dream of an old lady watching me. I always see her but only through windows and mirrors or anything reflective or see through. She has a creepy smile and she is always there. Car rear view mirror- there. Window outside house- there. Mirror in church- there. Always there. But she never confronts me or tells me why. I only learn abt her through what other people in the dream accidentally reveal. She just always follows.

Jessica on August 14, 2019:

I visited my mother in law in the hospital she was in her last days not able to talk or see us but me and my Daugther talked to her sayin we love her and had our last moments with her and before we left I said I wish u could see us one last time and we left and went home and I went to work and I had to get up for work at 4am and wanted to sleep a little more set my clock for another 20 mins and fell into a deep sleep I dreamed my mother in law was in her hospital bed and she was falling out her bed by almost being pulled by her feet to end of bed and I grabbed her and caught her and I had my arms holding her up looking right at her and I was yelling for nurses saying she is up her eyes are open and than my alarm went back off I had to get up the dream was like gave me what I wish her to see me one last time I went to work her son called me and said mom passed away and I said was it around 415 time he said yes I was with her at the time when she passed it shocked me that I knew the time and I didn’t know she passed either was she really lettin me know she posted and giving me what I ask for and still I still have wonderful dreams about her I think a lot about her and miss her but I just thought how I knew the time and her falling into my arms in that dream was so real like her soul was passing have u ever heard anything like this and do u know any type of meaning behind it

Tadarius Guy on August 12, 2019:

Why do i dream of my wife killing me or cheating on me every night in my dreams?

Carmen on August 04, 2019:

Hi I do not know how to ask this question but I need to know cuz it's affected me, I'd lost my mom and my sister and my father but I keep dreaming of my mother with her stressing the point that she can't stand me

Eve on July 26, 2019:

dreamt that we were sleeping with my boy friend

then a knock came from the door and it really frightened me that I began to scream .And when my boyfriend opened the door his superior at work was pouring water on him and he began to scream so loudly.

Id rather not, thanks on July 24, 2019:

I had... a... very bizarre few dreams, one was that I was in.. just a red room, just a hell setting without the fires n stuff that you’d see in cartoons. And I was having a walk with my grandmother, and everything around me was like a cartoon chaos; demons, witches (the stereotypical ones), gollum’s, you name it, I can bet it was in it, but when I looked over to her, she’s smiling. And then I realize at that point, so am I, to the point where you’d see your own cheeks sort of in front of your eyes. And it’s one of the many dreams I remember today.

Dana on July 21, 2019:

Today, I woke with a bad dream. I was being killed in my sleep, by someone I know. She had 4 phones and my Dad was asleep in the next room. What do you think this means????

Jolynn on July 19, 2019:

Husband had a dream he threw a full pop can at me because i was laughing what does that mean

Z on July 18, 2019:

I had a dream where i was tied to the back of my ex girlfriend. Sometimes we would face the same direction, sometimes we would face away. I remember feeling sad, like in my dream i knew she was gone. But she felt so real in my dream at the same time that i couldnt help but notice myself becoming excited at being bound so closely to her. We walked around for a while, sometimes im leading, sometimes shes leading. Sometimes im letting her drag me and vice versa.

Ive tried to think of the meaning and i know im holding onto the memories of her but there are some other parts of the dream i just dont understand.

We broke up a little over a year ago for some context as well.

Gabriel MTZ on July 18, 2019:

One month ago I dreamed of me being in the lunch line with my ex friend and she was depressed for what ever reason and that made me sad 2 and started crying bc I wanted to know what was wrong I don’t remember what happened after but when I woke up I had tears on my eyes ,’(

Brittnie Amber on July 16, 2019:

I've had two dreams that seemed like out of body experiences to me. The ine that sticks out the most is where my 14 yr old daughter was lost in NYC and I was very scared she had been taken by someone. I was running through the streets of Manhatten looking for her, screaming her name. I could feel the wind of the taxis, cars and buses as they would stop at the street lights. It also started snowing. I could feel the snowflakes landing on my eyelashes and hear it crunching under my feet as I ran to find her. Everything was so real, like real life. I eventually woke up w/ the top of my head wet as if it had been snowed on.

Me on July 14, 2019:

I had a dream that my art pen transformed into a sword and I fought against this big floating figure that also fought me but I won and I wasn't even left with a single scratch.

Ash on July 11, 2019:

I sometimes dream that I walk in through the garage door of my deceased grandparents home. Sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not. This last one I ran in thinking of my grandmother and walked in through the living room and went to the bedroom and my grandparents bed was exactly how it was left and their glasses were laid on it by eachother. I walked back to the little area she kept her pictures and was looking at them the pictures and then voices of memories made me start to cry hysterically then I finally woke up and still could not stop crying.

Will on July 06, 2019:

I dreamed of my right hand was glass

Amanda on July 02, 2019:

So I keep having this horrible realistic dream... I dream that my dad owes people money and these 2 men come after me to try and hurt/kill me.

Kelly on June 30, 2019:

I had a dream about floored water full of downed trees. My 5 horses were in the water. So I got rope jumped in and saved 3 of them. When I was on my way to save the other two That were further away I was looking for longer ropes and a way to get them to safety. My son was drying off the horses. Then I woke up. I do not have these horses anymore. But I still love them. I have no clue what this means.

Meron on June 20, 2019:

My coworker had dream And he dream that we were walking from the mountain down and I wear bride and bridegroom

Can you tell me. We are single. We are not in relationship.

Maria on June 19, 2019:

Last night I dreamed that mother in law is cleaning my glass shower door/walls. I tell her in my dream that have cleaned my shower already but she doesn’t stop.

Me on June 17, 2019:

Had 2 dreams today of all the times my big sister has hurt me i just felt my own soul cry so hard i couldnt breathe ive never felt this before n last time i had a dream that made me feel weird was getting shot in my head i cant explain my new dreams bt my old dreams i was dealing with sum ppl in a different type of lifestyle n my brother from another parents actually did get shot in the face n died this was after my dreams stopped i removed myself from those ppl n they lifestyle i would have that dream so much i cant explain it bt alot of yall dreams sounds like depression its very common wen you are depressed to wake up crying or even cry in your sleep please get help u have ppl who love you and cant live without you god loves you all as well GOD BLESS EVERYONE IM 23 BTW

Elunda on June 12, 2019:

I had a dream my boyfriend spent the night he leaves the next day and two tricks sitting outside to kill him. They blocked his car in he ran his car into the one they start shooting be pulls off and the other follows him. My house got shot up and police was everywhere what does this mean

Manvi Vashishtha on June 12, 2019:

I had a dream in which I was running and sometime was chasing me to kill me like a mosquito. Then one of the characters of a series I was watching in real life said to me in that dream that I can't save myself. A lot was going on before and after this chase in the dream. Whenever I think of that dream I feel very terrified. What does this mean? How can I help myself?

Jade on June 11, 2019:

I had a dream where I’m waking up from a nap but can’t open my eyes I try to open them and they just close again mean while I’m talking to someone I know and telling them I can’t open my eyes and then I tried to get up to walk and I get pulled back to where I’m laying smh it’s crazy and don’t understand it

Sylvia G. on June 08, 2019:

I had a dream where my deceased husband walks up to the guy im dating now and smiles at him, shakes his hand, and puts his hand on his sholder. Does that mean he approves of me moving on into new relationship?

Kelvin on June 07, 2019:

Dreaming about being in a group of people and being the only one who wears different

Xsion on June 07, 2019:

I had a dream where i was in a beach/lake, and i was with 3 people i dont know, but they felt soo familiar, we were swiming under water and i saw one of the 3 people a guy, almost drown so i saved him. When i saved him i saw that i was of a different gender, and it felt natural, we then went to a small house near the lake where you can fish from, and we met these two annoying guys who made fun of us, another guy was with just started acting like this boss ass sassy queen and it was hilariois because he was so small, just acting like some damsel who cant even blow bubles correctly, then i woke up when one of the guys caught a small fish

Diana on June 07, 2019:

Me and my daughter had a dream the same night and woke up the next morning and I said I had a dream about your dad and I didn't get to finish to see somebody to he was short yeah he was short what does that mean

Roxs on June 06, 2019:

So can someone plz help me with my dream...i walked out on my front porch an their was an metal axe an them red lines smeared on the porch???

Sugah on June 06, 2019:

U had. Dream that my ex was taking everything from me but still was doing her like bringing her new boo around me n in the dream all I could do was cry wat u think???

Rhonda on June 05, 2019:

My best friend passed and I found him I’m having a problem with this family He was in the casket and he started to move and I went to his sister and told him he’s moving next he got out the casket any when he turns around and face me he had a black face with wide eyes with no eyeballs I ran out of the church when I got out of church I had a hole in my arm and I watched my arm heal up

Mary jo on June 03, 2019:

My husband passed 12 years ago. I have been having a reoccurring dream that he left us for another women. It’s awful and I wake up crying. He never cheated on me when he was alive. Please help. What does this mean

Eliana on June 03, 2019:

I had a dream where I was in a mental hospital and this man named miles gave me candy and was like a father to me I’ve had this multiple times but last night I came back to the mental hospital and he left I woke up crying

Cath on June 02, 2019:

Had a dream about bee nest in my house when i slept at my sons. Came home to find five dead bees.weird

Chelsea on June 01, 2019:

Dreaming I was in hospital lying on the bed the Doctors pressed the emergency button and I got rushed down to theatre

Felecia gray on May 29, 2019:

I had a dream of half man horse haven sex with some one else. What does the dream mean???

Judy Johnston on May 28, 2019:

Why do I keep dreaming about my sister n law trying to cause problems between me and my husband

Saqueen on May 28, 2019:

I heard a dream that am sleeping in the church till service closed and i meet with the pastor along the way jumping star case

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